Late last summer, my wife and I were spending a lazy Saturday afternoon playing cards and listening to some music. We had finished our weekend project early, and I was enjoying a beer and she was sipping on vodka while we played a spirited game of Rummy. We are both very competitive, so as usual we were talking trash like we always do, and she was really laying it on thick as she had a healthy lead after the first couple of hands.

As I dealt the next hand, she started looking around the table and in her lap before realizing she had left her phone in the other room. She jumped up to get it and as she got halfway down the hall, she spun around and shouted “Stay! Don’t look at my cards!” before dipping into the bathroom and reappearing shortly holding her phone.

As she came back down the hall, I nodded to our bulldog lying on the floor at the edge of the living room, and told her, “Slugger thinks you were barking at him.”

Slugger was frozen with a guilty look on his face, although I’m sure he was confused about what he did wrong. She quickly swept over to him, dropped to her knees, and wrapped her arms around his round furry body. “I’m sorry sweet boy, I wasn’t yelling at you, I was talking to your cheating daddy.”

As she got back in her chair, she continued speaking to Slugger, while looking at me. “If your dad would stay like that when I told him to, I could get a lot more orgasms.”

I lifted an eyebrow at her as she sat back down, and she said, “What? It’s true. It would be great if all I had to do was tell you to stay and you would freeze like Slugger, and then I could climb on any way that I wanted and use you to get myself off.”

After dealing the next hand, I lifted my cards and knew I had a great hand. I lowered my cards and said, “I’ll tell you what…if you win this game, you can tell me to stay at any time this weekend, and I will stay put until you use me to get yourself off.”

Her eyes lit up, but before she could reply, I added, “But if I win, I get to tell you to stay and use you to get myself off.”

She immediately put her hand out to shake, and said, “You got yourself a deal mister.”

We shook hands and I proceeded to whip her on that hand, as well as the next two hands, and won the game. She stuck out her lower lip in an exaggerated pout, and said, “Ok, let’s play again.”

But I had already pushed my chair back and started to stand up. When she asked why I was getting up, I looked her in the eyes and said, “Stay.”

She sat frozen in her chair, looking at me with a strange look, obviously trying to figure out how I was going to have sex with her while she was sitting on a wooden kitchen chair. As I moved around the table toward her, I grabbed the chair on her right and slid it next to her chair. I then moved around behind her and grabbed the chair on her left and slid it next to her on her other side.

I then dropped my shorts and boxer briefs and stepped up onto the chair on her right side. I moved my left foot over to the chair on her right, and was standing right in front of her, straddling her legs, with my cock level with her face. My cock was already starting to get hard in anticipation as I put my hand on the crown of her head and told her to “Open up.”

She looked up into my eyes as she opened her mouth and I slid my stiffening dick between her lips. She closed her lips around my shaft and started to apply gentle suction to the head of my cock. The eroticism of standing bare assed in the middle of the kitchen, in the middle of the day had me weirdly excited. I was at full mast in no time.

She started moving her velvety mouth back and forth over my head, and I knew that this would not take very long. My wife is exceptionally good at sucking cock, and in only a matter of minutes, I could feel a tingle starting in balls. Almost as if she could sense the tingle, she reached up and cupped my balls and started to massage them gently. With my hand still on the back of her head, I started sawing in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like it was her pussy.

She was really getting into it as well and reached her other hand over my hip and around to my ass and started pulling me into her with force. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, preparing for the inevitable, when my wife slid her fingers between the cheeks of my ass, and started running one of her fingers over my puckered back door.

This was too much, and on the next thrust, I pushed my cock deep into the back of her mouth until the head was at the opening of her throat and held her head firmly. My head swelled and she must have felt it, because she started applying pressure with her finger to my asshole. That sent me over the edge, and I let out a loud moan as I exploded deep into the back of her throat.

She was a champion, keeping my cock buried in her throat and didn’t even gag a little as she took my entire load down her throat. I sent three or four ropes of cum into her stomach as she continued to caress my balls and massage eryaman rus escort my sphincter. I finished my eruption and slowly pulled my softening dick from her lips. I gingerly stepped down off the chairs, gathered my shorts, and slid them back on.

