The Coaches Tradition Pt. 2 – Going to StatesTHIS IS THE FOLLOW UP TO MY FIRST STORY WHICH CAN BE FOUND AT THE LINK BELOW. WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS ALL TRUE AND REAL. First Story:———————————————————————————-Tonight big game was finally over, and this game really meant a lot. By winning this game we would be sent to the state championships in Austin, Texas, we were from Dallas so it’d be nice to get away. As the team walked off the field the coach slapped our asses in a “job well done” kind of way ass he usually did, but tonight, as I was the last one off the field, the coach was gripping his cock and squeezed my ass through my pads as I walked by. I was praying no one in the stands saw, but everyone seemed to be too occupied exiting the crowded stands to pay attention as the team left the field. “Hit the showers men!” coach yelled as everyone headed towards the locker room. I pulled off my helmet and held it in my hand. Coach put his arm around me and we walked towards the locker room. “Good game buddy! We couldn’t have done it without you!””Thanks Coach! But that extra practice and the little bit of shower extra curricular helped me out a LOT. I wouldn’t have played as well if I didn’t know what kind reward I was going to be getting…but now that I know I’ll work my ass off!”We had walked into the locker room and all the guys had started stripping down and heading towards the showers. I went to my locker and put my helmet inside. I pulled off my jersey and shoulder pads and placed them on the bench by my locker.”Mark, can I see you in my office for a few minutes please?”I walked over to the coaches office, not knowing WHAT to expect. I knew it wouldn’t be bad, considering the wonderful time we had earlier today, but if he wanted to fuck again I don’t know if my cock would be able to stand it. I needed a rest.When I walked in he told me to close the door, I cooperated and did just that. He was sitting behind his desk with his shirt off but his shorts still in place around his waste.”Woah, calm down buddy you look a little scared, believe me I can’t take any more of your cock right now, so that’s not what this is about.””Oh…” I was happy yet at the same time a little disappointed, “Then what is it about coach?””Well I thought we’d talk in private for a little bit, since you had to run off earlier. So, you were talking about getting rewarded for playing hard in every game. Is this the kind of reward you’re looking for?” He stood up and showed me his ass.I grinned. asyabahis yeni giriş “Mark if you play like you did tonight, every night you can have me whenever you want. Your cock felt amazing pounding in and out of my tight hole. We took each others virginities today Mark, that’s a special bond. You had never fucked anything before, and no one had ever fucked me before, but damn now i know what I have been missing out on.””I’m glad we did this Coach, i’ve known you for so long you really have become like a father to me, and I honestly don’t know who i’d rather have had sex with.””I’m glad I could be of assistance Mark. Anyways, go hit the showers and get home, we’re leaving for states tomorrow night so get your rest. ——I went home and hit the bed as soon as I walked in my room. I was completely drained. I had one of the most intense practices of my life, I lost my virginity to my coach, and I had won the game that had gotten us to states. As I closed my eyes, images from earlier today in the shower raced through my head. I felt my cock starting to get hard, but before I could do anything I passed out.I woke up on in the morning at 9:00, it was Saturday and the state game was on Sunday in Austin. We had practice from 11:00 until 3:00, and we boarded the bus at 4:00. The bus right was a good 3 and a half 4 hours long, and we planned on making the most of it.When we boarded the bus we all took our seats. It was a normal Coach bus with the built in TVs and the nice reclining seats. There were way more seats than we needed for the entire team, so most of the team sat up on the front and almost everyone got their own seats. When everyone was seated I gave a little pep talk about the big game, and the coach popped “The Longest Yard” into the DVD player. There were about 3 empty rows of seats near the back, so I helped the coach carry the snacks and gatorade for the team and placed them wherever we could find a space. After everything was settled, me and the coach settled into the seat all the way in the back. It was the 3 seats next to the bathroom. It wasn’t a big deal though because of the extra space between us. About an hour into the bus ride, the entire team was basically passed out. It had been a long couple of days so it was expected. The coach leaned over to me and pointed at the TV “I hear they have some pretty hot man sex in prison…I mean we’re not in jail but we are locked up on this bus and i’m pretty horny.”I glanced down at the coaches crotch and saw he was rock hard. His short gym shorts didn’t hide much. He put his hand in my lap and asyabahis giriş started rubbing. I whispered to him “Lets role play” he nodded.I whispered again, “You’re going to jail for a VERY long time