(All characters are over 18)

The young women in the caravan were collected for the ride back to camp. Those men who had tried to put up a fight had been killed, and the unwanted women, children and men were sent on their way. In a week or two they would reach the Hittite capital and tell the ruler of their ransom demand.

The Arapada’s prize was a magnificent blonde loaded with jewelry on her hands, fingers and around her golden throat. She was either and wife or daughter of a very wealthy man. Smarter than the other women who made idle threats, the blonde said nothing, not even when the Arapada hefted one of her full tender breasts. “Very nice,” she said and hefted them both in her hands. Nothing sweeter than full tender breasts.

Getting the young woman on the horse, the Arapada leaped on the animal behind her. She tied the blonde’s hands behind her and made sure her pussy was on the pad over the horse’s withers. Taking just a moment before beginning the ride back to the camp, the Arapada reached around the young woman and cupped her breasts with both hands. They really were perfect, and her nipples responded quickly to the light pinches. This one was going to be fun to train.

Just to make sure she wouldn’t fall off, the Arapada wrapped one arm around her waist. If she got bored on the long ride, she could take a handful of breast in one hand and play with it, spending extra time on the tender nipple. And if she got really bored she could slip her hand down to gently rub the woman’s pussy.

That night they camped on high ground so they could see anything coming towards them. Every rider had to take care of her own captive, and the Arapada saw to it that her lovely prize had all her needs taken care of before tying her down for the night. But before lying on her own pallet, the Arapada opened the loose edges of the fine linen blouse and took one of the ripe nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on it. When it got hard, she moved to the other and treated it to the same attention. Yes, this beauty was going to be a lot of fun. A gentle rub of her pussy and the Arapada lay down and went to sleep.

On the second day, the Arapada allowed her prize to ride with her blouse open and her breasts naked to the sky. When they arrived at their camp high in the mountains, the Arapada took care of her horse first and then led her prize back to her tent. It was only now the young woman showed some fight when she saw that the Arapada was going to secure her to a frame.

“No, I’ll do what you want,” she pleaded and tugged back.

“Yes you will,” the Arapada agreed and still tied the beauty to the frame. After she had her secure, the Arapada cut her clothes off her and exposed her fine pale skin to her hungry eyes. “Oh yes, lovely,” she said and ran her hand down the trembling belly to the soft fur between her legs. “I like this method for breaking in young horses too. Makes it easier for them to submit,” she said and gently stroked her clit. Hot juice made the task so much easier. Thinking she might as well, she took one of those ripe nipples in her mouth and sucked hungrily on it. Adjusting her hands, the Arapada was able to stroke the young woman’s clit while sucking on one nipple and twisting the other. The girl started moaning with building lust. She thrust against her hand. When the blonde orgasmed her body shook from the effort of cumming. The Arapada did not stop playing with her prize until she was certain every drop of lust was milked from her pussy.

The Arapada stepped back. “From now on, this is the only place where you will be allowed to cum. And once a day I will tie you to it and do what I just did. Your body is mine…all of it. bilecik escort Whenever I want to play with you, you will submit or face my hand on your smooth white ass. I take it you’ve had cock?”

“My husband,” the young woman answered breathlessly.

“Old or young?”

“Not too old.”

The Arapada smiled. Old men liked young pussy. “No doubt he will meet my demands to get you back. In the mean time, what is your name?”


The Arapada freed the young woman and said, “Let’s go eat.”

“What about my clothes?”

“Sex slaves don’t wear clothes. Or jewelry.” She collected all the gold, silver and jewels off Sunna’s body. She placed them in a box beside her bed on the ground. Taking a soft leather collar with metal loops dangling from it, the Arapada placed it around Sunna’s slender throat. The Arapada stopped and looked her new pet over with a curious eye.

What could enhance her pet’s desire. “Oh yes, your pussy will love this.” From another box she retrieved two wooden balls and a triangular piece of leather. Kneeling in front of Sunna, she said, “Open your legs. Wider.” When Sunna had them wide enough, the Arapada slipped one ball inside her damp pussy followed by the other. Sunna could not help but moan as the walls of her pussy closed around them. The Arapada took the triangular piece of leather and tied it so the balls would not fall out, and when Sunna walked her pussy and clit were stimulated.

