Big Dicks

SURFS UP MY ASS!t was the going to be the perfect day for surf fishing the forecast was for sunny skies mild temperatures and a mild breeze! I am staying at my relatives beach house for the summer kind of like a caretaker I was on break from college and this was the perfect set up for me maybe catch some fish maybe meet some girls …hey it could happen! I’m not exactly a hunk oh I’m good looking in a girly kind of way I take after my mother slender and muscular but toned muscles not the bulgy kind the chicks go for! Anyway it was the perfect day to try out my new surf pole but I have never surf fished before so the day before I had to go to the local bait & tackle and buy all the necessary things you need to surf fish…The guy behind the counter looked like he should have played with Johnny Depp in the Pirate movie that he made… he was a real old salt full of sea faring wisdom and fishing knowledge he took one look at me and knew a sucker when he saw one just about sold me half the damn store but I had everything I needed to go surf fishing even sold me a five gallon bucket just in case I caught something I was ready! I got up super early long before the sun was to rise I consulted the tide charts also the day before so I would get there around high tide when the fish usually bite I made my way to a secluded part of the beach that nobody ever goes near too many shells and stones I set up far enough away from the water so a wave wouldn’t take out my gear then I proceeded to bait my rigs there were two an upper hook and a lower I was hoping to catch two fish at once ha ha fat chance…I made my way down to the water and walked out above my knees till I felt the waves splashing my nuts then I stopped and prepared to cast out my line…well the first two tries didn’t go anywhere I kept releasing the line too soon and it shot up straight into the air good thing I was alone or it would have been embarrassing but three times a charm and I got it out there pretty far it wasn’t out there long when I felt a tug on the line then it started to streak out into the ocean I panicked and froze I didn’t expect to catch anything so soon beginners luck I guess and I didn’t notice the wave coming or the person who came up behind me the wave hit and I was lifted off my feet I thought it was the wave that picked me up but it was the stranger behind me a big arm came was around my waist holding me against him I heard him say “Now set the hook!” I raised my pole high and pulled back but not too hard like I have seen other anglers do and the hook türbanlı edirne escort set it was a big fish I saw him jump out of the water I was so excited I didn’t even notice my bathing trunks being pulled down I didn’t realize they were down until he grabbed my cock I tried to run away but I was not on the sand I was held above the bottom by the stranger then he whispered in my ear “Don’t worry k** I’m not going to hurt you we’re just going to have a little fun and your going to catch a fish I’m guessing your first right?” I nodded my head and then I felt him he was between the cheeks of my ass and he was huge I couldn’t believe in this cool water how hot and hard his cock was it felt like molten iron pulsing with a life of its own! “Now just relax and this won’t hurt too much! Don’t worry after a while it will feel good you’ll see!” I was horrified at the thought of his cock entering my ass and excited about the big fish on the end of my line! A wave came and pushed me back against him and he began to push against my asshole it began to stretch then another wave and another slowly he began to work his way inside me! “Keep your pole up now don’t lose him loosen that drag a little!” He instructed and I obeyed what else could I do that’s when I saw it coming a black wall of water real big and fast it hit me first driving me backwards onto him I felt his cock ram into me all the way and stars exploded behind my eyes I cried out and he put a big hand over my mouth “SHHHH! Baby someone might hear us!” His hand then began to stroke my cock and even in the cool water I got hard! A young cock has no conscience it only wants to cum and it felt really good to have someone other than myself jerking me off as wave after wave hit us I was driven back and forth on his big dick it was like the ocean was fucking me and I was still fighting this huge fish which had the pole bent pretty good and he was right after awhile the pain subsided and all I felt was him inside me deep and hot his one hand stroking me while the other felt my body rubbing all over my belly feeling up my chest squeezing my nipples I more than a little liked that then his lips were on my neck kissing and sucking and I found that I liked that too and felt myself relaxing against him letting my body mold to his it was nice and felt good but then I felt a strange sensation things were touching my feet and legs I looked down and we were in a giant school of peanut bunker which are baby mullet and they swam through us türbanlı edirne escort bayan like we belonged there it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen I let my legs come up and watched