STORMY NIGHTS PART 1All day all I could think about was going to Rachel’s house after school. Its sixth period now and I couldn’t tell you what any teacher has said in the previous five classes. Rachel sits in front of me in first period Calculus. This morning after class she asked if I could come over to her house after school and help her with her Calculus homework. I’m taking Calc as a freshman and it was one of my strong classes. It definitely was not one of Rachel’s. A major test was coming up and she said she had to get her grade up.Rachel’s hot. She’s a sophomore, a year older than me, an older woman, and really built. She was one of the most popular girls in her class. Marty, my best friend kept telling me all through lunch I was going to get lucky tonight. I really hoped so but I doubted it. I’ve never even seen a naked girl, much less touched one; the Internet doesn’t count.I’m f******n and so far I have not even been out on a date; neither have my sisters. I mean a one-on-one date. All of us have gone to movies or parties as a group but that doesn’t count as a date. Ari’s two years older than me and she is even more of a bookworm than I am. Cecilia, or Cissy, my youngest sister is thirteen. My parents really stress studying. Mom’s a doctor and Dad’s an engineer and they really push us in school. We’re all good students, straight A’s, well maybe Cissy got a B somewhere. She can be a pill sometimes. She can do no wrong in Mom and Dad’s eyes and she takes advantage of it most of the time. She can be a brat but I guess she’s okay for a sister.Mom and Dad really restrict us, no dates until we are s*******n. I don’t know where they made up that rule but they’ve really stuck to it. It’s probably one of those ‘Do as we say, not as we did’. Because of that none of the three of us has much of a social life. We hang with friends sometimes; go to movies, but no dating. I play football and baseball at school but Ari pretty much studies all the time. She has a circle of friends that are as nerdy as she is. Cissy runs around a bit more but still spends almost as much time studying as Ari and I do. Once sixth period finished I hurried to the locker room to change for football practice, like hurrying would make practice go by quicker. At six-two and one eighty as a freshman I should have been on the line. But I was lucky; I had speed. That let me be a tight end, which was fun. You could do some blocking, knock some guys on their ass and get to handle the ball sometimes. Unfortunately during this practice my mind was more on Rachel’s chest and not on my assignments; I got pounded pretty well a couple of times because I was not concentrating on football. Fortunately there was no lasting damage other than getting yelled at by the coach.On my way home after practice I thought maybe if tonight goes well I’ll ask Rachel if she wants to go to the varsity football game with me and, maybe the dance afterward. Crap, I don’t know how to dance. Doesn’t matter, I thought, I won’t get up the nerve to ask her anyway. She’s a sophomore and I’m a freshman, plus she hangs with the cool crowd.I got home around 6:30. I hurried in to take a shower and leave for Rachel’s. As I passed Ari’s bedroom I saw her at her desk studying as usual. I didn’t see our parents on my way in so I poked my head in and asked, “Where are Mom and Dad”?Without looking up from her book Ari answered, “They’re both at a fundraiser at the hospital. They won’t be home until late and Cissy is staying over with a friend”. That’s good I thought. I won’t be bugged about doing homework or grilled about who Rachel is. I quickly showered, put on some shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my books and stopped by Ari’s bedroom again. “I’ll be back later”. Then I had to add, just because I thought it was so cool, “I’m going over to help Rachel with Calc”.That got Ari’s attention and she turned around. “Rachel Thompson? She wants you to help her study”?“Yeh, I think she’s failing and needs help to get her grade up”.Ari turned back to her studying but I heard her mutter, “I bet that’s not the only thing she’s going to get up”.I didn’t say anything. No use getting her started. She was just jealous I was seeing someone and she wasn’t. Well, maybe not seeing someone but at least I was out of the house and had a chance. Rachel lived just a couple of blocks away. I would have ridden my bike but that would have looked too eighth-grade so I walked over. All the way over I thought of how Rachel looked. She was really pretty, had long slender legs, a tight ass and really nice breasts. She sat in front of me in Calculus and sometimes she would wear a loose blouse. When the period ended I would get out of my seat fast to walk past her and try and look down her blouse before she got up. Never saw much though. Once I thought I saw a nipple but it was probably just my imagination. Maybe I would tonight.On my way to her house I noticed the dark clouds building. I could hear an occasional rumble of thunder off in the distance but no sign of lightning yet. It must be quite a ways away. If it came this way that should set Ari off. She was deathly afraid of thunder and lightning; she was known to go running into Mom and Dad’s bedroom and jump into bed with them.When I got to Rachel’s house I had to wipe off my hands on my pants before ringing the doorbell; they were really sweating. Rachel answered and we went into the living room. “Thanks so much for coming over. I really need the help. Mom’s gone for a few hours so we can study in my room”. I was trying my best to maintain eye contact with her. She was also wearing shorts and a t-shirt but it was obvious she was not wearing a bra; her breasts were stretching the fabric and her nipples were sticking out. I was starting to get a hard-on just thinking about what I was trying not to look at. Her mother not being here sounded promising. I knew it was just her mother, no dad to worry about walking in. We grabbed sodas in the kitchen and then I followed her to her bedroom. We sat on her bed looking over the chapters she felt weak on. There were a number of theories and formulas she just did not understand. As the minutes flew by I began getting into a teaching mode. She was really trying to learn and I was happy to be the one to help her.Over the next two hours we covered her weaknesses until it looked like she was getting a grasp on it. We also had moved from sitting next to each other to lying on our stomachs on the bed beside each other; our books and papers spread out in front of us; our legs occasionally bumping into each other; each time mine touched hers I’d get a little harder. Every so often she would be concentrating hard on a sample problem and I’d sneak a look at her body; her little butt sticking up in the air, her legs parted on the bed, her breasts pressed into the mattress and that boner getting worse. I was busy ‘looking’ when she finished the last problem I had given her. She said, “Does that look…” and stopped as she turned to me and saw me looking at her body.I quickly looked back at her paper. After a few seconds I said, “That looks good. You got it perfect”.Rachel turned on her side, facing me, and moved a little closer. “It’s okay Jeremy. I don’t mind you looking at me”. She put one hand out and let it run down my back to my butt and then left it there. I had to stay on my side; my shorts would stick out too far if I turned over. Plus, I thought there might be a wet spot by now. They were dark shorts; hopefully the spot, if there was one, wouldn’t show. Rachel let her hand drift back up my back, “You know, you’re pretty good looking. If you weren’t a freshman I…” and she stopped talking and just looked me up and down. What was she going to say?Rachel leaned closer to me, pushing at my hip so I’d turn over. I turned onto my side and she moved up against me. “I want to thank you for helping me study. I really appreciate it”. I started to say “That’s