Jon came down the stairs and saw his stepmom, Brittney, cooking breakfast. She is wearing shorts that are too small, and the lower part of her ass hangs out from the bottom. Her breasts are popping out of the top and sides of a white tank top that was skintight. Jon always enjoyed seeing Brittney this way, even though she was the woman who raised him. Jon could admire what a beautiful woman Brittney was. On occasion, as Jon got older, he even started to notice when Brittney would flirt with him. Nothing too graphic but just a wink or a comment here and there. Enough for Jon to have a crush on his stepmom. Jon walked over to the table and sat down next to his father. He turned the pages of his paper and took a sip of his coffee. Jon pulled his seat up to the table.

“Did you sleep well, baby?” asked Brittney, as her firm ass was shaking back and forth from stirring the pancake batter in a bowl.

“I slept great, mom.” Said Jon.

“Well, good, I’ll have your breakfast out really quick, baby, just a few more minutes.” Brittney smiled at Jon, turned towards the stove, and continued cooking.

“Any plans tonight?” Jon’s father asked without looking up from his newspaper.

“Yes, some friends and I are going out to celebrate my birthday to some bars, nothing crazy.”

His father finally put down his paper and looked at Jon. “I know today is your 21st birthday.” Then, he said in a whisper, “But please promise me that if you go to any gentlemen clubs, you will stay away from the one in midtown by the mall.”

Jon sat there for a second, puzzled at the strange request his father had just asked him. After a while, his father picked up his paper and said, “Just promise me.” Jon nodded his head and said, “oaky.” Brittney came to the table and put the food down. As she leaned over to put Jon’s plate down, he saw down her shirt. Under her shirt with no braw was Jon’s stepmom’s perfect set of tits. They were big and smooth, and as Jon looked, he could see her nipples getting hard. Brittney let out a lough and startled Jon. Looking up at her, he knew that she had caught him staring down her breasts. Brittney smiled, gave Jon a flirtatious wink, and sat at the table. The three of them ate their breakfast.

Later that night, sitting at the bar with his friends, Jon couldn’t help but think of Brittney in her skimpy outfit. ‘Was she doing it on purpose? Did his dad know what she was doing? Did he care?’ Just then, one of the guys spoke up, “Jon, let’s go have some real fun!”

“I’m down, Brian; what do you have in mind?”

“I say enough with the bars and let go get some tits rubbed in our faces!” Said Brian as everyone laughed and cheered in agreement. “Okay,” Jon said, “let’s do it.” Everyone slammed their drinks down and headed to the new spot. As the uber drove, Jon noticed that they were directed towards the mall. Once he looked up, he realized they were in midtown and was headed right to the club his father had asked him not to go to. Jon’s heart began to race as he could not figure out why his father wanted him to stay away from this place.

As the guys made their way to a table by the main stage, the DJ called the next girl to come up. A woman walked her way to the pole. Jon’s friends began to shout and cheer as she began to do her routine. From all the noise Jon and his friends were making, the woman finally looked over to the group of young men out of curiosity. Jon looked on in total disbelief. Now he knew why his father had told him not to come to this club. The woman on stage stripping and pole dancing for Jon and his group of friends was his mother.

Jon could not understand what he was looking at. His birth mother, the woman he had known but was never very close, was an exotic dancer, and here tonight, in nothing but a bra and thong and high heels, was putting on a show. Brittney, his stepmom, was the one who raised him. Arlette, his birthmother, was around but was never close. He never had a problem with calling both women ‘mom.’ He had even gone over to his birthmother’s apartment a couple of times, but he never really knew what she did for work. But now he saw why; it all made sense. Why Jon’s parents kept him away from her, why they mostly talked on the phone. As Jon was coming to that realization, another hit him as well. ‘What if his mom recognized him?’ Right as that thought crossed his mind, his mother made eye contact with him.

Without missing a beat, his mother continued to dance. First, she threw off her bra, exposing some of the best pair of tits Jon had ever seen. The table erupted in cheers. Next, Jon’s mother turned and slowly began to drop her thong. Once it was off, she spread her ass cheeks as she leaned forward to show the guys her pussy and asshole. Jon could feel his cock grow and press up against his pants. Jon’s friends began to walk towards the stage, throwing money at his mom. She began to crawl around while stuffing their faces in her breasts and ass. Occasionally, she would look over at Jon and smile. She had to know it was him.

Once the tuzla escort song was over, one of the guys in the group asked his mom if she would come by the table. She agreed and began to get dressed while collecting her cash on the stage.

