The Fitting
Fitting a gown for the Charity Gala

Dave and Julie had been inseparable since the sailing date. Dave’s shop was in between yacht restorations and Julie had quit the restaurant job, so nothing competed with their time together. Dave loved the way Julie embraced life, so he took her to all kinds of events and activities just to see the joy on her face.

Dave also encouraged her exhibitionism and provided her with additional wardrobe that a young woman with an incredible body could tease others with; miniskirts, daisy duke, and light summer dresses. They were careful to make any flash of skin seem accidental. No overt or blatant exposures, Julie was becoming a master at providing strangers with discrete peeks at her private parts. She gave Dave peeks as well, keeping him hard much of the time. Dave took to wearing absorbent boxers to prevent his leaking erection from causing telltale wet spots. Seeing other’s reactions to her body kept Julie constantly horny. One unanticipated turn-on for Julie was the look on women’s faces if they happen to see Dave’s budge and realize its size. There was no fear that men would take notice because their eyes never left Julie.

Julie wanted to explore this new thrill and troll Dave’s erection publicly in front of more women. She asked Dave to go with her to an up-scale mall in the city. Since the stores were predominantly woman’s apparel, a mid-week visit at lunch time would see working women on their meal break and friends shopping and dining together. Dave had recently received an invitation to a black tie fund raising ball. This mall would have a selection of formal evening gowns that Julie could pick from in order to attend that gala. They could combine the two purposes.

Julie dressed with great care for this adventure. She decided on schoolgirl. A blouse with ruffles on the cuffs and collar, buttoned all the way up and tucked into her waist. It was tailored to show every curve, but not bind tight or gap anywhere. A pleated plaid skirt that belted high on her narrow waist and looked conservatively long because of that but really only came partway down her thighs. A matching tie, correctly knotted, covered her blouse buttons from neck to waist. She wasn’t going for slut or porn star, so her shoes were flat, patent leather black, sensible school shoes. Short socks with lace tops left most of her shapely tanned legs bare. She chose a tiny transparent G string so she could flash her bare butt and wet pussy. The overall look was very proper at a casual glance. It could be an official school uniform. A closer look revealed she was braless and her dark nipples could be seen through the blouse. While normal movement would not allow looks under the skirt, it took little effort for Julie to flash some ass. She wore her hair in two braided pigtails. She also put on large dark rimmed glasses and a small leather backpack to complete the outfit. She applied her makeup to look like an early blooming, well endowed, f******n year old.

She asked Dave to wear his white linen coat and pants with a pastel green button down dress shirt. This well-tailored summer suite accented his physique and, with the coat unbuttoned, did little to conceal any erection he may have. One look at schoolgirl Julie got Dave’s cock in the state she preferred.

The mall was the kind of place that many women dressed fashionably to visit. The shops also expected their employees to dress well, often from articles available for purchase in the shop. The styles ran the gamut from timeless classic to bleeding edge risk. While most complemented the woman who chose to wear them, it was clear a few paid way too much just to end up looking bad.

Julie was extra bouncy and kept calling Dave “Daddy”. They made their way to the second floor food court. It overlooked the central plaza, a four story open space filled with gardens and fountains. The sun streamed in from skylights overhead. The food offered in the court reflected the clientele. It was either healthy, overpriced, or both. The portions were always small. Dave purchased a tray of sushi and they found a high top table on one of the edges of the dining area. Standing behind the tall table gave them a good view of all the other diners.

Julie prattled endlessly about nonsense while Dave affected a glazed over, polite inattention. Julie had one hand resting on his erection and used the other to eat. In reality, she was scanning the crowd. Using reflections in windows and her peripheral vision, she sought for women alone looking their way. When she found one, she would run her hand up and back down the length of Dave’s cock. Her hand movement would draw the woman’s eyes down, and then Julie would enjoy the expressions. Neither Dave nor Julie gave any indication that something had happened. Knowing that she looked u******e to the watching woman, that the cock she stroked was larger than most even fantasied over, and all of this was happening in public was getting Julie so excited. Her nipples were stiff and her pussy was moist. She knew she couldn’t keep it up much longer. She would need the cock in her hand pounding her soon.


Sarah was taking a break from shopping and sitting in a quiet spot eating a salad. She noticed a very attractive couple standing on the far side of the dining area. The man was about her age, but the girl looked about half her age. The man had a presence to him, a confidence that resonated with her. Sarah was sexually submissive and needed to be dominated. This man could do it. It made him the sexiest man she had ever seen. Then she saw the game they were playing, occasionally drawing attention to his erection to select women in the crowd. She took a second look at the girl, no, the young woman. Sarah usually found women to be too passive to be attracted to them, but there was something unique about this beautiful young lady. She found herself lusting after both. Then she noticed that she had their full attention. She dropped her head into a submissive posture.