them swim over my toes which I wiggled at them and then they were gone just like that and I was left in awe but then my fish jumped again and I came back to reality he was about fifty yards out now and coming in with each turn of the reel then I heard as his lips kissed my ear “I’m going to make you cum and then I’m going to cum and then your going to land this fish okay?” “Okay!” I said wanting to cum it would be my first time cumming in the ocean and I wanted to do it so he pulled me back with him into shallower water and I watched his hand begin to beat me off and it wasn’t long before I came I watched it arc out over the waves landing in the sea to float gently in the coming wave then it washed over both of us and I pictured my little sperms swimming to shore it made me laugh! Then it was his turn and as I bounced up and down on his cock always keeping my rod tip high I felt his hand and it was covered with my cum grab my nipple and I moaned as he squeezed it hard then his breath got quick he drove his cock into me fast and hard it was like I was on a pogo stick bouncing up and down I was making noises too “UHH UHH UHH OHH OHH OHH!” then he buried his face in the side of my neck and came inside me with this long groan then he bit my earlobe but not hard I liked it… I felt it gushing and splashing into me and he turned my face with his cum covered hand and kissed me and to my surprise I kissed him back even gave him some tongue which surprised him but he liked it and gave me back the same and as his orgasm subsided we stood there for a minute with the sea moving past us and it felt really nice!The sun was coming up on the horizon casting a warm glow across the water it seemed to come in a line right to us like a golden road to heaven and we stood there basking in its peaceful glorious light then he wrapped his arms around me kissed me softly and slid out of me…suddenly I felt empty like I was hollow inside I wanted him to put it back inside me to fill that void that he had left but with the sun would come the people walking the beach and riding their boats and jet skis all over and it wouldn’t do to have them see us naked and fucking in the surf who needs that kind of drama! “My names Jimmy! Going fishing tomorrow?” he asked I turned and looked at him he was tall very türbanlı escort edirne muscular and very good looking I guessed about ten years older than me! “I’ll be here! My names Timmy!” He smiled “Jimmy and Timmy! I like that!” It was my turn to smile “Me too!” He guided me through landing that fish and what a fish it was! More than three feet long and really thick we unhooked him and got him into my bucket Jim said he had to run but would see me tomorrow I waved goodbye then turned back to look at the sea it was then I realized that I was still naked and that my swim trunks were washing around in the surf I went over to pick them up and when I bent over a load of cum came gushing out of my ass running down my legs in thick ropy strands I couldn’t put my trunks on like that so I waded out into the surf to wash off and as I was washing out my trunks and letting the surf clean the cum off me I noticed that I felt cool inside like water was washing in and out of me then I realized that his cock had left me so wide open that I was sucking sea water into my ass so I took a moment to turn around and I let the waves wash into me scouring my insides clean with the salt water then I put back on my trunks and took my pole and my pail and tackle box and walked back to my place! I didn’t know how to clean the fish so I just wrapped it in cellophane and put it in the fridge I would figure out what to do with it later! I thought about Jimmy the rest of the day… what did it mean that I liked what we did together? Was I gay? I didn’t think so maybe bisexual I still liked girls…I went online and explored being bisexual for awhile it seems that a lot of people are so its not a bad thing really! I slept that night and dreamed about my surf fishing experience I awoke with an erection that only masturbating would make go away…then I showered and got all my stuff and went to the beach! It was still kind of dark when I cast my line much better this time into the sea I stood there waist deep in the surf again watching my line for any telltale signs of a fish biting and then I heard a splash behind me and then I felt an arm snake around my waist I turned my head and my lips found his “Morning Jimmy!” “Morning Timmy!” I reached back and felt his cock through his trunks it was hard like I knew it would be then I pulled down my trunks and said “What do you know about cleaning fish? Then the wave came and we were connected again and his cock felt great inside me I put my head back and he kissed my neck again “Only everything baby I’ll teach you later right now you have a fish on!” I thought he was joking but there was my line again streaking for the horizon! “Here we go again!” I said as wave after wave crashed into us… we had plenty of time today I had gotten there extra early…”Fish on! “ I said setting the hook…and off we went…it was going to be a great summer! I just love to fish don’t you?