Tammi has a pool dayShe was in the back yard at the pool all by herself one afternoon. Her husband Tony was at work and the k** Mathew was at school, so she decided to get out the bikini and get a better tan. She loved the seclusion of the private yard and the sun was warm today. She sat with a cold glass of ice tea beside her as she began to run the warm suntan oil into her soft flesh. First she did her arms starting just above the hands and slowly running them up to her shoulders and then back down again. Each arm glistened in the sun from the oils and she loved the feel of it on her body.Next she did her shoulders, working the liquid into each one and then over her chest. Back and forth and slowly descending until she met the soft swell of her breasts. She looked down and was pleased with how this bikini top hugged her and pushed her breasts up into a fullness that she knew would be provocative if anyone were to see her. But no one would see this swim suit. Touching the exposed tops of her breasts she rubbed the clear oil into each one and felt the subtle yet sweet tingle of arousal.Leaving her heaving breasts, her hands were now over her stomach and gliding with ease along this near flat surface, then lightly down her sides. Pressing lower she felt the fabric at the waist of the bikini bottom touch her fingers as she rubbed the warm oil into her yielding flesh. Her fingers went just slightly under her waist band as she thought how smooth she had shaved this area this morning in the shower. The combination of the warmth of the day coupled with the lovely sensations on her oiled skin added to the sensual feeling in her body. She looked down and slowly pulled up one leg and applied the silky substance from the tops of her thighs to her red painted toes in the open toed sandals. The long strokes felt delicious on her skin and she looked at how the combination of the bright sun and the shiny liquid made her legs look sexy and alluring as if she was wearing an expensive pair of nylon stockings. She approved of the look and also the sensation. Her hands rubbed the front and back of the legs as she finally put down the sunning product and sipped her tea. Her lips having just been covered in lip balm that had a very slick and shiny appearance. Now leaning back in the reclining pool chaise she allowed herself to relax and enjoy the day as she tanned herself in the skimpy bikini all by herself.She must have been dozing off because she stirred abruptly as she heard what sounded like the high wooden pool gate open. At first she seemed confused by the sound but then she looked into the corner of the quiet, seclude yard and saw a man come through the gate with a tool box. He closed and latched it behind him and walked over to the pool house and opened the door where the filter system was located. Tammy was startled by his presence but suddenly realized that Tony had called the pool maintenance company to service the heater. He seemed to be all business as he pulled off the outer heater door and began to loosen the screws. He must not have noticed her lying there and suddenly Tammy realized that she was very exposed and uncovered in this little “private-time” bikini she was wearing. Her towel was across the path on the other side of the pool and she was afraid to draw this stranger’s attention to her near naked body. She lay there quietly, hoping that he would be done and then go without even noticing her.Just as she thought she would be saved by his ‘all business’ attitude, he stood to get behind the heater unit where he suddenly looked over directly at her in her chair. She froze in her place and didn’t say a word. türbanlı çankırı escort She hoped he would ignore her or even think she was sleeping behind her dark sunglasses. But it seemed that her luck had run out.”Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there,” he said as he put down his tools and walked over to her. She was conscious of his size as he stood over her and extended his hand. “I’m Chris. Your husband wanted me to get the heater going before the weekend so I decided this was a good day to get to it,” he said as his eyes began to take in all the exposed flesh she had on display in front of him. Having little choice, she took his hand. He held it a bit too long as his big hand felt the soft oily skin on her palm.”I see you are all buttered up. It’s a great day for being out in the sun.” He rubbed his hands together as if using the oils on them as his eyes rested on her low cut top. She could see him admiring her tits as they were pushed up in the skimpy material. Trying to think of a way out of this situation, Tammy said, “Maybe I should go inside and let you work.” With this she began to get up but he put a hand on her shoulder and held her there. “No need for that, it looks like you’re all settled in and I won’t be that long anyway.” Knowing that she had no way out with him still