“Do you see the redhead in green on the other side of the court?” Dave asked. Julie looked over and saw a tall thin woman in her early thirty’s. She was wearing a button down green blouse that complemented her hair color perfectly. She had a matching color straight line skirt that came down to her knees, black high heal shoes, and gold accessories. There were a couple of shopping bags at her feet that were from the more expensive shops. Julie liked everything she saw. In fact, the redhead reminded Julie of her first lover. Just then the woman’s body posture completely changed. “She’s a Sub” Dave stated. “Hua?” Julie questioned. “She wants to be sexually dominated. Could you do that?” Dave replied. Julie’s mind flew into a tempest. In her aroused state, a woman that looks like a former lover, the enjoyment she got when Dave took charge. Could she dominate another? “Yes” Julie stated.


Sarah saw them end their discussion in the affirmative. The man then made eye contact and commanded “Come here”. She couldn’t hear it, but there was no question in her mind what he said. A shiver went through her and she felt her nipples stiffen. She collected her bags, rose and headed directly toward the couple through all the tables.


Julie watched the redhead approach. Graceful. Willowy. She had no tits. She was braless, she didn’t need a bra. Her nipples were poking out! So yummy. The redhead stopped in front of their table and dropped her bags. She assumed a submissive position, head bowed and hands behind her. Julie came around the table to stand facing the redhead’s side. She spoke into the redhead’s ear, “Name” Julie demanded. “Sarah” Sarah meekly stated. “Can you see my Daddy’s cock?” Julie asked. Daddy? That can’t be true, can it? Oh God! Sarah looked down at the massive erection and sighed. “Yes” She replied. “Do you think your cunt could handle it?” Julie inquired. “I know my cunt could” Sarah stated bashfully. “Know?” Julie asked. “I’ve dated physically large black men with cocks that size for the last couple of years.” Sarah replied, blushing. “Oh . . ., and how was that?” Julie wanted to know. “Mostly brutal” was Sarah’s ashamed response. That gave Julie pause. She recovered quickly.

“Look at my tits” Julie commanded. Sarah studied them with great care. They were magnificent. Full, round, youthfully firm. The nipples looked identical to her own, and just as excited. But their stage, their platform, their environment was everything Sarah knew she lacked. The young lady’s embarrassing questions that demanded answers, her incredible body, and the confident silent very male ‘Daddy’ next to her had Sarah so aroused. “Do you like my tits?” Julie asked. “Yesss” Sarah purred. “Are you bisexual?” Julie enquired. “Bi curious” was her meek reply. Double yummy Julie thought. She wanted Sarah. She looked over at Dave with lust in her eyes. Dave read the need and nodded in the affirmative. Julie leaned forward and whispered into Sarah’s ear. “Will you serve us?” The words SERVE US echoed in Sarah’s mind. She went weak in the knees. “YES” she stated in the first firm voice they had heard from her. “Call me Mistress” Julie commanded. “Yes Mistress” Sarah declared in a much humbler tone, even though her soul was soaring.

“I want you to start at the top and slowly unbutton your blouse. Don’t stop until I say” Julie commanded. Sarah knew intellectually that her back was to the crowd and no one would see her flat little tits even with her blouse fully open, but she had never been ordered to do anything remotely risqué in public before. With trembling hands she reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. She could not believe how much more aroused she became. Part of it was because she was facing the wrong way and couldn’t see how others were reacting. Her new mistress called stop when Sarah was two buttons from her belt. She could now easily feel the breeze on her bare chest. “Lean forward so I can see those nipples” Her Mistress now demanded. Sarah obeyed. Julie was not disappointed. “Those need teeth on them” She whispered into Sarah’s ear. Another shiver ran down Sarah’s spine.