okay” but didn’t get past “That’s”. Rachel leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I really did not know what to do. The only kissing I had any experience with was kissing relatives on the cheek. With Rachel’s lips on mine I closed my eyes and tried to just do what she did. Her lips moved apart so I copied her. When Rachel’s tongue touched mine it was like a jolt of electricity ran through me. I groaned and Rachel pulled back and giggled. While we kissed her hand moved to my thigh just below my shorts. It felt hot on my skin. Her t-shirt had ridden up baring several inches of her stomach. Her shorts were riding low, revealing her hipbones. I put my hand on her hip and when she didn’t say anything I moved it up onto the skin of her stomach. I almost jumped when I felt her hand slip in the leg of my shorts and then work under the leg band of my briefs. When her hand wrapped around me it felt so good I was afraid I was going to cum right then, forever sealing my fate as a nerd in high school.Rachel moved her mouth to my ear, “My, my. Not bad for a freshman”. She began working her hand up and down on me. I lay there not moving except for my hips; they began moving forward each time her hand stroked down on me. “Take my t-shirt off”. I did not move. My attention was centered on her hand. She repeated a little louder, “Jeremy, take my t-shirt off”.With her hand stuck up the leg of my shorts I began working her t-shirt up over her head. When it was off she pulled her hand out of my shorts and then out of her t-shirt and tossed her it aside onto the floor. I could not believe my luck; my first real breasts. She had large pink areoles with small nipples. I started to reach for one of her breasts then stopped; this was new territory.“You’ve never touched a girl before have you”? Rachel asked. I shook my head. “Have you ever seen a naked girl before”?I nodded, still staring at her breasts, wanting to reach out and touch her but something was holding me back.“No, I mean a real girl. Not some picture on the Internet”.Caught; I would have said yes but I knew she would know. “Well in that case, no”. Then before she decided to stop me, that an inexperienced freshman wasn’t worth it, I reached out, cupping one breast in my hand. She sighed as I moved my hand around the bottom of her breast, feeling the swell, the weight of it. She had large breasts. They were everything her t-shirt promised. I moved my hand up, feeling her nipple slide across my palm. Something was different. I moved my hand to the side and saw that her nipple had swollen. It was bigger now, stiffer.I felt a tug on my shorts. “Jeremy, help me”. I looked down to see she was trying to pull my shorts down. I let go of her breast and lifted my hips up off the bed so she could pull my shorts down. When they were down to my ankles I kicked them off while Rachel brushed our books off the bed onto the floor and then began pulling her shorts down. Once she was naked she moved back up against me. We lay there side-by-side kissing again. The kissing was nice but I was thinking more about her breasts pressed against my chest and about her hand, which had returned to slowly sliding up and down my cock. Rachel pulled her lips from mine. “Would you like to fuck me”?I didn’t trust myself to try and talk. I didn’t think words would come out. I just nodded my head. Rachel rolled onto her back and with her feet flat on the bed spread her knees apart. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I mean, I knew what to do, but watching clips on the Internet was not the same as doing it for real. While I hesitated, Rachel pulled at me to get on top of her. I moved around on my hands and knees and got between her legs. I looked down between us. Her pubic hair was trimmed to just a little triangle. Still on my hands and knees I moved up until I was above her. Nervous and not sure quite how to begin I kissed her. She took my head in her hands and pushed me down to her chest. I got the idea and kissed a nipple. I began kissing and sucking on one breast and then the other.Rachel reached down to grab my cock again and began rubbing it against her crotch. I felt so hard it seemed like my cock would break out of its skin any second. Rachel began pushing my cock down; trying to push me further down. “Now Jeremy. I want you to fuck me now”. Her voice was hoarse. It sounded strained. I moved my mouth from her breasts and began to move my knees back a few inches. I could feel the head of my cock moving against her skin as it went through her pubic hair and then rubbed against her pubic bone before I was clear and between her legs. Rachel moved her hand to the base of my cock and rubbed the head of my cock against what I knew had to be her pussy. It tickled with a sensation that felt so good. I needed to push into her.Just as I began to thrust forward, to enter her, Rachel moved her hands up and beat on my chest with her fists, “Jeremy, stop” she shouted. “Get off me. Please don’t”.What? What’s wrong with her? Before I could say anything I heard shouting behind me, “You get off her! Stop it!”I twisted to look behind me. I saw Rachel’s mother standing beside the door, one hand covering her mouth, a shocked look on her face. Rachel began to cry, repeating, “Please get off me”.Why was she saying that? She made it sound like I was r****g her. “Rachel, what’s wrong”? I rolled off to the side and began grabbing my clothes. I felt ridiculous. I was standing beside the bed trying to pull my briefs and then my shorts on with my cock sticking out with Rachel’s mother standing there looking at me; looking at my erection waving around as I tried to dress.In a few seconds, when I was finished, I looked back at Rachel. She was sitting on the bed with the sheet pulled around her. I was still confused. This had been her idea. Why was she acting this way?Rachel’s mother stepped aside as I hurried past her. It was embarrassing; my cock was still hard, making my shorts stick out. As I went down the hall I heard her mother say, “Young lady, don’t think you are putting anything over me. I know what was going on here”.I heard Rachel say something in return but I was too far away to make it out. I was moving pretty fast. I wanted to get home before the cops showed up to pick me up. I was lucky it was getting dark outside. My cock was still hard and tenting my shorts. It was slowly going down but not fast enough to meet people on the sidewalk. Plus my balls hurt. Every step seemed to make them bounce and they ached.I was so close. Why couldn’t her mother have come home ten minutes later? Shoot, the way I felt then two minutes probably would have been enough. My cell phone chirped and I looked at it to find a text from Rachel. The gist of it was she couldn’t see me again, she was grounded for life, and she apologized for trying to make me out the bad guy. I guess there was some history with her mother.On the way home I didn’t notice the expensive homes and their well-manicured lawns; I was thinking about Rachel, how her breasts felt in my hand, her pussy, Damn! I was so close and I didn’t even get to touch a pussy. I am so stupid. I deserve to stay a virgin the rest of my life.I could see the lightning off in the distance now. It must be around nine at night and it was still pretty warm outside; pretty good thunderstorm weather. A couple of times a minute I would see a flash of lightning in the distance. It still took a while for the rumbling of the thunder to arrive so the storm was still a ways away. I picked up my pace. I didn’t want to be still walking home if rain started.When I got home I could see that Mom and Dad were still out. I went to the kitchen, made myself a sandwich and started back to my bedroom. As I passed Ari’s bedroom I could hear her talking to someone. I poked my head in, “Ari, I’m home”. She was sitting in front of her PC and just waved at me without saying anything. Her and her friends klasbahis yeni giriş had