That night over dinner, we decided on a new set of rules for our new game of “Stay”. We decided that we wouldn’t play for a free stay on each game we played, instead we would play once a night on Sunday through Thursday, and whoever won the most games would win the right to make the other stay. She upped the stakes by saying that whoever won the most games would get as many stays as games that they won by.

So, if one of us won 3-2, they would have one stay to use sometime Friday or Saturday. If they won 4-1, they would get 3 stays, and obviously a shutout would result in 5 stays. We started playing the next day, and I won. She won on Monday and Tuesday, so she was feeling pretty good about herself. But I pulled out the game on Thursday, and came from behind to win Friday, so I had one stay to use that weekend.

I was at home on Friday afternoon when she came home from work. After telling each other about our days, we decided we would go out to grab dinner since we both had busy days. She said that she just wanted to change out of her scrubs since she had been sweating all day, so I followed her upstairs as she was telling me about her last patient.

I was sitting on the bed while she was in the bathroom brushing her hair and finishing her story. Without even looking at me, I watched as she slid her scrub bottoms and her panties down her legs and grabbed a fresh pair of undies from a basket on the shelf next to the vanity. As she maneuvered her panties to prepare to put them on, she dropped them and bent over to pick them up.

I had been thinking about how I would use my stay on Saturday, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. So, as she bent at the waist to grab the baby blue cotton britches from the floor, I stood up quickly and said, “Stay.”

I heard a slight gasp escape her lips as she froze, and I quickly entered the bathroom and squatted down directly behind her. Instead of pushing my face into her, I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass toward my face. My nose slid between her cheeks and I slipped my tongue into her sweaty pussy. She smelled ripe from her long day, but that only turned me on more as I explore her slippery hole with my extended tongue. I made her cum rather quickly, and promptly stood up and unbuckled my belt.

After banging her from behind with her hands braced against the sink, I exploded deep inside her fiery depths, and we proceeded to get dressed and go out to dinner. I could smell her heavy scent on me all through dinner and was already planning my next victory reward.

I won 3-2 again the next week but did not have an opportunity to collect on Friday because I had to work late and didn’t get home until she was already in bed. However, on Saturday morning, while she was in the basement doing her yoga, I slipped quietly down the stairs and found her on her hands and knees with her back arched, in some sort of yoga pose.

I cleared my throat before telling her to stay. I know that she doesn’t like to be interrupted during yoga, but I knew she had to be close to being done so she didn’t seem upset. I dropped to my knees behind her, pulled her damp leggings down over her round ass, and plunged my tongue into her tight glistening rosebud.

After several minutes of this, along with my thumb on her clit, she came. I then took her from behind, and as I came in her I was again planning my next victory.

However, she won Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the next week, and she was the one that had the stay to use. On Saturday, she went to play tennis, and I decided to lay down on the couch and watch the college football preseason show.

I must have dozed off while watching tv, because I felt somebody on the couch with me. I opened my eyes and was greeted by my wife standing over me facing my feet in her tennis clothes, minus one important item. She had taken her compression shorts and panties off, and I was looking up her long legs to her beautiful bare pussy and the lower part of her ass. Her pussy was glistening, probably from her arousal as well as her sweat from her tennis match.

She wasted no time at all, and simply squatted and pushed her swollen pussy onto my face. In her squatting position, her pussy had opened up, and she covered the entire lower half of my face in her slippery pussy and my nose slipped between the sweaty cheeks of her ass. I noticed that her scent was strong as it was well over ninety degrees outside, and my cock was straining in my shorts as she ground herself on my face.

She came quickly but did not slow down and continued to grind. As she pressed down hard on my face, searching for her second orgasm, my nose pushed against the tight ring of her asshole. The aroma was intoxicating, and I slid my hand ankara etimesgut escort bayan into my shorts to rub my eager cock. After she screamed through her second orgasm and squirted across my lips and chin, she stood up, turned on her heel, and marched toward the kitchen door. “I’m hitting the showers, get yourself cleaned up so we can go to dinner.”