“Turn all the way around so we may inspect our goods.” Julie ordered. In this place of high fashion an open blouse on a woman with small tits was quite modest. Only skin would show, no cleavage or nipple. Other patrons had much more boobage on display. However those weren’t Sarah’s boobs and THEY weren’t being ordered to do it. Sarah’s panties were so wet now that she could feel her fluids leaking past and running down her inner thighs. As Sarah slowly turned 360 she kept her eyes down, not wanting to know if anybody was watching. Julie noted that she had hips like a young boy. She did have a nice little button butt. Julie also noticed that the skirt had a slit up the center back, almost all the way to the crouch. By the time Sarah had completed her turn, Sarah was panting from the sexual tension. “You will not please us if you faint from hyperventilation.” Julie stated. Having to obey her Mistress actually helped Sarah calm her breathing. “Describe the state of your cunt” Julie ordered. “Wet and throbbing” was Sarah’s embarrassed reply. “Not good enough. I want graphic details” Julie stated in a displeased tone.

Sarah began again, in a very quiet voice. Both Dave and Julie moved in close, bracketing Sarah, and leaned in to hear better. Sarah could feel their heat. “My shaved cunt is swollen and gaping. My hood has pulled back exposing my engorged and throbbing clit. I am so wet, my panties are soaked right through and my juices are running down my thighs. Mistress, you have me on the verge of orgasm.”

“On the verge!” Julie fell out of character and started giggling. Sarah was caught by surprise over this shift in mood. Julie leaned in and tickled Sarah’s ear with her tongue. “Me too!” she whispered. “But you are not to cum yet!” “Yes Mistress” was Sarah’s pained response. “Come with me.” Julie required. She grabbed Sarah in one hand and Dave in the other. Skipping, she led/dragged the two behind her, calling out for ‘Mummy and Daddy’ to hurry. Dave scooped up Sarah’s shopping bags as he went by, she being too overwhelmed to remember them. Julie led them to where a store ended the food court. The main flow of traffic went down the middle, between stores, leaving this corner little traveled. It was out of the sun, so seemed to be in shadow, but was still well lit and completely in view of any diner who chose to look. Julie pushed Dave’s back up against the store’s display window. She then pushed Sarah up against Dave, with her ass firmly resting on his cock. Julie leaned into Sarah, with a tit on either side of Sarah’s arm, so Julie could once again talk quietly into Sarah’s ear. Julie placed Sarah’s hand on her bare thigh, just below the skirt’s hem line. Sarah could feel the heat from Julie’s pussy which hovered right above her hand. Julie held Sarah’s forearm so she could better press her mound into it.

“Find my clit” Julie demanded. Sarah was happy to obey. She curled her long slender fingers up and encountered the damp G string. It was too small to provide a barrier to her quest and she soon had her finger tips resting on her Mistress’s swollen clit. “Reach behind you with your free hand and remove Daddy’s cock from his pants.” Julie ordered. Sarah scanned the room as she worked. She couldn’t believe they were being this outrageous and nobody was paying attention. Her blouse open to her waist, a hand up a schoolgirl’s skirt, and fiddling with the crotch of a man behind her. Lowering the zipper on ‘Daddy’s’ pants one handed was easy, but Sarah couldn’t find a way to get the long erection through the boxers. She achieved her goal by pulling the elastic waist band down below ‘Daddy’s’ balls, freeing up the shaft to be pulled through the fly of his pants. It felt as large and hard as any of her past boyfriends, so Sarah knew exactly how this cock would feel in her pussy, increasing her desires. “It’s out Mistress” Sarah replied. “Good. Place Daddy’s cock between your legs. Spread your thighs and rotate your hips so he can freely bounce his cock against your clit.” Julie ordered.

Dave had really enjoyed Julie taking charge, displaying and stroking his cock in public. She had him all worked up. Then Sarah came into the picture. Under normal circumstances Dave would have been drawn to Sarah anyway. To have Julie also desire her just multiplied his arousal. The way Julie was dominating Sarah was a whole new side of this sweet young woman that Dave never guessed at, and found very erotic.

Sarah was a beautiful woman. With her body pressed up against Dave he could feel every twitch and tremor her excited state produced. He had his face buried in her long lush hair enjoying the floral scent. When he felt Sarah’s hand on his cock, Dave groaned into the same ear Julie was using. He was ‘On the verge’ too. His cock was slipped through the slit in Sarah’s skirt and his head rubbed between warm, well lubricated, thighs. Dave hissed and stiffened, fighting not to release. This also caused his cock to push fully into Sarah’s thighs. He felt Sarah shifting positions giving his cock more freedom between her legs. Julie wanted bouncing. OK. He flexed his cock muscles causing it to twitch up and tap Sarah’s wet panty covered pussy. Dave flexed at a regular tempo, achieving the bouncing Julie had ordered. He felt Sarah shift slightly and then each of his taps was causing Sarah’s body to jerk slightly. He must be on target for her clit. There was no way Dave could keep this up long without climaxing.