it set up so that they could talk to each other and see each other at the same time. What they had setup was kind of nice but I thought they should get out more and socialize; not just sit home in front of the computer.I continued down the hall towards my room. The next room was the bathroom that Cissy, Ari and I shared, then my room. Cissy’s bedroom was across from Ari’s bedroom. Next to me was Mom and Dad’s room. I sat down and finished the little bit of homework I had. My cock kept going up and down. I would close my eyes and see Rachel’s naked body and get hard. Then as my balls began to ache again I’d concentrate on homework, practice, grandma, anything to make my cock go down again.Finally around eleven I turned off the PC, undressed, turned off the light, pulled the covers down and got in bed. I thought, I’ll just beat off and my balls will finally stop hurting. I grabbed my cock and began stroking as I once again pictured Rachel lying naked underneath me and me about to slide into her. The room lit up for a moment as lightning flashed again nearby. I counted to fifteen before the thunder rolled by. A few seconds later another bolt lit up the room followed by another; the seconds between lightning and thunder growing shorter until it was just a couple of seconds difference. The thunder now sounded like explosions outside of the house.Unlike Ari, who would cower under the blankets in a storm, or go into Mom and Dad’s bedroom, I enjoyed the energy of the storm. I lay there on my bed, my cock still hard in my hand, watching the light flash in my room almost like a strobe light. There was a break in the storm for a few seconds and I heard what I thought was a knock on my door. I called out “Who is it”? But another peal of thunder drowned it out.I didn’t want to go to the door with my dick in my hand and find Mom or Ari there, but it wouldn’t be any less embarrassing if it was Dad, so I waited for another pause in the storm. Just as I started to call out again lightning lit up the room and the door opened; Ari was standing there in her night t-shirt looking at me. I grabbed the sheet and pulled it across my naked body. My erect cock made the sheet stick up so I turned on my side. I could feel my face turning red. Did she see what I was doing?Lightning flashed again and Ari ran across the room and sat on my bed. “The storm is scaring me. Can I come in for a while”?I felt sorry for her; something as simple as lightning and thunder having such an effect upon her. “Sure”. I didn’t mind if she sat in here.Before I could say anything Ari picked up the corner of the sheet, moved up to lie on the bed and pulled the sheet over her. I had barely time to say, “I….uh, I’m not….”, and she was lying next to my naked body with just a sheet covering us. I wanted to tell her I was not wearing anything but now I was embarrassed again. Maybe if she just stays where she is the storm will be over, she’ll leave and never know.We lay there, her facing away from me, me on my side facing her, the storm seeming to lessen, when suddenly there was a bright flash followed immediately with the loudest peal of thunder of the night. The lightning had to have stuck very close to our house. Ari jumped back against me. Her back was pushing my cock against me. How could she not feel it? I wanted to move back from her but that would just draw attention to it and then she’d make fun of me. Another explosion of thunder rolled over us and Ari reached back, grabbed my arm and pulled it around her. I could feel the bottom of her breasts pushing against my forearm. We were laying here with just a sheet on us and it wasn’t really needed. As warm as it might have been in the room; I was hot. I was naked, she was only half dressed and she was pushed up against me with my erect cock trapped between us. With the next peal of thunder she pushed back against me again. How could she not feel my cock rubbing against her? She must think it’s my hip or something. But she must feel the top of my thighs pressed against her butt. How could she not notice?Ari’s t-shirt must have ridden up when she got in bed because my hand was against the bare skin just below her breasts; her hand resting on top of mine. Each crash of thunder would cause her to pull against my hand pushing my arm up against her breasts.We lay there for several minutes like that until the storm gradually ebbed. The lightning became less frequent and the thunder gradually faded into the distance. Ari had not said anything since I had put my arm around her. For some perverted reason I was actually beginning to enjoy her lying against me. Every few minutes she would move just a little bit to adjust her position, which resulted in her rubbing my cock between us. I really hoped she would leave soon; I really needed to jack off. It not before I certainly needed to now.Finally I heard her clear her throat. Great; at last she’ll get up and go. But she didn’t move, she just asked, “Jeremy, do you have an erection”?If the light had been on my face would have been bright red. As it was, it just felt hot. I stammered, “No, of course not”.“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I can feel it against me”.I removed my hand from her waist and moved my body back from hers. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You probably just felt my hip”. “I’m not embarrassed but I don’t think your hip is between your legs”. Ari turned over to face me. “Could I see it”?“Of course you can’t see it”. Even as I said no I could feel the temptation to say yes. Thinking about sex and Rachel all day had clouded any reasoning ability I had; probably due to the lack of blood getting oxygen to my brain. Coming within seconds of having sex for the first time, touching a naked girl for the first time, getting caught for the first time and now I’m naked in bed with my sister. Any reasoning ability I had was long gone.“Please, I’ve never seen one before; just a quick peek”.I didn’t say anything. But then the silence became my answer. In my mind I didn’t really say yes. If Ari did anything it was her decision; not mine. Though I really didn’t see how it could hurt; it was just a look. Besides we used to take baths together. Ari leaned behind her and turned on the light on my nightstand. I lifted my hands from my sides and raised them up to my head. Ari turned back to me and pulled the sheet down. My erect cock was sticking up off my stomach. It was as hard as it could get; the head a dark purple and even I could see it was wet. Ari sat up on the bed next to me staring at it. As she stared I became embarrassed once again. I asked, “Is that all”?Ari didn’t say anything. After several seconds she reached out with her index finger and touched the smooth head. My cock twitched at her touch. She giggled and pulled her finger back. “It moved” and then a moment later added, “It’s wet.”.I didn’t say anything, just watched as she slowly reached out and touched me again. She ran her fingers down my shaft. I knew I should say something to stop her. We shouldn’t be doing this. We are brother and sister. This is what I should be doing back at Rachel’s house. But it felt good; her hot hand on me.“It’s kind of funny”.“What is”?“Your skin is really soft but at the same time you are really hard”. She very gently wrapped her fingers around my cock and let then slide slowly down to my balls. She let go of my shaft and pushed my balls around with a finger. I cautioned her, “Careful, they are sore”.She moved her finger back up my shaft. “Why are they sore”?“It happens if a guy is hard too long”.