Sophiesweets: A recent trip to my favourite sex clSophieSweetsGayHeaven’s HottieJoin Date: Jun 2009Posts: 340Thanks: 234Thanked 864 Times in 220 PostsSophiesweets: A recent trip to my favourite sex club.Not posted a story in so long, so I thought I might as well make it a true one… No names have been changed because I never bothered to find any of them out… This happened about 2 weeks ago.I’m mainly a weekend girl, and I like to think I’m pretty cute when I go for it. There are plenty of pics are on the internet for those curious (See Signature) After a busy few weeks of working hard and no ‘fun’ I felt I’d earned myself a bit of a rager. My weekend started on the Friday evening, when I went out with some friends to a fetish night in London. I was wearing my current favourite outfit, a cute little red tartan hellbunny dress with a full black petticoat, brand new shoes and full stockings and suspenders, that were fully visible with each dancefloor flick of my dress… It was a night spent mainly on the dancefloor, dancing with the girls and flirting with the guys… being a ‘mixed’ fetish crowd, some ‘read’ me straight away… some didn’t and I had to tell them… but all were happy to keep on dancing with me… some much closer than others though.I didn’t really go out on Friday to ‘pull’, at least not at first. I did have some attention from two guys over the course of the night… both older, burly, straight types… and I guess if I have a ‘type’, it’s that…The first was dressed as a ‘Dandy Dom’ witb a waxed moustache… we got talking after he offered me a lighter whilst we smoked outside, he noticed I looked cold and moved closer, providing me with some of his body warmth… I cuddled into him and soon we we were making out… he coughed, almost apologetically and whispered a question in my ear: “Do you want to go to the Dungeon Area?” Which of course I did… He took my hand and led me through the club and past the crowd of onlookers, gazing at the equipment and those engaged on it. Girls being tied up in rope bondage, a man on a ‘horse’ having his face sat on… and so much spanking.He didn’t even need to ask me, I just walked to a vacant bench and bent over, lifting my skirts, passing him the riding crop I’d brought with me that day and presenting my butt to him, and of course to the crowd, who’s eyes suddenly had a weight and a warmth that I could feel as they crawled over my body.He started out gently at first, using the crop in light taps like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings as I squirmed and wriggled with delight. Then he started getting harder, alternating between the crop and his hand… my buttocks changing from pale milk, to pink to red… he spanked and rubbed my panties over the sensitive skin of my hole until I was arching my back and panting… my exposure to the eyes of the entire club only making me hornier until it was an almost unbearable pressure and I felt physically forced to reached for his cock…Sadly he didn’t want to fuck me, so after a bit more spanking we kissed and parted… but I was on fire by this point… I wanted a guy. I nearly got more.The next guy I found was a gruff Glaswegian who was there with his pretty young wife. We were stood watching a girl being put into rope bondage when he started to speak to me, his hand reaching down and cupping my bum… usually I melt at this anyway, but I was so horny I wriggled back into his hand, giving him no doubt as to my intentions.I kissed him and his girlfriend for awhile, loving the feeling of two sets of hands roaming my body, her touches so different to his, hers light and exploratory, his firm and needing.He proposed going into the couple’s room… I was overjoyed, it had always been a fantasy if mine to have a 3sum with a hot couple… would love to be on all fours, taking a cock whilst moaning into his girlfriends pussy, so that she could feel every thrust of his quivering through my body…Sadly it was not to be… she said she had to go to the toilet… so me and the boyfriend went into the couples room and started to fool around…After a while it became clear that she wasn’t going to be joining us, so we decided to look for her before it got too hot and heavy… before we’d reached the point of no return. She was stood outside the couples room and something in her expression had changed… she seemed upset. They started having an intense discussion, so I made my excuses… before I left, she leaned over, apologised and kissed me goodnight.It was not long after that I went home, charged up like lightning, but unfucked. So that was why I went into Saturday like a kitten on heat… if Friday was about dressing up as cute eye candy to dance away the night in a fetish club, Saturday was just about being a horny little bunny, only out for hard cock… so I decided to go to my favourite T-Gurl sex club in East London., somewhere a pretty T-Gurl couldn’t fail to get what she needed.I decided to wear one of my slinkiest black dresses… sexy enough to turn heads, ankara escort not crazy enough to get