“Rub my clit.” Julie now demanded of Sarah. “Do you ever leave the house without panties?” she asked. “No Mistress” was Sarah’s breathless reply. “Too bad. Just think. Without panties right now you could be feeling Daddy’s cock pushing up into your cunt. You could be FUCKING right here in front of all these women.” Julie moaned into Sarah’s ear because of the effect Sarah’s fingers were having on Julie’s clit. “See that nice young man over there. He’s my age. He is watching us now and knows you are up to something, my slut. I want you to make eye contact with him then use your free hand to reach up to expose and pinch your nipple for him. That’s got his attention. Now without making a sound cum for us, all three of us, you whore!” Julie groaned, seconds from her own orgasm.

Dave could hear Julie’s arousal in her sexually explicit monologue. He felt Sarah’s body quiver when she pinched her own nipple. When Julie ordered Sarah to cum, Dave exploded. His powerful jets of sperm thudded into the inside front of Sarah’s skirt.

Sarah’s mind was in sensory overload. A couple she just met had her doing the most depraved actions in public. Now a complete stranger, possibly a minor, was watching her get fucked, possibly in the ass from his vantage point. This sweet young schoolgirl was calling her slut and whore and making her show and pinch her nipple for a minor, and anybody else who may be looking their way. The schoolgirl’s Daddy had his cock between her legs tapping on her clit and spewing wads of hot spunk all over.

Her Mistress ordered her to cum. Every muscle in Sarah’s body contracted as she had the most orgasmic climax of her life. A side effect of her body spasms, her fingers pinched down on Julie’s clit.

Julie loved the feelings dominating another woman into arousal gave her. Nothing she has ever done in her young life gave her any idea it would turn her on so much. A total surprise, like the b**st Dave brought out in her when he got rough. She could hear Dave’s climax. She could feel Sarah’s climax. She could see the struck dumb look on the watching young man’s face. Sarah’s squeezing fingers on her clit sent Julie soaring into her own orgasm.

They clung to each other, Julie, Sarah, and Dave. Panting while their bodies quivered and spasms raced through muscles. Just as their breathing was returning to normal, Julie started giggling, pointing to the young man who had been watching them. The teen was attempting to cover a wet spot in the font of his pants while leaving the food court in a real hurry. Dave broke into laughter, followed by Sarah.

Dave discreetly slipped his limp cock back into his pants, then stepped out from behind Sarah. “Hello Sarah, my name is Dave. This is Julie. She is 18 and I am not her Daddy!” He offered her his hand. Sarah shook it. She then kissed Julie tenderly on the forehead. “Thank you Julie. That was the best scene I have ever had. You play both dominatrix and u******e schoolgirl well.” “Not brutal?” Julie asked with a cocky little smirk. “No, not brutal” Sarah agreed.

“Would you care to formalize the relationship for future scenes?” Dave asked. “Yes, definitely.” Sarah replied at the same time as Julie’s “Please.” Dave handed Sarah one of his business cards and asked if she could be there at 10 AM tomorrow. Sarah’s eyebrows rose when she saw Dave’s last name. Sarah would be there. “Will Mommy help me pick a new dress?” Julie pleaded with a pouty face. Sarah would like nothing better, but first she insisted on visiting the woman’s restroom before she started dripping trails of Dave’s impressive load.

While the girls cleaned up in separate stalls, Sarah asked Julie what kind of dress she needed. Julie confessed her ignorance and explained the invitation to the fund raising gala. She was really nervous about the event, having no experience with ‘High Society.’ Sarah had also been invited to the same event. She reassured Julie that she knew just the kind of gown that would ensure Julie had a good time. Sarah explained that while the men were expected to be fully covered in several layers of formal wear, the women would be showing more skin in their expensive gowns than seen on a topless beach in France. “Did Daddy give you a budget?” Sarah asked. “Oh. . . Let’s go ask!” Julie replied. She practically dragged Sarah out of the restroom in her eagerness. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, how much may I spend?” Julie pleaded. Sarah mentioned the appointment only Couture shop she had in mind. Dave indicated it shouldn’t be a problem. His sister had an account there. Sarah got on her phone and between her last name (causing Dave’s eyebrows to rise) and his, she was granted an immediate appointment.


