Adriana Chechik

The Girl on the Train, part 1First of a multi-part, disjointed but semi-sequential tale I started some time ago. Here’s the first part, just a bit of gentle exhibitionism to get started ­čÖé Worth pursuing? Comment and let me know!The Girl on the TrainPart One of ???Sitting alone on the train, she yawned and checked her watch. It was just before 4am. She’d had to rush to catch this one actually, having finished work at the studio only 20 minutes earlier.Not many others were up and about at this time, in fact the carriage only contained three other people, two guys and a woman, all sat in reasonable proximity, allowing for the polite distance of personal space.A movement caught her eye and she glanced over to the youngish guy sat across the aisle from her as he shifted his legs slightly trying to get comfortable. She had grabbed a seat with a table, but even without one, her petite 5’5 frame usually meant that legroom wasn’t a problem. He noticed her look and smiled politely, then maybe a little too eagerly. She was attractive, she knew, hence her job in front of the camera, so she was used to it.The train moved off and picked up speed. As her crossed legs began to roll back and forth slightly with the movement of the train she automatically tugged the adventurous hemline of her denim skirt back down a little. It wasn’t particularly short, not compared to most of the ones she owned actually, but even so, sitting as she was had pulled it up to nearly mid-thigh. That didn’t really bother her, as it showed off her legs nicely, but as she let her eyes linger on them she saw immediately that, since she’d been in a hurry as she changed before leaving work, she still had on the pair of black hold-up stockings she’d been wearing with her on-screen outfit.Out of the corner of her eye she saw the guy’s head turn away from her. Of course, his eye had been drawn adiosbet yeni giri┼č to her movement of the skirt, as sure as two iron filings would be drawn to a magnet. His attention reminded her of her work shift this evening and she smiled inwardly, mischievously, and the thought occurred that this trip might not be as dull as usual.She shifted her position slightly, easing her bottom forward a little in her seat and, as she thought it would, the rough denim stayed in place against the seat, raising the hemline a couple of inches over her thighs. The guy had missed her movement, but she waited patiently, a small flutter of excitement building in her stomach. It wasn’t long before the guy glanced back, his eyes flickering over her from top to bottom in the u*********s manner she was used to. This time though, even not properly looking in his direction, she saw his double-take as he noticed the sudden appearance of an inch of stocking top.She laughed inwardly at the reaction, enjoying the feel of the gaze roaming over her legs. For a little while, no other adjustments were necessary, just that small patch of lace-top was more than enough to hold her target’s attention. She commended him; he was trying hard not to gratuitously stare, sometimes managing to last as long as ten or twenty seconds without stealing another glance in her direction.Feigning boredom, she turned to stare out of her window at the distant splashes of colour slowly flowing by in the midst of the darkness. The view from her window was perfect. Not that there was anything to see outside at 4am, but the reflection cast back from the illuminated carriage showed her prey was taking advantage of her supposed distraction. She grinned behind her hand as she watched him bend forward for a better look at her legs, eyes locked to the lace top of her stocking peeping out from adiosbet giri┼č under the tight denim. Almost as an afterthought, he grabbed his mobile phone from a pocket and began fiddling with it.She frowned slightly. That spoilt the game. Here she was, putting on a nice display, and he wanted to chat to some friend? She was about to sit up and tug down the skirt when she caught sight of movement in the window reflection. The guy had finished toying with the phone and swiftly aimed it in her direction, before snatching his arm back and studying the display. Of course. Her good spirits returned. Turning off the camera-phone’s snapshot sound effect. Clever boy!Still gazing out of the window in apparent dreamland, she slowly uncrossed her legs and stretched them out. She wished now that she hadn’t changed into her trainers, they weren’t as ideal a match to black stockings as a good pair of heels, after all. Still, her voyeur didn’t seem to mind, as a second picture swiftly joined the first in his phone’s Memory Stick. She wondered idly if she might find herself posted online somewhere soon. It hadn’t been the first time.Bringing her legs back out of their stretch, she crossed them again, this time with her upper leg crossing away from the guy. Her movements had raised the hemline another inch or so, enough to put both of the stocking tops on show, and certainly enough to ensure, as she’d intended, that her upper leg tugged the skirt up far enough to display the entirety of the dark black lace together with a substantial amount of bare thigh. She felt cool air flutter over the bare skin, a nice counterpart to the increasing warmth she felt inside. She took her gaze away from the window now, stretching out her hands on the table top and pretending to study her nails. She spied the guy jerk his head away hastily. So, he still had some sense adiosbet g├╝venilirmi of propriety. She liked that. That was worth a little more.A number of times her voyeur chanced a look over, but he didn’t seem to fancy his chances with the camera-phone while her attention was in front of her. She thought for a moment for another way to prolong her state of apparent distraction, and then came upon an answer. Her bag was on the seat beside her, on the same side as her window, so she turned and opened it. Peering up in the reflection, she happily saw her voyeur return his full attention to the appreciation of her legs, and she grinned as his phone rose again. He surprised her this time, leaning over a little and reaching out with the phone to get what must have been a good close-up image of her exposed stocking top. She leaned over her bag as a reward, letting her bottom ease up, as she rummaged through the bag. Still leant to one side, she let her legs uncross, extending the upper leg out towards her admirer as if in counterbalance. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the phone quickly extended and smirked, wondering if her stretched-out leg afforded a view up under her skirt. From the amount of pictures the guy was taking, she suspected it did.Of course, she couldn’t stay hunched over her handbag for ever. As she wondering what else she might do to prolong the game, the train began to slow, and the automated P.A. announced the first stop along her route. The man across the aisle hurriedly began getting his things in order and as she closed up her bag and straightened, letting her legs cross once more, he stood, reluctantly, she was sure. He paused beside her and seemed about to say something, but instead just nodded with a half smile before hurrying towards the end of the carriage.As the train pulled away again she sighed. The other two people in the carriage were some distance away, out of her line of sight. No fun to be had there tonight. She tilted her head back in her seat and closed her eyes; it had been a long day.End of part one. Worth pursuing? The next part is… weird. Comment and let me know!