The Hot Summer Day With My Friends Hot MumGreat fantasy Story I read and though I had to share!It was a hot summer day and I knew my friend had gotten a pool a few weeks before. I helped him setit up. It was only one of those 4 foot deep, 12 feet around blow up pools, so we had no trouble exceptthat his hot mom kept coming out to make sure we were OK. My name is Rob. My friend’s name isJack. His mom’s name is Joan. I am about 6′ 3″ tall and Jack is about the same (give or take a fewinches). His mom is 5’5″ tall with a great ass and 36C tits (I asked Jack because he had went throughher drawers one day when his mom was out).Anyway, on the hot summer day I put on my swim trunks and a t-shirt and grabbed my skateboardand boarded over to Jack’s house. He lives about a block away so it wasn’t far. When I got there Iknocked on the door and Joan answered. She said, “Oh. Hi, Rob.””Hi, Joan, is Jack home?” I replied. She always told me to just call her Joan.”No. He went out with Kristen just fifteen minutes ago. Please come in,” she said. Kristen is John’sgirlfriend.”OK. I just wanted to come by for a swim,. Do you know when he’ll be back?””No. You know him with his girl. He never wants to come home to see his old mom when he’s beenout with a young thing like Kristen,” she said sadly.”Why wouldn’t we want to come home to see you? You’re beautiful.” I said without thinking.”You think so?”Oh boy. “Yeah. Of course I do. Just look at you. You’re 30 with an amazing body and a greatpersonality.” “Oh stop. You know I turned 42 last month,” she said with a huge smile on her face.”Oh. I forgot since you look so young.” I just had to see how far this would go.Changing the subject she said, “So you said you wanna go swimming? You go out and get in and I’llbe out in a few minutes.” She stood up and started walking to the stairs to her room.”OK. I’ll be waiting,” I replied.I ran outside, threw off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and socks, and climbed up the ladder andjumped in. The water was nice and cool compared to the hot sun. I was glad I decided to come here.Joan came out five minutes later in a one piece that didn’t do her justice. I called out to her, “Nobikini? You would look türbanlı adıyaman escort great in one.” She blushed and shook her head. She had grabbed two towelsand laid them on the lounge chairs that were there.”Do you want some sunscreen?” she asked me.”No. I put some on before I came.”She applied some to her hands while I watched and she rubbed some on her shoulders and neck.She rubbed a little on her face too and made sure it was rubbed in before she came over to theladder to come in.I waded over to the bottom of the ladder and said, “Password?””You fool,” she said and jumped over my head and sank to the bottom. When she came up her hairwas wet and she looked amazing.She walked through the water over to me and tried to dunk me under but I brought my hand up tostop her and accidentally grabbed her boob. “Sorry,” I stammered.”It’s OK,” Joan replied, “I like it.” She placed her hand on mine and rubbed it around. I felt her nipplestiffen a bit and reached my other hand up to grabbed her other tit.I got that nipple hard and squeezed it with light pressure and Joan moaned. She let go of my handand put her hands on my chest and started rubbing around. She worked her hands down further andfound my light happy trail. Her hands followed the trail to the happy part and started to untie mytrunks.I reached my hands up and grabbed the straps on her shoulders and pulled them down her arms andlet her tits hang free. She reached in my swim trunks and found my now stiffening dick. My cock is 7″in length and about and inch and a half wide. I bent my head down and sucked on her left nipple thenwent to her right when she grabbed hard on my dick.”Rob, this is big. How does your girlfriend like it?””I don’t have a girl, you know that.””Oh. Then you won’t mind if I do this.” She pulled my trunks down to my knees and moved my handsaway. She dove underwater and grabbed my dick and rubbed it against her face. Then she didsomething unbelievable. She opened her mouth fast and put my dick in. Joan started sucking my dicknice and soft then harder and harder until I felt the need to cum.I pulled on her hair lightly and she came back türbanlı adıyaman escort up.”Why’d you do that? You were about to cum,” she said.”I know. But I like to prolong my pleasure,” I replied.”Don’t worry. I can help you with that.”She dove back down and put my dick in her mouth again. This time she sucked as hard as she couldand grabbed my balls. I had to cum now so I let go. I felt spurt after spurt exit me and Joan neverskipped a sucking beat. Her mouth never left my cock and she swallowed it all.After I was done cumming she ascended and said, “Now you will last much longer when we fuck.” Istarted getting soft, but I knew I’d get hard again soon.She pulled off the rest of her one piece and I looked down in the crystal clear water to see a lightpatch of hair above her opening. It was my turn to go down on her so I dove down and rubbed herpussy lips with one hand while reaching around and rubbed and played with her ass with my other. Istuck my tongue out and licked her lips up and down for a few seconds then stuck my tongue in. Sheshuddered when I went in and I liked it.With my right hand I found her clit and started playing with that. My left was still at her ass. I pulledthat hand back around and used two fingers to pull her pussy lips apart while I pulled my head back.Then I plunged right back in and started licking all over. She loved it so much that within a minute ofdoing that she came. I was down there for maybe three minutes. I swim a lot.I came back up and she said, “Thank you so much. It’s been so long since anyone did that to me.You were the best.” I reached my hand down and stroked her pussy a bit while we stood there. Shehad reached down and grabbed my dick and tugged on it a little to get it hard again. It took a fewminutes for my dick to become fully hard again, but Joan marveled at it, “Wow. The greatness of teensex organs.”When I was fully hard and she had recovered from her massive orgasm I positioned myself and Joanso that I could penetrate her pussy without any trouble. I placed my dick at her opening and pushedjust enough for the head to go in. She liked that.I grabbed her left türbanlı escort adıyaman tit with my right hand and palmed her nipple. While I was doing that I slid my cockin a little more. About half way. She moaned with my movements. I went in all the way and shemoaned much louder than before. “Try and be quiet. The neighbors might hear us.” The fence wasabout 7′ high and the closest neighbor probably could have been able to hear us if he/she wasoutside, but most people were at work at 1 in the afternoon.With my dick all the way in I started pulling back and pushing forward. At first Joan was gripping myshoulders hard, then her grip softened then a few minutes later her grip started tightening up again. Iknew she was close to cumming. I reached my left hand down and started rubbing her clit. Joan’s griptightened even more and I felt her shudder. She screamed loud and I had to place my hand over hermouth to muffle the sound.I kept going even though she stopped. I had to cum soon. Joan started moving with me and myorgasm came closer and closer until it was unstoppable. I let out with a huge spurt then another andanother. I had a handful or spurts inside her. When I was coming down off my high, I felt Joanshudder again with another orgasm. I kept my dick inside her until she was done and I started gettingsoft. When it slipped out I dove down for my trunks and her swimsuit and put mine on. I had to helpher with her one piece because she seemed to be woozy from our fuck session.I helped her out and we dried off then went in the house. I went to the fridge and grabbed a soda foreach of us and walked over to the table where Joan was. She still had a dazed look on her face.”You OK?” I asked.”Yeah. I just fucked a 18 year old,” she replied.”Yup, and it was amazing.” She looked at me and smiled. I told her we should go to the living room and cool down. We sat there and talked about somerandom things. I asked her why she wasn’t at work. She told me it was because she took a vacationday to get some things done around the house. “Well, you got one thing done in the pool,” I saidsmoothly.She laughed. We talked about other things and then the conversation rolled around to what we justdid. She told me that if I ever wanted anything I just needed to call and she would arrange things. Itold her that I would definitely be in touch a lot.It was about 3 o’clock when I headed home on my board with a smile on my face. By the time I left Ihad learned two things. One, that I loved Joan. And two, that this was going to be a great summer.