for having sexual relations with your students,” I grabbed his collar, “You’re a filthy fuck and you deserve to rot in jail for as long as you live.”He put his hands behind his back to act like he was handcuffed. “No, please guard, don’t do this to me, don’t bring me to prison.””Fuck you,” I said, spitting in his face, “You’re a scumbag.””Stop. I’ll do anything. Just pull the car over and i’ll do anything for you.””Anything?” I acted as if I pulled the car over and scooted over next to him in the back seat. “You like to have sex you filthy fuck?”He nodded.”Suck my fucking cock you filthy cum whore,” I whispered as I shoved his head into my crotch.He grumbled. He was rubbing his face around on my cock, his hands still behind his back. He put my hiding bulge between his lips and moved his faced up and down my crotch area. “Fucking give it to me,” he whispered. I grabbed his shirt by the back collar and pulled him off of my. I threw him against the bus window and stood halfway up to pull my pants off. I quickly looked to make sure no one was looking back here. I slapped my hard cock against my hand.”Is this what you want you fuck?” I whispered.”Uh huh” he responded. “Then suck it you fucking slut” i said as I grabbed his head and shoved it onto my cock. He took all of my six inches all the way down his throat like he was a professional. I tried to keep all of my moans and groans inside of me, or at least as low as possible as to not wake anyone. The bus driver was old and oblivious to anything going on. The coach continued to use his head to bob up and down on my cock, getting slobber all over me. “Lets get those fucking hand cuffs off of you big boy” I said as I reached behind his back to remove his fake handcuffs. I took one of his hands and put it on my cock. He continued to stroke my cock and spit on it as I squirmed in my seat. His lips felt amazing every time he sucked my cock. I never wanted it to end but I knew I had to stop him before I came all over the place. I wanted it to last longer. “Get off my cock you fucking pig.” I said as I reached over and started to lift off his shirt. When his shirt was off I threw it on the seat behind me. I grabbed him by both of his wrists and pinned his arms up against the window of the bus next to him. His slightly hairy chest was such a turn on. I drove my head into his nipples and started biting and sucking on them. asyabahis güvenilirmi He moaned lightly every once in a while to let me know if his satisfaction. He had not taking a shower after standing out in the hot sun coaching out practice today, I could taste the salt on his nipples. I kissed up and down his chest, eventually making my way to his armpits, kissing and licking them. His ripe stench filled my nostrils. “You’re so fucking hot coach,” I said, out of character. “I want your fucking cock in my ass Mark, I want you to pound the shit out of me.” “No coach, not here, not on the bus. We’ll wake everyone up.””I don’t fucking care, I want your fucking cock in my ass right now I don’t care who hears””Fuck you, you’re my prisoner you’ll do what I fucking tell you to do you cum slut” I said to him, “Take out your cock.”Without any hesitation he pulled out his rock hard 6.5″ cock and began to stroke it. You could see every vein in his cock pulsating with blood as he began to stroke it through the zipper of his jeans. I spit on it to give him lube.”Put your mouth back on my cock,” I said as he obeyed my every command. He twisted his body in such a way that my cock was in his mouth while he was still able to stroke his own cock. As he sucked my cock I watched him stroke his big hard cock off and rubs his pecs.”It’s so good coach, i’m going to cum any minute now.”He started bobbing up and down on my cock faster than he was before.”Fuck coach, you’re gonna make me cum,” I said, pushing him off of me and up against the window. I stood up, cock pointing straight towards him and stroked until I came. One, two, three, four strings of cum hitting hard right onto his hot, hairy pecs. I watched as the cum fought its way through the light hair to dribble down his pecs, over his nipples, and onto his abdomen. I leaned in and licked the cum from his nipples. I continued to lick and suck his nipples while my hand cupped his balls. He was stroking his cock furiously and then, out of nowhere he let out a huge moan and shot his white hot sticky load all over his chest. It swirled with my own cum in a big puddle. I looked over the seat to make sure no one had woken up. A few people a few rows in front of us began to stir. I immediately pushed the coaches head down below the seat.”What the fuck was that?” One k** mumbled, have asleep looking back at me.”I don’t know yo, coach is in the bathroom he’s probably constipated or something,” I said smiling. The k** turned back around and sat in his seat. The coach slowly stood up, zipped his pants, and scooted past me into the bathroom, grabbing his shirt off the seat along the way. He closed the door very slowly as to not make anymore noise.——————————————————————————–THE END OF PART 2 ! Want more? RATE THIS STORY A 5 AND LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT MORE !!!!