Staying with Aunt FayIntroduction: Her name was Fay Banks, but to Milton Vicars she was Aunt Fay who was married to his Uncle Thomas and his aunt needed assistance over the summer. Aunt Fay had offered to put him up for three nights in exchange for his labour and during this time Auntie Fay would cook, clean and feed him but little did Milton and Fay for that matter realise she would end up offering something a little more unbecoming of an auntie and more a lover and he would end up providing her with a fix the kind of which she could never have anticipated.Staying with Aunt FayMilton had been staying with his aunt Faye for the last two days. He had been there as a helping labouring hand and he was the muscle in the helping of the refurbishing of his auntie Fays house. She had asked him and offered to put him up for a few days, she would feed him, clean for him and even pay him if he were to come over and do some hard graft. Her husband, who was Uncle Thomas to Milton, was out on business, having gone to a conference in Cumbria which was up North so he was very much important in the movement of items from the upstairs bedroom to the backyard skip.Aunt Fay had herself taken four days off work to also assist in the work and she was unhappy about this as she enjoyed her time off work and did not envisage spending so much time doing labour but her husband who hardly did any work around the house, except for doing up his private “leisure room” had been putting it off for months and so Fay took advantage of her husband absence to sort things out. Though to suggest she did labour would be a mistake as Fay merely supervised and it was Milton who carried out the majority of the work.It was a very hot summer afternoon and Milton had opted to wear very short shorts and also a Velcro vest, this was due to the sweat being so absorbed from his own work that on the previous evening his cotton t-shirt was just too drenched. Fay herself wore a white flowery dress with some heavy boots up to her ankles and this was because she herself needed the fresh air but also the protection of the boots from the numerous sharp objects lying around the house.She was inside the back bedroom surveying the wall when Milton walked in holding some photographs “Aunt Fay I have found these photos in the draw I just took down do you want them” she was on her knees near the window and going through some boxes as Milton now walked up to her and handed her the pictures, she took them and studied them “These, I thought I got rid of these.They are from a trip to Tunisia, here we all are, and there you are. You must have been 3 in the photograph” said a thoughtful Faye “I did not realise I was there” “You sure were…well I suppose I will keep them just put them in the boxes outside the door and I will deal with them all later. Also seeing as its coming up to 16:00 you can finish up if you want Milton”.“Are you sure Auntie” “Yeah, you’ve outdone yourself yet again Milton today, I really appreciate your work ethic, so just go and have a shower and have a rest…” “Yeah, I will, I am so tired”. So Milton left his aunt alone in the room which had been stripped naked of wallpaper and currently held several small cardboard boxes and the beginning stages of the skirting boards being ripped off.Later on in the afternoon Fay was in the kitchen cooking up some soup when she noticed Milton had not come downstairs for his dinner. Seeing as the time was 18:00 and she had given him about 20 minutes to come down without calling for him she decided to go and see what was keeping him. Fay walked down the small narrow corridor and got to the bottom of the stairs, she did not hear the shower so assumed he was either resting or getting changed.Rather than call out Fay made her way up the stairs and reached the guest bedroom, the door was slightly open and so she entered without waiting for a response. This was done through habit as she had so many times entered the room unannounced simply because her and her husband hardly ever had guests but as she stood there all she saw was Milton lying down on the yellow covered bed with his legs spread open and his cock lying on his stomach.Fay was wide eyed in awe at it, his cock was beautiful it was 4 inches and not even hard just laying there ever so quiet as Milton slept, his towel was behind his buttocks and clearly he had fallen asleep and the towel had moved from his movements during his slumber but she was just completely rendered speechless.She watched his cock quietly and then began to notice the rest of her nephew. He was 6’2 and muscular, he had brownish hair with olive skin and large hands, he was lean and also hairy on his legs and slightly hairy on his stomach but her eyes just fixated on his cock.His cock was almost touching his belly button and his balls were thick and juicy to, she instinctively licked her lips and then ran her hands through her hair, she was in a dilemma. If she were to wake him now it would be both embarrassing for him and her, but she could not move and wanted to leave but merely found herself studying this young man. She forgot during these moments it was her nephew, a bloodnephew of 17 years and she was 43.She then noticed herself in the mirror, and she to like him had olive skin and was lean. She had curly bronze hair and brown eyes she was also not too busty but had ample sized breasts. Prior to her marriage to her husband she was quite a lady who did enjoy her boyfriends company. Yet here she was being taken back to those days pre her marriage when she would be laying next to similar looking young men like her nephew Milton and doing all kinds of things to them.Her