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Tammy’s Fantasy Field TripTammy’s Fantasy—-a short storyA pretty cross dresser goes camping alone in the high country. Thinking he/she is all alone, she dons her favorite outfit which happens to be a lot like the one worn by Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, only very much shorter and frillier. It is a perfect day as the sun is shining and there are some fat clouds drifting by to provide a short relief from the suns rays. She decides to walk out in the green meadow away from the trees where she is camped. As she nears a bubbling brook, she thinks she sees something move over by the bend in the creek that has some pussy willows growing nearby. She stops, looks and listens but doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Continuing on her way, she sees some butterflies and begins to prance along behind them giggling to herself as she enjoys the day. Suddenly a dark, dense figure springs up from below the embankment where she is walking and makes a grab for her. She is stunned and freezes like a deer in headlights. That’s all the intruder needs as he pulls her down to the ground and straddles her rigid, fear ridden body. She begins to scream but a backhand across her face shocks her into silence and she can only sob as he turns her over on her belly, pulls her hands behind her and binds them tight. Quickly, he does the same to her feet and then hauls her up, puts her over his shoulder and begins lugging her downstream a ways to a hidden canoe along the bank. He unceremoniously dumps her into the bottom, hops in and pushes off from the bank into deeper water. He begins paddling swiftly and is soon into a fast current that carries them further and further away from her campsite. She finally gets up the nerve to voice her protest but he scowls down at her and then tells her to be quiet or else he will gag her too. Besides he says, “it won’t do you any good to scream now as there isn’t anyone around for miles that can hear you. This is my territory and I know it like the back of my hand. You are coming with me. I’m tired of living alone in the wild and like it or not, you are going to be my common law wife”. She quickly says that he’s making a big mistake about her and that she’s not who he thinks she is. He just smiles a lazy smile, winks at her and says “oh, I know exactly who and what you are….I watched you arrive and then change into your cute outfit. I’ve been waiting for someone like you for a long, long time and when we get to my cabin, I’m going to show you your duties and what is expected of you”. But you can’t just k**nap me she cries, people will be looking for me. That may be he says, but they’ll only look for a short while and no one knows about my cabin. I am totally self-sufficient so there is no need to ever leave except for some special items a few times a year. Now shut up and be quiet until we get there. It seems like forever until they arrive but it has been only about an hour or so. He hides his canoe in the bushes and pulls her out with ease. He is a big, tall strapping man and carries her with ease along a small trail. Finally, after about 20 more minutes, he stops and sets her down on her feet. He holds her up straight and turns her around to look. What she sees is a fairly new built cabin. It looks to be about 24′ x 48′ and has a sturdy chimney jutting up above the roof. He bends down and unties her feet and shoves her towards the door. She staggers a bit before regaining her balance and shuffles slowly up the path to the crude steps that lead to the door. A crisp slap on her rump propels her onto the porch and he pushes her to the door. When he opens it, she is somewhat stunned. From the outside it looks just like any old rustic cabin you see in pictures, but inside it looks almost like any modern day house. He shoves her inside and closes the door behind him. Grabbing her arm, he leads her through the front room into a small kitchen area. He seems to have everything except an automatic dishwasher. Once she has seen everything, he then leads her through another door to the 3rd and last room in the cabin. It is a combination bedroom/torture chamber! She gasps and begins to turn around to run but he grabs her quick as can be and drags her over to the wall where some chains dangle from where they are set into it. He has her untied and chained to the wall in no time at all. She starts crying hard now as she begins to realize that this is deadly serious and that she is his prisoner for now. He grins at her and walks out of the room shutting the door behind him after he tells her he will return in a short while to explain to her the new life he has planned for them. Alone and afraid, all she can do is stand there chained against the wall and take in her surroundings. It is like something out of a horror show. There is a rack, a cross, and other items she can only imagine what they may be for. Dildos and a variety of