swinging turned me biAfter our first swinging adventure with a single guy (see earlier story), we decided to find a couple to swap with. Mary was a bit nervous about seeing me with another woman, but we had set up some code words tha would let me know if she didn’t want me to fuck her. Well happily we didnt need to use them.We emailed back and forth with Erica & Peter for quite a while and we all got comfortable enough to finally get together. They were only in town now and then so it was hard to set up a mutual time to get togethr. We met for dinner and drinks and had a great time, everyone seemd to click. I was nervous since Erica was only 21 and I was 36, but that didnt seem to be a factor. We went back to their place and I pulled the girls together and started to kiss them together, our three toungues were all together and this was the first time I ever saw any interest from my wife Mary toward another girl. Well it got late and other than some kissing and grabbing of tits, cocks and pussy, we had to go home to relive the babysitter. We were all turned on and hoped it wouldnt be too long until we got together again.2 days later they called and invited us over for dinner at home. Luckily we could make it. We arrived and dinner was ready to go, everyone flirting and touch each other. We all got very drunk and headed toward the hot tub. In less than a minute, Erica grabbed my cock and slid down on it and started fucking me. I looked over to see if Mary was ok with asyabahis yeni giriş it and she was busy turning around so Peter could fuck her doggy style. Like I said we were all very drunk and some things are a blur, but Me and Erica sucked and fucked all over the house, I came in her mouth, fucked her in the ass and also shot a huge second load of cum deep in her pussy. Safe sex is always a must, so it was a mistake, but it’s what happened. Anyway, after we were done fucking, she pasted out on the bed, so I went to see where Mary & Peter ended up. We always planned on doing our swinging in the same room but the way things ended up that night we just seemed to go seperate ways. I found them in another bedroom, Mary was sucking his cock and had her finger up his ass. He seemed to be enjoying it so I came up behind her and with my dick still dripping a mixture or Erica’s pussy juice and my cum, I stuffed my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. After a while Peter turned around into a 69 with her and he started to lick her pussy as I was fucking her. I was trying to be careful not to have by dick or ball touch him. We all started to cum at the same time, I dumped a load in her pussy and he came in her mouth. He didnt seem to stop licking her so I figured I was probably shooting blanks since I did already cum 3 threes in the last 2 hours. It was getting time to go so we started walking out. I told Peter I fucked Erica in asyabahis giriş the ass, since he said she wouldnt let me, but I dint mention I came in her pussy. On the way out we all stopped and checked in on Erica who was still pasted out on the bed. I gave her a kiss goodnight and he rubbed he pussy a little. I was worried he was going to get pissed off if he felt all of the cum in her pussy. At this point I didnt know if she was still dripping cum or if it had all dripped out or maybe she had cleaned herself up. Her then went down and started licking her pussy, and really getting in there and sucking and slurping. All I could think was that he must taste the cum, but he didnt say anything and we left for the night.We all had a great time and got together the following weekend. This time we had a few drinks and got to bed quickle. The girls were kissing again and Erica went down on Mary and was licking and sucking on her pussy as Mary suck my cock and Peter fucked Erica from behind. I nver saw a girl eating pussy and it was very hot. We all switched around and then Mary and I were down by Ericas pussy. Mary licked around, but never actully licked her pussy, I did a lot of licking and kissing Mary at the same time, so she did taste a lot of pussy juices. I fucked Erica and Peter was fucking MAry. Peter was fucking Mary really hard and she was loving it. He was pound the shit out of her pussy and she had her back arched up off the bed so only her asyabahis güvenilirmi feet and her were touching the bed. She was screwaming as he trust in and out of her. I nver saw her cum so hard or so long before and when he came everyone just dropped to the bed. well I hadn’t cum yet and wanted to cum in Mary so I got her on top of me, Her back on my chest and she started fucking me harder than she ever had. Peter joined in and started licking her pussy. Erica was sucking Peters cock. After a minute or two Peter started going a bit lower on Marys pussy and started to lick my cock. At first he just breifly licked my shaft and it could have very easily been a slip since everyine was rocking around, but slowly over the next few minute he was licking my cock as much as he was licking her pussy. Just to warn him I said I was about to cum. That’s when he pulled my cock out of Marys pussy and started socking my cock and he was great at it. I couldn’t hold back and unloaded a huge load of cum in his mouth. He swallowed every bit and didnt stop sucking until every drop was gone. That pretty much ended the night. We never did get back together with them, they hadnt traveled back to our area for a while and then we moved across the county. Be ever since then I have wanted to be in the position Peter was in. I now want to feel and taste a guy shooting his cum in my mouth. I want to feel what it feels like to have those spurts of cum shooting into my mouth and see what a guys cum tastes like. I never really tought about other guys, but this instance and our first MMF both made it so I really want to blow another guy. So I guess my wife and Peter made me bi and hopefully someday I’ll taste that cum shooting in my mouth. This is a very true story