mariobet güvenilirmi moment of nostalgia which was all brought about by a young man and his cock was rudely robbed from her as she now found Milton looking at her, he had suddenly opened his eyes and was not deep in sleep but was dozing “Auntie Fay” he said as she looked at him worried “Milton, I…” it was then he noticed his cock was showing and his aunt had a full vision of his ball sac and penis “Oh my God” he covered himself up and said “I am so sorry aunt I did not know I was exposed”.She kept quiet and looked at him, he noticed a look on her face he had seen before by his previous girlfriends, it was a look of lust, a look of liking. Milton now wondered how long had she been standing there “I came up to call you for your food” “I…I must have fallen asleep…” she and he were looking now unsure what to say, she then asked him “I am sorry I was watching you the way I was, I was just shocked to see you in such a way” “You mean naked” she nodded “Yes…it is nothing I have not seen before but…but my God Milton”.Milton now said rather bravely “I do not mind you looking at it” she was now taken aback “You do not” “No…I am always nervous about my body with girls…it is nice to have someone who likes what they see” she could not believe this “Really, you are nervous. You should not be Milton, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about believe me”.“It is just some guys like to tell me I am weird looking and no girl will want me they say, I have had girls before but I suppose I am just paranoid when I am you know doing the deed” she was so outraged for her nephew “Those guys are just jealous, they are probably so insecure in how they look compared to you, a nice handsome lean well endowed young man and they become very envious. I know how young men think and take it from me as a warm blooded woman you will make any girl pleased to be with me” “You think that of me?”“Of course I do and I am not just saying it because you are my nephew, I am saying it because I am a woman and you are a man”. Milton now stood up with his blue towel wrapped around him “Can I ask you a personal question” she was so excited “You may” “Can you tell me what it feels like” her heart raced.“Milton I do not know what you mean” “No, I mean can you hold it and tell me” she instinctively licked her lips again which suddenly made Milton become very aroused “I…do you think it is appropriate Milton, I am your aunt and I am married” “No, I do not mean anything sexual, I just want you to tell me if you can feel anything strange on it” she was now curious once more.“Strange! What do you mean strange?” “I have this weird feeling on the base, it feels like a lump, we had a sex education lesson in college a few weeks ago and I have been very conscious of every part of my body, they mentioned the lumps of cancer on the genitals and I am so nervous and ashamed that I do not want to go to the hospital, I do not want to look stupid you see”.“I understand” “I cannot talk to any of my friends because they will laugh and I do not know who else to ask…” “Milton I understand, no need to explain yourself” she now walked over to him and he stood there “I will turn away” she was so nervous herself, feeling as sexually excited as she had ever remembered. Her heart beating faster than she remembered, her palms sweaty and her nipples even became harder but God this was her nephew. She now reached him and put out her hands she stopped herself as if knowingly crossing a line “I will be quick” she said as Milton looking left merely nodded.Fay now touched his base and it was soft in her hands, she felt around “It is on the underside” he asked her as she now lifted up her nephews soft and delicate cock, her red fingernails looked so erotic to him, she could not believe this, her eyes were looking around it seeing the helmet and he was so soft still as she then found herself massaging it.Milton brought his head back “Aunt Fay” “I am sorry Milton” she brought her hands away “I did not feel anything” she and he then noticed he was becoming hard, he now felt ashamed “I…I….” she noticed how quickly he became hard “This is not what I thought would happen….Auntie” she could not help herself and asked him “Can I touch it again” he did not give his consent verbally but he merely nodded.Fay now brought her hands towards it again and this time he was watching her, she placed her hands around his helmet and then down the shaft massaging it with gentle strokes all the while he was getting harder in her hands, Fay came close to his body and then kissed around his nipples “Do you want me to make love to you Milton” she asked him politely “Yes, God I do” she now took kissed his chest and his nipples as she continuously massaged his cock.Young Milton laid down on the yellow covers of the bed as Fay kissed around his stomach and then licked all across his belly button, her left hands massaging his erection as she now glanced at it. She kissed his helmet and then placed her mouth around his member. On her knees and between his legs Aunt Fay kissed his helmet and then felt her mouth water, her tongue poked out of her mouth and she slid his member inside her throat all the while Milton watched as his aunt who did not make any eye contact took the cock.Her hands were on his legs and gripping as she now moved in and out, her curly wild bronze hair moving back and forth with gentle passionate strides, he laid back and stroked his hair occasionally glancing down and moaning as his aunt gave him the most sensual blowjob he was ever likely to experience mariobet yeni giriş “Auntie” when he called her auntie it made her spit on his cock and then she licked her