Teaching AmandaThis is only part 1 if its any good…please comment,its my first story and all suggestions will be appreciated[/user] Punishing Amanda Emma was bored, it felt as though she had been stuck in this same life forever. She struggled to remember the vivacious, bubbly character she had been and when she did it only pissed her off, how could she have let herself become this ordinary drab looking woman she saw in the mirror. She tried to remember the last time she had actually felt alive,but couldn’t. She had felt low for a long time but for some reason it felt more obvious today, she was painfully aware of how the emptiness she tried to hide inside herself was starting to creep out, through dull blue eyes which not so many moons ago had sparkled like azure crystals. She had been so desirable in her youth, delicate yet strong, able to command admiration, , She had demanded respect and she had gotten it.Starting work at 17 she had slowly climbed her way to the top and now, 30 years later was the sole director of a small but elite fragrance company, she thought back over the years, remembering the strength she used to have, how her voice,raised in anger used to silence the whole floor,Now she could barely even snap at her husband during their ever increasing squabbles. Emma gazed at the middle aged woman in the mirror and shook her head She knew something was going to have to give, but she just didnt know where to start.Emma didnt use the internet often, she didnt like to partake of this pixel perfect world that had sprung up around her and left her so jaded, but she needed advice, surely some other women felt this way, if she could find a relative forum it might help.So she opened the laptop! It hadnt been shut down properly and without thinking she clicked restore previous session……A page opened, it contained a picture of a young woman wearing a very small pale blue bikini which did little to cover her huge round tits or her waxed pussy lips as she squated, legs wide open knees bent, wearing platform sandals to match the bikini, Emma eyed the picture and wondered if the girls face had always looked as it did now or if she had learned that dumb bimbo vacancy at the same time as she had learned how to pose ……she looked every inch the cheap pornstar and as Emma hadnt offered her man a view like that for a long time she wasnt really surprised to see this slut on her husbands desktop……she felt a small flicker of pleasure knowing that dressed in her black lace,heels and trilby she looked so much more like a woman than this candy pink teen and wondered for a second why her husband had saved this photo.Emma was by no means naive and she had secretley drooled over pictures of nubille young women herself,she was simply curious as to why her husband had saved this image out of all those available on the web.Then she started to read…..“Hello mr webcam tease,sorry i missed you last night,you know how i love to watch you stroke your long thick cock on camera, i cant stop dreaming about you, about how you so want fill up my little pussy .and how sweet it would feel….i have only been fucked for real once and my little hole is sooo tight and so hungry for you, if only you would give in and meet me, i know you love your wife and you only refuse because you dont want to betray her but i wish you would forget about the fridgid bitch…. my firm young tits would soon make you forget all about her, i want you to fuck me…oh, if you would just meet me ,i can almost taste you in my mouth.,mail back soon sexy.A very cock hungry AmandaxxxxxxxAs Emma got to the end of the message she was furious, how dare this little slut try to tempt her man, how dare she offer herself to him despite his obvious refusals and how DARE she call Emma fridgid!!As she took it in and started to calm down another thought struck her, how much must her husband love her to have remained sexless for so long and yet still refuse such a brazen offer. Emma suddeny realised she had a lot of making up to do, and as she stared at the tiny waist of the girl on the screen she began to form a plan, a way to give her poor man some long overdue satisfaction whilst teaching this teasing little whore a lesson she wouldnt forget.Emma licked her lips and smirked as she felt a moistness in her briefs at the thought of what she was going to do.She clicked reply and started to type.“Amanda, I want you so much, I want to stretch your little teen pussy wide, You must be so fresh and tight compared to my wife, her pussy used to be so tight it almost hurt me when i fucked her, but 30 years of having the shit pounded out of it has left its mark, i have to use her ass now and even thats not as tight as id like,I give in, please will you meet me I want to feel my cock deep inside you…..i swear you will not regret it, let me feel your skin, i want to squeeze those perfect tits, your tits look so fucking good, so natural and pert, i wish my wifes tits looked like yours.”Emma chuckled as she typed this last sentence and grinning hit the send button. She suddenly realised she was enjoying herself and glancing at the mirror she was amazed at the difference a real smile and slightly pink cheecks made to her appearance, as she read back over the mail she began to get excited, she had always wanted to have a girl,but not in the typical soft lesbian way, she had long dreamed of using a younger,smaller woman for her own satisfaction. She jumped as the screen pinged……reply“hey, im so glad you have given in, i am wet just thinking of you filling me up, you cant fuck my ass though, your wife must have a big ass to take such a thick cock, i put two of my fingers in mine once, it felt nice but it hurt a little, i think you wouldnt be able onwin giriş to fuck