paddles, canes, whips and gags line another grandbetting giriş portion of a wall. In the center is a big four post king size bed. She shudders as thoughts run through her head of what can happen there. She hears the door open and turns to see him come back in. He pulls a chair out from his desk and sits down in front of her. She just looks at him with a blank expression as he begins to talk. First off, he says, you are now my wife! You will fulfill all the duties of a married woman including my sexual desires. As you can see by the many different instruments and items in this room, my desires are somewhat above and beyond the norm. He laughs a throaty chuckle as he notices the horrified expression on her face. As for you being a CD/TV, it is all the better for me as that has been my biggest fantasy. To capture a pretty shemale and to have her as my wife, slave, sissy, maid, captive and whatever other scenario I choose to employ. I am financially sound and have been planning this for a couple years now. Nearly everything has been taken care of. I have a stockpile of female hormones and all sorts of female clothing that should fit you. Those that don’t can be altered once you learn to sew, if you don’t already. You will definitely have plenty of time to learn. I have a variety of footwear in different sizes so once we see what your size is you can wear those and we’ll get rid of the rest. I have wigs, stockings, lingerie you could only dream about and just about anything feminine you might desire. I also keep a P.O. Box open at the local Post office in case I need something by mail order. I intend to remove all your hair except what’s on your head, your eyebrows and a small pansy patch in your pubic area. As I said, we will have tons of time together so it will be done, slow but sure. You will keep yourself as feminine as possible at all times. You will act like a simpering sissy unless I tell you otherwise. You will do whatever duty or chore I give to you without complaint and in good cheer. Any deviation from my instructions or rebellion of any kind will result in demerits given to you. At the end of each day, we will tally up your demerits and see what punishment they merit. Once we get you settled in, it will probably only result in a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. But until you learn the ropes so to speak (chuckle), You are going to be one miserable, sore and tired little gurly. Now, I am going to unchain you and then you are going to strip naked for me while I have a nice cool beer and can watch you. He comes over and unfastens her. She stands there just looking at him with big doe eyes until he screams NOW, you little slut!!. Hurriedly she shucks off everything until she is cringing against the wall in just her lavender, bikini panties. He looks steadily at her and demands…those too. Blushing furiously, she lowers her panties and gingerly steps out of them. Tears start running down her cheeks as she stands before him, his prying eyes trying to take everything in about her. She tries to cover herself with her hands as best she can but he gruffly tells her to stand up straight and to keep her arms at her sides. He then looks her in the eye and tells her that from now on, her small penis is to be referred to as her clitty. Likewise, her anal passage will be called her pussy. Now he says, repeat back to me what I just told you. She hesitates but at a glare from him she tells him what he wants to hear. Good, he says, we are off to a fine start. Now, I want you to come over to me and kneel down before the chair. She advances slowly and does what he tells her. With a smirk, he then orders her to unzip his fly. She looks down and sees that his pants has a huge bulge in that area and she just gasps in frightened surprise. He grabs her shoulder and gives her a slap across her cheek. That startles her back to the task at hand and she reluctantly pulls his zipper down. She can see his cock straining against his black briefs and she looks up into his hard blue eyes. Again, he gives her that cocky, confident smile and says to her that now, you are going to practice on giving me the perfect blowjob just the way I want it done. Begin now by taking my cock out and holding it lovingly in your small soft hands. A quick rap on the side of her head has her reaching inside his briefs and quickly it springs out into the open. She holds it very briefly before looking back up to his face. He orders her to begin licking the tip with her tongue, going further and further down the immense shaft until it fills her warm, moist mouth. He tells her to continue doing this ritual until he stops her. It seems like she is going on about her licking, sucking and slurping for hours. Her mouth and knees are sore, but it has in reality been no more than 15 minutes. She can sense him beginning to tense up and he orders her to speed it up. She complies grandbetting yeni giriş and he is soon rocking back and forth with her