“How long have you been hard? I bet you started at Rachel’s house”. She looked at me with a little smile on her face, as I kept quiet. “How do you make it stop hurting”?Now I was getting really embarrassed. Do I tell her the truth that I needed to beat-off and then I’d feel better or just make up something? What the hell; I’m laying here naked in front of her. “I need to jerk-off and it will stop hurting”.Ari said, “I can do that”. And before I could say a word she tightened her grip and jerked her hand up and down hard on my cock. “Ow, that hurts. Stop”.Ari’s hand flew from my cock, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What did I do wrong”?I waited for a moment for the pain to subside and answered, “Why did you jerk it so hard”?Ari was almost in tears. “I’ve never done it before and you said you needed to jerk-off and Diana talked about jerking off a guy. I thought that was how it was done”. I could see she was fighting back tears. “That’s okay. It just hurt a little bit. Here, let me show you”. I took her right hand and pulled it back to my cock. “Now grab me in the middle”. Her hand opened and her fingers wrapped around me. It felt so good to have someone else touching me; even if it was my sister.“Not too tight”. Ari loosened her grip a bit. “Like that”?“That’s perfect. Now slowly start moving your hand up and down”. Ari began stroking me slowly. It felt so good. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. “After a bit you can gradually go faster”.Ari shifted her weight around in the bed until she could lie across my stomach blocking my view. I couldn’t see what she was doing any longer so I laid my head back my pillow and closed my eyes. In my mind I could see Rachel lying under me, naked; Ari’s hand was Rachel’s pussy and I was plunging into her.After just a minute my hips began to rise with Ari’s stroke. I was so close. With a hoarse voice I said, “A little faster”. Ari no sooner picked up her rhythm than I let loose with the first blast. My hips rose off the bed and jerked with the first stream. Ari let out a little cry of surprise. She bent my cock to the left a bit but did not let go of me. As each stream shot out of me my hips gave a jerk and I let out another groan. I’m usually good for three, maybe four good squirts but I seemed to go on forever. When I was finally done Ari let my now fully relaxed and grateful cock fall to my stomach and turned around to sit on the bed facing me. She was looking at her hand, her fingers splayed out. I leaned up to see what she was looking at and saw some of my cum dripping down from her knuckles in a long line to finally drop on the sheet.Ari had an excited look on her face. Her eyes were open wide and she was smiling at me. “I’ve never seen a guy ejaculate before”. I had already assumed that since she said she had never seen a cock before.I pointed to her cheek. There was a glob of my cum on her cheek slowly beginning to run down towards her chin. Ari said, “Oh yeh, I forgot”. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up to wipe my cum off. When she lifted her t-shirt she pulled it up just enough so that I saw the bottom of one of her breasts; just the swell, the curve, not enough for a nipple but I felt a zing move through me. Oh great I thought, now I’m getting turned on by my sister. Ari let her t-shirt drop, hiding her breast. Then she immediately pulled her t-shirt out away from her body. “Ew, You got my t-shirt all wet” she exclaimed. I looked at the shirt and could see the growing wet spots on it. Then to my surprise she let go of the middle, grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She was sitting in front of me, naked but for a pair of white panties. I was shocked. My sister was a fox. I had never thought of her that way. I assumed someday she would meet someone and get married but she was just my sister. Plus she always wore these cumbersome, loose clothing. I realized now that they hid a great body; Rachel would be jealous.Her breasts were much smaller than Rachel’s. Instead of large and round and hanging, Ari’s were smaller and stuck out. Her areoles were pink, bigger than Rachel’s and her nipples were big and stuck out. I glanced up at Ari’s face. She was looking at me and had a little smile on her face. I looked back at her breasts. I started to reach out to touch one and stopped. I heard Ari say, “You can touch them if you want”. I reached out with one hand caressing her breast. With her breast cupped in my hand I could feel her erect nipple pressing into my palm. I let go of her breast and ran a finger around and then over her nipple. Ari shivered and pushed her chest forward.I pulled her towards me and then turned her so she lay on the bed on her back. I lowered my hand to her hipbone and leaned forward to give her nipple a little kiss and then started to move back. Ari reached up, put a hand behind my head and pulled my mouth back to her breast. As I licked and sucked on her breasts my right hand moved from her hip to her panties. I moved my hand around in a circle, gradually letting the circle move lower until the tips of my fingers moved over her mound and between her legs. I had missed touching a pussy earlier but I wasn’t going to now; even if it was my sister’s.Her skin felt soft and her panties were damp in the crotch. As my fingers moved back and forth over her pussy Ari’s hips pushed up and I heard her groan. I felt her hand move down and grab me again. I didn’t realize I was hard again until she touched me. With me lying against her there was not a lot of room but she began stroking me again, soft short strokes. Touching her pussy through her panties was nice but I knew it could get better. I moved my hand back up to the waistband of her panties and slipped my hand inside. Ari cried out, “No, we shouldn’t”.But I knew she liked it so I moved my fingers farther down, into her pubic hair. It felt so soft; the way I heard silk described. Ari’s hips moved up against my hand as I rubbed her mound. Just as I started to move my hand down between her legs her hand caught mine. “Please, we shouldn’t”. I let her pull my hand out of her panties but then she surprised me; she pushed my hand back between her legs.I resumed rubbing her pussy through her panties and kissing her breasts. I knew Ari was getting excited, her hips were moving round and sometimes she would close her thighs tightly, trapping my hand before spreading them wide again.I felt Ari’s hand on mine. She pulled my hand up to the top of her pussy and whispered, “Little circles, softer”. I did as she told me and was rewarded with another series of groans from her. Her panties were wet now, way past damp. I kept rubbing where she wanted me to but let one finger stray down. I pushed my finger against her panties and felt her body give and my finger sank a half-inch or so into her. Ari stopped stroking me, gripping me tightly in her hand. I was moving my hips forward, rubbing my cock against her side, Ari let out a long grunt, arched her back and then thrust her hips up several times, before locking her thighs around my hand. The feel of her pussy in my hand, one of her nipples in my mouth and her hand still moving ever so slightly on my cock had me close. I pushed against her side for a few more seconds before feeling it build in me. I wrapped my arms around her, pushed my cock into her side and let go. It wasn’t as intense or as long as before but it was still good.When I had finished we both lay there against each other for several minutes collecting our breath. Ari was the first to speak. “I’d better go back to my bedroom before Mom and Dad gets home”. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she okay with what happened? I knew she enjoyed it but that did not mean she didn’t regret it. I certainly was; not regret but guilt. I’d just cum twice on my sister. Given half the chance I would have cum inside of her. What was I thinking? That’s i****t!Ari got out of bed and stood there for a moment looking around at the floor. Standing there in the light I was once again taken with how she looked. She was tall for a girl, almost as tall as I am. That’s probably another reason she hadn’t dated as far as I knew. She used to be teased all klasbahis giriş the time by boys. The light from the nightstand reflected on something shiny on her side. It took a second for me to realize it was my sperm, slowly running down her side.My thoughts were interrupted when Ari said, “Oh, there it is”. She picked her t-shirt up off the foot of the bed, held it up to the light and looked at it. “It’s too wet to put on. Can I use one of yours”?