“Goddamn, she looks just like Lisa Ann!” Brian exclaimed as he sat back in his seat. As the dancer, who looked like the porn star, walked toward the table, she and Jon made eye contact, and she sat right on his lap. Jon’s friends stared in amazement.

“Why don’t you come with me?” his mom said as she grabbed his hand. She led him away from the table as all the guys cheered. Once outside, she turned to face Jon with a big smile.

“Oh my god, Jon! How are you?” she asked while giving Jon a deep hard hug. “I was wondering if I was going to see you tonight; I remembered it was your birthday. I was going to call you tomorrow. But, oh my god, I am so happy you are here!”

“Yes, hi Arlette, I have to say this is a bit of a surprise that you are here. I guess I never thought I would see you like that.”

“Oh, come on now, it’s no big deal, you have seen other naked women, plus if I had stopped, everyone would have known something was wrong. So instead, I made sure to give you a show.” She said matter of factly as she lit a cigarette.

“Well, Arlette, I’m not going to lie, I did enjoy it.” she passed her cigarette to him, and he could taste her on it. “Oh, you did?” she asked with a smile. “Well, then I think I know what to get you for your birthday. Go to the bar, order whatever you want, and I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay, I’ll see you out there.” Said Jon with a big grin on his face.

Waiting for his dink, Jon couldn’t help but wonder what Arlette, his mom, had in store for him. Soon after, she approached him with a young woman. “This is Kristina.” His mom said, yelling over the music.

“Hi, nice to meet you!”

“You too,” Kristina said with a smile. The bartender then puts Jon’s drink down, and he picks it up, taking a sip. “Okay, then,” his mom said, “I think we are ready.”

Arlette grabbed Jon by the arm and led him to the club’s back while also pulling Kristina. They enter through a door that says, ‘Private Room,’ and all three make their way to the back of the room. In the back is a small chair, and Arlette pushes Jon down onto the chair, and Kristina sits on his lap. Kristina pulls Jon’s head close to her face and shoves her tongue in Jon’s mouth.

Kristina is about Jon’s age with double D’s breasts and a tremendous ass with shoulder-length brown hair and a cute face. She grabs Jon’s hands and puts one on her big tit and the other wrapped around her waist. She then moves her hands around Jon’s head to pull him closer as they continue to make out. When Kristina finally pulls away, Jon can see his mom standing there in nothing but her thong and high heels. Kristina stands and begins to remove her top showing a laced bra. She then drops her shorts, exposing her thong, and dances for Jon.

“Do you like her, baby?” Arlette asked as she began to rub her hands all over Kristina. “Yes, Arlette, she is perfect.”

Kristina then turns and begins to suck on Arlette’s nipple. Arlette tilts her head up with her eyes closed and lets out a breath that you knew meant she was enjoying it. Kristina released from her tit and shoved her tongue deep in the MILF’s mouth. The wet smacking as their lips separated after every kiss only turned Jon on more. He could tell his precum was dripping down his legs. Kristina broke their long passionate kiss and again looked at Jon. She removed her bra and threw it to the floor. Arlette made her way to the chair Jon was sitting on and began to pull up his shirt. Kristina moved forward and dropped to her knees. Undoing Jon’s pants, Kristina pulled down his boxers. Jon’s hard cock popped up, showing itself to everyone in the room. As Kristina took his cock in her hands, Arlette leaned down and whispered into Jon’s ear, “Happy Birthday, baby.” Kristina spits on Jon’s cock while stroking it with her hand. Arlette, sitting on the chair’s arm, was rubbing Jon’s chest. Kristina rubbed Jon’s cock up and down starting out slow but picked up the pace as she went along. Jon moaned with pleasure, and he thought he could hear Arlette as well in his moan. Jon looked up and saw Arlette with her other hand down her thong, fingering herself.

Jon turned back to Kristina, now fully jerking him off. Kristina leaned forward and shoved Jon’s cock in her mouth with complete eye contact. Arlette moaned ever louder. Giving out a small “Yes” as she stuck one of her fingers into Jon’s mouth. Jon sucked on his mom’s finger as he moaned in pleasure. It had been a while since Jon had his cock sucked, and Kristian was no amateur. Jon could feel her spit dripping down his balls. Her head and hand moved in unison up and down his cock. Still sucking on Arlette’s finger, Jon moved one hand to the back of Kristina’s head and laid the other on his mom’s thigh.