spit.His balls smelt so clean and the shampoo smell from his pubes and body was of roses and petals from his recent shower. “Auntie…that is right, auntie yes….aunt Fay…” his cock was about 7 inches and she was herself becoming very wet from this blow job, she pulled away from her nephew who watched her and then she took off her dress, she undid the buttons and let it fall, and so she was standing there just in her leather boots, only up to her ankles, she took off her bra and then her panties.Leaving her boots on she climbed on top of her nephew and kissed him, making the first French kiss with him, their tongues slobbered all over each other as she felt his hands press around her ass and then she and he rolled on the bed. He was on top of her and then took her breasts kissing them with tenderness. His aunt stroked his hair and moaned his name. He tweaked her nipples between his teeth as his fingers now explored her wet and open pussy with his tongue, he licked her pussy lips apart and then buried his nose inside.Milton brought up his three fingers and shafted them inside as she bit her lips and opened her legs wider for her nephew to now lick her clit. He did not care this was his aunt of 17 years, he did not care she use to babysit him and clean him and washed him when he was a c***d, nor did she care she did all of those things for him and now she was being pleasured by his hands and his tongue strokes. “Milton yes, keep it up” she said as he now stuck his tongue deep inside her pussy, her pubes getting grated on his teeth and his tongue, he began to almost drink at her pussy as Fay held the back of his head and placed him deeper inside.He brought up his dark eyes and made eye contact with his aunt, she closed her eyes and then moaned as his fingers entered at a ferocious pace, for whatever reason Fay began to converse “Is college going well Milton” he pulled away from her pussy and spoke quickly “It is going okay Auntie” “Have…ha….have you had your” his face was buried inside her pussy as his fingers stroked around her asshole “Your exams”“Yes auntie” his face covered in her juices “Do you think you will pass” she bit her lip as he now spat on her wet pussy “I don’t know…, I hope to”. Milton now stood up his erection pointing skywards as his aunt with her legs wide open came, the white juice left her as she felt the surge, she now sat up her boots brushing on the bedding as she licked her lips and took hold of his cock, Fay began to stroke her nephews cock aggressively and then she was masturbating him, tugging him so much so that his cock became red and strained.“Auntie, yes…Aunt” he felt her salvia from her mouth caress his own as their tongues were lost in a sea of lashes and intense strokes, he pressing his tongue into hers as his hands explored her body and tightened on her ass, she was now watching as her nephew made his way to her breasts and Milton just slobbered his kisses and his tongue licking all over each one, he was suckling on her nipples as he seemed to make love to each flesh part of her breasts making her scream as she held the back of his head.The passion he put into making love with his mouth to her breasts made her cum once more and the cum just dripped down her leg and added to the rest of the liquid evidence of their affair.Milton next stood up and raised his aunts legs, she placed them over each of his shoulder as she used her left hand to open up his pussy, Milton gripped his cock on his hands and then pressed it onto her by this time cum dripping and wet pussy.She wanted it and so did he, he looked down at her and then pressed his member inside, the first 4 inches slid in so easily but then he began to thrust to get the rest of his inches inside. She was moaning unable to accept what he was doing. It was one thing having oral sex with her nephew but to actually have intercourse was another.He did not care as he had shown when he was eating out her pussy, so he left his penis inside her, the bulge of his cock just resting inside her pussy as he kept it there merely moving his hips around as she did the same and both grew even more excited. His balls were just resting up against her ass and then he leant down and both had another passionate French kiss, their tongues unkempt and so very much dirt riddled by this onslaught of lust.Fay felt her nephews hands fondle her breasts as he kissed and licked around her throat sending up orgasmic shivers along her spine, and then he began to move out and then in, starting to build up momentum as he began to fuck his aunt on the bed.She was hearing the bed crash down onto the floor, it sent shock waves around the room as the beds front slammed against the wall and so the unmistakable sounds of people engaged in sex rang around the house and it was a sound Fay had not heard for so long.The times she had masturbated solo when her husband was away or the times she had fantasised about having sex with someone else all came back to her but never once did Fay imagine it would be all spent with her nephew Milton who as of now was just not stopping he watched as his huge member slid in and out of his Aunt.Each time it emerged from deep within her it was just covered in her juices, she was licking her lips and nibbling her bottom lip on occasion as her hair was being stroked by her. Whilst Milton merely held onto her legs occasionally kissing the inner thigh as his thrusts seemed to run away with him.She was on her back mariobet giriş legs wide open and feet facing the ceiling looking up as her hair fluttered and moved Milton asked “Where do I cum” “Inside Milton” she gasped back “But inside” “Do it…just let me feel your