Special EncounterSpecial Encounter, an erotic story as told by photo model Julie Starr.Julie: Okay, so this wasn’t my first bi-sexual encounter, (remind me to tell you about that one some other time though, hehe) but this one was surprisingly exceptional for a variety of reasons, as you will see.I am a happily bi-sexual girl and thoroughly enjoy the best of both worlds. This story was an experience that was one of those wonderful adventures you remember for a long long time. It has already brought a smile to my face and dampness between my legs in recalling the special encounter you will soon be reading. So sit back, get comfortable, read the unfolding story, and pamper any areas of your body needing attention (as I will be).First I need to provide a little set up to this story, so that you can better understand how it came to be. My good friend Rod was in a period of his life where he was doing a lot of photography of some really gorgeous amateur female models (nudes, of course). Rod and I first became acquainted online when I was interested in photo modeling. We later met in person. I won’t go into details of any of that, as it is most certainly the makings of another whole story. Suffice to say, that we met at a time when I had many special needs. I had been going through a long drawn out ugly divorce, and needed a good friend (both emotionally and physically). Rod saw me through some very difficult times and helped me to eventually explore my inner-self and become truly happy with who I am. (I guess that is about all I can say about that, because he edited most everything else out, lol).Back to the story then. I had done some modeling for Rod, and was really impressed with his talent as an erotic photographer. Over a period of time, demand for his services grew and he was becoming quite busy with photo session bookings. This was during the spell where many girls were eager to open their own websites featuring their nude photos, and make some easy cash by charging for membership, which was easy to do at the time.Rod offered me a job for extra money (which I desperately needed) by helping him as his “Photographer’s Assistant”. The arrangement worked out extremely well for both of us. Rod was able to get more and more bookings and I was able to watch some incredibly beautiful women model in the nude before him. It may not have been my first bi-curious awakening, but it certainly re-enforced my desire. For him, it was business (mostly, he no doubt enjoyed his work, lol, as I could always tell by looking at his crotch during the photo sessions). But what I was referring to, was that it made more women comfortable to have a female present during photo shoots where they got naked in front of a man they barely knew. So I provided a comfort zone for the women secondarily to really working during the photo shoots. Rod would have me hand him different cameras, adjust lighting and backgrounds, apply makeup powder to the models where needed (to prevent glare), and eventually help to physically position inexperienced models. It was that aspect that lead to some memorable moments, such as the one I am telling about here.On one occassion, Rod had booked this ravishingly beautiful woman who was about my age (I think about 21 at the time). She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, with a slim and long legged figure. I remember when she first came into his Studio to chat with him and book the session. She made my heart flutter seeing her outstanding figure in her tight fitting jeans and tank top. When she smiled at me in the waiting room I my knees nearly buckled. Already I wanted her!Of course, Rod did some of his photo sessions without me. I know he knew when a particular model found him attractive and he probably preferred to have some of his own private sessions. That didn’t bother me. He did take good care of me when he knew I was interested in a specific model or when a model had checked the “bi” or “bi-curious” box on his pre-shoot questionnaire.As soon as Karen (the new model’s name) had left, he showed me her release form and questionnaire. He pointed to the checked “bi-curious” box (which she had underlined twice!) and he smiled at me, asking if I wanted to assist with this photo shoot. I gave him a big ol hug and a kiss and he just laughed. He knew.The day of the photo session, I was there early. I had taken a lot of time at home getting ready. A nice clean, extra smooth shave (everywhere) and wore these cute little tight, short white spandex shorts (no panties) and a tight little tank top that always emphasized my erect nipples. Before Rod arrived at the studio, I had already setup the backdrops we had discussed, arranged the lighting just the way I knew he liked it, and turned on soft romantic background music.By the time Karen arrived, my stomach was already in knots with anticipation. Rod was a great calming effect, both with me and with models, but especially with me. I greeted her with a smile (she smiled back delightfully) and briefed her with the usual pre-shoot preparation (how the shoot worked, what to expect, how long, etc.). She seemed very eager to get started, and I lead her to the makeup/dressing room, just off the photo session room. There she hung the outfits she brought with her, and I sat her in the chair to touch up her makeup. She was very anxious (and excited) about the shoot (having never done one for a professional photographer before) and kept nervously asking me questions. She asked me if I had ever done one before, and I told her yes, many times, and