The next week, I won the first three games, and started plotting how I was going to utilize the first multi-stay winnings. Unfortunately, she won the last two games, and I only had one “stay” to use. I used it on Saturday afternoon, as she was laying on the couch. I took off my pants and climbed on the couch on top of her. After kissing for several minutes, I slid myself up the couch, and with my arms on the arm of the couch over her head in a pushup position, I fucked her mouth until I deposited my load in her throat, just like the first game.

So, after four weeks, I had won 3 to her 1. I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed it more when I won or when she did. On that Sunday, she demolished me, and then proceeded to whip me Monday through Wednesday as well. With only one day left, she was talking about having multiple “stays” to use, so I had to find a way to win on Thursday. No such luck though. I was still distracted by some crap at work, and she won a nail biter.

All day Friday, she sent me texts teasing me about how much she was looking forward to having a sex slave all weekend. I was determined not to put myself in any positions that would allow her easy access to use me and started planning how I would “stay” out of those positions. I had come up with what I thought was a pretty good plan and knew that she would get frustrated trying to use all five of her “stays” in a day and a half.

I ended up having to work late on Friday, and by the time I got home, she was asleep in bed. I took a shower, slid into bed next to her, and fell asleep plotting my strategy for Saturday.

I woke up Saturday morning, and she was not in the bed beside me. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone to check the time. It was 9:30, so I figured that she was probably in the basement working out. I slipped out of bed and made my way to the hallway. I paused at the top of the stairs and listened to see if I could hear anything from downstairs. After not hearing a peep, I slipped into the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth.

After listening again at the top of the stairs and not hearing anything, I walked back into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. I know that there are a couple of squeaky steps to signal her approach, so I rolled onto my back and started checking facebook. I did not her a sound before her voice broke that silence when she said, “Stay”.

She really startled me, and I almost dropped my phone, but held onto it as I glanced to the doorway and saw her standing in her fluffy white robe. As she slinked to the bed and untied her robe, she said, “I’ve been waiting in the office (which is right across from the bathroom) for the last 30 minutes, waiting for you to wake up and serve me.”

That little schemer! I dropped my arms to my sides, but other than that, I remained in that position and watched her drop her robe and crawl onto the bed. She slid up the bed and planted a knee right next to my head. She deftly swung her other leg over my chest, and I was suddenly gazing at her bare, and very aromatic cunt.

She reached down and spread her lips and eased her engorged clit onto my waiting lips. I sucked her pearl between my lips and started to apply suction while flicking my tongue against her firm nub. She started massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples while I looked into her eyes and continued to suck her clitoris.

She is always very fragrant in the morning so I was thoroughly enjoying my position. Her first orgasm arrived quietly, with the only evidence of her crest was her closed eyes, a soft gasp, and the walls of her pussy gently squeezing my chin. She opened her eyes to look back into mine, smiled sweetly, and softly cooed, “That was a nice start to your day of worship, but I want a stronger one.”

With that, she slid forward so that I could push my tongue into her steamy love tunnel and swirled it around. After tongue fucking her for a few minutes, I pulled my tongue out and started to flick it back and forth across her bulging clit. She groaned as she started to rock her hips forward and backward, until I was forced to flattened my tongue and apply firm pressure to her nerve center.

She increased the speed of her hips, until she was basically fucking my face. As her pace became almost frantic, I did the only thing I could do, which was keep my tongue pressed as firmly to her hard clit as I could, while she used me to approach her second climax of the morning. As the pitch of her grunts rose, I felt her thighs squeeze my ears, and she suddenly became completely quiet, although her hips never stopped thrusting.

Suddenly, her hips stopped, gölbaşı rus escort bayan and she got perfectly still, before letting out a guttural screech and ejaculated her creamy nectar into my hungry mouth. I love that my wife is a squirter so I opened my mouth and sucked in as much of the heavenly liquid as I could catch. She filled my mouth as well as covering the lower half of my face, and I swallowed it down thankfully.

