Spanking School #1: Petra-1Spanking School is the name my students use for my exclusive Erotic Education Enterprise for fresh well-bred virgins of some social standing. Petra is the name of the first graduate and granddaughter of Professor Peter, who founded his Enterprise for her. Together they inspect in Summer their first ever applicants from all over the globe for a full year of training in a small class of classy cute beauties, who all just turned eighteen.Students from abroad will be interns, like Jennifer and Nadia from America, or Ashtyn and Natalia from Malmö in Sweden. The tasty teens from Holland – Aisha, Alexia, Anne and Petra – can travel home to cut costs, except for some special sessions, which will last all weekend.Spanking for mutual sexual pleasure is only one of the many sexy subjects on the curriculum to educate virgins into upper-class submissive sweethearts for their future partners. In awe for those lessons, the students christen this educational institute as their Spanking School.Exclusive education is expensive. In special cases the School offers scholarships. First to apply is a ravishing red-head, also called Petra. She knows Professor Peter from some talks in the net. She loves him for being so sweet and understanding. Professor Peter loves her for being so hot and honest in their typed sexual exchanges. He understands her hearing handicap and offers his help in her erotic education.The two Petra’s are both pretty nervous before the test for the first application. Let me tell them apart for my readers. Tall Petra is a slender sexy sweet tender tasty teen beautiful brunette with B-size breasts, who makes her debut as my co-teacher at our so-called kayseri rus escort Spanking School. Small Petra is a red-hot real redhead with pretty pear-shape sexy C-cup cute beauties, half hidden usually in her lovely looking lingerie. The test of pretty Petra is also also our first and a tough trial for us two. Not an easy task, as our applicant is deaf, so we need to communicate by other means with our pretty prospective student. To help Small Petra we propose Tall Petra will show her how to perform and present herself for an intimate inspection at her application. She knows she has to wear simple schoolgirl style outfit: white blouse, plated skirt. Nothing underneath.Tall Petra opens the door to Small Petra and shows her in. She wears are similar outfit. Upstairs Professor Peter waits for them in his Studio with mirrors at all walls. Tall Petra introduces Small Petra to him. He warmly welcomes her with an elegant old-fashioned hand-kiss. Small Petra stands to attention and watches carefully how Tall Petra performs the the proper presentation for intimate inspection. Tall Petra stands right in front of her grandfather, who sits in his large leather arm-chair. She takes off her simple white blouse and her short skirt. She now only wears white socks and a sweet seductive smile. She turns around and spreads her legs at either sides of his. She bends over and spreads her ass cheeks by both hands. Professor Peter takes a long look as her pretty pussy, as if he sees it for the first time. Petra looks back at him from between her legs and waits for his sign to her to proceed her performance. Professor Peter holds her by her hips and kayseri rus escort bayan brings his face very close to see every detail and inhale her odour. As always, the intimate inspection excites her and her love lips shine slightly in the lights of the studio. Professor Peter reclines and at that sign his hot dear daughter starts to play with her pussy while she keeps looking at him. He winks with a finger at Small Petra to step closer and have a good look at the action from right beside him. Bend over Tall Petra blushes easily. It is the first time for her to masturbate in front of someone new. Small Petra admires her courage and cute cunny, which looks a lot like her own. Tasty thick smooth outer love lips and inner lips hardly visible underneath her Mount Venus topped by a small brown bush. Soon the breathing of tall Petra deepens as her fingers ferociously flick all along her love lips and play at either side of her clitoris, still hidden under its hood. To see her so excited is very exciting for Small Petra, who blushes and fears she is getting embarrassingly wet herself. Tall Petra comes beautifully and Professor Peter brings his head close again to enjoy her fresh fanny’s fumes. He holds her lightly at her hips again and takes his time to lap her pussy juices from her love lips. Tall Petra loves it and wishes he would continue so she could come once more for him. Professor Peter taps her lightly at her bottom to tell her show is over.Small Petra swallows. Now it is her turn. Tall Petra sits between Peters legs for a good view. Small Petra slowly strips, turns around and bends over. She sees between her spread legs rus kayseri escort them two staring at her love lips below the bright red bush topping her Mount Venus. She pulls her love lips apart as wide as she can. Upside down it is not easy to read from his lips what he tells Tall Petra. First Professor Peter wears this head light at his front, when he takes his time to look deep inside her pussy. He seems very fascinated by her hymen and takes some close-up photos. Tall Petra also takes her time to study her hymen, wearing that head-light for exploring pussies. Suddenly Small Petra feels sweet soft kisses by Tall Petra at her love lips. She takes it at a sign to start her rubbing towards orgasm for them. She is amazed how fast she explodes in front of four burning eyes. The situation is simply too exciting for a virgin like her. Small Petra closes her eyes as she starts to see stars. She is glad Professor Peter holds her hips firmly by both hands as her knees get very weak from coming hard on her erotic examination day. She is still trying to get back her breath as she feels how he slowly pulls her down towards his lap. With his Tall Petra at his right thigh and Small Petra at his left, Professor Peter feels a very rich man. He grabs the right hand of his guest again for a hand-kiss to congratulate her with winning her scholarship for a full year of free erotic education to start in early September.Small Petra next watches with them in amazement the video, which he secretly shot of both intimate inspections from cameras hidden in his chair and head-light . She can clearly see that tall Petra is indeed no virgin anymore. She sees her own hymen from close for the very first time. She longs for lessons to start and wonders how he will make her woman in due course? She looks longingly forward to her training and hugs both for long time to express her gratitude to them for the scholarship she won.We warmly welcome your ‘thumbs up’as well as your comments, dear reader.Copyright by Poet PETER, July 15 2015