my ass with such a big dick . I will meet you 8pm friday on the roof carpark at the mall, but you must promise not to fuck me in the ass like you do to your wife, she deserves it cos her pussy is ruined. Cant wait till friday amanda”Emma read the mail twice,” well,well,well so the little tart thinks i deserve to be punished does she”, emma chuckled wickedly, “perhaps i shall have to stretch your little fuckhole until it is too wide for dick. Then I shall give your little ass the kind of punishment a little fuckdoll like you deserves. Chuckling she lay back on the bed, she had a warm tingle in her belly and she pushed her hand down her skirt she pulled her panties aside and ran two fingers up her slit, she considered fingering herself to climax but stoped suddenly, pulling her glistening fingers out she wiped them across the screen,coating Amandas face, “the next time i cum, you little slut, it will be in your face”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That weekend ,about an hour before her husband was due home,Emma stood in front of her mirror and smiled,a haircut, wax and manicure had worked wonders and as she looked at herself reflected in a pair of lace topped stockings and black lacy boyshorts she felt sexy for the first time in ages.she slipped the stretchy satin dress over her head,smirking as she saw her braless nipple raised in silloute through the satin.Once she was ready she picked up the prepacked box and walked out to the car.brian locked the office and headed for the carpark, he didnt really want to go home but knew the argument that would follow any detour meant it was easier to just go.As he climbed into his car his mobile signalled message recieved, he pulled the phone from his jacket and read…..“ emma here, im stuck in the Mall carpark and I need you to help, please come quickly” brian considered ringing his wife but figured he would go straight to the Mall and see what the dizzy bitch had done now.It was less than half a mile and soon he spotted his wifes car, he stopped the car and got out looking around for his wife, she wasnt at her car and he couldnt see her so he rang her, “where are you”“im on the 3rd floor,please come quick,you will need to walk,hurry”“emma honey whatssup?” he asked but he was cut off before she could answer, he walked through the car park and up the ramps to the 3rd floor, he could see emma leaning out looking down onto the street, “em you ok”She didnt answer so he walked up to her,as he got closer he noticed she had make up on,a rare occurence these days.she leaned towards im and spoke“thank you for coming my love, i have been so thoughtless, so selfish, i forgot about your needs brian and i am so sorry”whispering”i want to make it up to you” she put her arm through his and snapped a cuff around his wrist, before he could react she snapped the other one around the railing. brian was intruiged but nervous “whats going on hun”emma ran her tongue across his lip and whispered I have a gift for you then turned and ran behind a parked car, brian could see her phone at her ear,the door leading to the shops suddenly opened and a woman walked into the shadow of the carpark….”well,well we meet at last my dream lover”brian started!! “what the, wait….Amanda?“who else and why so surprised….you did invite mesuddenly Emma jumped out from beind the car,she lunged forward catcing hold of Amanda’s jacket. “who the fuck are you” Amanda hissed.“Who me, Emma replied, im just a fridgid old bitch with saggy tits and a drooping ass” “wa-wh–what the?Your words you nasty little slut, you want to play with my man do you, NO amada gasped I dont, I didnt know he was taken.At that Emma slapped her palm hard across amandas face….” know and you dont care, i mean noting to you, i am an old fridgid bitch, you dont care about me…….well let me tell you something… are a young cock teasing little slut and i dont give a fuck about you”suddenly Emmas other hand flew out grasping amandas wrist,she pulled the younger girl towards the parked car. Pushing her onto her knees she snapped a cuff around her leg…the other end already secured to the front bumper.Amanda moaned and was about to speak when Emma slapped her face again, removing her jacket she bent over in front of her husband facing Amanda,she lifted her skirt showing her stockings and the curve of her ass,slowly she slipped her black lace panties down her legs,then she stood upright and looked into amandas eyes.“Please,please im sorry, please” the teen wimpered, Emma smirked,bent down and scooped up her knickers , using both hands she forced them into amandas mouth.brians voice cut into the scene “Em ,you cant do this,its assault, we will get in trouble” She laughed a low chuckle, “whos gonna believe a little whore like her, over me? No way….and by the time im done it will be **** not assualt.As she said this she grabbed the front of amandas knee length coat and ripped it open, exposing a pair of high round and completley naked breasts, as she pulled the coat down her arms amandas body twisted pushing her tits upwards,Emma took tho opportunity to tie her arms together with the belt from her jacket.Amanda stood, helpless now facing brian,her mouth stuffed with lace,arms tied behind her back and one leg bound to the car bumper.Emma looked at the nervous teen,then at her husband,cuffed to the railing just beyond reach of her. I am going to punish this bitch she said, its up to you if you want to join in, if you help me out I will cover your ass, Im well respected and our united word against hers will be believed, if however i detect the slightest hesitation from you I will claim it was you who tied me and onwin yeni giriş made me watch, belive me my love,by the time im done with her it will be easier