it was nothing to worry about and that she would love the experience. She smiled another of those heart-stopping smiles at me and I noticed her eyes glance quickly from my eyes to my protruding nipples. My knees quivered. She diverted her eyes quickly back to mine and just smiled again. Damn, I could feel the dampness between my legs already starting.Rod soon came in and greeted her with a smile and friendly comment, then looked through her wardrobe for ideas for the photo shoot. He always started with clothed models and had them slowly remove items of clothing as he warmed them up. Often a model would change into different outfits during the early part of the shoot, as Rod sought just the artistic effects he was after, and it also helped calm the models. He selected a cute baby blue sundress which matched the color of her eyes, and white sandals that strapped up her thigh. We both left the room to let her change (although I wanted to stay), and waited for her in the room of the shoot. When she came in a few minutes later, I could feel my face blush because of her outstanding beauty. I looked away and busied myself with the photographer’s equipment to keep her from noticing.Rod lead her to a stool in the center of the room before a backdrop of pale gray. Her shimmering long blonde hair, fair skin, and light blue dress stood out dramatically in front of the background. queenbet güvenilirmi I turned on the lighting, and Rod went to work. Snapping shots from various angles and coaching her to position herself this way and that as she sat on the stool wth her dress sensually dr****g across her upper thigh. At his direction, I helped her turn her shoulders, tilt her face, correct posture and adjust her legs. I felt a bit faint the first time I touched her. Her skin was so smooth and warm.In a standing position, with the lower portion of her body facing partly away from us, and her body twisted at the waist back toward us, Rod had me raise her dress to the top of her hip and position her hand to hold it in place just so. Such a fine body line. Firm round buttocks, flat tummy, slender hips with just enough curve to her tiny waist. I must have been drooling.More photos taken to feature her ass in the cutest little white thong. Then instructions to expose one breast, lowering one shoulder strap to the side of her arm. Ohhh, such a beautiful soft yet firmly shaped breast, with small unblemished areola and perfect erect nipple. Down goes the other strap to expose the perfect mate. I wanted to caress them right then and there and lick and suck her nipples, but with great effort restrained my eagerness.After a few more shots, Rod sent her off for a short break and change of clothing, and handed me the cameras for my task of downloading the digital images to computer and resetting the memory in each camera. It sure would have been quicker and easier if they had invented those handy little memory cards that you find in all the cameras now-a-days, but it did give me the opportunity to quickly review the photo images before returning the cameras to Rod. They were exquisite!Karen had already returned to the room by the time I was finished, since I had taken the time to preview the pics instead of doing a quicky bulk download. This time, she was dressed in a short white skirt, and sheer white blouse. Her darkened nipples shown through the near transparent material of her blouse excitingly enough for me to quickly need to sneak a quick rub across my already tingling clit. I was soooo turned on by Karen.I could see that Rod was to, by the increasingly noticeable bulge in his bluejean cutoff shorts. She noticed to. I caught her glance and slight blushing smile as she diverted her eyes, but not too quickly for me to catch it.Rod always worked barefoot, and so did I. It was easier to move about, and just felt more comfortable. Karen was also shoeless in this outfit, and breathtakingly sensual. This session had Karen move to a simple chair for use as a prop. Several shots with one of her legs on the chair while standing and revealing her strikingly well muscle toned legs. Then the blouse was unbuttoned in the front with several shots of her standing in various positions around the chair, holding the back, or bending over slightly with palms flat on the seat. I had moved my position to be partly out of Rod’s way, and partly because I wanted a better angle to view her fine bare cheeks. I am not sure if I made an audible gasp of pleasure or not when I first saw her skirt ride up enough to show that she had not worn panties beneath her skirt for this session.I caught just a hint of her lovely pussy from a rear view as she bent forward on the chair. My own pussy was no longer damp. It was very wet! one of the positions Rod had talked her into, had her bending just so, but with her head turned back toward me. She could no doubt see me admiring the view, and a little smile crossed her lips. I know I blushed.The photographer had Karen seated in the chair for some open legged “up skirt” shots, and I was feeling very, very warm. Instinctively, I pulled my top off over my head and tossed it to the side. She turned her head to see my bareness and smiled. Rod laughed and remarked half to the model and half for my benefit, that working under these photo shop lights was hot work. The remark brought a laugh from all three of us and certainly eased a moment of awkwardness.From the next session on, Karen was completely naked. I hurried my downloads so that I could get back and enjoy the vision of her sexy smoothly shaved pussy. Rod