Julie was escorted into the most exquisitely decorated commercial space she had ever seen. There was no merchandise in sight, looking more like a hotel lobby than an apparel shop. Two well-dressed people approached from the reception area. The male greeted Dave and led him off through a door on the right. The young woman was a redhead and could have been Sarah’s twin, except she had B cup sized breasts. She was tall, slender, and professionally dressed. She extended her hand, “You must be Julie. I’m Jessica. Welcome.” She shook Julie’s hand warmly. She greeted Sarah by name as well. “If you would both care to follow me, we’ll get started.” Jessica requested. She guided them through a door on the left, down a wood paneled hall with closed doors at regular intervals. She opened one of the doors and ushered Julie and Sarah into another exquisitely decorated room. It had comfortable seating around a raised floor ‘stage’ in the center. The walls were made up of mirrors and doors. “May I offer you refreshment?” Jessica enquired. Sarah requested tea. Julie coyly requested Spumante. Jessica eyed Julie speculatively while Julie produced her best puppy dog begging look. “If you limit yourself to just a few glasses and take fruit and cheese between, I guess I can allow it.” Jessica relented. Squealing and bouncing Julie hugged Jessica, very much acting the 14 year old school girl. Julie’s warm, soft body bouncing on Jessica was stirring carnal feelings she usually kept out of the work place. Julie’s infectious joy was also affecting Jessica’s thinking. She mentally shook it off and used her Bluetooth earpiece to order up the refreshments.


On the other side of the building the male receptionist, Benjamin, was leading Dave into a similar room and seeing to his refreshment. “I believe the women are selecting a gown for the upcoming benefit gala. Is there anything I can show you Sir?” he enquired. “You can drop the ‘Sir’. Dave will be fine. Nope, I’m all set. I’m just the wallet here.” Dave’s replay got a chuckle out of Benjamin. “Would it be Ok if I take your measurements so that we could provide for you if a need did arise?” Dave agreed. “Would you be comfortable disrobing for accuracy?” Benjamin asked. Just then a young adult in a butler’s uniform came in through a back door. He had Dave’s coffee on a silver try. “Ed, we will be doing measurements.” Benjamin directed. “Yes sir.” Ed presented the coffee to Dave and then went behind another door to retrieve a silk robe and a tablet. Dave managed to sip the excellent coffee before Ed was back at his side and taking the coffee back. Ed took and hung each garment as Dave undressed. He offered the robe, which Dave declined. Benjamin was stunned. Dave had an incredible body. As he escorted Dave to the center platform, he couldn’t help remarking “My, you have an exquisite physique. You are male personified.”

Dave’s morning had been quite stimulating. Now he found himself naked in bright lights with mirrors all around. Encouraged by Benjamin’s words, Dave was discovering more of the pleasures of exhibition. “If you need measurements in my relaxed state, you better take them quickly because I am finding this situation very arousing.” Dave stated, gesturing to his cock. “Oh my . . . yes, of course.” Benjamin removed a tape from his pocket and kneeled in front of Dave. He measured the ‘drop’ of Dave’s cock, the width of his left thigh, and then the width of thigh and cock together. Ed had pulled up an app on the tablet and recorded each measurement as Ben called them out. All the soft touching of Dave’s cock caused it to rise. Benjamin found his face inches away from Dave’s massive cock as it reached full extension. It was the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. He couldn’t look away as he asked, “You do find the situation arousing. Would it be an imposition if I were to call in a couple of co-workers to ‘watch’ the rest of the measuring? They have made a careful study of the male physique and would find this of high interest.” Benjamin placed an unusual emphasis on the word watch. The thought of having a ‘watching’ audience while Dave stood naked in the center was causing his hard-on to throb. “Not at all, the more the merrier.” Dave replied.

Ed brought the coffee over for Dave to sip while Benjamin spoke quietly into his Bluetooth. A few moments later a couple entered through the back door. Both were in their 30’es and dressed professionally. Without saying a word, they both stood against the back wall watching attentively.
The measurements took a long time. Benjamin measured everything; from hat size to foot length, every body part was measured for length and width. Fingers were measured for ring size. Even each toe was sized for rings. Any value that might be needed for a custom fit was recorded. In addition to calling out the numbers, Benjamin spoke a constant monologue of adjectives about each part he measured. Magnificent and perfection seem to be favorites. It was almost like a worship. Dave was in a sexual high. The mirrors allowed him to see his tight butt, muscled thighs, six pack abs, and full chest. His erection could be seen from multiple angles. He saw desire in every watcher’s eyes. The men had hard-ons, the woman was squirming in a passionate way. He posed, preened, and flexed for all the watching eyes.

