The maid and IAfter a long night of passionate lovemaking at my girlfriends house, I decided to take the day off and relax. My girlfriend went to work leaving me alone at her house. Now my gf and I have a very active sex life but like many bros, my eyes and attention do wander, especially with a lust for the new and the forbidden.I was sleeping in my night clothes which usually consist of boxer briefs(tight and soft) and an undershirt, both black. I slowly opened one of my eyes, the sunlight was shining in my eye, it must have been quite late as my girlfriend was not around, I buried my face in my pillow and thought of going back to sleep when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come out of the bathroom. It was a strange lady I had not seen before, she was carrying a bucket and wearing rubber gloves. Clearly she could not see that I was awake as she stared at me for 2 minutes and then went out of the room. Once she left I looked down and saw that she was probably staring at my ass, luckily I was sleeping on my stomach so my morning hardon was not visible. I turned on my back and noticed that my hardon was throbbing and my lil b*o was at its full length. I thought to myself – interesting, the thought of another woman seeing me was turning me on.I got up and stretched looking in the mirror, after a long night I was looking very fit and my boxer briefs and tshirt fit me tightly. My briefs were very thin and soft calvin kleins and stuck to my body and outlined my lil b*o and his 2 friends in perfect detail while my tshirt showed that I had a fit body and I worked out. I felt good about myself and thought maybe I should play a bit and have some fun.So I adjusted my b*o for it to really stick out and I walked out of the bedroom into the living room and there she stood folding the clothes. She must have been 5″6 and 55 Kg. Not skinny but got fat in the right places….nice big boobs(C cup) and a nice round ass. She was not young, probably late 30s but what a sexy Milf. She was wearing tights and a white tshirt, her yellow bra was clearly visible through her tshirt and her nipples poked out…was quite cold after all the rain today. My b*o was so hard and standing out straight and my briefs even outlined the shape of my bros head. She turned to me and said “Hi”. I turned and looked at her and said “Hi” and stopped, allowing her to see what I wanted her to see. Her eyes traced my body down and she gasped, for a second I could see the shock on her face and she even stopped folding midway. Then her eyes quickly darted up and she told me that she is washing the clothes today….here eyes kept darting down every couple of seconds and I knew she liked what she saw, but its so forbidden and her shyness was very apparent. She smiled at me…I smiled at her and said great and that I was going to be around for the next coupla hours…she said great and looked down again at my b*o as i turned to give her the profile view…she stared at it for a whole 5 seconds thinking I did not see her….After that long stare from the maid at my b*o …. I was primed and ready and THROBBING…I wondered if she noticed the twitch….probably not since I was in all black…..She finished folding the clothes and carried them into the bedroom….at this point with the lack of blood supply in my brain….I gained the confidence to take things a bit further…….I positioned myself in front of the doorway of the almanbahis giriş room and started rubbing the base of my cock with my fingers….it was a great feeling to know she is in the other room…part of me was scared of what would happen if she came out…the other part couldnt wait….so I stood there looking down at my cock and suddenly she appeared in the doorway…..she looked at me and paused for a second as she looked at me almost stroking my cock….she then looked up at me and gave me a wide smile…I think she liked the attention she was getting from the two of us….she then said….”Sir I have put all your cloth for wash…can you help me put into dryer”….at this point i was contemplating…should I remove my hand slowly from my cock as if she caught me by surprise or should i be bold and continue stroking… my own surprise…..I stroked a bit harder as I calmy replied…” anything to help a pretty girl”….she smiled her best smile at me and walked right past me as I was stroking…I thought to myself…wow…this is going better than i thought…and I also thought nice touch calling her girl…she liked it……very soon I realized that there was no point stroking anymore…I was gonna stay hard for a while…..the next 20 minutes went by calmly…she was sweeping the hall as I stood there playing with my erection…..I was a bit hesitant as she seemed to have lost interest…she didnt look at me once….I thought…maybe that was all….maybe I should just be happy and walk away…..but my previous experiences have taught me…that sometimes we men have to make the move….so I called her and told her ” maybe we should check on the clothes”…..she said” sure sir”….and we walked to the laundry room…..there I saw half my clothes lying on the floor and the rest in the washing machine…..she had to do another load to finish washing my clothes….and then I did something which when I think back could have been stupid…” I said…oh no I wanted to wash these clothes too(indicating to my tshirt and boxer briefs)” …she replied…”nvm sir I wash for you now”….I said ” but all my clothes are in the wash….but I dont suppose you mind if I take these off while I wait for my clothes to dry”…(gasp..the ball in my throat was bigger than the ones in my briefs)…..she giggled in a way that was both shy as well as happy and embaressed(i’m sure everyone has seen that smile)…..and before she could say anything….I said” great” and took off my tshirt….and then I looked at her…I could see her ogling…she didnt turn away…I was in…very slowly I pulled of my briefs and my cock sprang up and hit my stomach….and her eyes went to my cock and her mouth covered her hand…..I pulled down my briefs and covered my genitals with my hands…and said ” no problem right? well ofcourse not uve already seen them now”…and she just laughed…..I couldnt believe it….I was completely naked in front of this woman……..and loving every minute….I then told her…..”I can help you load the clothes into the dryer now”…she said “ok sir” all the while staring at my hands barely covering my cock…..the next couple of minutes were silence as she checked if the clothes were washed….I then stepped up to help her shift the clothes…she hastily took a step back as i came forward…..I then removed my hands and reached into the washing machine…she was almanbahis güvenilirmi