“Sure”. I pointed to a stack of clean clothes that had not been put away yet. Ari walked over and pulled out my favorite Pink Floyd t-shirt. She lifted her arms up over her head to pull on the t-shirt. Moving her arms up drew my eyes to her breasts and I watched them until she pulled the t-shirt down covering them. I knew I wanted to touch them again.Without another word Ari turned and left my bedroom. I lay there for a long time revisiting the day; Rachel, Ari, comparing. What was Ari thinking? Did she regret it? Would she tell our parents? It was a long time before I fell asleep.The next morning the kitchen was the usual chaos. Mom and Dad fixed some breakfast as usual for everyone before running off for work. I watched Ari. Was she regretting what happened? Would she say something? But no, she seemed fine. She didn’t talk to me as we ate but then she normally doesn’t talk to her little brother. On the other hand Cissy was a pest. I almost choked when she asked Ari right in front of Mom and Dad, “Why were you in Jeremy’s bedroom last night”?Ari handled it fine though, “You know I’m afraid of lightning and thunder. Jeremy let me stay in his room until the worst of the storm was over”.Cissy pouted, “You could have come in my room”.“You were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up. I knew Jeremy was awake. I’ll come in with you next time”.That almost satisfied Cissy, “Okay, but why did you change t-shirts in his room”?I looked up at Cissy. How did she know? Ari wondered the same thing. “I did”?“Yes. You were wearing one of your t-shirts when you went in and when you came out you were wearing Jeremy’s favorite t-shirt. He doesn’t let anyone wear his Pink Floyd t-shirts. I asked once and he said no”. Damn straight I don’t. But then you didn’t jerk me off did you. That made me think of Ari lying across me, her hand sliding up and down me and it made my cock twitch. “Jeremy was just feeling sorry for me because I was so scared. Mine got wet and he let me use his”.Now if she asks how your t-shirt got wet lets hear how you explain that. ‘Well, I had your brothers’ cock in my hand and he began squirting his sperm all over my t-shirt’. Yeh, that sounds about right. But all Cissy said was, “I guess I should be a fraidy-cat then I can wear his t-shirts”. I smiled to myself and thought, ‘No, you just have to come in and suck my cock’. Stop thinking like that Jeremy. She’s your little sister. We finished up breakfast in time to hurry off to school. All day I had to fend off the jokes and barbs from my friends about Rachel. They asked what happened and I said nothing; in other words, I was too big of a nerd for her to bother with. I could have told them a story but when I saw Rachel in Calculus. She apologized for what she said about me in front of her mother. She was trying to avoid getting grounded but it didn’t work. Her mother didn’t believe it and she was grounded anyway plus she was not to see me. I didn’t mind so much. My mind was elsewhere. At lunchtime I looked for a paper to check the weather report. Would there be another thunderstorm tonight? According to the weatherman there was just a slight chance. On the way home after practice the sky did not look promising. There were thunderclouds in the distance but nothing like yesterday. When I got home Cissy and Ari were already there. When Ari saw me she said, “Mom called, her and Dad won’t get home until after dinner. She said to order a pizza if we want”.I ordered the pizza and then went into my bedroom to finish my homework. The three of us finished off the pizza and then watched a movie on TV in the family room. Cissy and Ari lay on their stomachs on the floor, head in their hands watching the TV in front of them. I was behind them, sitting on the couch. About halfway through the movie I noticed Cissy and Ari both had their legs bent with their feet sticking up in the air slowly waving side to side. Ari had been doing it earlier but I really did not pay attention until Cissy, probably subconsciously, began copying her older sister. When I finally looked down I noticed both of them had their knees spread apart as their feet moved back and forth. They were wearing baggy shorts and I could easily see up the leg to the crotch of their white panties. Watching Ari I remembered what it felt like when my fingers rubbed the crotch of her panties until they became damp and then downright wet. I glanced at Cissy; for just a moment I wondered what it would be like to rub her then shut the thought out of my mind, she’s just a k**.As my thoughts turned to Ari’s breasts and the feeling of her hand on my cock I forgot about the movie. My cock was quickly getting hard and uncomfortable. He was kind of pinned sideways in my shorts. As I reached into my shorts to straighten my cock I heard Ari say, “How’d you like that”? I looked up just in time to see her turn around and catch me with my hand in my shorts. She just looked at me, saw where my hand was and smiled. I was able to pull my hand out just a moment before Cissy also turned around. Cissy gave Ari and then me that ‘What?’ look. Ari leaned over and whispered something to her. Cissy giggled and they both turned around to watch the TV.I could feel my face turning red. Did Ari tell her what I was doing? Then again, what did Ari think I was doing? The movie finished at ten just as Mom and Dad came home. We straightened up a bit, gave Mom a kiss goodnight and drifted off to bed. I undressed, went to the window and peeked out. It was dark outside. I could hear the faint sound of some sporadic thunder but no sign of lightning. I was so disappointed. Distant thunder was not enough to scare Ari. But then Mom and Dad are home and she might not come to my bedroom anyway, plus she told Cissy she would come to her room next time.I lay there, waiting, hoping, until almost eleven. The walls are pretty thin in our house and I could hear Mom and Dad go into their bedroom next to me. I can hear the sounds of their voices but not the words unless they are pretty loud. Unfortunately, I can hear Dad snore. If Ari could hear him she would probably not be afraid of thunder any more.Mom and Dad finally got in bed and the house was quiet. I could barely hear and thunder and what there was sounded far away. There had been only a slim chance with Ari tonight but know I knew nothing was going to happen. I was about to turn over and go to sleep when I heard a click over by my door. I looked up. There was just enough light from the streetlamp outside coming through my curtains to see Ari set inside my bedroom and then turn and carefully close my door. She tiptoed over to my bed, pulled the t-shirt she was wearing over her head and got in bed with me with just her panties on. She snuggled up against me. Her body was so warm. I heard Dad cough and fear flowed over me. I whispered, “Mom and Dad are right next door. If they find us I’ll get the shit beat out of me”.Ari’s hand slowly moved down from my chest until she had me in her hand. “Then be quiet”.I would have argued, should have pushed her out of bed, but her hand felt so hot around me I immediately got hard.Ari whispered in my ear, “Diana told me something special that guys like. It also doesn’t make a mess like you did last night”. She pulled away and moved so she was lying partially across me. I wished I had watched her jacking me off last night when the light was on; I really wanted to watch her hold me cock. I knew I couldn’t turn it on tonight. Mom or Dad might see it and come in to see why I wasn’t asleep. Ari stroked me a few times and then I felt her lean forward. The head of my cock was suddenly engulfed in heat. I let out a groan and covered my mouth hoping my parents hadn’t heard it. Ari pulled her head back to me and I could feel the cool air on my now exposed cock. She whispered “How was..”