for them to blame a man.brian looked first at his wife then at amanda, he had never imagined this situation and was unsure what to do. I dont know Em, it doesnt seem right..Emma smirked and moved over to her husband,she puxhed her hand into his crotch and felt a hard bulge, she leaned close to his ear and whispered Ah but what choice do you have. Im gonna make you beg to join in.brian felt a shiver of anticipation and as he looked at amanda his cock gave an involuntary pulse of hardness….his wife squeezed firmly, at least your cock can man up she said as she stepped away from him and back towards amanda.She grabbed her nipple and pulling hard used it to spin the teen round, she grasped her jacket on either side of the split at the back and pulled as hard as she coulld, tp her delight the jacket spilt in two and fell down each arm leaving amanda wearing only a pair of white panties. She pushed the girl forward onto the bonnet face first , opening the car door she pulled a tie from inside the car,she repeated this on the passenger side,much to brians amazement she climbed onto the bonnet and straddled the girl so she was pinned with emmas pussy against her neck.Emma untied her hands and forced each arm under her knees,then she calmly tied both wrists,one either side so that the girl was now streched across the car with her ass in the air and only one leg free, Amanda tried to struggle and lifted her free leg which Emma grabbed at the knee and pulled so that her foot rose onto the bonnet, releasing her arm she held amandas foot in place and climbed down from the car.brian was staring at the teenager,with one leg straight on the ground and the other bent onto the car, if she didnt have panties on he would have a perfect view.As he watched Emma ran her fingers up the girls leg and gently brushed over the white cloth, she stroked the fabric gently for a few seconds then spanked the girl hard on her asscheek, Amanda let out a stifled scream and Emma spanked again,and again and again.Pulling her bent leg back down to the ground she brought them together,then pulled the panties down over her bent bacckside,brian was getting really turned on now and had to bite his tongue when the panties stopped at the bottom of her ass, he wanted to see her cunt but was willing to wait. Emma looked at that perfect ass,naked in front of her,she was extremely turned on herself and could feel her juice dribbling down her thigh. It was time for some fun.She climbed back onto the car and used amandas hair to pull her head up, sliding underneath she said Im gonna make you eat my pussy, you will do it exactly how i tell you,do you understand.Amanda looked up at her with defiant eyes and shook her head, with glee emma slapped her face hard….i suggest you think about your position you slut,one wrong move and I will take my umbrella from the car and slam it into your ass… do you understand.Amanda nodded and gasped for air as emma pulled the panties from her mouth, she threw them to her husband, pull your cock out through your zip,and every time it drips wipe it with them she ordered, brian pulled his zipper down and with audible reflief pulled his throbbing member free, with the restriction of his jeans released, his cock swelled a little more and a string of precum dripped from the head, he nodded at his wife and caught the liquid with her panties covering his head with them and squeezing it firmly ,he could feel his juice soaking into the lace.Emma was impressed,she couldnt remember her husbands cock ever looking so engorged and angry,it was an encouraging sight,she opened her legs resting her feet on amandas shoulders looking down at her she ordered…use your tongue and clean my pussy.Her whole body quivered as she felt the hot tongue against her lips,she pushed upwards with her hips and felt her lips slide open around amandas nose, she held tightly to her head and ground against her face, she was enjoying this too much…..suddenly she pulled amandas head up,slapping her cheek she said…that will do for now.She jumped off the car and standing beside the girl she slipped her dress off, clad only in black lace stockings she knelt in front of amanda and pulled her panties down to her ankles, although her back was to her husband she knew he was watching,she grasped amandas hips and as she leant forward she spread her own legs a little and pushed her ass up, she spat three times onto amandas naked ass then lowered her head so her husband could watch.brian watched as his wife pushed her glistening pussy towards him, he heard her spit and when she moved he could see a thick line of saliva run down amandas buttocks, his cock throbbed and he wiped and squeezed it into the panties.I dont like you in this position emma said. Im gonna use your ass for sure but i want to save it for last,.She went back into the car and untied the ropes, one was jammed in the door as she pulled the other one free.she pulled it across the bonnet,then opened the door and loosely retied it,she did the same with the other one pulling the girl around to face her husband. She untied her legs and pulled her hair and nipple down so that she had to squat her ass just above the tarmac her arms raised towards the mirrors, brian devoured the site of her tits all over again as emma tied a rope around each knee, she pulled the left one ,amanda was clenching her legs together so her body twisted giving brian a slight side view of her body…she was sooo hot.emma tied the rope to the mirror and moved to the other side of the car,she gripped the second rope and tugged gently, onwin güvenilirmi amanda pulled back trying to keep her knees together. Stop fighting emma snapped….show us your pussy,she pulled hard on the rope and amandas legs were pulled