By the time Benjamin finished, Dave was ‘on the verge’ again. He had a long string of pre-cum dangling down from the swollen head of his cock. Dave scooped it up and rubbed it all over his cock, making it glisten. “I need to fuck someone now!” he declared. He saw the willingness on each face, but also hesitation.

The butler, Ed, had never had a homosexual thought in his young life, but the idea of being pounded in his virgin ass by this vision of male perfection was overpowering. But no, he would not jeopardize this great job and possible lucrative career.

With a pained expression Benjamin explained “I’m so sorry. We can’t. We have a strict policy against this. It would mean losing our jobs.”

“Take me to Julie then!” Dave demanded.


Back in the women’s room, “I understand you need a gown for the benefit gala. Do you have something in mind?” Jessica asked Julie. “Not a clue. I’m deferring to Sarah here.” Jessica turned to face Sarah with a questioning expression. “I was thinking of something sheer in a mermaid cut, a dark green perhaps.” Sarah suggested. Jessica took Julie’s hand and led her to the platform. She studied the young woman intently as she circled around her. Before she completed her circuit, a back door opened and a girl in a maid’s uniform rolled a service trolley in. Sarah was served her tea, the sparkling wine was poured, and the fruit tray uncovered. The maid left quietly. Still in deep thought, Jessica brought the wine glass to Julie. “Would you mind removing your skirt and blouse? I’d like a better view of your body.” Julie took a good sip of the wine and smiled at the fond memory it brought back. “Ok.” She replied and handed the glass back. She unbuckled her skirt and let it drop. While she was removing her tie Jessica spoke into her earpiece again. Julie dropped the tie and began unbuttoning her blouse. The maid reentered the room with a silk robe on her arm. She collected the clothing Julie was discarding. Julie stood there in her transparent G string, shoes and lace socks. She was the center of attention at the center of the room. She could view her body from every angle in the mirrors. She could see the lust in Sarah’s eyes. It was echoed in Jessica, behind her professional demeanor. The maid just showed appreciation.

Jessica had never seen such a well formed female body before. She was thinking she could hang anything on Julie and it would look good. It was also clear Julie was not body shy, so revealing pieces would not be an issue. Knowing who was paying the bill, and where the gown would be seen, she was determined to make it very special. She opened another door and pulled several sheer scarves in different shades of green from one of wooden drawers. Holding them up, she selected the one that best complemented Julie’s tanned skin tone. She d****d that one over Julie’s shoulder and stepped back to study the effect. The sheer fabric hid nothing. Julie’s nipple and breast could clearly be seen under it. Jessica turned to Sarah with a satisfied grin. Sarah gave her a ‘thumbs-up’. Jessica activated her earpiece and requested Emily in Josse’s ‘The Vine.’ Reluctantly, she told Julie she could step down. The maid assisted Julie into the silk robe, and once seated, brought over her wine glass and a plate of fruit and cheese. She refilled Sarah’s cup and then left.

“The forest green looks good with Julie’s hair and skin tone. An emerging designer is using Victorian styles as his inspiration and has released a garden themed gown that is truly spectacular. Julie has the kind of body this gown was designed for. She will be the first person to wear it outside of the fashion runway. Emily will be a while getting ready. May I measure you in . . . Oh dear! Dave’s on his way over. He means to fuck you.” “Good” was Julie’s delighted bark.


Julie slid the robe off and rushed for Sarah “Quick, get naked. Come on, come on. 69!” Even with Julie tugging at her, Sarah undressed in record time. Julie placed Sarah on the platform with her head out. She then got on top, butt out and high, and lowered her face into Sarah’s waiting pussy.

Benjamin opened the main door and naked Dave stormed into the room followed by the watchers. One look at Julie’s ass had Dave declaring “Good, you’re ready!” “Fuck Me!” Julie encouraged. Dave strutted up to Julie’s waiting ass and positioned the tip of his drooling cock at the wet entrance to her pussy. The staff stood in silence around the walls. While policy forbid their participation, no such policy prevented them from enjoying this show. The butler and maid slipped in through the back door holding hands.

There was no performance anxiety on Dave’s part. He relished the idea of demonstrating how a hot 18 year old should be properly fucked. Julie’s pussy had stretched some by Dave’s massive cock and all the fucking they have been doing since their first data but she still had the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Dave eased his swollen shaft slowly into Julie’s heated embrace and buried his cock deep. Julie groaned with pleasure into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah had the perfect view to watch Dave’s shaft slide home. She reached up to cradle Dave’s scrotum softly in her hands. Unbelievable. She had met these two less than an hour ago and she was already engaged in a second sexual act in front of complete strangers. The situation, and Julie’s mouth on her clit, had Sarah’s legs trembling as she neared orgasm.

