Teaching Tara: Part III – The T-shirtI spent all evening thinking about my afternoon with Mr Tanner. I would close my eyes and relive his kiss, warm and so sexy. And what came after, how he’d undone my shirt and exposed my breasts, kissing and licking them. It felt somehow wrong, to be almost naked with a man so much older. My dad had always told me that only my husband should see me naked, but it had felt so good to have Mr Tanner’s mouth and hands touching my breasts. I could feel myself getting excited at the thought of a future lesson. I had already decided that I would return. I wanted to date boys, and having no experience, I knew I needed Mr Tanner’s help. How else would I learn? I did not want boys laughing at me for never having been on a date. I started thinking of what I would wear. Mr Tanner had told me to wear a tight fitting shirt and no bra. I never wore tight fitting clothes, let alone a shirt without a bra. I looked through my wardrobe, finding nothing but large blouses. There was nothing that would be tight fitting. Then I went through my dresser. I had a few old t-shirts from a few years back. They were too small, as my breasts had grown in the last 2 years, surely that wouldn’t work. I took a red t-shirt out of the drawer and tried it on. It was much smaller than the rest of my clothes, and surely would not be what I would wear in public, as it made my breasts look larger than they were. Dad would say I looked like a slut. I took it off and rus escort kızlar put it away. I would decide tomorrow what to wear.The following afternoon, I got home from school and ran to my room. I wanted to go to Mr. Tanner’s house and continue our lessons, but did I have the nerve to wear the 2 year old t-shirt I’d tried on last night? I knew I couldn’t show up with this large blouse, he’d be annoyed. I wanted to show him I was a grown woman. I took the shirt out of the drawer and removed off my blouse and bra. I slowly pulled the t-shirt over my head and down over my breasts. The shirt left nothing to the imagination. My large round breasts were highlighted, my nipples visible through the material. They got harder wondering what Mr Tanner would think. Hopefully he wouldn’t be disappointed.I left my room and walked over to Mr Tanner’s house. I would have run over, but without a bra, I felt uncomfortable running, my breasts felt like they’d be bouncing all over the place. I felt very exposed and considered going back home. I knocked on Mr. Tanner’s door. He opened the door slowly, “Welcome Tara, I’m so glad you decided to come over again. You look beautiful. I love your shirt. I’m glad you took my direction.” He took my hand and led me into the house. He turned and moved really close and leaned in to kiss me, licking my lips and pushing his tongue into my mouth, running his hand along my shoulder, down my breast to rus escort bayan my torso. “Tell me Tara, how do you feel, wearing something that shows your beautiful body?” “I feel awkward Mr. Tanner. I’ve never shown so much of myself before.”“Well you are beautiful Tara, and you should love showing off your body. I know that men would love to see you dressed liked that, I know I do.” He kissed me again, running his hand along my breasts and pinching my nipple.” We moved to the den.“Tell me Tara, are you ready for your lesson?” “Yes, Mr Tanner, are we going to learn more kissing?”He sat down and told me to stand before him. “Now Tara, I want you to take off your t-shirt. Show me those breasts.” I hesitated, staring at him. He spoke softly “You know you want to Tara, don’t you. You like how it felt to have me licking and sucking your nipples yesterday. Take it off.”I could feel myself getting turned on. I slowly removed my shirt, exposing myself and my breasts to Mr. Tanner. He got up and moved behind me; leaning into me he moved his hands to cup my breasts, pinching the nipples. “You like this don’t you Tara? You like exposing your big tits to a man. You can’t hide it, your nipples are hard, and getting harder as I pinch them.”“Tell me Tara, how does it feel?” He whispered. I moaned. “It feels good Mr. Tanner”. “Do you want more Tara, tell me you want more.”“I want more Mr. Tanner ” No Tara, tell me what you want, how you rus bayan escort want me to touch you” “Touch my breasts Mr. Tanner, I want to feel your mouth on them.”“That’s better Tara, but from now on you will refer to them as your tits. Now tell me again”I was shocked, but turned on. I’d never used such language. “Touch my breasts..I mean my tits Mr Tanner.” He turned me around and looked at me. “Say it again Tara, don’t make a mistake this time”“Touch my tits, Mr Tanner. I want your mouth on them, sucking my nipples.” Now that’s better Tara, he said as he moved me to the sofa, on my back, he proceeded to lick and suck my nipples, licking my breasts, stopping only to watch me and pinch them. My nipples ached with pleasure I did not know could exist. “Tell me how it feels Tara, to have my mouth on your tits.”“It feels good Mr Tanner, your mouth on my tits feels so good.” I could feel myself getting wet between my legs. Only a few days ago I’d never been kissed, and now here I was half naked in front of a man, letting him play with my breasts, or rather, with my tits. For the next hour, he alternated between my tits and my mouth, deep kisses with dueling tongues, then back to sucking my nipples. He stopped and checked his watch. “You are learning well Tara. A very good student. I think the lesson is over for today. Time for you to go home before your dad gets home. We wouldn’t want him to see you returning from my house wearing a t-shirt that highlights those huge tits without a bra now would we?” He got up and walked out of the room. Leaving met to gather my thoughts. In a daze, feeling both excited, disappointed and a little dirty, I put on my shirt, and walked back into the kitchen. As I left, Mr Tanner said “See you tomorrow Tara, and remember, t-shirt, no bra.