me any trouble from any ‘straights’ on the tube… tight enough to show off my body to the max, but easy enough to take off in bare seconds once I’d got the attention I craved…Hell, I am pretty good at this… and I really do love the attention…I had a few drinks while getting ready, enjoying the ritual of turning myself into a sexy little kitten. I wore bright red lipstick and eyeshadow, making emphasizing my pale skin and making me look vampiric and sensual.The tube ride went without incident, but walking from the tube to the club I could feel hips roll and my ass wiggle, broadcasting my readiness to the world and getting more pronounced any time I noticed a man’s eyes crawling up my stockinged legs… which happens plenty outside the pubs of east London.I arrived, already excited just from the feeling of my dress billowing against my smooth legs…”Hiya Sophie” Said the doorman, taking my money and tipping me a wink. “Been a while love?””I’ve been so busy recently…” I said.Something in my face made him smile…”Yeah… but all work and no play eh? I bet you make up for it tonight though” He laughed….I laughed with him, nodded and walked into the club.I put my coat away and sat at the bar. Sipping a gin and tonic I surveyed the scene it was quite busy. A fair number of other cute T-Gurls, not that I was there for them, but it was always nice to have some company. But stalking around them was my prize. Men, their eyes crawling up and down the girls with utterly naked, undisguised, a****listic lust. Hands were places around waists, on buttocks, on the backs of necks… possessive and dominantI finished my drink and excused myself. I could chat later if I wanted. I was here for those hands, those eyes… and the thing that I could see, straining the front of so many of the guy’s trousers.The upstairs area has many rooms, A dungeon… That never really got too busy when I was there.. although sometimes you would hear the crack-howl of a spanking… I’d had that done so expertly the night before that I felt no urge to revisit… If a guy wanted to put me over his knee, I’d more than go with it though… The next room was the ‘dark’ area. I’d only been in here once before, where a Guy I met directed me into all kinds of wild situations… I may tell that story one day…At the end of the corridor was the cubicals, this is where most of the guys would hang out. But it wasn’t where I wanted to go. I always started in the video room.I went in and sat down. There were a few Guys and Gurls watching the screen on the wall… The movie was pretty hot, fairly standard shemale stuff.. but the girls were cute and the Guys were manly… Eventually someone came and sat next to me… We spoke for a while, idle chat. He started touching my leg.. running his hands up the smooth nylon to my stocking tops. I put my hand on his leg.He whispered in my ear.“Do you want to go to a cubical babe?”“I’m ok here at the moment…” I said.He shrugged and got up. I don’t know if he was shy, or was thinking I wouldn’t ‘put out’.. but I love being watched.. and of course if there’s more people around, a lot more can happen… had he have stayed, he would have got anything… but he’d decided not to. I sat back and took a sip of my drink.It wasn’t long before another guy sat down… and that was literally all they had to do that night, just sit next to me.. I’m not always that much of a slut.. but when the mood takes me… this guy was much older than me. Thin and balding, with a school-teacher air about him that I instantly responded to… he put his arm around me and I curled in so he could see and have access to my butt… he needed no further encouragement, tracing his finger along the silky material of my panties, touching the fabric against the sensitive smooth flesh of my hole.I could see the front of his trousers starting to rise.. I moved my hands up his leg, lightly dancing my fingers over the fabric that covered the tip of his penis.. He moaned and kissed me. I cupped his groin.. feeling the urgency… the heat. He wanted it to be free.. and so did I.I pulled his trousers open and his cock sprang out. He may have been an older gentleman, but there was certainly no problem getting his cock lively. There’s a certain texture to holding someone else’s hard cock that is so difficult to describe, the skin so smooth… the shaft so hard, but with so much give… vulnerable and yet powerful. I leant forward and touched my tongue to the tip.I felt his whole body shiver underneath me, the only encouragement I needed. He was already so hard. I shifted around to get better access, fixed my eyes on his and swirled my tongue gently around the glans…His eyes screwed up in pleasure and I felt him tighten as I sunk down, taking the head into my mouth, just for a second before planting quick tiny kisses on it.“Oh.. You are a tease…” His words moaned out slowly. I kissed the tip again before putting the whole cock down my ankara escort bayan throat.