? But I interrupted her and answered her question at the same time by putting my hands on her head and gently pushing her head back to my cock. She kissed my cock up and down the shaft and then took me in her mouth again, her tongue moving in a circle around the head of my cock. I reached out to her head again and gently pushed down to give her the idea. As her head began to slowly bob up and down on me my hips began moving up to meet her. Then I heard something and froze. Ari felt it and came back up along side me. She whispered, “What’s wrong”?I could hear a faint squeak, squeak, squeak. I didn’t say anything at first, thinking Ari knew what it was; what was causing it. Then I remembered, her bedroom isn’t right next to Mom and Dad’s, she doesn’t hear it like I do. “It’s Mom and Dad” I explained.The squeaking continued. “What are they doing?” Ari asked.“What do you think they are doing? They are having sex”.Ari didn’t say anything. We just lay there listening; Ari’s hand wrapped around my cock and one of my hands cupping one of her breasts. We heard Mom giggle a few times and some groaning that had to have come from both of them. After a minute or so Ari asked, “Do you ever wonder what sex feels like”?I answered, “All the time. You”?Ari whispered, “Yes”.As we lay there listening to the squeaking of the bed Ari began softly stroking me. I tilted my head down trying to reach her breasts but couldn’t quite make it. Ari shifted up next to me until her breasts were right in my face. I took one nipple in my mouth and had just begun to lick it when I noticed the squeaking and groaning next door had intensified dramatically. Just thinking about what was going on was going to make me cum soon. Then suddenly it was quiet next door.Ari whispered, “What happened”?I thought, you really need to get out more, “They are finished, Dad came”.Ari just said, “Oh”.I was leaning forward for her breasts again when she added, “Would you like to see what it feels like”?“Well sure, but with who? I don’t have a girlfriend or anything”. Now who’s being slow?“With me stupid”.I don’t know why but it shocked me when she said it. Her hand was holding my cock, and a few minutes ago it was in her mouth and somehow it bothered me when she talked about us having sex. “I don’t know. You’re my sister. We can’t; it’s i****t”. I was thinking, last night I couldn’t touch her pussy with my hand except through her panties and now she’s talking about me fucking her.“I don’t mean we have sex, fall in love and have babies, I just meant we could try it a little bit so we’ll know what it feels like”.But I was over being bothered. Just thinking about it was making my heart beat faster. “Ok. What do we do”?Ari rolled onto her back on the bed, lifted her hips up and pulled her panties off and dropped them on the floor. “I guess you get on top of me”.She spread her legs wide as I moved to get on top of her. But as I moved we both heard it; my bed squeaked. I said, “We can’t, they’ll hear us”.Ari whispered, “Come with me” and carefully got out of bed. She picked up her t-shirt and panties and tiptoed over to the door without putting them on. When she got to the door she saw I had not moved and waved at me to follow her. I got out of bed and walked over to her, my cock still erect and swinging from side-to-side as I walked.Ari took my hand, opened the door and looked out into the hall; there was no one there. She stepped out into the hall pulling me with her, and we carefully tiptoed over to her bedroom door. Once inside she softly closed the door behind us. Together we walked over to her bed. She pulled the covers off and then got in bed and lay on her back. She watched my face as she slowly spread her legs apart. I stood there beside the bed looking at her body. She showed her nervousness when she lowered one hand to cover her pubic hair and tried to cover her breasts with the other. “Don’t just stand there looking at me”.I moved up onto the bed and started to move between her legs but there wasn’t enough room. “Move your legs farther apart”. As Ari spread her legs wider I moved between them on my knees. I bent my head down and she moved her hand so I could kiss her breasts. Any reluctance I felt before was now completely gone. I was moving my hips around, trying to get my cock in the right place. It looks so easy in a film clip but I’d never done it before. When I thought I was in the right spot I thrust up; nothing. Ari reached down between us and pushed my cock an inch or so farther down. “Now just a little bit; just an inch or so. Just to see what it feels like”. Ari sounded as nervous as I felt.I thrust up again and felt her body give as the head of my cock slid just that little bit inside of her. It was hot and tight and wet and slippery. It was like her hand was wrapped around the head of my cock squeezing me. I pushed in again and as I felt my head go deeper Ari arched her back against me and let out a groan. Now part of my shaft was in her. It felt so tight around me. She pulled her hand out from between us and put her arms around me. It felt so good. I wanted to push deeper. I wanted to be completely buried in her. I moved my hips to thrust again and Ari quickly whispered, “No, that’s deep enough”.But she didn’t tell me to get out. I asked, “Ok, is this better?” I pulled back and made shallow strokes into her; back an inch or so and then back into her. “I’m not going in any deeper”. Ari’s voice caught in her throat, “I guess that’s okay”.My lowered my body on her, pressing her into the bed as I began to stroke faster in her. Every few strokes I would go just a little deeper and then pull back to where I had been before. We continued like this for several minutes, both of us breathing hard. I had finally reached the point of getting half way into her when Ari said, “I think we should stop now”.My face was directly above hers. I watched her face, her eyes closed, her mouth open breathing hard, and her head moving up and down on the pillow as I moved in and out of her. She started to say something and I knew I needed to stop her from talking. It felt so good in her; I didn’t want to stop yet. She was just able to say “Okay, we should…” and I lowered my head and kissed her on the lips. She was so surprised she stopped talking. I gently kissed her lower and then her upper lip. I could feel her lips tighten; she didn’t want to kiss her brother. Then her lips softened and she kissed me back; her lips moving against mine. Ari let out a little groan and I opened my mouth slightly. As Ari opened hers with me I let my tongue run along her lips and then into her mouth. I touched her tongue with mine and she pulled it away for a moment. I felt her hands on the back of my head as her tongue came back to touch mine, moving around mine, hungry for more.When I first kissed her I had stopped moving in her. But now she was kissing me and it was hot. My hips began on their own; pushing my cock into her again, gradually deeper and deeper into her. When my body was finally pressed tightly against hers, as deep as I could get into her, I just continued thrusting against her. Her head was bouncing around with the thrusts so I pulled my lips from hers and rested my head on the pillow; our cheeks pressed against each other. I could hear her raspy breathing in my ear; each time my body hit hers forcing air from her lungs. Her legs had been flat on the bed when we began but now she lifted her feet up into the air. I could feel her thighs tight against my side and her hips pushing up against me on each klasbahis güvenilirmi stroke. I could feel it building up in me. I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long. I pulled back several inches and then pushed back hard, deep into her again. It felt so tight inside of her like she was grabbing me in her fist. I couldn’t help myself, I began thrusting faster and faster in her and then I exploded. It was like the first time when Ari jacked me off. It felt like I just kept cumming and cumming in her. When I was finished I lay there on her. I didn’t want to pull out of her. When reality finally returned I waited for her to say something or yell at me. I obviously went farther than she wanted. But it couldn’t be too bad; her arms were still around me. I could feel her heels resting on my butt where before they had been digging into me.Finally I knew I had to say something, “Are you okay”?