Garter Belt

The BEST Doctors Visit Ever!!!So this story happened a few years ago. I was 18 at the time at the doctors office for my yearly physical. I was sitting on the table naked all but the gown with no back coverage. The doctor was asking the routine questions and he asked, “are you sexually active”? All i can do was smirk trying not to smile when I replied “No”. He continued asking me questions then had me get off the table for routine check ups. When he was done checking everything it came time for the spinal test. He told me to stand up straight then slowly bend over as far as i can and touch my toes. Something about it in the way he said it just sounded so sensual it turned me on completely. So of coarse I complied and I feel my dick starting to grow as i bend over. Now I could feel something was up he didnt say anything nor touched my back like he should have by now. I turned my head a little and glanced to the right of me to see what he was doing in this little mirror they had behind the sink. I saw him just standing there stairing at me pressing the buldge in his pants. Seeing that turned me on even more I started flexing my butt cheeks so my ass would jiggle. He then cleared his throat took a step towards me and he started tracing my back. Still watching him in the mirror I watched him fake losing his balance and that big buldge in his pants fall hardly into my ass. That got me conpletely horny I could feel my little asshole start to get wet in excitement. He appologized but all I can think about was how much I enjoyed that and without realizing it I replied “Anytime”. I felt so nervous yet completely turned on and horny at the same time. kadıköy escort Then he said that the next test would be standard prosedure and for me to bend over the table. So many thoughts were rushing through my head as i walked over to the table and bent over. All I wanted was to feel him inside me as my mind and emotions continue to wander all of a sudden I feel my butt cheeks spread a little right before him putting his hand on my sack and told me to cough. I coughed and yet his hands were still on my sack. I was so happy and lost in the esctasy of his hands on my body I didnt even feel or notice he spread my butt cheeks wide open. He then let go but told me to stay in that position he said seen something that he felt needed further checking as hes telling me the name of the test to distract me. I then all of a sudden feel a warm wetness on my asshole. I gasped in pure excitement as i turned my head to see him licking my tight asshole. Just as I was about to speak he managed to shove his tongue into me I was lost in ecstasy as he moved his tongue in and out of my very wet now pouting bud. Then all lf a sudden he gets up slaps my ass so hard if I had a pussy I probably would’ve squirted. He puts his fingers down my throat to mufflin my loud moan and he says “You’re a very bad girl” and he spanks me even harder this time with his fingers still almost down my throat. “YOU LIED TO ME” he says angerly yet so seductively. “You told me you weren’t sexually active i can clearly see by the stretched skin around your anus and how fast it pouted out that you are very sexually active” and spanks me harder again. He tosses me aside sits on ümraniye escort the bench bends me over his lap and continues to spank me now slightly red ass cheeks. Still with his fingers in my mouth he tells me hes gonna punish me for lying and that if I do what he says I won’t have to pay for my physical. He then spanked my ass so hard it was bright red he spread my cherry ass apart spit on my asshole and shoved to fingers in. I moaned loudly again and said “now be a good slut and suck my cock and for every command I give you I want you to say Yes Sir” very nervously but faint in my submission I say “Yes Sir”. He then says “Good girl” as i drop on my knees in front of the buldge in his pants. I go to unzip his pants and i yank them down with his briefs and see his huge cock. Greedily i lunge at it with my mouth sucking it so willingly. He puts his hand on the back of my head and says “Good Girl”. I try to ask him something just as he fucks my mouth thrusting and shoving his swollen cock down my throat making me stick my tongue out to lick his sack. After the taste of precum on my tongue he lets off of me to grasp some air. After getting enough air to talk I said “Excuse me Sir why do you keep calling me a girl”? He smacked me in my face threw me on the table gripped on my cock and sack and said “Because you act like a bitch you sound like a bitch and right now you’re gonna be my bitch”. Before I knew it my very wet and horny asshole was filled and being hammered by his huge cock. I started screaming and he put his fingers in my mouth again to keep my quiet fingering my throat making me suck them. “I should right you up for surgery ataşehir escort to get this cock and balls removed get you a pussy and see hust how much more of a whore you are then” he says as he continues to pound my tight now stretching asshole. He pops it out and tongues my gapping hole. He shoves and wiggles his tongue so far i felt he was trying to lick my soul. Then he flips me around bends me over the table again lifts my leg up and shoves his rock hard cock all the way in my ass. Choking me, spanking me, and whispering that this asshole is his and hes now my primary doctor in my ear from behind. Then after another 10 minutes of straight pounding he starts going his hardest as I felt him about to burst in my ass and he ripped it out threw me to the floor shoved it in my mouth and and i sucked it as he shot his sweet venom down my throat that I more than gladly swallowed. He then pulled up his pants said “Now thats a good little slut get dressed and I’ll have the secretary assign you another appointment next week”. Barely being able to walk and get up shivering and trembling in pleasure I get dressed and walk slowly out to the front desk who made my appoinment for later that week “doctors orders” she said. As I walked into my car across the parking lot all I can think about was how much I wished I was still in his possession. As I sat there thinking about what just happened I realized I had my hand on my cock and I came all over the steering wheel I leaned forward to lick it off like the cum hungry whore I was and then felt a wetness leak out my asshole curious I put my finger down there then and tasted the clear stickiness to taste a sweet nectar i never knew my body could create. I fingered to get as much as I could I swallowed my ass juice in amazement and drove off in anticipation to return to the doctors office to tell my knew doctor about my amazing discovery.