“Oh good girl” He sighed, his hand brushing at my hair. I looked up, so that he could see my eyes big while his whole manhood disappeared down my hungry throat. I held it for as long as I could before coming up for air, a thin stream of precum forming a glistening connection between his cock and my lips…I could feel that people were watching now. A guy sat to one side, slowly stroking his cock. I wondered if he would get involved, but didn’t press it.. I had been given my first taste of precum, and I knew where my attention would remain.. at least until I got a mouthful of hot semen…I scooped his balls out of his trousers, they felt hot and heavy in my hand.. full and ready to fire. I took each one in my mouth in turn, then licked my way up the shaft and went back to deep throating him. He was laying back now, eyes half closed, enjoying the site of a sexy blond girl, on all fours, taking all of his cock until she gagged. I arched my back and wiggled my bum as a come on… I wanted even more attention.It wasn’t long before I felt a hand cupping my butt. I wiggled against it to show that I was more than willing. He stroked his finger along the fabric that concealed my hole. I pushed back against him, moaning through the cock in my mouth.“Oh She likes that” The guy behind me said. The one in front just nodded, looking nearly stoned now in sensual pleasure.I felt a finger hook inside my panties and pull them to one side. Finger gently brushed the skin there, causing a flash to run up my body. I felt a tickle in my ear as the man behind whispered close.“Such a lovely tight arse”I was grinding myself against his finger now.. he hadn’t pushed it in, just kept teasing between my buttocks… Then it was gone. For a second I thought he might have had a better offer, but then I felt something warm and wet take it’s place…His tongue flicked lightly over my anus, before pushing in… A wave of pleasure overcame me, nearly distracting me from the cock in my mouth.. I took it out for a moment, wanking it quickly against my soft tongue and lips… splashing his precum over my face“Oh yeah Baby” I sighed and pushed back. His tongue was deep now and I could feel his moans vibrating through my fuck hole. He knew what he was doing there and I hadn’t even seen his face yet.I could feel that the cock in my hand was close to coming, his breathing had become short and sharp, so I went back to that in earnest. I felt the tongue leave my hole and heard the man behind say: “I’m having me some of that”He sat up next to the guy, who was now so close to coming I could feel him Twitch. I took his cock in one hand. I know he wanted me to suck him, but I was so close with my first guy. So there I was, A cock in my mouth, one in my hand and My freshly licked ass on view for anyone to see… I felt like such a hot slut and there was only one more thing I wanted…I felt the cock twitch in my mouth, the man bucked beneath me, the power in his hips nearly throwing me clear and suddenly my mouth was full of his delicious cum. I held the tip of his cock between my lips until the last squirt, swirled it around so I could get every bit of taste out of it and then swallowed it gratefully…“Thank you” I said, like a good girl, planting Kisses on the tip. He laughed, and had to pull away, the sensation too much on his sensitive flesh… He knew what I wanted now so quickly shifted away, giving the second man full access to my mouth.This was the first time I’d had a good look at him. Another much older man. Stocky, with grey hair, like a builder or Manual Labourer. His cock was not too long, but impressively thick… My immediate thought was that I’d be able to suck him, but that was probably all. I took his length in my mouth. Every cock is different, and they all taste different. Luckily they all taste good to me, and I went at this one like a lollipop, my throat already coated with another man’s cum. I glanced around, several guys were wanking as my bare ass waved around and I took this man’s between my lips.A favourite trick of mine during a blowjob is to break off for a second, fill my mouth with a sip of my drink, (A cool Gina and Tonic, with Ice) and then take the cock inside. The sudden coolness always gets a guy moaning with delight… this man was no exception and it kicked him into a more dominant mood. He was much more vocal than the previous guy, constantly giving commentary.“Oh, That’s good baby… You love that cock don’t you.. You’re such a good cock sucker”He patted the bench next to him.“Get up here.. I want to play with your ass while you suck me” he said. I needed no further encouragement. I hoped up beside him on the bench, never taking my lips from his cock. His hands immediately found my ass and started massaging it, encouraging me to take more and more of his cock down my throat.“Oh Baby.. You love the cock. You’re so tight…”He whispered down at me, before spitting on his fingers before discovering escort ankara my hole and sliding in…“So tight… I wish I could fuck you….”I didn’t know if it would be too tight, but I purred up at him….