Jon was getting to the edge of his climax. Kristina popped his dick out pendik escort of her mouth and stood up. Arlette removed her finer from her son’s mouth and looked outside to ensure no one was coming. When she turned and nodded at Kristina, she turned around, showing her ass to Jon, and dropped her thong. Bending over and shoving her snatch in Jon’s face, he could smell her and licked her cunt. Kristina moved closed and slowly lowered herself onto Jon’s cock. He let out another moan as he could not believe how wet she felt on his penis. Kristina slowly moved her hips back and forth, building up speed until she was fully fucking Jon. Jon grabbed her ass and moved with her, jumping up and down fucking his massive cock. Her ass slapped every time it hit Jon’s lap. Her pussy was wet and tight, and Jon was in ecstasy. Jon turned to his mom and said, “Fuck, she feels so good.” Arlette pressed her forehead up against Jon’s and, in a slutty voice, said, “You like that baby? You like her fucking you? Does her wet pussy feel good on your big cock? Yeah, baby, why don’t you cum? Cum inside her. Cum in her pussy, baby!”

Jon grabbed Kristina by the hips and slammed her down on his cock repeatedly. She leaned back and put her hands on his chest as she sped up the fucking. Her head tilted up as she screamed in pleasure. Arlette fingers her pussy harder, matching Jon’s moans. Jon could feel his balls growing tighter as his toes stretched out. “I’m cumming; I’m about to cum!” Jon yells. Jon shot his semen into Kristina’s cunt. Arlette screams from her orgasm while pressing her face against Jon’s, feeling her warm breath. Jon finished cumming into Kristina, slowing her rhythm to almost a stop. Jon rubs his head on Arlette’s as he tries to calm down from his orgasm. When Kristina finally steps up, globs of cum drip from her pussy onto Jon’s stomach right above his dick. Arlette sees the cum and wipes it away. Her hand felt smooth and warm on Jon’s body. Kristina finished dressing and kissed Jon one more time before leaving. Once she was gone, Arlette kissed Jon on the mouth, no tongue but a passionate kiss non the less.

“How about I take you to go get something to eat?” asked Arlette. Jon watched his mom dress as she turned and looked at him. Then, he realized he was still sitting there with his cock out, still half hard.

“Oh my god, baby!” Arlette squealed as she pointed at Jon’s dick, “You are a bull! Well, I am sorry to say that was it, for now.” She winked at Jon. He stood up and pulled his pants up, fixing his huge cock to fit inside comfortably.

“I’m going to get dressed, and I’ll meet you outside; we can take my car, and we can go eat.” Said Arlette.

“Okay, mom. That sounds good.” Jon said with a smile. He had hoped that there would be more. Jon was incredibly turned on after fucking a stripper in the club right next to his mom. He wondered if he would be able to do that again. Or if Jon could get his mom to join in. He couldn’t believe what he was thinking. But Jon wanted to fuck his own mom at that moment. Arlette moved closer to Jon and gave him a big, long kiss. Again, no tongue but still not the kind of kiss a mother and son should share.

As Jon waited in the parking lot for his mom, he checked his phone. There mainly were texts from his friends saying they were leaving and to enjoy himself. A few happy birthdays from other family members and coworkers, but one text stood out. It was from Brittney. Jon opened the message and saw a picture she had sent of her lying in bed in what looked like lingerie and her breasts popping out. The text read, “have a great night, my love. Be safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow!” followed by a kiss emoji. Jon couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. First, his mom, now his stepmom was coming on to him.

Arlette came out wearing a tank top with some jeans and heels. Jon thought what a difference from when she was working. They jumped in her car, and Arlette pulled out two cigarettes and passed one to her son. She lowered the window and lit the cigarette, then gave the light to Jon. “Nothing like a smoke after a good fuck, right baby? Arlette asked.

Jon puffed on his cigarette, “Oh, yeah, for sure, mom, but you know I was kind of hoping that later you and I….”

“No, no, no Jon, I’m sorry we can’t cross that line. Understand me; watching you fuck Kristina was a huge turn-on, trust me. I will be masturbating to the thought of it. But you and I can never fuck like that, son. It would be wrong.”

“Yeah, you right, that was a silly thing of me to think,” Jon said. Arlette looked at him and said, “Hey, come on now, we can always do that again. I want to watch you fuck more girls. Would you like that? Fucking some whore while mommy watches? Then once you have, mommy can fuck those whores.” Jon could feel his erection growing.

“I would love to fuck girls with you, mommy!”

They pulled into the lot of an all-night diner and got out of the car. Jon threw his cigarette down and stepped on it. Arlette walked over to him, gave him another passionate aydınlı escort kiss, and said, “Good because I want to fuck so many girls with you. And who knows, maybe another guy or two.” Arlette laughed and walked towards the door of the restaurant.