had moved her to a single size bed on the opposite side of the Studio for the next session. By now, Karen was completely comfortable with the shoot and at ease, and working with enthusiastic willingness. I, on the other hand, knew that my white spandex shorts were soaked with moisture around my crotch and could do nothing about it. When I was able to sneak another touch to myself, if felt as wet as if I had just pee’ed myself.Once again, Rod the trouper, knew just what was needed (or maybe just what I needed). He told Karen that for the next series of shots, he wanted Julie (me) to help position her, as they were unusual positions for an amateur model. She smiled, and quickly welcomed the help.For the next twenty minutes or so I had real “hands-on” work with her. Touching various bare naked body parts, to move her shoulders, arms, legs, head, and I was internally screaming for more. She seemed to smile each time my breasts or nipples brushed “accidentally” across the silky smooth skin of her bare back or arm or leg. She glanced into my eyes searchingly more than once.Rod was asking her as he worked, as she lay nude on her side on the bed for photo shots, about the website she wanted to create. What kind of interest did she want from members, what did she want to offer them for membership. I remember her replies that she wanted enough “tempting” yet not too reveling photos on the opening “free” pages, just enough to entice men and women visitors to join her membership. I caught the “and women” phrase because she had turned her head and looked directly at me when she said it.In the members only area she wanted to give them everything they would want. Not very much was “off limits” to her. She wanted members to enjoy her sexuality by experiencing her daily diary or whatever she chose to write, and in viewing her photos with a little something for near everyone. As Rod continued moving about her and having her let me turn her in different prone positions as he shot photos, and he pursued by asking what she thought members would want to see in her photos.She said she really wasn’t sure, but thought they would enjoy something new all the time so that they would stay paying members from month to month and always watching for new photo series. As if she knew that had not quite answered his question, she quickly added that she thought different series should be partial clothed, full nudes, close up shots of her pussy, her playing with toys, and she “guessed” shots of having sex.I quickly glanced at Rod and he was smiling back at me for a moment between continued shots. Sex with men? women? both? Rod followed up with the question. queenbet yeni giriş Her reply was each, both. I think I orgasmed just then. And Rod, Rod’s erection was unmistakable in his cutoffs. It looked like he was just about to bust the zipper. I laughed quietly when I noticed.With a silence that (to me) seemed an eternity as Rod continued shooting, he finally asked her, “and would you like to do some of those shots today?”. I was near faint and my heart was racing one hundred miles an hour while waiting the very few seconds it took her to reply.”Could we?” she asked. “Could we do some of those today?”. “I would like to.”I was ready to rip off my soaking shorts and jump her, but Rod in his masterful way interceded before I could act.”Then we shall” Rod answered her calmly.My now, Rod had her positioned on her back, legs spread and her already glistening bald pussy becoming the focus for close-up photography. She was a natural, in the way in which she spread her labia with her fingers to expose her sweet wetness, pulled back on her clitoral hood and rubbed a fingertip lightly across the tip to highlight its hard erection. I was near cumming!She looked up at me and smiled. “Julie, hun, in my bag in the changing room are a few of my toys. Would you mind…?” I raced down the hall and retrieved the entire bag so that I could return instantly. Karen had me retrieve a small pink vibrator and hand it to her. I watched as my own pussy juice must have been flowing down my leg (well it seemed like it anyway). Rod continued to shoot photos as she gently crossed the vibrating wand across her clit. I watched her back arch at the touch and heard her soft moan of pleasure as her eyes closed and her head jerked back.Sliding the vibe between her juicy lips and deeper slowly inside her wet cunt, she was already breathing heavy (and so was I). When she removed it and brought it to her mouth and licked the honey soaked vibe, I was already removing my shorts. My fingers quickly confirmed my own flowing juices and my own touch was near unbearable. Looking deeply into my eyes, Karen said “lick me Julie… please?” “please kiss my pussy”.I certainly did not need a second invitation. I was between her legs and devouring her sweet snatch in an instant.I could barely hear Rod moving about, taking photos, as I kept my face buried between her legs. I had forgotten for a second that this was her first sexual experience with a woman until her ever increasing moans reminded me.I slowed my approach with her. I did not want her to climax too soon. I began alternating between licking and kissing up her inner thigh, across her mound and around her perfect swollen pussy lips. It was all I could do to contain myself and keep from gobbling her up and drinking in all her warm nectar that I could.My hand found its way between my legs to rub my clit and finger my wet pussy. I kept my licking and very gentle sucking slow and methodical. Her hips were rocking back and forth and up and down, pressing against my mouth, my lips, and then withdrawing as she felt the electricity I know too well.In the meantime, as I knew he would do, Rod had removed his shorts, and set up several tripod cameras on timer to take interval photos from different positions. He still had one camera in his hand and had been moving all around Karen and I, taking shots here and there. When I glanced up at him, I saw the camera to his eye focused on Karen’s face and upper body as she squirmed and writhed in pleasure. I also noticed his throbbing hard cock bouncing in the air, getting thicker and longer with each bounce.When I had slowed Karen’s pleasure down to a more manageable foreplay, she had relaxed and was smiling down at me, telling me how wonderful it felt and that I was “Soooooo good!”