“You went a farther than we said”.I couldn’t tell from her voice if she was mad or not. “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it”. I waited a moment and she didn’t say anything. “Was it okay”?“It was kind of weird”.What did she mean, “Weird okay or weird, call the cops”?“I don’t know. I mean, it felt good with you inside of me. But when your brother kisses you, that’s weird”.I was confused, “You mean it’s okay for your brother to fuck you but not kiss you”?“I didn’t say you couldn’t kiss me I just said it felt weird. And you should have asked before you came in me. It’s only polite”.Oh God. I wasn’t thinking of that. I just wanted to be inside of her. We are so fucked. We’re going to have two-headed babies. “Are you okay”? I finally asked.“I’m fine. I’m on the pill. It was okay or you to cum in me”.How could she be on the pill? Why? She hasn’t even been on a date that I know of. “Why are you on the pill? I thought you haven’t had sex before”?“I haven’t. I was having bad periods a couple of years ago so the doctor put me on the pill to correct it. Can you get off? You’re getting kind of heavy”.I rose to my hands and knees slowly; my cock gradually slipping out of her. I liked the feeling of being inside of her and wanted to make it last but I was getting too soft. I moved to her side and lay on my back next to her. Then I remembered something strange Ari said earlier, “Earlier you said Diana told you some stuff about sex. How does she know that stuff? She doesn’t have a boyfriend”. I didn’t know all Ari’s friends but I knew a bit about Diana. Her dad worked with our father so we saw them sometimes at company outings.Ari did not respond.“Well”?“If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone; promise?”I nodded, wondering what the secret was. Did she have some boyfriend she was hiding from her dad? But then Ari totally surprised me.“It’s her Dad”.“You mean her Dad told her, that’s kind of weird. Telling her about jacking off and blow-jobs”.“No, I mean, she does it with him”.That floored me. “With her Dad? No way. How gross”.“Yes, that’s a lot worse than doing it with your brother”.“Maybe she’s just talking and it’s not really true”.“No. I’ve seen them”.“What do you mean, you’ve seen them? You mean you were there when they were doing it”?“No, I’ve seen them on the webcam we use”.I turned and looked at her computer. It was just a few feet from us. From here I could see it had not gone to a screensaver and there was something on the screen. “She leaves it on?” I asked.“Yes”. I was still looking at the screen, wondering what was there. Ari must have known what I was thinking. She asked, “What time is it”?I turned to look at the clock on her nightstand, “It’s just past 11:30. Why?”“Her dad goes to bed after the Eleven O’clock News”. I looked back at the computer, wondering. Ari touched my arm, “Would you like to go see?”I nodded my head and we got out of bed, went over to her computer. Ari pointed at her chair in front of the monitor. “You sit. I’ve watched this before”. On the screen we could see Diana lying in bed reading a book. I could hear music playing softly; sounded like Queen. I’d never really paid any attention to Diana before; she was just one of Ari’s nerdy friends. But now, looking at her and thinking about what Ari had told me she looked pretty cute. She had a sheet covering her as she read but I could see the outline of her legs and how her breasts made the sheet rise above her chest.We sat there for several minutes watching Diana read, Diana turning over, Diana putting the book down, Diana picking up the book. Ari was getting fidgety; shifting her weight from foot to foot. I said, “Maybe he’s not coming in tonight”.Ari moved in front of me, blocking my view of the monitor. She pushed my legs apart and then sat on one of my legs. She said, “Let’s give it another minute”. She leaned back against me and I put my arm around her waist to hold her steady. It felt funny, my hand on the bare skin of her stomach; erotic. Her right hand was resting on my thigh. It was just a few minutes ago that I was on top of her, pounding away in her but this felt sexier; just touching her bare skin. Before it had to have been the lust of the moment. I just wanted to fuck her, cum in her. Now we are just sitting here naked. We have time to think about it. I moved my hand a few inches up her bare side until her breast was in my hand; my cock was beginning to twitch.It was getting boring watching Diana just lying there reading, I was about to suggest we stop watching when Diana’s head turned to look our way. She smiled and put her book aside. Our view of her disappeared as the screen went black. Before I could say anything the view gradually cleared and I saw the back of someone walking towards Diana. I could only see the back of his robe must be Diana’s father. He stopped next to the bed, blocking our view of Diana. I said, “Maybe he’s just saying goodnight”.Ari replied, “Keep watching”.I watched as her father leaned forward and pulled the sheet down off Diana. All I could see were her bare legs from her thighs down. I wanted to shout, ‘move out of the way’ because he was blocking our view. I wondered what Diana looked like naked. Diana’s legs swung around off the bed to the floor and then our view of her was blocked again. I guessed she was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of her dad. “What is she doing?” I asked.“She’s giving him a blowjob”.“No way. That’s her dad”. I watched for a moment more before adding, “How can you tell?”“Sometimes you can see more than tonight. But think about where she is sitting. What else could she be doing?”As we watched I could see his hips begin rocking slightly, forward and back. I was thinking, ‘Please turn’ and I must have said it out loud because Ari started saying “Please turn”. Just then Diana’s dad shrugged his shoulders and his robe dropped to the floor; he wasn’t wearing anything, he was naked. Diana began moving back on the bed and her dad moved up with her. Diana lay on her back and spread her legs wide; her knees up in the air. We watched as her dad moved between her legs. He held himself above her on his hands and knees. I could see his swollen cock extended, pointing between Diana’s legs. This is really going to happen, I thought. He’s really going to fuck her. I didn’t really believe Ari when she told me. I thought it would end up being some practical joke on me. I watched as Diana put her hands around her father’s neck and pulled him down on her. His hips moved around for a moment and then moved forward in one strong thrust. Diana’s back arched under him and Ari and I could hear her cry out. But I quickly realized it wasn’t a cry of pain. As his hips began moving faster Diana’s hands dropped down until she was grasping her father’s butt; pulling on each stroke, trying to get him deeper in her.I felt Ari’s hand move on my thigh. I looked down to see her hand drop from the top of my thigh to the sensitive skin below. Her hand slowly moved back along the inside of my thigh until she touched my balls and then moved up to grip my semi-erect cock. I looked up at her face. Her eyes were fixed on the scene playing out on the computer. Her face looked flushed and her breathing seemed faster. