Stranger in the barHey Phil. As I mentioned we have had several adventures that are worth telling about. I’m glad you’re all ears because I have absolutely no one else in the whole world I could tell about our nasty fun and sometimes you just gotta tell someone. This session is about a trip to Patrick’s in the Gaslamp district of SD. It’s really not that big of a deal, but it was really exciting for us.We got a room and went to Patrick’s to listen to some music and be ready for anything interesting to happen. We have a pre-arranged plan to play with strangers that we both agree on. We have signals for approval which consist of knowing looks and probably some sort of mental connection. It might just be a nod, smile, verbal, or whatever. Anyways we were having a good time in the crowded bar listening and dancing to a good blues band. We were observing people and looking for anyone who might be a prospect for some fun.I should mention that L was wearing a metalic gold dress and of course it was way too short. Under the dress, nothing but thigh high stockings with a pair of come fuck me high heels. The dress was opaque, but with a good back light it became a little see thru. She looked very sexy. She was getting plenty of looks, so I think others appreciated her outfit. We were at the end of the bar, next to the dance floor, with my wife on a bar stool and me standing by her. The place was packed and a lot of folks could only find standing room, with no place to set their drinks down. A very handsome older man came up to us and asked if he could set his drink on the bar where we were positioned. Always looking for freinds to entertain, we said yes. As the two of us were standing there with my wife seated on the bar stool, we struck up a casual conversation. My wife had her back to the bar and we were standing on each side of her facing the bar as we conversed. He excused himself to go to the men’s room and while he was gone, I told her he looked like a good playmate. She told me he was very handsome and had a good personality. He was about six feet tall and slim, with a very good build. He had silver hair and was clean shaven. By his clothing and jewlry it bahis firmaları looked like he had some bucks.While he was gone I suggested that she should let him get little peeks of her pussy, but to make it look like it was unintentional. I told her to be slightly flirtatious and if he asked her to dance that she should get as nasty as she wanted. By now she was buzzed enough to forget about inhabitions. As I suspected, when you are friendly and show no signs jealousy in a bar, eventially someone will ask your girl to dance. I watched him as I acted unaware and could see he kept looking down at her legs when he thought I wasn’t looking. He was taking the bait. He was wearing a white long sleave shirt, loose fitting dress slacks, and his excitement was already beginng to show in his trousers.They hit the dance floor, and right away she started her little game. She made eye contact with him, with a seductive smile and kept him locked in her gaze. Her dancing seemed like foreplay and he was digging it. She would would wiggle her hips with her hands above her head, move in close to him, grab his waist and press her stuff against himd. Her goal was to give him a rock hard boner. I think she was making him a little nervous because even though he was enjoying her performance he kept glancing in my direction. By now I had taken the bar stool and just looked around at the crowd pretending like I had no interest in what they were up to. Little by little he maneuved her to the other side of the dance floor. The dance floor was jam packed, and I was pretending like I had no interest, but I could still see what was going on. I was getting pretty excited watching them and was really looking forward to getting her back to our room. It always turns me on to see her with someone else. I guess it’s the voyeur in me.They danced to a couple fast tunes and then the band slowed it down. They switched to some hard sexy blues numbers simular to “Red House”. Now they were dancing with their bodies pressed tight together. I could tell she was pressing and rubbing her hot pussy to his cock. I know how this feels because she does this to me. He had his arms completely around canlı bahis her stealing little feels of her ass, all the while I’m pretending not to notice, but believe me I wasn’t missing a thing. His little feels started down low and I could tell as he bought his hands up, he was actually under her dress, feeling bare ass. In those loose fitting slacks, his hard cock was prettty noticeable. I saw her reach down and grasp his cock through his pants. I was hoping no one else noticed and it seemed like I was the only one paying attention. She would sneak little grabs of his cock and then grind her pussy on it. As they were pressed together I saw her take his hand and direct it to her pussy. He seemed a little aprehensive at first, but soon got into it. She was at the point now where it looked like she didn’t care if anyone saw what he was doing. The song ended and she kissed him on the mouth. She lingured there for a moment and I could see their tongues moving together.The band went into another slow jam and they continued their union. It was like the kiss was part of a half time show. It didn’t take but a moment for them to get back to where they were. Right away she pressed to him and directed his hand to her pussy. In the previous dance, it looked like he wasn’t going to far, but now I could tell by his posture that one shoulder was slightly lower and his finger was inside of her. I could also tell by the look on her face that she was in the middle of a sex act. Her head was back and her eyes kept closing in ecstasy. Now she was wantonly bucking against his probing fingers. She seemed to be sliding on his fingers to the beat of the music. I’ve seen the look on her face so many times that I knew she was going to get off soon. He was banging her pussy and nervously looking around making sure no one saw. The dance floor was prtty crowded and I was sure they were safe from prying eyes, other than mine of course. I was only getting short peaks and I was trying to wattch their passion. As I was watching them through a partial clear view, I saw her tense up and pull him tight to her body, and I knew this was the exact moment. She had her eyes closed and shuddered bahis siteleri for a moment, then relaxed and smiled at him. I think this was a first for him as he looked kind of surprised but really happy. I saw him quickly wipe his hand on his slacks and I knew he made her squirt when she came. They kissed again and worked their way back to the bar. I gave her my seat and she gave me a secret look letting me know the mission accomplished. She didn’t have to confirm because I saw enough bits and pieces to know, plus I could see the aftermath of a righteous squirt that had dripped down her legs. I gave her a little signal and she casually started to rub her legs in an attempt to hide the evidence. He kept staring in her eyes and smiling like they shared a secret. I acted oblivious. I love that game. I was obvious that the poor guy didn’t get off himself as his pants were dry. He still had a pretty good boner going.Now it was desparation time and he invited us to his room for some after hour drinks. He really wanted to fuck her. He said he had a big suite and would love it if we would join him. He said it’s not often that you meet people that you are instantly drawn to. I’m sure it wasn’t me he was drawn to. Ha ha. We told him we had an late teen k** back at the room and we needed to get back. We like to talk about our encounters and fuck each others brains out. She told me later that he was a good kisser and he knew how to handle a burning hot pussy. She said she had an earth shattering orgasm that soaked his hand. She said getting fingered on a crowded dance floor by a total stranger made it one of the best bangings she ever had. I laughed and said that’s what you say every time there’s a total stranger involved. I am always amazed at her lack of inhabition once someone touched her pussy. I think anyone who can get away with touching her pussy for about five seconds can captivate her, kind of like rubbbing an a****ls stomach and hypnotizing it. This even works if she touches her pussy. Once she starts, will masturbate right in front of a complete stranger.Well thanks for listening. I’m sorry this was so lengthy but I always relive the adventure when I tell you about it. Little scenes come into my head and I have to relate them. As I said, we’ve been active and have more adventures if you would like to hear about them. We had some fun in a Bishop motel and a weird adve