At the large tent everyone sat on the floor, the slaves beside their new mistresses. One of the slaves had her nipples pierced by sharp pieces of bone. A leather cord was tied between the two and weighted down with small pebbles with holes bored through them. She looked miserable and winced when the cord was played with.

Another young woman with black hair and a ripe body had been given to the head priestess and her lover Sunna did not envy her knowing that because of her father’s power and wealth she was still a virgin. The man was saving her for the right son in law.

There were other women being kept for sex that had not come from their caravan. Unransomed or not offered, they sat with their mistresses and ate food from their hands just as she did. This was a new experience for Sunna. Sometime during the gathering, it was decided that this would be a good time to break the virgin in properly, and two women were chosen. The virgin was not stupid and might have even had a taste of what was expected of her earlier.

The two women took her by the hand and led her to the center of the tent. They stretched her out between them and held her arms down. The virgin wasn’t very tall but she had delicious breasts so firm they jutted straight out. Her nipples were dark coral, and her skin was soft cream. In the sun she would turn a rich golden brown. Her black hair was straight and shined in the firelight. She was a feast waiting to be savored.

The one sitting on her legs ran her hands over the virgin’s body and took some extra time on her firm breasts. She pinched the dark coral nipples until they stood sharp and pointed, then she leaned over and took one in her mouth, sucking on it greedily. She moved to the other one and took her time savoring the little moans rumbling deep in their toy’s body. Sitting up the woman ran her hands down the soft curving belly to the black thatch between the virgin’s legs Expertly she split the wet pussy with her fingers. One taste and she knew the girl was ready. Moving back on her hands and knees, she made herself comfortable, wrapping her arms around the girl’s thighs. She buried her face in the girl’s pussy and licked her like a hungry bitch. Shifting escort bilecik her weight she was able to finger fuck the young lovely.

Sunna imagined something like that happening to her and felt the juices flow. To be held down and licked until she orgasmed. She glanced up at her mistress and wondered if she could read her mind?

The girl was brought several times before they released her and she nose dove into one of their pussies. She had learned well. Her tongue flicked over the first woman’s clit while the second woman played with the woman’s heavy breasts. This was the way sex was supposed to be, wanton and delicious. The wooden balls in Sunna’s pussy seemed to be hitting every nerve as she became wetter and wetter. It became uncomfortable to sit.

“Don’t you dare cum,” the Arapada warned her and reached for one ripe breast. Fondling it a moment, she pinched one of her already sensitive nipples. Sunna orgasmed. The Arapada did not look angry. She looked resolved. Sunna had disobeyed her.

“Let’s see if you can cum again,” she said and pulled Sunna over her lap. Everything stopped as the other women watched. Pulling a strong piece of red twine out of her belt bag, she bound Sunna’s hands together. And then she ran her hand over her perfect pale ass. Sunna had a lovely firm ass that just begged to be spanked. The Arapada struck her right cheek with the flat of her hand and then rubbed her pussy. Sunna gasped. Her pussy was still throbbing and the balls were moving. The hand struck her other cheek sending more shock through her. And Arapada rubbed her pussy again. Each swatch stung but the pussy rub was also longer. Sunna was losing her mind when someone reached for her nipples and twisted them, not hard but the sensation shot like a bolt down to her wet cunt. The Arapada was not going to stop spanking her until she came again/.

The tension built slowly towards another orgasm, but then the Arapada stopped. “Do it again and I will use a leather crop on those sweet ass cheeks.”

Sunna felt the tears spring to her eyes. She wanted to cum so bad, but the leather crop would hurt. Swallowing down her pride, she meekly said, “Yes, mistress.” The Arapada moved her away. When they finally went back to their tent, she was an emotional mess. The Arapada left the wooden balls inside of her and tied her to a frame at the head of their bed. A bar was tied to her ankles to keep her legs open. If the Arapada wanted to play with her during the night, she could. And she did, always stopping before Sunna could cum.

