The Landlady’s New Pet-Part TenThe three women all teased my balls and put their sharp nails through the tiny slit in the end of my plastic cage, torturing the tip of my engorged bell-end exquisitely. I was near frantic as I viewed the two ample bodied women in their pencil skirts and the formidable dominatrix in her tight leather. At last, Elaine took the tiny key and undid the padlock, unclasping the cage in a moment to emphasise the ease of control she had over me. My cock hurt like hell at first as the urgency of blood pumped my member to rigidity almost instantly. The women clapped gleefully at the sight; Anita gave it a sharp slap with the flat leather end of a riding crop, and pointed sternly to the floor.“It was hardly worth allowing you out! You’re no bigger with the cage off! Get down on the floor and help me remove my boots and leathers; you have some cleaning to do before you are allowed the privacy of discipline from your mistress tonight. Besides, I want to give you the opportunity to learn my scent and taste before a little game you will play in my company tomorrow. If you let me down, you may return home minus your balls after all!” The woman all laughed at my expense as I climbed down from the bed and cowered timidly before the magnificent woman. My cock poking rudely out, lifting the frill of my maid’s outfit; my silken panties, wet with pre-cum, lay forlornly on the floor, mimicking my utter defeat at the hands of these superb females. My balls tingled as the scent of Anita’s leather entered my nostrils and I expected to receive a thrashing at any time. The women giggled as I jumped when Anita broke the silence.“What are you waiting for! Unlace my boots; I can’t wait to get these leather leggings off, I am adiosbet yeni giriş so hot and sticky, you are going to clean them thoroughly for me.” I immediately did as I was ordered, my cock pulsing and bobbing as it jutted out; the smell of women and leather intensifying my yearning. My mistress and Hortense strutted either side in their tight pencil skirts, canes at the ready in case I did not perform quickly enough. I was mesmerised by the ample thighs of Anita as I unlaced her magnificent boots; I could make out her mound through the tight leather; she was obviously very aroused having castrated one male and now enjoying the humiliation of another. My arousal was obvious as my stiff cock dribbled; I so wanted to help her off with those leggings and lick the crotch clean. The women giggled wickedly as I was made to take each boot to the corner of the room in my teeth whilst on all fours, before I was allowed the honour of undoing the fastenings of the leggings, which concealed the plump and mature pussy I yearned to sniff.My cock went harder than ever before as I peeled off the tight leather and the rich scent of that dominant woman’s most feminine and intimate parts invaded my nostrils. I leaned forward slightly to sniff her heavenly aroma, only to receive a sharp and wicked stroke of the cane from my mistress.“Patience! You’ll do just as you are told and no more or I’ll have that cage back on you! Kiss Anita’s feet and beg forgiveness!” The women laughed wickedly as I did so; my emotions running wild at the sheer ecstasy of being completely and utterly dominated by them, I so wanted to cum. Anita slipped her graceful, mature and shapely legs from the leggings and pointed to the sticky sweaty crotch; adiosbet giriş the shape of her pussy still embossed in the luxuriant leather.“Now you get your tongue down there and lick that gusset clean; I want you to pay special attention to where my arse has been; remember what I told you about the game you’ll entertain me with tomorrow. When I’m satisfied you have done a thorough job, you shall be allowed to lick my arse and pussy clean too, and then you can do the same for Hortense before we leave you with your mistress for the night.” I was in absolute heaven as I began the task; I lovingly sniffed and licked the sweet feminine essences from the leather and wondered about what the ‘game’ would entail tomorrow. As I sniffed and licked my way to the rear of the gusset, I was close to ejaculating at the glorious honeyed scent of Anita’s anal residues; the women teasing me with their crops and canes as they witnessed the eagerness I displayed in my work. Not till I had licked the entire expanse of where her buttocks had been were the women satisfied I had completed the task. Anita looked knowingly at me as she took her time in settling softly on her bed, slowly lifting her legs as she smiled, displaying at last her hot and sticky anus. I knelt there in agony for what seemed like an eternity with the women giggling at me as I awaited her command.“Get over here now and lick my arse! I shall give you a thorough thrashing if you don’t perform to standard!” She knew damn well she would not be disappointed, my cock bobbed and dribbled as I shuffled toward her on my knees whilst given encouragement via the stinging canes of Elaine and Hortense; both now eager to have their tight pencil skirts removed and their adiosbet güvenilirmi arses serviced. Anita looked at me with utter contempt from between her magnificent thighs; her ample bottom rippling erotically and invitingly as she fingered her moist pussy and awaited the pleasure of my tongue in her arsehole. She pulled my head by the hair with her free hand and had me sniff her glorious scent as I knelt before that beautiful prize. She flexed her anus tantalisingly as I gorged my lungs on her tangy feminine scent.“Beg to lick my arse you cur!” I had no hesitation whatsoever; she had me, I was hers and I revelled in the divinely erotic humiliation served upon me by this formidable and gorgeous woman.“Please Mistress Anita; please let me lick your arse.” The women all burst out laughing; Elaine having caught the whole thing on video; I would be taunted later. Anita barked again.“Lick my arse now!” Elaine continued to film as I eagerly tasted Anita’s hot sticky anus; the delicate tang had my cock dribbling uncontrollably as I licked lovingly around the juicy perimeter of her anus, ensuring all the sweet puckers were cleaned and freshened. The scent of Anita’s pussy was divine and increased as she slipped her fingers through the moist flaps, making her juices dribble down to my tongue; Anita sighed audibly as I then probed her sweet interior for the first time, the taste and texture was incredible as she flexed her anus, squeezing my tongue as if to emphasise it being captured and owned too. I desperately wanted to cum. After licking and probing for a good ten minutes Anita moaned in ecstasy and stiffened her glorious thighs as she brought herself to an inevitable climax. I was then pushed away like an unwanted toy. The vicious noise of a cane cutting the air brought me to my senses as I lay on the floor; Hortense looked at me with wild wanton eyes.“Get over here and help me out of this skirt!” I was about to be treated to another fabulous and dominant scent; when would I be allowed to cum?..