SWEET EMILYMy friend Dave lives next door to me with his teenage daughter Emily. We had been friends for many years and often we would have backyard barbecues and swim in his pool during the summer months. He and I had shared the task of teaching Emily to swim. At first I didn’t pay much attention as Dave supported her in the water with his arms and hands as she tried to coordinate stroking with her arms and kicking her legs. I discovered quite by accident as I reached down to take over for him that one of his hands was inside the bottom of her bathing suit and the other was at her top caressing her small young breasts. As I took over for Dave I placed my hands under her on her belly. She continued to practice stroking and kicking her legs, with some difficulty keeping her balance. She paused for a moment and said “Uncle Rick, you dont hold me the same way that Daddy does and it’s too hard for me this way. Here, let me show you what to do.”She took my left hand and slid it into her bottom and placed my right hand across her top. “There, isnt that better? Now I dont feel like I’m going to sink as you hold me up.” I grinned with pleasure as she swung her arms and moved her legs up and down, my one hand was being massaged by her pussy and the other rubbed across her firm small tits. She continued practicing for a few minutes more then stopped to take a rest. When she tried to stand up she found we were in deeper water and quickly reached out for me putting her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. It was at that moment that my massive hard-on became very obvious to her. She smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on my lips and said “Ooh Uncle Rick, it feels like you have a big dick like my Daddy. He gets big and hard too when he helps me learn to swim. Do you want me to make you feel good the way I do for Daddy? He says it feels so good and it makes him very happy.”I looked around and saw that Dave had gone into the house leaving me alone with Emily. I smiled at her and hiltonbet giriş told her to show me what she does to please her Dad. We moved to shallower water allowing her to stand up in front of me and reach into my trunks pulling out my throbbing hard cock. With both hands she began to stroke up and down on my cock as I leaned against the wall of the pool. Her hands felt wonderful as they slid along my shaft and after a couple minutes I shot my load. She giggled as she watched my cum squirt from cock 5 or 6 times. “You do just like my Daddy does, did you like it Uncle Rick?” With a moan I said “Yes Emily I liked it very much. I think we should go inside now, we’ve been in the water long enough.”We made our way out of the pool and dried off with our towels. I looked up and saw Dave at the kitchen window smiling as he saw my still hard boner poking at my shorts. I wrapped the towel around myself as we walked into the house. Dave asked if we had a good session in the pool together and offered me a beer. I sipped on the beer and told him “Emily is learning quickly and I think she is a joy to teach.” Dave, still smiling, said “Yes she is a joy and she likes to show her gratitude for helping her. ” Just then the phone rang and Dave answered it and after a short conversation he hung up and turned to me and Emily. The smile was gone from his face as he began to speak, ” There’s some problem at work and they need me to come in as soon as I can. Will you be able to stay with Emily while I’m gone, I dont want to leave her all alone. I may be gone for several hours.”I said “Sure it won’t be any problem Dave, I’ll be happy to take care of her until you get back. Dont worry about anything she’ll be in good hands.” Dave saidgreat thanks for helping out, and he headed to his room to dress for work and several minutes later he said his goodbyes and left. I sat down turning on the TV, which happened to be on one of the adult channels. Emily walked out from her room to join me hiltonbet yeni giriş and sat next to me on the sofa. “Oh good this is one of our favorite channels. Daddy and I watch it together all the time.” The thrill of watching the porn show with this sweet sexy teen right next to me quickly brought my cock to a full erection pushing up in my shorts. Emily smiled and said ” Are we going to get naked and play the way Daddy and I do when we watch the movie?” I was stunned and excited at the same time with the thought of seeing her naked young body. I said ” If thats what you like to do I guess it will be OK with me.”I slid my trunks down and kicked them aside, Emily stood up and untied her string top and it fell to the floor, then she slid her bottoms down and stepped out of them. “Can I sit on your lap and play with your big cock Uncle Rick?” I nodded my head as I looked over her sweet young body, her perky tits pointed out topped by the most beautiful hard brown nipples, between her legs was a small patch of soft brown hair atop her pink puffy pussy lips. She sat across my legs and began stoking my stiff cock with her hand. I put my arms around her pulling her closer so I could suck on her gorgeous titties. They were so firm and perky like two small pyramids, a perfect mouthfull. I sucked each one twirling my tongue around her rigid nipples making her moan softly. Her hands were busily working on my aching cock, gliding up and down my shaft and teasing my cockhead, giving me incredible pleasures. After a few minutes a big drop of precum formed on the tip of my cock, she collected it with he finges and stuck them in her mouth. “MMM it tastes so good, can I have some more? Daddy’s been teaching me to suck cock, you want to see how good I can do it?” I moaned and said ” Yes Emily I would really like that, please show me how you suck cock.”She told me to lay back on the sofa and let her get between my legs. I laid back and spead my legs allowing her full access hiltonbet güvenilirmi to my cock and balls. Kneeling in front of me she leaned down and slid her warm mouth over my cockhead and several inches down my shaft as she began bobbing up and down. She licked around the tip as more precum oozed out. She sucked it up and continued bobbing quickly on my hard shaft as she fondled my balls gently. I moaned in exstacy as she drew me to the edge of exploding, my cock throbbed and I could feel my cum rising from my balls. In a loud moan I said “Emily you’re going to make me cum any second, are you ready for my hot load?” She said ” Yes Uncle Rick I’m ready, I want it in my mouth, I love the taste of hot cum. Give it to me.” She no sooner spoke those words and I began squirting thick streams of cum into her mouth over and over again, 6 then 7 times before I was finished. Her cheeks puffed up full of my jizz then she swallowed twice and licked my cock clean.I pulled her up onto my chest and kissed her passionately tasting my cum in her mouth. At this point I wanted to push my hard cock into her young pussy and fuck her like crazy, but I resisted the urge and settled for just rubbing my cock against her wet pussy as she lay atop me. I sat up pushing her back on the sofa and holding her legs in the air I pushed my cock between her legs and up across her wet pussy and pumped back and forth as I squeezed her legs closed around my cock thrusting in and out rubbing across her pink pussy lips and about a minute later I was cumming again shooting my creamy load onto her belly. She spread my jizz onto her tits then told me to lick them clean. I leaned down sucking my cum from her tits and belly. It was the most incredible time I ever had without actually fucking her. We played for about an hour before Dave returned home. Emily jumped up as he walked in the door and ran to him giving him a hug and a kiss and told him how much fun we had, and said it was his turn now that he was home. She eagerly began pulling at his clothes till he was finally naked then began showing and telling him about the things we did. As I sat watching them he thanked me for taking good care of his special little girl. I thought to myself “I really should be thanking you for giving me the wonderful opportunity.”