. I liked to hear that, and it was getting me hornier with every moment. I slid a finger inside her to find the softest, wettest, and hottest pussy I had ever experienced. While I tenderly suckled her clit and kissed around it, I fingered her love hole slowly in and out. She squeezed muscles around my finger tightly both intentionally and from unintentional contractions.Her dreamy bedroom eyes only slightly opened as she paced her breathing and did her best to control away climax. Rod had moved beside her head, standing, and taking photo shots down her body toward me as I busied myself on her sweet spot. With her clit between my lips, finger slowly exploring her inner depths, my other hand working on myself between my legs, I look up to see her reaching out and taking Rod’s hard shaft into her hand. With some effort because of my position and not wanting to alter anything I was doing to her, I strained to watch her stroking his “rod” back and forth with her hand. She was telling him something about how she liked it and Rod began to slow down his photography. While I could not see his face, I could hear his own soft moans as he moved closer to her, and she took his erect cock into her mouth.It was then, I think that Rod set his hand camera aside and let the various well placed timer cameras do their work. His hands caressed her smooth soft breasts, and his fingers rolled her nipples between them. She arched her hips and pressed her wet mound hard against my mouth, and then back down against the bed. My pussy was aching and my clit was afire.As Karen moved her hands down to spread her pussy lips apart for me, Rod moved beside me and began tenderly stroking the skin of my shoulders, back and hips. I felt him move behind me and relieve my hand with his own. As he gently rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy, I was doing the same to Karen. Her breathing was becoming rapid again, and I guess with Rod’s attention to me I was inadvertently speeding up the action on her, as I found myself sucking her clit hard and fast. I corrected this with long slow licks up and down the length of her wet hole, and lightly crossing her exposed clit.Rod was rubbing the head of his cock between the soaking entrance of my pussy, and finally slowly began to enter me. By the time he was fully inside me, I was afraid I might be biting down on Karen’s hard erect clit, but apparently not or if I had been she was enjoying it. I returned to gentle kisses and soft sucking of her pussy lips, as Rod slowly withdrew his thick cock and slowly filled me back up again.I could not have been in a better position, giving and receiving. At least this is what I thought until Rod guided us into swapping positions.Laying on my back, legs spread wide, with Karen tasting her first pussy honey and watching Rod pleasure her from behind, I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world.I closed my eyes and squeezed by own titties, and pinched my nipples, as Karen explored unfamiliar territory with eagerness and enthusiasm. I could feel her pause for breaths as Rod fucked her sweet tight hole doggie style. I opened my eyes to look down at her devouring queenbet giriş my sensitive pussy and on down her body to watch Rod leaning forward and caressing her breasts, playing with her nipples as he fucked her wet pussy with long slow deep strokes. It was so very erotic to watch another woman being fucked live, in front of me, and at the same time having her eat my pussy.I rolled my head to the side and my eyes found the mirror on the wall. I watched in a trance as her head worked its magic between my legs and as Rod’s cock entered her in and out. There could be nothing better in my mind than this totally erotic totally sensual, sexual experience. Her eagerness to please me and her long wanting to enjoy another woman, and watching her being fucked by someone else who I adore. It was sending those electrical sensations up and down my spine and I knew my pussy was about to explode.She was sucking my clit hard and fast, and I could see Rod working within the moment. He was bringing her to orgasm, and himself, just as she was bringing me to mine.I cam first (I think) in a wave of unforgettable orgasms that had my whole body quivering. I almost could not breath. Rod must have exploded in her almost at the same time, as she raised her head and let out unmistakable moans of pleasure and climax. Her palm placed against my clit, applying pressure and some movement as my hips gyrated from the orgasms, brought new aftershocks to me. I was gasping air. Karen’s head was thrown back into the air as Rod shot his massive hot load into her. I could tell the head of his hard cock was rubbing deep inside her against and across her hard cervix. She