SurpriseIt had been quite some time since I had tasted the flesh of a young buxom female. I needed to have a good-looking lady at my side and soon. I decided to go dancing in town at one of the local bars. I don’t usually hang out at these kind of places; however, It may be time I started. It sure is hard to find a date now a days. I went to the Lighthouse Bar. It usually is happening all night until about 4:00 am.I dressed in my tightest jeans and my best button up shirt. I looked for a lack of better words–tuff. All I had to do was get some chick on the rebound or something, buy her a few drinks, and BINGO you’re lucky. I spotted this young black girl at the bar by herself. I thought what the heck. I don’t generally date black girls, but I’ve seen many beautiful black women in my life. Now is a good time to prove that I’m not a prejudice spirit.Hello, I’m Bob. You look like you just lost your best friend. Can I buy you a drink? I said as I approached her at the counter.Hmm, sure Bob, she moved around on her stool to look at the mirror on the other side of the bartender.Two of whatever she’s having, I told the bartender.White Russian with a Yukon Jack shooter, she smiled at me and the bartender. Thanks Bob, I’m called Tonita. Interesting name huh?I nodded with a smile. I hadn’t eaten for at least 4 or 5 hours so I knew I couldn’t drink too many without getting very heady and/or drunk. I asked for a bowl of peanuts or mix. I was sent a saucer with a few shelled peanuts. Great! I thought. She’s going to drink me under the table. Oh well, I’ll just drink slow.Live around here? I gave the barkeep a $10 bill.Actually, yes. Not far from the bar. How about you? She looked me straight in the eyes.She didn’t seem to break her gaze. When she looked at me, I could wear that she was smiling at me each time. I was feeling pretty lucky. She was pretty and responding. There seemed to be a lot of the action on the dance floor so I decide to ask her to dance about 4 drinks later and luckily during a slow set of songs. I’ve been waiting on some slow ones… I can’t dance that well. I started to put my hands on her firm ass and she didn’t make me stop. I moved them a little closer to the crack of her ass and she moved them back to her waist. I thing I was figuring out how far I could go.After 2 White Russians and 2 of the Yukon Jack shooters, I was getting very hyper. I figured that I could always blame it on the alcohol. We went back to a table this time and sat on the same side of the booth. I copped a few quick feels on her 36C tits and by now her nipples where staring me right through the fabric of her top. I finally knew that I had a green light when she put her hand on the inside of my thigh about a half inch from my cock. Would you like to go to my place? You can teach me how to dance to some of the faster stuff. I looked her in the eyes and waited for her response. Why don’t we go to my place. I live only 2 blocks down from here.She had a big beautiful white toothed smile. I was yahyalı escort horny with lust and excited that she seemed to like me enough to bring me to her house. Great! Hell yeah, let’s go.Every few yards or so, I would put my hand on her hard ass and push her against the side of a building and kiss her passionately. I wanted her terribly. You like it rough do you? Tonita twisted me around so that my back was against the building and kissed me. Wow!I grinned. Your a strong one.Finally, we were standing outside an apartment building and was walking up the stairs. I live on the third floor. Come on. She began up the stairs. Her calves were extremely cut. Her legs looked very powerful yet soft and sleek. I burst into a run and chased her down on the 2nd floor. I forced her to the steps and kissed her with a savage passion. She responded with a moan of ecstasy. I moved my hand to cup her breast. Even her tits were hard. She must work out like crazy. I could feel her nipples against the material of her blouse. I pinched a nipple between my finger and thumb. Mmmmm. Not here. Come on. She stood and ran the last few flights to the 3rd floor.Her apartment was furnished very modestly. Her single couch was the only piece of furniture that you could set on. She sat me down and kissed down my neck and onto my chest. She nibbled at my fly with her mouth. I had a hard on that I thought would tear right through the denim. While she was between my thighs on her knees, she asked me several times if she could play with me. I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about, but she had already gotten my pants off and my boner was pushing against my undershirts. Her long fingernail trailed the length of my hard cock. Can I do with you what I want. I finally answered, Ohh baby, do what ever you want to me. I’m yours.On that note, she slid me down so that my ass hung just off the couch. She stood up and hung her tits in my face. During this move, she put some leather cuffs on my wrists and I found that I could get them loose. I don’t know what the other end of the ropes where connected to, but the didn’t give at all. In between each move, she would reach down and give my cock a quick massage just to keep it hard. She then stood and moved to the corner of the couch and produced 2 more ropes with some leather cuffs on them. She secured on of them to my right knee. This one kept my knee raised up and then the other one to my ankle. This one kept my legs pulled just comfortably apart. Your not going to let your 4 brothers in here to fuck me or anything are you?I was half k**ding. I would have let this beauty whip me all night long with some leather strap if it would end up with me putting my dick in this sweet pussy. She moved to the other side of the couch and secured my left leg as she did the right one. I was completely secured. I was now ready for her to pull something like a feather duster or a light whip from beneath the couch. Instead, she said, OK, your mine now. You’ll do as I say. Have you got that?I noticed that her voice sounded somewhat harsher. My eyes opened up