Staying warm in the winter…We wake early, snow coming down outside, it’s freezing, we can see our breath in the room. I turn away from you and scrunch up into a tight ball – foetal like, in an attempt to warm up. I feel you roll over, your morning glory stroking my arse first of all, I’m immediately aroused, I can’t think of a better way to warm up in this cold winter air. You bounce forward – one arm hooks under my neck and settles on my hard, excited nipple the other arm flops over my hip and your fingers settle on my lips. Just holding me there kissing my back and neck, twirling my nipple in your fingers, tapping my pussy lips really lightly and gently, moving your hips so that your cock never loses contact with my body, your thrusting it against my arse cheek, getting off on the friction that you are creating. I’m getting more and more turned on as your breathing quickens and your hairy body presses against me. I’m excited by the fact that you’re not in any of my holes which I would willingly give you access to. You’re getting off on the closeness and the intimacy of our morning snuggle.I arch my back so that my head stretches right back … We kiss gently, tongues in, out and around each others mouths. I reach a hand low to join yours, I rest my hand either side of my clit on my pussy lips and spread them, my clit is pulsing it’s inviting your fingers to play, such a gentleman – you oblige and grandbetting giriş slowly tease my clit by rolling her around, tapping, flicking, rubbing, I can feel my pussy widening in enjoyment and aching in need. Now your fingers are where I want them I move my fingers, my lips clasp closed around your fingers, making the sensation more intense. I stretch my arm and reach around for your dick … It’s oozing delicious pre come my arse cheek is sticky and wet from it, I take you in my hand and tighten my grip slowly stroking you, making sure I pull your foreskin loose on the forward motion and tighten it on the backward motion – stretching your frenulum in a way that you can’t decide whether you love or hate. My other hand takes hold of my free breast and I caress it and squeeze my nipple – I squeeze it so hard that I gasp into your mouth, your tongue ceases the opportunity to delve deep, I lock my lips around your tongue and start to slowly suck, I imagine your cock in my wet, warm, eager mouth and suck you hard before you remove your hand from my nipple and grip your forearm at my throat. Clenching my windpipe I gasp for breath freeing your tongue. Your fingers ease down from my clit and two easily sink into my pussy, the feeling is almost euphoric but I can’t let out a moan of appreciation as you’re gripping me so tight. You’re cock is still rubbing against my arse grandbetting yeni giriş cheek and somewhere in the midst of euphoria my hand has left the safety of your shaft and is grasping your balls really tightly. I tug on them in appreciation of your fingers entering my sopping cunt, you let out a husky moan as you move towards my ear, you nibble my ear lobe before whispering “You’re wet! But not wet enough! Come with me”…You take your fingers from my pussy and shove them in my mouth, I eagerly suck them knowing that I taste good. You almost hook your fingers in my mouth the tips of your fingers touching the roof of my mouth and your knuckles bending at my two front teeth “up!”. I let go of your warm fleshy balls and you stride over me your fingers in my mouth, controlling me. Your hard cock looks so amazing I can’t wait to feel it squeezing inside my tight cunt.The freezing air in the bedroom hits me, a shiver runs down my spine and my shoulders shudder. “Don’t worry I’ve got something that will warm you up” – I frown at you disappointed at not knowing what you have planned, you dislike my frown and with your free hand you slap between my damp legs, my shoulders shudder again this time from excitement, my nipples harden and goose bumps cover my body as you ease open the door to the en suite.I eye up your cock it’s hardness easing and the tip less engorged, before grandbetting güvenilirmi I have time to think anymore about it you open the large glass door that guards the huge sparkling white power shower, tiled floor to ceiling it looks so inviting.”Get In! Get on your knees” you wiggle your fingers, no words needed, I loosen my closed mouth but not before licking the tips of your fingers on their way out.I do as I am told, I slowly step into the shower, turn around to face you and get on my knees, the freezing tiles making my already erect nipples protrude further.You take hold of your cock with one hand and use your other, raised above your head, to support you. I open my mouth ready to take your cock deep and suck it back to how it was a few moments ago when it was caressing my arse. As I open my mouth something hits it and splashes inside, I quickly realise that you’re showering me a golden way, I shut my mouth immediately and look up into your eyes.The warmth of your piss feels amazing on my cold skin, running between my tits like a golden river, I surprise you by rubbing your liquid into my body and holding my tits and pointing my nipples at you, something to aim at. As the force of the hot stream lessens I let go of my assets and catch the last dregs of your piss at my belly button, I slap my hand against my pussy and give it a rub so that you can see that I’m smothering my most intimate places with your little morning treat.You step closer to me easing one foot over the shower threshold, your hand still holding your cock, which has started to grow at pace, you Look down and notice that I’m staring at your throbbing dick, you move it side to side “suck it”…. to be continued, ideas welcome 😉