Step brother part 1So I’ve never really been the pretty or outgoing type. My Step brother on the other hand was super sexy and he could makes anyone fall for him. He could have any girl in the world. He was about 5’11, great muscular body, and one hell of a bulge. For all of the 9 years I knew him, I had the biggest crush on him, even though he was partially my brother. So anyways, one night I’m lying in bed, half asleep, and i hear someone walk into my room. I decided to keep my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep. I heard him say my name but I didn’t respond. He then shook my shoulder but I refused to “wake up.” The next thing I know, my covers are being removed from me. All I could do was lay there and wait to see what happens. Then I felt something, almost like a tickling sensation. It was his hands rubbing my crotch! I was getting so horny with just the touch of his hands through my pajama pants. This was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me so far. He slowly lifts my pajamas and my underwear adiosbet yeni giriş up, making sure I don’t wake up. He then started to play with the top of my bare crotch. When he felt only skin I could see his dick start to rise even more. He then pulled down my pants and started to rub my clit and fingering my pussy. This felt so great that I almost moaned, which would have told him that I was awake. I feared so much that he would stop if I were “awake” so I made sure to be quite. As I peered through my eyes, making sure they weren’t noticeably open, I saw him pull out his massive cock. Just the sight of it made me super hot and even more horny. His cock was about 8 inches and was fairly large for a 15-year-old boy. He slowly pushed his cock over towards my slightly opened mouth and rubbed it on my lips and cheek, still playing with my cunt with his other hand.He peeked out the door, making sure no one was going to see, and hopped on top of me, apparently not caring if I woke adiosbet giriş up. He then started to shove his cock into my tight virginal pussy. He started very slowly, as to make sure he doesn’t rip me open, and started to slowly pound me. I wanted to cry out in ecstasy so badly but I feared he would never do this again if he knew I were awake. As he was fucking me, all you could hear was the bed squeaking. He was in such a sex frenzy that he didn’t even care. Boy was this cock amazing. It was my first and felt so amazing. He then, aware that he was very close to cumming, took out his dick started to just slide his cock through my pussy lips. Then he rammed it into my ass. That hurt so badly but it made me orgasm like crazy. I wondered if he noticed all of the cum coming out of me. He started pounding me like crazy that there was no way I could ever sleep through it. I just couldn’t help myself and I started to moan. He didn’t care. He fucked me like a crazy a****l. I could hear his voice adiosbet güvenilirmi start to heighten as he drew close to an orgasm. I was just hoping he would cum into me. Then, right as I’m about to have my second orgasm, he cums right in my ass, filling it to capacity. We both screamed out in such excitement and happiness. He just laid there on top of me slowly fucking my ass making sure he was pumped dry. He then started to lick my nipples, which felt sooooo fantastic. He left his dick in me while he played with my cunt some more. He apparently enjoyed this fuck that we had which made me extremely proud of myself and really hoping it would happen again.He then started to make out with me, still slowly fucking my ass. This bit a passion lasted for a few minutes and then he got off of me, as all of his cum started slowly flowing out of my ass. He then whispers in my ear that I should be expecting this just about every night he is here. I was totally willing to do this and I couldn’t wait until the next time we fucked. I then fell right to sleep, still half naked with both of our cum all over me and my bed. I wanted to make sure that the next time we had our little fling that it would blow his mind, since i was “asleep” for most of the fucking the first time. 🙂