Sitting inside, they both ate their food. Both ordered coffee with a plate of ham and eggs. After the fucking Jon had he needed the fuel. As he ate, he couldn’t take his eyes away from his mother’s breasts. 38 D breasts. 20-inch waist, 5’2″. Blue eyes, dark brown hair, and just 38 years old, Arlette was one the most beautiful woman Jon had ever seen. The only other woman, he thought, that even came close was Brittney. If Arlette resembled Lisa Ann, then Brittney could pass as Kendra Lust. A bit older than his birth mom Brittney was 42, but after all the years of working out still looked good. She was taller, standing in at 5′ 5″, 121lbs, brown eyes with light brown hair. Her breasts are still prominent but smaller than Arlette’s at 33C.

“Ummm, stare harder, Jon.”

“I’m sorry, mom, it’s just been a crazy night with you and the club and Brittney.”

“And Brittney?” Asked Arlette.

“Yeah, she has been acting weird lately. Like flirting with me and being extra nice and walking around the house dressed super skimpy. I mean, look at this text she sent me.” Jon showed Arlette the picture of his stepmom. Looking at it for a bit, Arlette finally looked up.

“I think she wants to fuck you. That is not surprising, though. She was always a bit of a slut.”

“What does that mean? How would you know Brittney was a slut?” Asked Jon.

“Because she used to work at the club with me. And she and your father have had me over for private shows. So, she and I would gang up on your dad, and let me tell you that man knew how to make a woman cum.”

“Is… is that how you had me?” Jon asked with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

“Yes, it was before your mom and dad married. Brittney and I would do these private shows, and one day your father hired us. So, 9 months later, here you were. We tried to make it work initially, but the truth is your dad wanted Brittney, and so she did your dad. Brittney and I had discussed it, and I knew that she would love you like if you were her own. And so, after you were born, they married, and Brittney adopted you. But please, Jon., you must know that I never stopped loving you. I was always your mom. I made sure everyone knew that, especially you. So yes, Brittney raised you, and she is your mom, but I am too.”

Jon looked at Arlette for a bit and thought about how his mom was always around, and though he did not have a memory without Brittney, he had always known that she was his stepmom. He had grown used to calling them both mom and sometimes by their names. He had felt close to both but also like there was a bit of distance. Maybe sleeping with Brittney would close that distance. He already felt closer to Arlette, having fucked a stripper in front of her while she pleased herself naked.

“I love you, Mom,” Jon said.

“I love you too, Jon. Let’s go to my apartment; I have some vodka we can drink and continue your birthday celebration.”

Jon sat on the couch with the drink Arlette had made him in her apartment. Sitting there, he realized that he had never really been there before. He had been to her building but never inside. Finally, Arlette walked to the back room, “I’m going to get comfortable ill to be right back; make yourself at home.”

Jon kicked his boots off and took another sip of his drink. Arlette came back in with nothing on but her thong. She walked over to Jon, sat on his lap, grabbed his head, and kissed him. Her lips were warm and wet, and Jon could feel her naked breasts push up against him. When she broke, she took Jon’s drink and took a sip before putting it down on the corner table. His mom lifted Jon’s arms up, moved her hands under his shirt, and tore it off over his head. She pulled him in again with both bare chests touching. However, Jon tasted his mother’s tongue as she shoved it into his mouth. She tasted wonderful, Jon thought; she was warm and wet and smooth. And the two of them, mother, and son, naked, were full-on making out. Arlette would suck on Jon’s tongue and bite his lip. The apartment grew louder as their wet kissing filled the room. Arlette’s moaning grew louder as she began to dry hump. Jon’s hands moved up and down his mother’s back as he massaged her. Touching and grabbing her all over, Jon matched her movement and humped his mom as she grinded on him. Faster and faster, Arlette rubbed her pussy against Jon’s thighs. Finally, Arlette pushed Jon away, pressing him down against the couch. With her head tilted up, looking towards the ceiling, Arlette let out a scream.

“Oh yes! Yes! Fuck yes, baby! Make mommy cum! Mommy’s about to cum! Don’t stop! Fuck! Yes baby, yes baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Aaahhhhh!” Arlette’s body shook as the orgasm took over. Her whole body became tense and shaking. Once she was done, she leaned forward and laid her forehead onto Jon’s, breathing heavily as she rubbed his arms. She finally got up and stood in front of Jon. Looking at him intensely, she dropped her soaking wet thong to the floor and got on her knees in front of her son.