Dave started pounding hard into Julie’s pussy, grunting with each thrush. He looked down at her perfect ass and arching back. All he could see of Sarah was her lush red hair and long slender legs that trembled with pleasure. He could hear Julie slurping and groaning. A glance around him showed Dave aroused bodies and horny eyes looking back. A gentle squeeze from Sarah and Dave exploded into Julie.

Julie felt the jerking and spurting of Dave’s cock and then just the lightest brush of Sarah’s fingers on her clit. She screamed her release into Sarah’s cunt. The vibration of Julie’s scream triggered Sarah’s own orgasm. Once again the three of them were coming together.

When their orgasms had subsided, Julie pushed Dave back. She sat up and lowered her dripping pussy onto Sarah’s mouth. “Lick all of Daddy’s spunk from my pussy slave!” She ordered. “Daddy, come over here and fuck my toy while she cleans me.”

How demeaning. How depraved. I’m licking globs of sperm from a freshly fucked pussy in front of witnesses. Sarah couldn’t deny the pleasure she was feeling being used like this caused her. She was on the verge of another orgasm. Just then Dave’s massive cock drove home into her own pussy and Julie twisted each of her nipples. She exploded in an even stronger release than she had just experienced.

Julie could feel the pleasure Sarah was deriving from servicing her pussy. She looked down to watch as Dave slid his cock into Sarah. Those erect nipples below her were just too inviting. She reached down and twisted them. She felt Sarah spasm with orgasm. She threw her arms around Dave’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. “Good job Daddy! Now I want you to fuck her long and slow. Make my slut cum again and again while she eats my pussy.” “Slave’s cunt is no match for yours. I’d like to try her ass!” Dave requested. Julie lifted her butt off of Sarah’s face and looked down at her, questioning. She saw the need in Sarah’s eager eyes. “Lets!” The lovers stood and Julie replaced Sarah on the bottom. Sarah immediately got into ‘doggy’ over Julie, thrusting her ass high, and returned to eating Julie’s sloppy pussy.

Sarah felt so fortunate to have Julie as her first female lover. She couldn’t get enough of that sweet young girl. Now she looked forward to having a massive cock back in her ass AND having her face buried in cunt. It had her ass swaying hypnotically. The one hypnotized was Dave. Watching that small button ass that looked much like a young boy’s, Dave asked the room “Any lube?”

Jessica snapped out of her sex show induced stupor and stepped through one of the doors. She returned in moments with a scented massage oil. She squirted a good amount onto that throbbing, glistening vision of manhood. She slowly rubbed the oil in, maybe taking overly long, knowing this would be her only chance to participate in this incredible scene. She had never felt any cock as large and hard as this one. She looked into Dave’s eyes and both could read the other’s desire. Reluctantly she let off and turned her attention to Sarah’s ass. She again squirted a good amount, this time onto a cute little butt. She happily rubbed the oil around and slipped her middle finger all the way into the waiting ass, hearing a muffled groan. Julie’s hands joined Jessica’s in rubbing the oil, and pressing Jessica’s finger in deeper. Julie was rewarded with an extra hard suck on her clit. Jessica looked down into Julie’s eyes and shared a look of desire with her as well. Jessica then stepped back to the wall, sharing a look with Benjamin. They both knew Jessica had stretched the rules a bit there. He winked to let her know all was well. She sighed, a bit disappointed at returning to her passive role of just watching. Benjamin reached over and gave her a small sympathetic hug. He whispered into her ear, “You give great service!”

Now lubed and ready, Dave placed his cock head at Sarah’s puckered opening. He pushed and, surprising quickly, his head slipped past the tight ring. Sarah arched her back, her head coming up as she emitted a loud groan of pleasure and pushed back to get that cock deeper.

Julie was really enjoying herself. Looking up into a swollen and dripping cunt. Seeing her lover’s cock entering her new lover’s ass. She and Dave had not got around to anal sex yet. The way Sarah was responding had Julie looking forward to that. Feeling a tongue in her pussy. She was ready to orgasm again. Then the tongue left her pussy. She placed her ankle on the back of Sarah’s neck and pushed Sarah’s head down. “Get back to work, Slut!” she demanded. She reached up and slipped two fingers into Sarah and pressed her palm onto the inflamed clit, rubbing aggressively.