In the morning after washing and earing breakfast, Sunna got her first lesson. She buried her nose in the Arapada’s pussy and licked her to a suitable orgasm. The Arapada said with practice she would get better. The Arapada played with Sunna’s body but did not let her cum.

The Arapada gave her a list of things she needed to do in the tent and left her to carry them out. Mostly it was sweeping and wiping down things. Folding up bed linens and airing things out. When everything was done, she lay back on the pallet to wait the Arapada’s return. She fell asleep.

Sunna awoke to a switch across her thighs. She jumped up, expecting more, but the Arapada tossed some leather ankle boots at her and told her to put them on. They were going to have some lunch with some of the other women. The Arapada took the wooden balls out of her pussy making it easier to walk. And she washed Sunna’s pussy with cool water. Then she attached Sunna’s collar to her throat and tied her hands behind her back. She then led her to the tent where they were going to have a meal.

Without any distractions, Sunna was able to appreciate bilecik escort bayan the cool morning air on her naked skin. Her nipples tightened which immediately reminded her that she was being trained to be a sex slave while waiting for her husband or father to ransom her back. Inside the tent she sat on the ground beside the Arapada who sat on a thick pad and hand fed her from their bowl. There were two more slaves present and like her they waited to be fed.

After the meal the mistresses of the two slaves told the young women to enjoy each other. Without hesitation they moved to the middle of the tent and got on their knees and kissed. The dark haired woman seemed to be the more dominant of the two. And their kiss was more than friendly. It was passionate and hungry and they fondled and kissed each other’s breasts. Getting on their sides they positioned themselves so they could eat each others’ pussies. It was the wildest thing that Sunna had ever seen.

When they were finished the Arapada tossed her leash on the ground and said, “Teach her.”

The dark haired slave grabbed up the leash and pulled Sunna towards her. On her hands and knees Sunna did not know what to expect, but what she had seen had looked like fun. She and the dark haired woman kissed while fondling each other’s breasts and pinching their nipples. The plump blond kissed the back of her neck and ran her hand around Sunna’s body to lose her fingers in the golden thatch of her groin.

They laid her back, and each one latched on to a tight nipple. Their fingers trailed down her body and met at her pussy. She almost came when they brushed her clit. The blonde broke free and moved between her legs, propping them on her shoulders. Making herself comfortable the blonde dove in and sliced Sunna’s pussy with her tongue. The dark haired woman moved so she was over Sunna’s mouth. It took Sunna a moment to realize what she wanted. Sunna lapped at the pussy of her first woman without hesitation. She loved making the woman orgasm again.

When her own orgasm hit it shook her violently. It was too just good. She had to stop for a moment as her body tightened in ecstasy. She then returned the favor to the two women. And when the Arapada took her home, she readily lapped the Arapada’s pussy again.

True to her word the Arapada tied her to the frame and spent the afternoon playing with her body. The Arapada had magic oils that turned Sunna into a sex crazed woman when rubbed on her clit. The Arapada next clamped her nipples with small jeweled insects. She orgasmed without having her pussy touched. The oil and nipple pain were enough todrive her over the edge.

Sunna got to where she loved the frame. Whenever the Arapada tied her to it, she would be played with until she had several wonderful orgasms, and every morning Sunna would eat the Arapada’s pussy until she was satisfied. The Arapada called her a good girl and kissed her on the lips.

The Arapada also shared Sunna with a pair of women who used a leather horse cock on her. On her hands and knees, she was aroused by one of the women while the other stretched out her anus with two oily fingers. The sensation was even more arousing. Sunna was destined to be the perfect sex slave. And with a tongue on her clit and a cock up her ass, she was a mindless mess. Two days with the ‘sisters’ and she would have taken a living stallion up her ass and pussy.

She was on her beloved frame when a rider came in with the ransom payment. She didn’t want to go back to her husband, but the Arapada had what she wanted and readied her and a couple of the other women to return home to their families. Sunna did not cry but she wanted to.

When she arrived back at the palace she was greeted by her husband, father and other members of the court. She pretended to be happy to be back, and maybe in time she would be. Only Lady Hanna greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and a whisper. “I know what you are going through. Maybe we can help each other out?”