was having continued orgasms as he did so, and continued to fill her pussy with his cum.My arms above my head, my chest rising and falling, sucking in as much oxygen as I could, and glowing in the aftermath of incredible sex. Her the warm soft cheek of her face laying on top of my soaking wet mound and feeling her warm breath against my wet inner thigh as she sought to catch her own breath. And Rod somewhere behind her I imagined through closed eyes, enjoying his own after sex feelings (whatever it is for guys). This had been a day to remember. (Well it was almost over, but not quite. Karen and I still had one more new experiences to enjoy).I opened my eyes to see Rod moving back toward me to retrieve his hand-held camera. As he got close I could not help but stare at his cum slickened cock flopping in the air as he walked. It was erotically stimulating for me to think about what those juices were covering his man-meat. They were the combined love juices of man and woman, both of whom had just made love to me.I reached across and grabbed his ass with my hand and pulled him closer to me. Rising myself on one arm, I took his cock into my mouth and greedily sucked and licked off his and Karen’s cum. I know he enjoyed it, but it was a turn-on to me I had never known before. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I am glad I did. Karen was watching with curiosity and a faint smile while I did this. Her face was still blushed and her cheek and mouth was covered with my cum as her head still laid upon my soaked mound.When Rod’s cock was all cleaned off, I sat up on the side of the bed. Karen was still recovering and was laying on her tummy with head down on the bed. Rod and his camera moved behind her. He leaned forward on the edge of the bed between her spread legs and was taking photos. I moved beside him to watch.Karen’s cute little bottom was glistening with the wetness of both hers and Rod’s cum. Rod asked her to move up to her knees and keep her head down on the bed. As she did, streams of cum was flowing from her freshly fucked pussy. It was soooo erotic. My own pussy was tingling again as my hand cupped it and felt its own slickness.Rod took my hand and guided me to sit on the end of the bed. He leaned me back until my face was directly below her dripping pussy. Warm wet sticky cum was dripping onto my face, running down my cheek and onto my parted mouth. My tongue quickly crossed my lips to taste the combined love juices. It was wonderful, I wanted more, I wanted it all.I raised my head to begin licking her cum filled pussy and she gently lowered her hips to meet me. My tongue busily began licking her slit from top to bottom, eagerly sucking in and swallowing mouthfuls of juices. It had Karen soon moaning in sudden extended pleasure and once again my fingers were rubbing my still sensitive but aching pussy.When I felt Rod’s shaft re-enter my throbbing hot hole, I returned my hands to spread Karen’s pussy lips apart so that my tongue could enter her deeply. My head was dizzy and spinning as the aroma of her sex filled my nostrils and her juices covered my face and my tongue greedily lapped up her honey.Aside from the mounting pleasure of Rod’s hard cock pounding my needy pussy, the erotic vision of a gorgeous pussy filled with and flowing cum soon mounted my climax and incredible orgasms. When Rod exploded his hot load deep inside me, my lips were sucking hard and fast on Karen’s hot swollen clit. Her own orgasms intertwined with mine as she pressed her pussy hard against my face.I was in that dream state of half faint and half focused on continuous electrical shocks from rapidly shooting orgasms. My body was convulsing in orgasm and shuddering in overwhelming sensation. We all lay there in afterglow similar to some minutes ago (or was it hours?).I was totally weak. Could not move. Heart pounding and mouth wide open sucking in air. I was soooo dizzy and faint. My knees were still up and fallen wide apart from the position Rod had just fucked me in, and I could not move a muscle. Karen had rolled to her side and was breathing heavily. Rod, well Rod was taking pictures again.I was in such a euphoric state that I did not even notice Karen rise from the bed and move between my spread legs. When my numbed pussy felt her mouth and tongue first begin to lick and suck up my flowing fuck juices, the immediate orgasm it caused forced an unintentional leg lock around her. My thighs were so tightly pressed against the sides of her head that at first she could not breath and she forced her head up and my legs back apart.My head was swimming and entire body orgasming as she returned the favor of drinking up the hot cum from between my legs, just as I had done for her. At first I could not control the orgasms, then her gentleness and my own desire to allow her this pleasure slowed my reactions and regain some control of my quivering body.When at last, Karen had licked up all of my love juice and I was able to reopen my eyes, I looked down to see her smiling wet face. When I weakly smiled back hat her, she laid her head on my soaked mound and we lay there for quite a while.This had been an unequalled experience. A wonderful adventure, that as I said before, you remember for a long, long time.[Editors Note: The model’s name was changed to respect her anonymity. The Copyrighted photos from the session belonged to the model and were featured on her website for several years. The model had resold some of the photos to a publisher and were featured in a 2008 issue of Young Nymphos Magazine.]