over her and holding her shoulder, she slipped back into the chaise as his hand pulled back.”You know, I was telling my girlfriend that she should start wearing little bikinis like the one you have on. But she said she didn’t have the body for it. I can see that you don’t have any problem showing yourself off in one.””Listen, Chris, this is a private yard and I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I am a wife and mother of two and I don’t appreciate being ogled or your comments,” she replied with a good bit of indignation.”I don’t know why you’re offended. I was just telling you that I like the way you look in the bikini. What’s so wrong with that,” he said sitting down in the chair right beside mine.”Look,” Tammy said, “I am married and just enjoying a very private quiet time by myself. I don’t want to have this conversation with you.””Is it that wearing that swim suit is making you feel cheap or dirty? You should be proud of your body. For a woman who has had two k**s I think you look pretty good. Nice looking legs, a pretty flat stomach and some really nice looking tits. I wish my girlfriend looked half as good,” he said as his hand reached over and touched her left thigh.”Please don’t touch me,” she protested feeling his fingers squeeze the muscle and skin under his hand and then begin to stroke her thigh up and down.”You know that women who wear these types of swim suits must really have to shave pretty close to make sure no hair shows. I noticed that you must be shaved down there because I don’t see any hair under the edges of your tiny bottoms,” he said moving his hand up so his finger tips were just below the skimpy fabric bottom.She reached down to hold his wrist in her hand but it had no effect on him at all. She felt the strength in his hands as he moved with ease as she tried to stop him. “Please stop. I never wear this in front of anyone. Don’t touch me,” she pleaded as his hand stopped just below the V of her crotch.”Well today must be a lucky day for me then. I really want to see your ass in this suit. Stand up and show it to me,” he said taking the hand that was struggling with his, easily pulling Tammy to her feet in front of him. His hands were on her shoulders now and slowly turned her to face away from him. His grip was firm and demanding and gave no choice türbanlı çankırı escort bayan but to comply with his wishes. His fingers held her tightly. With her back to him he stopped her from turning and reached down with one hand to take a full ass cheek in his hand. His fingers kneaded the flesh as Tammy attempted to protest, “Don’t do this. I don’t want you here. Leave me alone.”He did not respond and then another hand was on her and reached up to take hold of her left breast over the bikini material. The other hand also moved from her ass and both breasts were being stroked as he pulled the reluctant wife back to his body. “You can’t do this. Please stop. You must stop,” she whined as he pulled the straps from her shoulders and exposed her as the bra fabric dropped to her waist.His fingers now captured the full breasts and he pulled and stroked the nipples. His mouth was beside her ear as he used this sexy body against her will. His hips were pressed up against her ass and she felt his hardness pushing between her ass cheeks. “I like your tits. They are still firm and big. I love the way your nipples are getting hard for me. You like this don’t you?”She didn’t answer him but was stunned that her nipples had reacted to this attack and were betraying her. Yes, the nipples were hard and sensitive and she was ashamed. All she could say was, “No.”His fingers captured the erect nipples and were lightly pinching and pulling them. “I know you like it, don’t you slut,” he breathed in my ear. No one ever dared call Tammy a slut, other than Tony but the combination of his voice and hands was such an erotic high for the aroused wife. But she knew she couldn’t respond. She wouldn’t respond. “I like holding your tits and teasing the nipples. They are so hard right now. Does this make you wet? I know you must be wet. Tell me.”Again, she didn’t respond but felt a hand move from her right breast and drop to the bikini bottom and slowly push down between the fabric and the skin. “If you won’t tell me I will have to find out for myself,” he whispered as his lips brushed my ear. His other hand was still on the hard nipple and she held her breath knowing what he would find. As the finger found the fold and descended, she felt him separate the lips. “Spread your legs for me slut.” That word again erupted in her ears.Without being conscious of it, her feet moved apart and her legs opened for him.She realized that he had control of her body. He was making her do what he wanted. She hated herself and hated her reaction to him. But she was also becoming highly aroused and knew she had no will to stop this. His voice in her ear was an erotic