“We could try… but you’d have to start gently” He slid another finger in… “I don’t know if I can do that baby… you really are tight…”And I was, I handed been fucked for so long. I went back to deep-throating him while he continued to finger fuck me.All the eyes were on us now. I was arching my back and moaning through the hard shaft, cupping his heavy balls in my hand… Soon I couldn’t take it anymore…“You could try to fuck me… please…” I moanedI placed gentle kisses on the tip of his cock.“Ok.. I’ll try and go Gentle….” He growled.I stood up and bent over in front of him, getting into all fours on the bench. He just grabbed me and wordlessly moved me along, to a place where he could get easier access… I passed him the lube.“Lube yourself up” he said, I loved being used like this. I generously applied lube to my fingers and started playing with my asshole. He put the condom on and a moment later he took my hands away and I felt the tip of his cock brushing my entrance.“Go gentle… at first…” I pleaded.He started pushing and I felt myself opening up. Any worry that I would hurt was quickly gone as I hungrily engulfed him. I could feel myself tighten up, not through pain, but through genuine physical need. He must have thought I was in discomfort so he stopped. I started rocking backwards and forwards on my elbows, each time taking a bit more of his slippery cock inside me.“Yeah, that’s it Baby… “ He said, his hands going to my waist and holding me… I started to arch my back and push harder against him. His cock was the perfect fit and soon I could feel his thighs press against mine. He was in up to the balls. I wiggled against him, grinding my ass into his groin.“Oh yeah, you love that cock in your tight ass don’t you?”He asked.“Yeah.. fuck me…”I started to rock my body again, my but slapping his thighs, and this time he met each one with a thrust, his cock coming out almost all the way before plunging back in… There are so few words that can accurately describe the feeling of a hot, slippery cock sliding in and out of you with powerful, a****l lust. No Dildo can feel the same as having a real man, putting his whole weight behind his penis as he uses it to try to occupy as much of your body as he can.He slapped my ass cheeks and gripped then, pushing me forward. I couldn’t move so much now, He was leaning over and thrusting from the hips. Nailing me, Banging me, Using me as a hole for his cum.There was nothing I could do except gold on and enjoy being the ride, all the time he was fucking me was talking dirty.“Oh you love that don’t you.. a hard cock in your tight arse.. look at you getting fucked right in front of everyone, you dirty fucking slut…”He snarled into my ear. I could say nothing, just whimpers and yelps and the occasional gasps of “Oh yes”I could feel more of his weight on my back.. His whole body flat against mine, forcing me further down with each powerful thrust until I was almost laying flat. He noticed and just scooped me back up onto all 4’s, lifting in one strong, fluid motion… being moved around like that made me even more turned on and I started bucking back into him again…We were both panting hard now, our bodies in perfect rhythm… Shockwaves of pleasure were coursing through my body each time he plunged into me. His breath was getting even more ragged now.. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he unloaded.Suddenly he tensed.. I pushed back against him, meeting his hard cum thrusts… His whole body was ridged, and I ground my ass against him as I felt him pump himself into me, one hot squirt at a time…“Oh god babe.. that was amazing” he sighed… I could feel his cock soften and slip out of me. I basically fell forward, my arms and legs shaking. My head fizzing, my breath in shallow little puppy gasps. He stood for a moment. I watched his cock shrink. Leaning forward I pulled off the condom and planted some soft kisses on the tip of his cock.“Thank you I said” looking up at him“Thank you” he said and gave me a playful slap on the ass. I found my drink and took a sip. I was a quivering mess, my make up was ruined, my hair was a state and I was sprawled nearly naked, my gaped ass slick and pulsing with the fucking it had just taken… The man leant forward and kissed me.“Thanks babe.. I’m going to get myself cleaned up”“Yeah me too…”But it took me a few minutes before I could gather the energy to move.Eventually I gathered myself to go to the bathroom and straighten myself out. I was still shaking when I went to the bar and got myself another drink.That wasn’t the end of the night. I still found another cock to suck and more cum to drink. But I couldn’t improve on that Fuck…I must have the dirtiest smile on the night bus home, wriggling my sensitive and well-fucked ass, knowing that people could probably guess what I’d been up to. Because that’s the thing about being really well fucked by a guy… You can feel that for days, a constant reminder of what you did.After a weekend of being outrageously horny I finally got home and went to sleep, a thoroughly satisfied little kitten.