Sarah was ordered and physically pulled back to task. She had a massive cock, causing the most exquisite pain, deep in her ass. Using the mirrors she could see strangers watching her being used and hearing the crude words being aimed at her. Then Julie attacked her clit and Sarah came hard, driving her tongue deep into Julie’s cunt. Julie came with her.

Jessica had sought jobs that provided service to others since she started working. It gave her great satisfaction. Her sexual fantasies often involved being submissive. This was an aspect of her personality that she never consciously acknowledged, never explored in her sexual relationships. Now she was watching a beautiful woman with high social standing letting herself be completely dominated. The orgasms Sarah was experiencing a clear sign that she was very into it. Jessica resolved to make changes in her personal life toward being more submissive. For now, seeing three naked bodies, hearing and smelling the sex right in front of her as they performed a long list of deviant acts, had Jessica hornier than she had ever been. She held the bottle of massage oil in both hands in front of her. She used it to discreetly rub her clit. Jessica joined the writhing women in orgasm.

Benjamin was very bisexual. He enjoyed a number of very beautiful people in his private life. He also enjoyed high quality porn. Here he had a live sex show with two who personified their gender and a third who was also very easy on the eyes. He was witnessing girl-on-girl, a threesome, domination and submission, and to top it all off – anal! He had counted no less than seven orgasms so far. Just then he saw Jessica have an orgasm standing there right next to him. Benjamin wished there was a way he could get off, but knew it would take more stimulation than just watching. His roommate would definitely be getting a mouth full from him tonight!

Dave had already cum twice in the last hour. He was using long, slow strokes to build to his next orgasm. As tight as Sarah’s ass was, Julie’s pussy was tighter yet. It had spoiled him. Dave was looking around the room, seeing the effect his performance was having on the watchers to fuel his build-up. He made eye contact with the young butler and maid, thrusting lewdly into Sarah. They looked on hungrily, but embarrassed. Dave felt Julie’s hand snake between his thighs, past his balls, and she slipped a finger deep into his own ass. Dave yowled when she found his prostate. He pulled out and sprayed semen all over Sarah’s butt cheeks and back.

There was polite applause from the watchers as Dave finished. Jessica shooed the others out of the room and ordered the maid to bring towels. Once everyone was cleaned and robed, Jessica called Ben back to lead Dave off. As Dave left he requested Jessica get Sarah’s measurements because he had something special in mind for her to wear to the Gala. After all she had been through with these two, Dave’s request gave Sarah a real sense of trepidation, and also anticipation.

Once the room was quiet again, and the women relaxing with their refreshments, Jessica called for the gown.


Emily entered the room wearing a full length cloak made up of small pointed ivy leaves stitched together. She handed a narrow jewelry box to Jessica and then stepped up onto the dais and turned to face them. She released the clasp at her neck and allowed the cloak to slip to the floor. The women gasped in amazement. The gown was the same forest green color, and just as sheer, as the scarf Jessica had d****d on Julie. It sparkled in bright blue points. The gown had long sleeves with straight lines at the cuff and neck. It was form fitting all the way down to the knees, where it flared out very full to trail behind on the floor. Emily looked like a green skinned nude model. A delicate twisting vine ran up the left side. It had thin wandering tendrils ending in pointed ivy leaves that barely covered the crotch and breasts. The sparkling was from small dew drop shaped Sapphires placed on each leaf. When Emily turned to show her back they saw that there was only one vine tendril that curved over the top of one buttock and then down the center, otherwise the gown ran from neck to floor completely unadorned. Emily’s tan lines clearly showed how sheer the fabric was.

Julie was giggling with delight. She hopped up to have a closer look. “I love it. Can I really wear something like this to a High Society black tie event?” “Between backless, strapless, plunging necklines, and slit skirts you will actually have more fabric covering you than the average gown. We can’t help it if yours doesn’t really ‘cover’ now can we!” Jessica replied with intrigue. Sarah was shaking her head an emphatic yes. “With your darker color and lack of tan lines, your exposure will be even more subtle. The cloak will keep the bright lights of the entrance red carpet from displaying you to the public. The ball room will have low lighting to help flatter the older women. You will be spectacular!”

Jessica opened the box to display a necklace made of a chain of emerald ivy leaves with gold filigree. There was a matching bracelet and earrings. Julie hopped over to ogle those trinkets. “OH . . . MY. . . GOD! These are gorgeous. I’ve never seen jewelry so fine. I’m looking forward to this Gala for the first time!” she giggled.