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and it was just seconds before I was completely erect again.When I looked back at the screen Diana’s father was no longer on top of her. They were moving around on the bed. I asked, “Are they already done”?Ari shook her head no, “Keep watching”.They moved around until Diana’s father was on his back and then Diana climbed up on him. I finally had a good look at her. She had a slender body with long legs; she looked a lot like Ari, not as tall but just as hot. Her breasts seemed to be slightly bigger than Ari’s. Diana crawled up with her knees straddling her dad’s body until she was directly above his hips. She took his cock in her hand and then moved it between her legs. Her dad just watched her, his arms spread out to either side. Diana lowered herself on him until she was sitting flat on him. She put her hands on his chest and then began rocking her hips back and forth on him.I’m not sure when it started but I noticed Ari was stroking my cock. I began caressing her breast, letting my fingers play with her nipple. On the screen Diana had begun to rock harder on her dad. He had his hands up on her breasts now; one in each hand. I could hear heavy breathing that seemed to be coming from all four of us but the groans were definitely coming from Diana. She was moving really fast on her father now. Then all of a sudden her body tensed, she stopped rocking on her dad and arched her back. Her face tightened. It looked like she was in pain. I asked, “What’s wrong? Is she okay?”I could hear the amusement in Ari’s voice, “She’s having an orgasm”.I looked at Diana’s face. It was more relaxed now. “It looked like she was in pain”. As I finished talking Diana collapsed onto her father’s chest.“Trust me, she was feeling no pain”.I watched them on the screen. They seemed fairly relaxed now except that Diana’s father was still moving his hips. From our angle I could just make out his cock moving in and out of her; his balls and part of his shaft appearing from between Diana’s thighs and then disappearing again. It seemed almost casual. Not the frenzied pace of Diana on top of him earlier but it was not a slow fuck either; as if I would recognize a slow fuck. Diana’s father moved his hands down to her butt and held her tight to him as the pace gradually got faster. I could hear the slap,slap,slap as he thrust into her. Then just as I thought he must be ready to cum Diana suddenly jumped up off him. I asked Ari, “What’s she doing? Doesn’t he get to finish?”Ari shushed me, “Just keep watching”.Diana quickly turned around on her hands and knees to face her father’s cock. With her hands on her father’s hips she lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth. Her head began bobbing up and down on him. I heard a sucking sound from Diana as her father’s cock slipped out of her mouth and stood there, still pointing partially up in the air. Diana quickly got him back in her mouth and once again began bobbing up and down on him. We could hear groans coming from her father. Every few seconds he would lift up his hips to meet her mouth as it lowered on him. Then just a few seconds later he lifted his hips and held them there while he let out a long, loud groan. After several seconds he relaxed back onto the bed. Diana slowed her bobbing on his cock. The side of her face looked wet. I wished the camera was closer; was that his sperm leaking from her mouth. I knew what had happened but I still couldn’t believe it. He came in her mouth. Her dad fucked her and then came in her mouth. “Wow” escaped my lips.Ari turned to look at me. “You liked it?”I looked down at my swollen cock in her hand. “You have to ask?”Ari got up off my leg and got onto her knees between my legs. She took my cock in both of her hands and leaned forward until her mouth was so close I could feel her breath on the head of my cock. She opened her mouth and her tongue slowly came out and gave me a little lick. I could feel a jolt of electricity run through my body. She wasn’t going to do this. This is just a tease. No way was she going to do this.Ari looked up at me. “Do you want me to?”Unable to speak, I just nodded my head.Ari opened her mouth and lowered her head. I watched as the head of my cock and then another couple of inches of my shaft disappeared into her mouth. She moved her hands from my shaft to my thighs. It felt so good that way; just the sensation of her mouth around my cock. For just a moment I thought, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this with my sister’. It was just for a moment. If Diana can do it with her father then it must be okay for Ari to do it with me.But there was one difference between Diana’s father and me; he lasted for quite a while before cumming, while I, on the other hand, lasted barely a minute.Ari’s tongue swirling around on me and her lips sliding back and forth on me had me spouting like Old-Faithful in about one minute. When the first stream exploded out of me Ari had a shocked look on her face. She stopped moving her head up and down as I continued to squirt into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving across the tip of my cock as each stream of sperm left me for her mouth.When I had finished, like Diana, she slowly pulled her mouth back from me. She kept her lips tight against my cock as she pulled back. It took me a moment to realize she was trying not to let any sperm spill from her mouth. Just as she pulled the head from her open mouth a small stream slipped over her lower lip, ran down her chin and dripped down onto one of her breasts. Ari let go of my cock and I leaned back in the chair, limp. We looked at each other for several seconds. I knew from her closed mouth that she still had my sperm in her mouth. What would she do with it? Was she going to spit it out? Should I get a towel so she wouldn’t make a mess? Before I could say anything her head bobbed a tiny bit. She smiled at me and opened her mouth; it was empty. She had swallowed my sperm. I didn’t know what to say. Before I could think of anything Ari asked, “Did I do it right? Did it feel good?”“That was perfect”. But I was curious, “How did you know what to do? Have you ever done that before?”“No, never. I’ve just watched Diana, that’s all”.We both stood up and walked over to Ari’s bed. It was still quiet in the house. We got in the bed and lay next to each other. “Ari how was it for you”?“It was actually kind of fun. I thought it would be gross at first, a guys dick in your mouth, but I liked making you feel so good. You kind of surprised me when you started cumming in my mouth but that was okay too”.Ari misunderstood, “No, I meant how was the sex for you”?“Oh, that. Yes, it felt really good; still a bit weird. I mean, your brother is laying on top of you sticking his dick in and out of you until he squirts in you”. She stopped for a moment. I didn’t know what to say. I liked it, whether she was my sister or not but now I felt guilty. She had only wanted me to go in her a little bit and I had definitely ‘fucked’ her. And just the way she said ‘your brother’ brought it all back to me that this was i****t. We were so screwed. What if she told someone? Mom and Dad would kill me.Before I could think of anything to say she added, “It’s really kind of odd when you think about it. A guy lies on top of a girl, sticks his thing in her and then wiggles it around until sperm squirts out”.Great, we won’t be doing this again when she thinks it’s odd. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was almost one in the morning. I should get back to my bedroom.“Plus, Jeremy,” even though she was whispering I knew by the way she emphasized ‘Jeremy’ this couldn’t be good, “I told you to just put it in a little bit. You put it in a whole lot more than a little bit”.“I’m sorry Ari. I couldn’t help myself. It won’t happen again. Just don’t say anything”.“Yes, Mom and Dad would kill you if they found out”.We lay there, not talking for a minute. Then before I could get up to return to my bedroom Ari turned to me and asked, “Want to do it again”?