The HoneymoonFirst NightJessica and I walk into our hotel room laughing and chatting about the very long day we just finished. I threw my bag on the desk and she put hers in the bathroom. I am still feeling the champagne so I know she is more lit than me because of how much she drank and her size. Jessica is 5’nothing. Weighing around 110 lbs. She has short choppy blond hair and stunning blue eyes. I could see her little nipples pointing through her little blue dress that made her eyes standout even more. She must’ve taken her bra off in the car or maybe before. I was too tired to remember. The hotel room was wonderful. Her father was paying for everything so we could do damn near anything we wanted. “I want to fuck you!” She said biting her lip.I said, Honey, I’m sorry. I am exhausted.” I laid down on the bed. She begins dancing around. “Don’t you pass out on me!” Humming and dancing, she drops her dress. I immediately began having second thoughts. Her flawless milky white skin looked so inviting. She had no panties on exposing that perfect smooth pussy. My cock started to get hard just looking at her. She pinched her nipples on her little a-cup tits. “Don’t you want your little wifey?” she asked. I laughed “Of course I do! I’m just wore out. My god you are beautiful.” “What if I give you a back rub?” Jessica asked. Never one to turn down a good massage I took my clothes off and turned over. She crawled on top of me and rubbed my head. ankara escort Between that and the champagne I could have easily fallen asleep. I could feel her tits touching my back. Jessica moved down my neck and shoulders. ” I love you and I want you to never forget this night.” Jess said. I replied with moans and groans. She laughed and moved on down my back. Massaging and kissing everywhere. She grabbed my ass rubbing it hard. At times it tickled but also felt amazing. She kissed it and made an old joke. Jess continued down my legs never neglecting any part of my body. Working every part of my feet she nibbled on my toe. I told her she is the greatest wife ever. She laughed and said she forgot something. I started to turn over but she just pushed me back down on my stomach. I was too relaxed to care. She opened my legs and touched my cock and balls. I moaned with joy. She licked my half hard cock and balls with her hands on both ass cheeks. Jess then licked my asshole. A big laugh came out of me! She has never done anything like that before. Jess asked if I liked it. I couldn’t lie. I loved it. My ass was dripping wet from her spit. “Can I put a finger inside?” “You can do anything you want to me my love.” I said. She slid in a slick finger about half way. Slowly working it in and out of my ass until I could take her whole little finger. Then she started working on a second finger. “Wait! I got lube.” I laid there in bliss. I love ankara escort bayan a little assplay. She comes back and squirts some lube on my ass. More than necessary. It was everywhere. The room smelled of lube and something else. Jess rubbed it all over my ass and played a few fingers I my ass. She stroked my hard cock and finger fucked me. Then she pulled out. My anus quivered for more. “I’ve got a surprise for you!” She said in a sexy drawn out way.I felt something heavy land on my butt. It was a nice soft rubber dildo. I was laying there with my eyes closed and a huge smile on my face. I have used toys on myself since I was 14 but never let any of my girlfriends know. Afraid they would not be open to such a thing. My new lovely wife began working the head into my ass. I moaned and groaned loving it telling her to keep going. With all the lube it didn’t take long before it was all the way in. It was the perfect size. I’ve had bigger before but it wasn’t needed. This dildo hit my prostate just how I liked it. She pulled it out. “What are you doing? I said. “Hang on just relax for a sec.” Jess climbed on top of me and was whispering sexy things to me in my ear. The dildo was laying between my cheeks. “Get on all fours! I’m going to fuck you.” demanded Jess. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I always wanted it but never thought it would happen. She put that big dildo back in my ass. Fucking nice and slow. Getting it escort ankara deep in my ass. “Are you my bitch boy?” as she was fucking me. A half yes, half moan came out of me. “Tell me you are my little slut,” my head was spinning. She demanded “tell me what a fucking slut you are!” She got a hand full of hair and pulled. “Slut! I’m you’re fucking slut.” The last part trailed off. Now, she had a good stroke going. Pulling me back with everything she had and slamming her hips forward as hard as possible. Jessica was really fucking me hard! The bed was creaking popping. I had to grab the head bored a few times from the pleasure. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it. I pushed my face into my pillow with my ass in the air. It felt so amazing I was close to cumming and I haven’t even touched my cock. My cock wasn’t was just flopping back and forth with each stroke. Fucking my ass hard, fast and deep Jess scratched at my back and slapped my ass. “I’m…I’m cumming!”Laughing Jess kept fucking me. Pounding my prostate. “OH FUCK!” I howled and in shot up. The dildo flew out of me.”Oh. Fuck. What the hell! That was amazing!” I said while the cum was still oozing from my limp cock. I collapsed on the bed on my back. She laid her head on my shoulder smiling and laughing. “Did I do a good job?” She asked while looking at me with those big innocent blue eyes. Still panting I said “Fuck yes!” I kissed her. “Where did you get that?” “I got it as a gift. I had to buy the strap.” She said laughing.”Who would give that to you? So weird.””Here just read the card.”Jessica,This one always seemed to be his favorite toy growing up. Don’t go easy on him. With love from your,Mother-in-law.