to take in the complete picture. She walked over to the stereo and turned it up pretty loud. I wondered if the neighbors would become angry, but I seemed to recall that you could hear several rooms with loud music playing as we came up the stairs. Tonita knelt between my thighs again and this time she produced a pair of small scissors from under the couch. I forgot to take your bloomers off little boy. She gently moved the scissors to the waistband of my fruit of the looms and proceeded to cut them off. Oh no. That won’t do. I’m going to have to give you a haircut. Your pubic hair is much too long. She then started to cut the hair around my dick. I started to protest; however, as my mouth opened, she sunk her face down onto my hard throbbing cock. I suppose I can do without that little bit of hair. I grunted as my thick 7 cock descended between her lips. Every few moments she would come up off my dick and I would hear the scissors cut a little more hair off. I saw the scissors tossed over to the living room floor. She unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my chest. I need to show you something now. If you get to angry with me, I’ll have to punish you. Do you understand me Bob. She stood up in front of me.Tonita, please finish me. Suck me dick some more. I’ll do whatever you want me to. I shifted uncomfortably on the couch.Tonita moved closer to my face. She was going to pull her panties down and put her pussy right in my face. She slid her panties down. Her head blocked my view. I would soon see my first black pussy in real life… in the flesh. She stood back up and displayed in my face one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. I was truly startled. I was tied up and horny as hell. My erection started to deflate.Ahhh, I thought… but, you… damn!, was all I could muster. I hadbeen kissing a guy all evening.Tonita dropped to her knees again and began another excellent blow job. She… he was one hell of a dick sucker. My cock got hard again in about a half a second. I was battling my senses. She sounded so sweet and sexy. Her nipple got hard under my fingertips. I didn’t see a cock before nor was I expecting one. My hard dick started to buzz with lust again in a matter of seconds. Somehow, I still wanted to come with this expert oral sensation that I was experiencing. Ohhh no. You cant cum until you have helped me out.Tonita produced a tube of KY jelly from beneath the couch and rubbed some onto the end of her dick and then she put some on my ass hole.No! You cant do this… I didn’t know. Agghhhh! I grimaced in slight pain as the head of this 10” cock started to disappear into my rectum. She kept stroking my cock. I thought for sure that I would loose my hard on; however, as her cock sank to the depths of my bowels, my cock got harder and began to throb even more. I had a new sensation at the tip of my cock. Once her cock was buried in my ass, she didn’t move for at least 5 seconds. I looked down at her and she smiled big. Come on baby. I thought you liked it rough. She smiled again.I ‘m gonna get loose and kick your asgsghhhhh. I yelped in pain as she began fucking her long cock in and out of my ass. Something was taking over me. A fire was burning in the head of my dick and I didn’t know what I should do. Was I starting to like this. I still wanted to cum before I got up and kicked ass. Each time she slid that long dick inside my hot ass, she slide her greased hand up the length of my own cock.I ‘m gonna fuck you until you beg me to make you cum. So, you may as well just give in now. Tonita began sliding her big cock in and out in a rhythmic pace. Each time she almost completely withdrew her cock, her hand would twist on the end of my cock. I could almost come when she did this; however, each time she felt me approaching a climax she would stop everything and squeeze the end of my cock head. After a few more minutes of the torture, I heard myself say,All right, make me cum… please god make me cum. Who was that? Was that me? She did it. I heard myself ask that very question.Not now baby. You ‘re gonna have to ask me to fuck you hard now. She retorted. She lunged deep into my bowels and I could feel her cock pulse. Yes… yesss… do it! Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum now Please. Humiliation began to overcome me. Was I becoming a queer. I know I still liked pussy. But this felt different from anything Id had ever felt.Here it cums baby. Tonita began to pound the hell out of me with her long cock. Her hand worked my dick so well, it felt like another mouth. Damn she was good. Cum splattered against my chin and neck. My body began to convulse with immense pleasure. I barely could move and yet jerked around with more strength that I thought I had. I came in gushers. Cum splatted on my stomach again and again. Tonitas hand never stopped stroking. Now its my turn baby, she said as she stood up and brought her cock near to my mouth. Her hand was stroking her own cock and I could see precum at its tip. My head had rolled back and she sat just above my chest. Again, something came over me. I found my head moving up to her long dick. I say my mouth enclose over the head of this big fuck stick.Ohhh, thats it. Thats it. Suck my little cock., she boasted.Hot jism scalded my throat. I swallowed a mouthful of the sticky goo. She pulsed again and another shot of jism filled my mouth. As I was swallowing, she shot again. Cum began to roll from the corners of my mouth. I mixed in with my own cum on my chin and neck. Another shot of jism filled my mouth again. Even more hot cum slid down the chin and onto my neck. Tonita pulled her shriveling cock from my mouth and if fell to my neck. I heard it splat into the gobs of cum that was all over my neck and chest. She milked her cock and smeared the last of the goo from her dick onto my chin. She slid her face down to the globs of cum all over me and began licking it off. She licked me from neck to nut. While she was cleaning my cock, she made it pulse with new life… but that is another story.