apart, emma pulled as tight as she could then tied the rope off.She stepped to the front of the car and admired her handiwork.She looked amanda up and down, she was stunning,her young honey skin was smooth ,flawless, her tits looked so round and full, swelling with each breath,pushing her nipples upwards, emma had small pink rosebud nipples,but amandas were huge,proud a rich coffee brown . Her stomach was completley flat and narrowed in to her waist, her hips curved in a way emma could only dream of.Then down to her displayed crotch,the ropes were doing their job pinning her legs wide apart at the knees, she was so smooth, the skin around her pussy was pink and fleshy and her clit large enough to stand out slightly parting her lips, her hole wasnt visible because she was so nubile but emma could see where the skin changed from pink to shiny red.She stepped over to her husband…well, what do you think? She asked.brian didnt know what to say, what he thought was this has to be the hottest woman hed ever seen.What do you want emma asked him…do you want to fuck her? Y y yesss brian sighed i want to fuck her. You sure? She askedshe stepped back over to amanda and slapped her exposed clit.You want to fuck this? She said ,he nodded, using both hands she slightly tugged amandas lips open ,he could see shiny red skin surrounding the smallest of holes.Emma slapped the clit again and amanda jerked upwards, she put a finger each side of her entrance and prised her hole open,You want to put that huge cock into this tight little cunt? She asked He nodded , grinning take a good look hun, Amanda was trying to move her knees but was helpless.This is our fucktoy em said and stretched a little more, this time a small dark line appeared, can you believe how fucking tight she is look…she pushed a finger slowly in then another.You think she can take a real cock? We dont want to do much damage she said, we had better get it wet first. She removed his cuff and led him over,his cock thrust out proud,level with amandas mouth.Emma pushed her fist against amandas pussy, suck him properly you bitch or i will keep pushing. brian put the tip of his cock against her lips, she closed her mouth tightly so emma pushed against her pussy….open your mouth….Amandas lips parted and brian couldnt help himself,he slammed his cock as far as it would go into her mouth, he put his hands on her head and pulled her onto him, he pulled back a little and she gasped for air.Take more slut, emma ordered. Pushing brians hips and his cock slid back into her mouth.She gagged and tried to pull her head back but brians hands held her firmly. He started to slide his cock forward and back in her mouth, he waas so turned on, he was starting to find a rythym and could feel his excitement rise, it would be so good just to let go now and fill her throat with cum.Emma sensed the build in her husband and immediatley pulled him back, not yet.She turned him round and looked up at him, she had forgotten how sexy he was when he was turned on, she took his hand and guided it downwards, I want you to stretch her pussy for me. I will keep you hard, she took his throbbing head into her mouth and watched as he pushed amandas lips open and probed her with his middle finger.Amanda let out a groan. You cant do this she said, emma reached out a hand and covered amandas mouth with it. Pulling the cock aside she chuckled, i can and i will.She looked at her husband he was staring entranced at his fingers, if she speaks again hurt her she said as she grasped his cock with one hand and his ass with the other, she looked at amandas pussy then spat hard onto it and with the same movement pushed her mouth over brians cock.brian felt the spit followed imedietley by his wifes wet mouth engulfing his length, he ran his fingers across amandas pussy wetting them and pushed two fingers into her, she was so hot and so tight,he had to push hard and he trembled as he thought how tight she would grip his cock when he got to fuck her. Emma felt him throbb in her mouth and sucked hard,flicking his hood with her tongue. He pushed his fingers apart stretching amandas hole a little wider, she grunted but didnt speak, emma continued to suck him pulling all the way out and covering her hands with saliva before gulping him down again.Suddenly she stopped and pulled his cock from her mouth….i want you to fuck me first she said, she turned so that she was on all fours and pulled his hand away from amanda….fuck me now she pleaded, brian didnt have to be asked twice,he knelt behind his wife, and staring into amandas face he slid his cock into his wifes wet cavern,emma groaned and leaned forward,she ran her tongue up amandas slit,stopping at her clit,as brian started to thrust into her she sucked as hard as she could flicking the tip of the clit with her tongue, brian leaned over her and grasped one of amandas tits, he squeezed it hard and watched as it bounced back, he looked at amanda and as his wife worked her clit she closed her eyes and groaned.He pumped harder and faster into his wifes hungry pussy and as she became more excited she licked and slurped at amandas pussy and made the girl moan and writhe, brian squeezed and pulled on the firm young tits and as emma writhed underneath him he couldnt take anymore. Staring into amandas face and using her nipple to pull forwards he slammed deep into his wife and pumped her full of hot thick cum, it had been a while and as he pulled his cock out it continued to shoot thick creamy blobs which he aimed at amandas tits as his orgasm calmed he watched as his cum trickled over her nipples and into her cleavage, he looked down and saw the same juice trickling out of emmas pussy and knew no matter what he would always have that image.