Before I could process the fact that I had virtually just had my face raped, she was swinging her leg back across my body and rolling off the bed. She grabbed her robe from the floor and headed into the bathroom. Before closing the door, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Now go get some breakfast, you’re gonna need your strength.”

After her first two cums, I realized that I had severely underestimated my wife’s ability to plan her attacks. I was going to need to pay more attention to my plan to make things difficult for her to receive her payoff.

After breakfast, I was sitting on the couch watching College Gameday, when she came into the room wearing her workout clothes. She looked very hot in her tight yoga pants and a midriff baring sports bra. “I’m going downstairs to really burn some calories since you did all the work earlier. What time is your game on?”

We love college football, and we don’t bother each other when the other’s team is playing. Since my team was playing at 3:30, and hers was playing at 8:00, I wondered how she would find time to get her other three big O’s during the day. Especially with me playing “hard to get.”

About forty-five minutes later, I heard her coming up the stairs, so I slid off the couch and sat in front of it with my back against it, so I wasn’t laying on a silver platter for her. I listened to her in the kitchen as she opened a cupboard and then heard the ice maker and water dispenser on the fridge. I saw her shadow enter the room before she did, as she walked to stand between me and the tv.

I noticed that she must have worked out pretty hard, because her entire body was covered in sweat as I watched her drink her water. When she finished with a big gulp, she looked at the ceiling above me and swore, “Oh shit, not again!”

Earlier this year, we had a leak in the upstairs hall bathroom, so I expected to see another big wet spot on the ceiling. But as soon as the back of my head hit the couch cushion to look up at new wet spot on the ceiling, and I heard the hiss of the start of the word she was about to say, I knew that she got me again!

“Stay!” was all she said, and I rolled my eyes as I stared at the ceiling.

I heard the rustling of clothes and waited to see her smug face creep into my vision as she approached me to climb onto the couch to ride my face again. However, it was not her grin that I saw out of my peripheral vision, it was the round, soft globes of her ass. Apparently she was not going to ride my face like a motorcycle, instead she was backing herself toward my upturned head.

As her sweaty ass filled more of my vision, she said, “Let’s see how my aim is from this angle.”

I could tell that she was coming in high, and that she was going to miss my mouth completely. But, as her asshole made contact with my nose, she murmured, “Right on target,” and she wiggled her hips a little to seat my nose against her wrinkled hole.

“I want you to smell how hard I worked out before you use that talented tongue of yours on my pretty little butthole and make me cum again,” she purred.

If I thought she was fragrant earlier, it was nothing compared to what my senses were being bombarded with now. She was ripe! And she was hot! I felt my cock stirring in my shorts as she pressed her dark hole against my nose.

After at least a full minute of smelling her pungent ass, she rotated her hips slightly, resting her slick asshole against my lips. I eagerly sipped my tongue between my lips and circled it over her delicious balloon knot. She purred her approval and reached down between her legs to stroke her over sensitive clit. I continued to swirl my tongue against her most private of places and I could tell by the noises she was making that it was not going to take long to get her there this time.

When I made my tongue stiff and pushed it against her tight opening, she moaned loudly and pushed her plush ass back causing my tongue to breach her tight anal ring. She voiced her approval with another loud groan and start rubbing her clit with more vigor. She was on fire, and she was not planning on taking her time reaching number three.

After several minutes of me tongue fucking her dirthole, her legs started shaking and she was rubbing her nub furiously. She was pushing back so hard that my tongue was now half buried in her ass and her orgasm was nearing with an intensity that might put her out of commission for the rest of the day. Suddenly her asshole gripped my tongue fiercely and she jammed two fingers into her mushy love canal. She let out an animalistic growl and proceeded to squirt cum across my chin and neck again.

As her climax ebbed, she stumbled forward slightly, extracting my tongue from her butthole. She barely kept her balance, and eventually righted herself, before turning around and asking, “You ready for some lunch? I’m starved!”