cum inside me., I need to remember what it feels like”. Milton worked harder now, he looked down at her and then took out his penis rubbing it all along her pussy, then Fay placed her right and left hands on either side of her ass and she said “Do you want to” she was asking him for anal sex.He seemed even more turned on but at the same time unsure “In there” he mused “Why not….there is no turning back” “I have never done a woman in there” “I have never had a man inside me like that” she replied, he then nodded and so Fay went onto the floor on all fours and bent over, she arched her back near the door and rested her head on the wall as Milton went behind her “Now take it slowly and lubricate it with my pussy juice and your spit Milton” she commanded almost.Milton took hold of her pussy and stroked it, sticking his fingers inside he brought the wetness around his cock and then on her ass then he spat on his hand and rubbed around her ass and this sent shivers inside her as she now felt Milton press his helmet head on her hole, she gasped knowing he was big but closing her eyes and then Milton pressed inside her.He took it much slower than he did when he had vaginal contact and Fay felt his hands on her hips clutching her love handles as he now took charge and so began to motion Fays ass into his cock as she let the boy use his strength to have her ride him and so Fay felt his full member inside her and she was screaming in a mixture of agony and pleasure, Milton ignored the smell and could not believe he had his cock firmly implanted in his aunts ass.He held her tightly by the hips and pulled her into his cock and she was screaming as he entered she was also sweating and the feel of his member seemingly getting thicker within her just made her scream the loudest she could. Fay now thrust her ass up and down as Milton held his aunts hair tightly wrapping it around his fists and pulled on it making her back arch and this feeling sent shivers up her spine. She was tingling incessantly and he loved the feel of how she just could not stop thrusting her ass into him.She now closed her eyes burying her head onto the floor as Milton was now standing with his knees bent at 45 degree angles, he was coming down on Fay at diagonal angles making sure to enter his full member, Fays screams and cries encouraged him as her vulgar choice of words enthralled him. It was then she came once more, her cum dripping onto the floor as she must have had multiple orgasms as she lost her strength and was only kept up by Milton’s hold.Milton laughed as Fay smiled with her head not facing him. He then pulled out and Fay rolled onto her back. She stroked his cock and looked up into his eyes “Let me clean you up” she said as Milton laid on the floor of the bedroom and Fay went onto her knees and started to gobble down on his cock, he looked up at the ceiling and just closed his eyes feeling her tongue lashes and her spit strobe on down his member. His body was quivering as his grin became wider whilst Fay was becoming sterner and serious.She held his cock in her mouth and wanted it to melt away, the feel of another mans member and one so hard had made her cum once again, she never realised she could come so many times but Milton was not just a man he was a sex machine and had no shame he was fucking his aunt. Fay felt him withdraw from her and she stood up dripping with cum as his member was still so hard and erect, she took his cock and pulled it, tugging on it with violent strokes as her fingernails grated into his exuberant member.His tongue met hers once again in an ensemble of strokes and licking that it sent both of their heads into a dizzy spell of ecstasy, none of them had ever kissed another in such a despicable and luscious way, Fay wanted to ride him to orgasm now so she sat on his pelvis region, her big leather boots grating on his legs as she now raised herself from the ground and placed his cock inside her pussy.She closed her eyes and then he raised his hands and cupped her breasts, he squeezed them and ran his fingers on her nipples as his cock entered her already soaked wet pussy. Fay next began to bang down her ass and pelvis , she was smashing down hard onto her nephews cock, his testicles were thrashing between his legs as his mouth was open, his tongue hanging out like a dog as Fay continued to smash down without stopping in the intensity “My God” she remarked to herself “this is not making love anymore, this is fucking someone hard”.Her hair was flashing around as her glasses were barely able to remain on her face due to the intensity of her riding. Milton himself was thrashing his own hips up inside his aunt, and himself developing up a heavy sweat. Aunt Fay then laid on top of him and her hair resting on his face as they kissed during the thrashing of bodies and the penetration. It was then Fay’s back arched as Milton came, his cum shot out of his member and sprayed her entire pussy walls, she felt his last throbbing hits from his hips and herself moaned as her glasses fell onto his face.“You came for Auntie” she whispered as Milton stroked her hair. They remained in a hugging spooning prose kissing, flicking their tongues onto each other. Fay wondered to herself “Gosh, what have I just done”. Milton by contrast was still in the stages of ecstasy of having enjoyed an extremely good fuck, the ramifications of who he had done it with had not yet dawned on him as his body was still shivering in absolute delight of one of the best afternoons of his life. The hot sun warmed their bodies as they laid together on the sweat riddled carpet breathing heavily and slowly getting their energies back.