The Beauty of Large BreastsI have to admit to a passion for large breasts. As a boy I always tried to find girls with great breasts and my wife has a magnificent pair of 38C’s which look as good now as when we first got married. So what’s wrong with having an obsession?Our closest friends, Richard and Sarah, live quite near and we often go to the cinema and restaurant together. Last year we went to the south of France together staying in a hotel near Cavaliere. My wife’s breasts are splendid but are put to shame by Sarah’s and for years I’ve longed to touch them, but she has always been very modest. Sarah is not beautiful in the traditional sense but she has a lively face and a spectacular figure, which she often hides beneath loose fitting blouses.Last summer after a great day on the beach followed by a good meal in the hotel with süpertotobet yeni giriş probably rather too much to drink, Richard kind of hinted at a wife swap. I was keen as you can imagine although my wife had reservations. After a few more drinks we went up to our rooms and I went in with Sarah.She wanted to have a shower to get the sand off her, so I undressed and sat on the bed waiting. She came out of the shower with a towel round her and sat next to me.’I’m very embarrased about this’ she said. I told her not to worry.’But I don’t want you to see me naked. It might change our friendship’I asked her why she was nervous, promising her to be gentle. ‘It’s not that’ she said’ It’s about my breasts which have always embarased me.”They’re lovely ‘I said as I undid her towel. Her breasts fell loose and süpertotobet giriş just brushed her thighs. ‘I’ve always admired your figure and wanted to feel your breasts’ I said as I put my hand under them and stroked them. After a while she began to relax and I guided her hand towards my erection. She was soon stroking it and lay back on the bed. Our love making was gentle with me on top looking down at her breasts which slipped off her chest on either side. She came very softly and I followed holding her breasts.We chatted for a while about how our lives had crossed over the years and soon she lay down and was quickly asleep.It was mid-summer and I was early awake as dawn came. Sarah was lying with her face towards me. I couldn’t resist kissing her breasts and enjoying their weight in my hands. She woke süpertotobet güvenilirmi slowly and smiled at me. Then I felt her hand around my erection working it gently.’I don’t want sex again, but I want you to come.”I want to come kissing your breasts’ I replied and she leant up on one elbow so her breats brushed my face. Within a fw minutes I felt my cum spurting over her hand and thigh.In the morning we had tea brought to the room and sat naked on the bed looking out over the sea. I stroked her breasts and told her how wonderful I found her body. ‘I don’t want any more sex’ she said ‘but I want you to enjoy my body. The way you worship my body makes me feel marvellous.’I kneeled up and asked her to bring me off again. Within a few moments I was fully erect and just looking at her lovely breasts made me so excited that I shot my cum all over them. To see her breasts coated in my cum was just lovely and I think Sarah enjoyed my excitement.We swapped a couple more times that holiday and each time it was great, but it was that first night which has stayed in my mind and still gets me excited just thinking about it.