movements and is groaning quite loud. She keeps up her sucking when all of a sudden, he grabs her head and thrusts his cock all the way down her throat. He yells and shudders as he convulses while shooting a tremendous load of his gooey cum down the back of her throat. He just keeps spurting as she begins to choke. She can’t keep up with the gobs of jism cumming forth from his rod and it begins to run down the side of her mouth, chin and onto the floor. Spitting and sputtering, she finally is allowed to come up for air. She gasps in a lung full while he sits back in temporary ecstasy. Finally he sighs and pushes her away back onto her rump. Giving her a stern, evil glare; he blurts out, look what you’ve done you silly bitch!! You’ve made a fucking mess! 10 demerits! Now get over here and clean it up. Lick up every bit of cum on the floor and then wipe if off your face with your fingers and lick them clean as well. DO IT!! She hurries to comply and gets a rap across the back of her head as well. When she is done, he pulls her up by her hair and drags her over to the rack. He works quickly and expertly as he fastens all the binders about her so that soon she is completely immobile. Next he gets a penis gag from the wall and stuffs it in her mouth and then fastens it tight. He looks down at her and smiles as he appraises his handiwork. Then he turns on his heel and stalks out of the room saying he has some chores to tend to before her next ‘lesson’. As she lies there upon the rack, she is able to see a clock on the one wall. Three hours pass before he returns. She is in absolute agony, and not just from being tied down in that strenuous position. She really, really has to go to the bathroom. Her eyes plead with him as he takes his time undoing her. Sensing her anguish, he casually asks if she needs to use the restroom facilities. She nods her head emphatically and he gives her a slap on her ass to speed her up along. (as if she needed it anyhow) The bathroom is a small toilet /shower combo built off the bedroom. She thankfully sits down to do her business while she hears him moving things about in the other room. When she’s done she peeks out and sees that he has moved what looks like a massage table out from the wall. He tells her to get her butt over to it and to lay face down on it. Once she does, he fastens a strap around her waist and then secures her arms and legs to the legs of the table. She hears him wheeling something over to the table and can just manage to make out a tall stand with a bag hanging from it. He pats her bottom and says, I’m now going to show you how I want you cleaned every time you go #2… are going to get an enema my sweet sissy. He then proceeds to go about doing just that. It is a new experience for her but not altogether that repugnant. After a few times, he states that she should now be very clean inside her “pussy”. Now, to top that off, I want you to use this pretty smelling feminine douche as well. Once finished with her absolutions, he leads her over to the bed and binds her in a hog-tied position saying , don’t get too comfortable, I’m going to have a shower. She can hear him humming and singing as he takes his sweet time getting all cleaned up. Strutting back into the bedroom, he sits down beside her and whispers in her ear that now she will become his true sissy-wife. I am going to bed you, mount you and deflower you. Your sweet little cherry is going to be popped by me and you will finally lose your cherished virginity. In a few months, after you’ve been taking those hormones I told you about, you will sprout some nice little titties for your Daddy to play with. I expect that cute little ass of yours to add on some fat as well so that you’ll have plenty of wiggle and jiggle for me. He laughs as he starts untying her. You, my little missy are going to make me one very happy man. He soon has her undone and he slips a hand under her tummy and lifts her to all fours. He gets behind her and his towel falls away showing a huge jutting pole aimed right at the crack of her bottom. She tries to scramble away from him but he just grabs her hips and pulls her back towards him and that one-eye monster. He starts pawing her all over paying special attention to her chest area and inner thighs. She starts to pant and her clitty begins to harden. The man keeps up his relentless attack as she becomes even hotter and is losing her resolve to resist. He reaches between her legs and feels her rock hard clitty and teases her about it. You can’t fool me, he says, your body betrays you. You want it and you want it bad. Well little lady, I’m going to be the one to give it to you. By this time, they are both sweating profusely and their excitement can hardly be contained. She’s never felt like grandbetting güvenilirmi this before and is afraid of what’s going to happen to her. Sensing her fear, he begins to talk soothingly to her telling her that he will be as gentle as possible and that she will