The GarageThe alley way was dark as I staggered home late one night. I was aware of a door opening from the brick built structures that backed onto it. There were footsteps that sped up as they got nearer to me.I was grabbed me from behind, taken by surprise. My arms were pulled back and held firmly so that I couldn’t struggle as the assailant rammed a cloth into my mouth.“We got ourselves a fit one here”, said the male holding me to another. “Get him inside”.I was pushed roughly into an open doorway into what resembled an empty workshop with low metal beams. Rope was hanging off one and my arms were immediately hoisted upwards as they tied them up.I could see my assailants properly now, both male in jeans and T-shirts and wearing balaclavas so that I couldn’t see their faces. They spoke with a foreign lilt and I wondered if they were Eastern European, it was hard to tell with their faces hidden. One was slightly taller than the other who was rounder, fatter. “Let’s get his clothes off”, the short assailant said as he produced some scissors from his back pocket.The tall one who tied me roughly pushed my own T-shirt up to expose my chest and tweaked a nipple. I groaned against the gag as he then pushed his hand down the waistband of my trouser bottoms and into my pants. He grabbed my balls whilst the other hand groped my arse. His hand teased my cock as I felt a finger touch my anus. It was electrifying as the finger tip entered me. I couldn’t help it as my cock began to stir, growing in his hand. I was groaning and twisting my body as I got more aroused by his probing hands.“Oh yes, a nice tight little arse, wanna see him naked”?The short one with the scissors made a cut in the hem of my T-shirt and ripped it upwards to the neck line. He cut that away allowing the asyabahis yeni giriş garment to fall open and cut along each arm. The useless cloth was flung aside as I struggled uselessly. The room was chilly on my bare chest as I knew what was next.The tall male behind me had removed his hands and now lifted first one foot to remove the trainer and sock, then the other. The other male then pulled out my waistband and cut it and allowing my tracksuit trousers to drop to my ankles whilst the other removed them completely. My boxer shorts were next and they were simply ripped wide open and pulled away from me allowing my erect penis to spring out at them with my brown pubic hair that grew across my thighs and round under my balls to come onto display.“Wow, have a look at that”! Laughed one as he slapped my bare arse. “You have grown a bit there ain’t you?” They were both admiring my nude state, taking in the sight of my cock, balls, my round arse, my thighs, everything.“Bet you weren’t expecting this, did you”? Said the other.The tall one had grabbed me just now and put his hand to my stomach. “What shall we do with you then? Are you a taker or giver”?The other laughed and slapped my arse cheek. It stung as his hand made contact and yet, it was an arousing pain. I was actually enjoying this! They always say anticipation is the biggest turn on!He gave my arse a few more slaps, my hard cock that pointed out to them quivered with each one. My arse was then pulled opened as they looked at my anus. I couldn’t see at this point obviously but one of them spat at my crack then inserted a finger. I groaned as the finger probed me. It was a funny sensation and I tried to bend forward a bit to aid them and relief the discomfort.“I think he likes it”, the short asyabahis giriş one came round to me. “See if you like this; get him on his knees”!The tall one withdrew his finger and untied me. He made me kneel down as the short male stripped his jeans and pants off. The tall one removed the cloth from my mouth. “Promise not to scream?” I shook my head in a ‘no’. The short male’s dick looked small and hairless as he straddled my face. He pushed his groin into me as I opened my mouth and allowed him to insert his cock.“I think he wants it”, the short one said. “Come on then, suck”!I sucked his dick as hard as I could, running my tongue around his fleshy member. There was no taste but I could feel him growing. He rammed it in and out of my mouth as the tall male just stood back and watched. I sucked him off for a couple more minutes and I swear I tasted his pre-cum; a salty taste that made me swallow and suck more to try to get rid of it.“That’s enough of that, get him up on that bench”, ordered the tall male.I was hauled to my feet, my cock had gone limp again as I was roughly gestured towards a large work bench. I was made to lie back on it with my arse just over hanging the edge. The tall one pushed my knees up to my chest and parted my legs. I held that position for him as he removed all his clothes. His cock was already hard and I looked at it in shock as, not only was it a good length but it was thick too. I was scared my arse wouldn’t take it!He spat on my arsehole again then rammed the tip of his cock against my anus. He didn’t thrust straight in but did it gradually. Then, my arse just gave in to him I think because the next thing I know, he’s in me!For the next five minutes I lay there, legs splayed open, my cock pointing upwards again asyabahis güvenilirmi as he fucked me. I really was enjoying this as he held my hips and thrust away. I showed my keenness by lifting my arse up more and held my ankles to that I could have his whole length. Meanwhile, the short one had his cock in my mouth again. I sucked as he stroked my erection, my own pre cum visible now as a glistening drip on the end of my cock.The tall one pulled out and they traded places as the short male put his cock in my now, gaping arsehole. I almost gagged on the tall male’s cock, it was big. Not wanting to disappoint, I sucked on him, running my tongue up and around his bell end. He gasped as I sucked furiously on him then groaned as his climax flooded over my tongue. It was thick, salty and warm. I sucked some more and swallowed the lot!“You’ve done this before”, I think he was surprised at my lack of resistance. “Fuck me, you are good”!“Can I at least wank”? I asked.The short male pulled out of me and began pulling at his own cock. “Go on, finish him”, he said.The tall male grasped me firmly and deftly began to jerk me. It wasn’t long as the short male and I came together. He sprayed my belly with his cum as mine shot out. His drops and mine mingled together as it trickled down my sides and into my pubes.“I didn’t think you would be so willing”, said the tall one. “You did well though”!“Shall we let him go”? Asked the other. “”He can stay like that”!The tall one opened the main door as I sat up. “Go on then, get out of here”.“But my clothes”, I gestured to my ripped clothes on the floor.“You leave naked then”, he laughed. “Now go”!“You know where to find us though”, the short male said as he pulled his jeans up. “I think he’ll be back you know”. The tall one just laughed.“Maybe I will”, I said as I clutched my balls and padded out into the alleyway. The door slammed shut behind me but not before the tall male got in one last slap at my arse.It was dark, I was naked, covered in cum and home was a mile away. This was gonna be fun getting back!