standing on my left and could clearly see my cock pointing up……as I reached in…she said ” it’s like a banana” and then laughed with her hand on her mouth…..I stood back up and let my b*o stand in all its glory….I said ” oh u mean the curve…..yea all the girls i’ve been with love it”….she couldnt take her eyes off it…..she would look up at me from time to time but I could tell that this was exciting for her….she said ” oh u been with many girl sir”…I said “yea a few….and one who looked just like you…”….she laughed loudly at that and said ” oh sir I dont think a girl like me can take that…..its quite big”… ive seen enough porn to know Im no monster but that was a statement that will fuel my ego for a long time….she said ” its bigger than my hand….I said ” no just about 7 inches” and I gave my b*o a nudge as it bounced up and down….and then I laughed and she laughed with me……then she stepped forward to get the clothes out……she picked all of them out and was struggling…so I stepped behind her and put my hands on the side of the bundle to make it steady and my cock pressed straight on the top part of her nice round ass…and she let out a little whimper….I said ” oh sorry”…she didnt say anything….but she didnt move…she just stood there…..and then I felt her move slightly and press against my cock…..and then she moved away sideways and put the clothes into the dryer…..I then stepped aside….and stood at the doorway …..she then walked right past me to go out of the room…and as she walked past me…she was facing me and her breasts just gently touched me my cock brushed against her left thigh…then snapped straight into her pussy…and then brushed past the right thigh……she was looking away and just walked away……I couldnt take it anymore and as soon as she was out of sight…I caught hold of my cock and started wanking it really hard……I was standing against the door and wanking….wanking hard….I closed my eyes and started thinking…this sexy beautiful woman is teasing me….she wants me…but what should i do….what should be my next move….then i opened my eyes….and there she is standing with the next pile of clothes in her hand…right in front of me….staring at my cock as i wank off….her lips slightly parted and i could see her breasts move up and down as she breathed faster…..i was quite taken aback…and very very turned on….this was not the first time I had the experience of exhibiting myself to a woman…but thats a story for another time….i tell you…the fact that a woman is staring at ur sex…is the hottest thing i have ever experienced….i left my cock to dangle and it pointed straight at her….i said “Im sorry”….and she said in her very nice english…”oh no problem dont worry about it”…i said…”yea its just that i was having my morning fun”…she said” oh so did u have fun”…i said” no didnt get to finish” and she just smiled….i said ” would you mind if i finished sitting in the living room, that way i wont disturb u”…she said” oh no problem sir”…so i went to the living room…sat on my couch…spread my legs wide apart…and started wanking furiously….for about 5 minutes she stayed in the laundry room and didnt come out….my heart sank……i knew i was almanbahis yeni giriş going to have a mammoth cum…..i wanted to do it in front of her….then i got an idea….i caught a hold of my cock hard and started wanking…and i started moaning” aaahhh….oh shellie…yea mmmmm”…then she slowly walked out….didnt look at me but acted as if she was jus doing work…she came picked up some cloth from the table and went back in….i screamed louder ” oh shellie mmmmm ur so fucking sexy”….she came out…and walked right past me 3 feet in front of me….to the balcony and started hanging a shirt…then she turned to me and said” the cloth dries faster in the balcony”…and i said ” mm yea….oh shellie mmmm yeae” she said…”excuse me sir….are u calling to me”…i said” no shellie…im not calling just fantasizing”…she said” oh about what sir me?”…i said” well can u blame me…such a beautiful gorgeous woman in front of me while i have my fun…i can only imagine what it would be like if u were helping me with my fun”…she said ” oh sir how can i help?..i am married….”…i said ” no problem shellie ” and i closed my eyes and continued wanking….and then i said” oh shellie im gonna cum…”…and then i felt a soft small hand wrap around my cock just above my own hand…..shellie was bent over with one hand on my cock…she said” i just help for now sir”…i let my cock go and she sat next to me and put both hands on my cock… felt electrifying….sitting naked in the house with my maid jacking me off….i put my hand on the small of her back to test her reaction…she just continued ….i then moved my hand up and around her and cupped her breast…..she let out a little moan….i was minutes from cumming….so i just jumped…i lifted her shirt and lifted up her bra in 2 seconds and just bit into her breast…she screamed ” oh sir”….. i sucked at it hard….and then i said….”shellie…i think ur mouth would feel much better than ur hand”….she immediately leaned forward and engulfed the head of my cock into her wet mouth…wow…this was not her first time…..very wet with tongue doing circles on my cock and very nice pleasant suction that was increasing……her ass was now facing me….i pulled down her tights and in a single move lifted pussy to my mouth…and just planted my tongue straight into her pussy….she moaned like a horny whore…..and lifted her face up in lust…..i put my hand on her back and pushed her down and she engulfed my cock head again…..i pushed her back down and pushed my cock up until a good 5 inches was in her mouth and i could feel myself hitting the back of her throat…i could hear her gagging….but she quickly started sucking again and i started thrusting into her mouth hard…i started flcking her clit with my tongue and playfully biting it with my teeth….she was dripping wet and her pussy tasted heavenly….then suddenly her body convulsed and she started to shudder…her pussy filled with her cum…..and she moaned loudly as i continue thrusting in her mouth…that was it too much for me to take….i started cumming…..and not having had sex in a coupla days…i was shooting bucketloads….i spurted twice and she tried to lift her head off…i pushed her back down and spurted 3 more times in her mouth until it started flowing out onto my cock……and then i just relaxed….she turned to me…cum dripping out of her mouth and i saw her swallow and lick her lips…she was a complete slut….i loved it…..then she quickly put up her pants and ran to the washroom…i was too tired to go see if she was upset….so i just lay there….this was an experience i would not forget in a alooong time