soon be cooing happily. She can only shiver and nod her head. He then reaches into the nightstand and pulls out a tube of lube. He generously applies it to his rigid manhood and then to her puckered pussy hole. She jumps as the cool liquid is inserted into her and around the opening. He wipes his hands clean and then pushes her head down into the pillow while pulling up on her tummy so that her ass is high in the air for him. He closes up behind her and she can feel his hot hunk of meat brush against her bottom. Knowing whats going to happen and not being able to do a thing about it, she clenches her butt cheeks together as tight as she can. He just chuckles and begins his assault in earnest. Ever so slowly but firmly she can feel his cock worming it’s way into her. It’s so damn big that she can’t see how it will fit without ripping her in two. She tries to inch forward to hold him off but he just grabs her back and holds her in an iron grip. She’s just no match physically for him and he can have his way with her whenever he pleases. Both of them know it and he takes advantage of that fact to continue with his **** of her. The minutes which seem like hours tick by until finally with an audible Umph!, she feels him slip by her defenses and slide into her. She goes completely rigid and moans in terror and pain. He holds her like that awhile so that she can get used to him as she’s never had a man or even a dildo inside of her before. Oh, he thinks to himself, we will have plenty enough time to get her familiar with those items and my cock as I’ll be having to break her in to my tastes in the months and years to come. Realizing that he has been distracted by a daydream for a minute or two, he gets back down to the business at hand. He very slowly starts to ease his man meat deeper into her love tunnel. She is still moaning but not as loud now. The pain is starting to subside as she starts to get used to his cock being in her pretty pussy. How the hell long is that thing, she thinks to herself; won’t it ever end? At last he is in up to his balls. The sissy bitch took in my whole 9 inches! He’s pleasantly surprised by that fact and it doesn’t look as if she’s bleeding either. Why, I’ve definitely got myself a keeper here. He now bends over her back and whispers in her ear….now the fun part begins you slutty bitch! I’m going to start off fucking you nice and slow. I expect you to get in rhythm with me and to stay there too as we gear up to ‘ramming speed’. He straightens back up and his knees spread out further between her legs, forcing her to spread apart more too. He grabs her hips to keep her under his firm control and begins to pump. In and out, in and out, faster and faster and faster. He’s soon fucking her like the horniest jack rabbit in the whole Mojave desert. She feels like she has a pile driver back there ramming and slamming away making her ass quiver like a jello salad. They are both now out of control, moaning and groaning, humping and thumping away trying to reach that magical moment of orgasm. She is ever so close, she can feel her cum start to climb her sissy stick. He is also just about there as his balls are about to explode. A few more pumps and he’ll fill this filly up with so much cum it will be leaking out of her for days. With one last gigantic shove, he slams into her ass with such force that it drives her up off her knees and that is the key moment that pushes her over the edge as well. With a shrill scream she feels her clitty begin to pump out her creamy cum even as she senses his cock shooting streams of endless goo into her violated pussy. He pumps her until he runs dry and then collapses on top of her panting heavily. She just lets herself go and lies beneath him trying to gain her sanity back. Eventually, he pulls out of her and looks down at his cum running out of her now very full pussy and down her leg onto the bed. She shot all over the covers as well making quite a tiny mess. Well he thinks, she’s got herself some cleaning to do before her next lesson. Best let her get cleaned up a bit before I show her another of my favorite positions in which to fuck a sissy. While she’s doing that, I can get out my bondage gear and pick out what I want to use for the next session. That was damn by far the best fuck I’ve ever had! WOW! Just wait until she’s trained. Lying there quietly, our heroine was thinking along the same lines. If it was that good my first time, just think of how much better it can get. Maybe this whole deal isn’t all that bad after all. I really had no one and have been alone for awhile now. Everyone thinks I’m a freak but this guy actually wants someone like me. Why don’t I just give it a go and see what happens; it’s not like I have much choice anyhow. So slowly she turned over and smiled up at him as he grinned down at her. They got off the bed and hand in hand they strolled over to the shower and began their new life together.The freakin’ end!!Kisses to all, Tamara Lynn