sexual stimulus. She would never allow anyone but Tony to say these vile things to her, but with Chris, she wanted his vulgar words.His finger now moved down and immediately found her hardened clit. It was wet and distended and when he touched it she gasped. “You’re so wet aren’t you slut? My hand is on your cunt and it’s so fucking soaked.” He rubbed the clit and Tammy groaned under the pressure against it. He was teasing it and she was overcome with lustful sensuality. She always hated the word ‘cunt’ when used by anyone, but now she responded to the sound of it in her ear as he drove her crazy.Then his finger dropped further and entered her. She cried out, “oh yes,” as he moved it deep inside. It felt so good. Her husband was not much on foreplay and he was always done before Tammy even got started. She was more aroused than she had been in years. “Tell me slut. Are you wet? Is your cunt wet,” he moaned in her ear as his cock türbanlı escort çankırı pushed at her ass from behind. Tammy was never a talker when having sex and would never say anything dirty or provocative. But then her voice was talking to him, “Yes, I’m so wet. I’m dripping wet.” The voice was hers and she had no control of it.”Reach down and pull your bottoms off for me slut. Throw them into the pool. I want you naked for me.” She did as he said and the bottoms floated in the water as she also reached up and did the same with her top without being asked. He reached down and pushed two fingers into her pussy. The palm of his hand massaged her clit as the fingers were buried deep inside.”I’m going to fuck you slut. I’m going to fuck your wet cunt really hard. Is that what you want? Do you want my cock inside you?””Yes, I want you inside me,” she gasped in her sexual delirium. The fingers were not stopping. They were driving this aroused wife crazy. All she could think about was being taken by this stranger.”Ask me to fuck you, slut. I want you to ask for it.” He pulled her hair back with one hand and his mouth found Tammy’s and their tongues were inside each others mouth. She was moaning in a sexual frenzy. This total stranger had her naked and begging him to be used.”Fuck me. Do it now. Fuck me,” she pleaded. She never used these words with any man but now she needed to use them. He pushed her down on the lounge chair on her knees with her ass up in the air. His pants drop as she then felt him push himself between my wet pussy lips. Suddenly he drove forward and he was deep inside her with one powerful thrust. She felt so full. She was fuller and more aroused than she had been in years. No one had ever taken Tammy quite like this before. He moved into her and took long hard strokes inside her wet and willing pussy. It was something she had never experienced. He wasn’t kind or considerate. He was forceful and even brutal. He took her and used me. He ****d her and she wanted it. She needed it.Tammy was fast approaching an orgasm. This was a rare occasion and one that never happened with a man fully inside her. “Are you going to cum for me slut? Is the slut going to cum on my cock?” He taunted her and drove her deeper into depravity. “I’m watching your ass as I fuck you. Your ass is moving like a dirty stripper on my cock. Squeeze me with your wet cunt.” She loved hearing him talk like this and describing how her body was being used by him.”Your tits are hanging down under you as I bang your shaved cunt. Do you want me to hold your tits as I fuck you?””Yes, hold them, pinch them. I’m so close. Make me cum. Please fuck me hard,” Tammy begged as the words came from her as if on automatic pilot. And then he started to really hammer her and as he did his body hit her clit with each powerful stroke and drove her over the edge. Her head was down flat on the lounge chair with her ass up to meet his savage cock. Tammy’s pussy spasmed and held him and met each thrust. She was moaning and screaming in a wild delirious state as the waves of erotic orgasm rocked her to her core. He was cumming deep inside her. His cock was filling her with cum and she couldn’t stop cumming or begging for it, “Oh yes, so good, so good.” What had started as a sexual assault, a ****, was now the best sexual event of Tammy’s entire life. The ecstasy continued on and on until it finally slowed and ended with him withdrawing. A flood of cum dripped from her as she collapsed on the lounge chair. Her thighs were wet with cum.He was sitting on the ground beside the chair as she looked at him. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her for this first time. When the kiss broke, he said, “You’re a hot piece of ass. You are a really good fuck for a housewife with two k**s. I like your body and particularly your ass. Next time I am going to fuck your ass and turn you into a dirty anal slut.” Tammy shuddered at his words but didn’t protest or say anything. Her head nodded up and down as she watched him get dressed.