Strange Encounter on the Flight HomeThe flight back to Denver was normally a rather boring one. This was getting old, flying from New York to Denver every Friday night just to listen to a wife that was complaining that I was never there, but never complained when she saw the check. She had spent more money in the past 5 months since I took this position than she had in the 2 years we had been married. I tried to tell myself that it was because I was out of town and she was trying to make things nice for me. But for the life of me I couldn’t tell where the money was going. I saw no new furniture, the k**s didn’t have new toys, and there was barely anything in the account. What was going on, where was the money going? I could not help but wonder if perhaps she had a gambling problem, or perhaps worse, a d**g problem. That was it I was going to settle this problem once and for all when I got home tonight. I had only agreed to this job because I knew I could make the money, pay the bills off and move the entire family out to New York, yet this morning when I looked into the balance of the checking account, once again we were overdrawn. It had to stop and it had to stop now.Thoroughly annoyed already, I treated myself to a few drinks at the Airport Lounge, no we couldn’t afford it after what I saw this morning, but what the hell, it was time for me to have a little fun with the money that I had earned. By the time we boarded the plane, I was a little more than relaxed physically, but still madder than hell mentally. How was I going to handle this, I kept running different scenario’s through my head when suddenly I stopped thinking about the problems at home and couldn’t help but think about that luscious woman sitting just across the aisle from me. I hadn’t noticed her before, as she was covered in a blanket, apparently sleeping, but now she had turned around and I could see her beauty. Laying there with her arm down beside the seat, her blouse partially opened, I could see most of her left breast as it was ready hiltonbet giriş to fall from the restraints of that silky black blouse. I just noticed that her left hand was inserted below the waistband of her skirt. Now I could see her lips pursed and I could hear a soft moan coming from her lovely lips. Instantly a life force returned to my pants that had been missing for 5 months, the last time I was able to be intimate with my wife. The erection grew to a noticeable size and felt like it was about to leap from my crotch. Geez, I had not felt such lust since high school, and it took all the control I had to keep me from jumping from my seat and ravishing that fine body of hers. I don’t know if it was the frustration of failing finances, the drinks from before, or just the pure adrenaline watching her. Asking the stewardess for a few more drinks and receiving them only after slipping her an extra $50.00 I finally gathered the inner strength to cross the aisle. Sitting in the vacant seat next to her, I could smell the sex that was wafting from her skirt; she was obviously pleasuring herself before she passed out. As I caught my eyes wandering down her breasts to her skirt, her hand which I had gently moved fell into my lap. As pleased as I was, I was also getting nervous now. What if she woke up, what if she screamed, what if…oh the hell with the what if’s I will simply sit here and enjoy it while it last. Pulling the blanket over us both as to not draw attention, I reached down and unzipped my pants, allowing my cock to spring forth, landing into her hand. I lifted my hands back above the blanket so as to look innocent, which I was far from. Tilting the seat back, and lowering the food tray to hide my erection, I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a soft grip around my cock, I was even more pleased when I felt her begin to stroke my cock with her petite hands. Closing my eyes as if sleeping, I could feel her lift my arm around her head so that my left hand resting on her breast, hiltonbet yeni giriş feeling her hard nipple under my finger. Anyone walking by would have simply seen what appeared to have been a married couple napping on a flight home, or perhaps a vacation somewhere, no one would have guessed that these two strangers were partaking in this adulteress act. Still feigning sleep, I tried to pull my lovers head closer to my lap.There was resistance, thinking that I was not going to ruin this good thing I stopped. To my dismay, she removed her hand from my hard cock and rolled over to her left side. What an idiot, here I was getting a wonderful hand job and I had to fuck it up. As I was beating myself up mentally, I felt her hand reach behind her, and pull me towards her, trying to roll me onto her. Gently rolling to her left, my cock rubbed against her silky skirt, oh the touch almost made me lose it. I felt her hand grab me again, and again she was stroking my cock, I realized that she simply wanted to be a bit more discreet. How relieved I was to know that I was going to be treated to this hot stranger get me off. I never would have dreamed what happened next. She slid her skirt up, and I felt her pull my cock against her ass cheeks. Oh my god, could this be happening to me? When I felt her slide up and the head of my cock touched the puffy lips of her pussy, I knew I was in heaven. She guided my cock into that tight pussy; it was so hot and tight. My cock slid into that velvety hole with such ease, being sucked in as she tightened the muscles, drawing me in tightly. My hand slid under the blanket gripping her hips. Sliding into her and then withdrawing, with the long gentle strokes, I could feel her tighten up around me, she pulled my free hand to her mouth and began suckling my fingers as if she were licking my cock, I could tell she was stifling the moans as she began to orgasm, her teeth clenching on my fingers, the pain was well worth the pleasure she was giving me, I hiltonbet güvenilirmi could feel my own orgasm building inside of me. At this moment, after it was far too late, I was feeling a twinge of guilt about what I was doing, yet I could contain myself no longer as I began to spew my load of thick cum into her tight pussy, holding her tight against me, we both laid there feeling our bodies shutter as we heard the Captain speak overhead “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching the airport in Denver, please return your seats and tray tables to upright positions and ensure your seat buckles are securely fastened. Thank you for flying with us today, and we hope you enjoyed your flight.” If he only knew how enjoying it was.I leaned into her and started to ask her name, when her finger, still moist from her own juices, came to my lips…She simply said “shhhh….not to worry, return to your seat” Pulling my now spent cock back into my pants, and composing myself, I returned to my seat and buckled up. Trying to gather my thoughts about what had just happened, I tried to keep in mind that it was something that would never happen again, hell we would never see each other again. When the plane landed, she quickly gathered her bags and left the plane, I reserved myself that I had received a special treat and that I should not even consider chasing her, my wife and k**s would be waiting at the gate, so its best I just forget about her and continue with my life. I still had other problems to deal with, this would just add to the fire.Composing myself, putting her out of my mind I thought to myself that at least I got some tonight; I wouldn’t have to worry about the wife’s constant teasing but no treating.As I walked through the busy terminal, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I looked beside my wife, and there was this luscious stranger speaking to my wife. “Johnny,” she said innocently, “meet Lisa, she and I went to college back in Maine. I hope you don’t mind, but she is going to stay with us for a few weeks.” Normally this is just one of the things that would set me off, but in this case I gathered the straightest face I could muster and reached my hand out, “Glad to meet you Lisa. It will be a pleasure to have you in our home.” Winking, Lisa said “I am sure the pleasure was, um, will be all mine.”