Son’s wife Mallory rides with me to a weddingIf you like thinking about father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships, here you go!!If not, this is still a pretty good story, if I do say so myself!I recently travelled out of state to a wedding with parts of my family and that got me thinking…..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My son Jacob and my wife were in the wedding so they both took the day off and drove the six hours up on Friday. Jacob’s wife and I both had to work on Friday, so I had arranged to swing by, pick her up and head straight from her work to New York. If everything went well, we hoped to catch the tail end of the rehearsal party that evening.I first met Mallory when she joined a coed soccer team I was coaching and she was 12. She had liked one of the boys on the team. Six years later, she and Jacob graduated high school and got married. They have been married 5 years, but I have to confess I still think of her as a little girl and not as a woman. Well, at least I had trouble before this weekend!!I pulled into the office building where she is now an office manager just as she came out the front door. She had her long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and her white blouse, dark knee length skirt and black heels made her look every bit the professional. She waved and pointed over to the side of the building so I pulled around, found her car and she popped the trunk as I got out and went to help her move her bags to my trunk. As I took her computer from her and put it on top of the soft sided bag her clothes were in I suddenly heard a sound. Mallory was talking to Jacob on the phone so she did not notice, but I was fairly certain I recognized the whirring buzzing sound. I was just going to ignore it when suddenly her eyes flew open wide and I heard her say, “I gotta go, thanks for the construction update!” She hung up the phone and looked at me. “I’m going to go plug in the address destination into the GPS” I said with a smile that tried to cover both our embarrassment and she looked back into her car and nodded. Mallory turned and closed the back of her car and I could just hear her mumbling “Damn, damn, damn!!” I chuckled to myself and got into driver’s seat and punched in the destination. A moment later, the back of my car closed and then Mallory got in on the other side of the car and she was completely composed.We chatted as we worked through traffic and out of the city and she began yawning once we hit the freeway. I suggested she take a nap and she reclined the seat a little and did just that. The problem had begun for me moments after she sat down in the car. The top button on her white blouse had popped open and from my side of the car I had caught a nice glimpse of her right breast. Combine that with the fact that she had a vibrator back in her bags and I was reminded that once Jacob had told me that while Mallory was all lady in public, she was all a****l in bed and my mind began wandering into very taboo territory.Her breathing soon relaxed and then she shifted and curled a little one way and then the other. The net affect was, her skirt was suddenly half way up her thigh and her blouse now gaped open wide so that I could see the entire white lacey bra cup holding her firm young breast. I started thinking about touching her and how truly beautiful she was. I wondered if she was wearing stockings or panty hose and if there was some sort of sexy lingerie in her bag or if she was an au natural sleeper. All of these thoughts soon had me needing to adjust my cock so it could properly straighten out. I wanted to stroke it and I even entertained the thought of shooting hot jets of cum on her as we drove down the road.But then I got control and focused on driving. Maybe a half-hour later, I noticed her move her hand to her lap and I glanced down not thinking much of it. Then I looked again. She was pushing the cloth down tight against her and she was rubbing herself in her sleep!! Her skirt was riding higher and in the fading light of day I could just see the lacey band of material indicating she was wearing either stockings or hold ups! But more importantly, I could hardly believe it , but I was watching my son’s wife playing with herself in her sleep!!!Now my cock went from flaccid to solid in less than a mile and I strained to hear every little whimper and mew that softly slipped from her lips. I kept watching, straining to see anything and everything. I started to rub the head of my cock through my khaki pants and was really starting to enjoy the fantasy lying next to me. Then suddenly I hit the rumble strips and in reaction whipped the car back onto the road and let a few choice words fly.Mallory was suddenly wide awake and completely disoriented. Then she was scrambling quickly to get her skirt pulled down and she saw her unbuttoned top and she quickly remedied that. All the while I kept my eyes on the road. Finally, I said, “Sorry about that. I must have nodded off for a second.”“No problem,” she replied. “Maybe we should stop and get a bite soon. I could use a restroom break, I think.” I thought to myself that she must be wet as a whore. I told her that we were half-way to our destination and there was a good exit to stop at just a couple miles up the road when she said, “Looks to me like you could use a break as well.”I looked over at her and she had a sly grin on her face and she nodded to the tent in the front of my pants. Suddenly it was my turn to turn red. She laughed and said, “We will make the stop quick because I guess it is no secret that we both need to get to our spouses quickly!!”We laughed and to be honest, that thought as much as anything caused my excitement to die down a little. My wife is on the heavy side these days, and while I love her big tits and still enjoy sex with her, it has become routine, uneventful and uninspired. Since she entered menopause it has seemed she could easily live without sex and to be honest, I was beginning to feel the same way if it meant doing it our normal way again. In short, thinking about her had that wet blanket affect almost immediately.I guided the car off of the ramp and was surprised at the amount of traffic. Usually by this time in the evening this place was fairly well dead but for some reason not tonight. I pulled into the gas station and I caught myself staring after Mallory as she walked into the store to visit the ladies room. As I put the pump nozzle into the car I thought what it would be like to slide my dick into her instead of my wife and I smiledBy the time she came back out, I had refueled and found out that there was a bluegrass convention up the road a way and that was the reason for all of the traffic. I decided we could drive a few more miles down the road to get dinner more quickly someplace else. Mallory put her seatbelt on and smiled over at me as she sipped her 42 ounce soft drink. I wanted those lips someplace else!Then there was a loud bang and it felt like the back of the car hung up on a rock. No matter which way I tried to go, the rear wheel on the driver’s side would not turn. Fortunately, a guy in a tow truck was just finishing filling up on the other side of the pump. After a few minutes of poking around he said it looked like the brake cylinder on the rear driver wheel had failed and locked up the wheel. He said he had the stuff at the shop to fix it first thing in the morning. I told him I would be in his debt if he could work me in before normal time and he smiled and said that might be doable. 30 minutes later, with the car on the back of his truck, we pulled into a small motel. I asked for a couple of rooms and they said they only had ankara escort one room and it only had one twin bed. Take It or leave it. I took it.Once we got our bags in the room and waved good-bye to the car, I went in and used the restroom as Mallory called Jacob and explained our predicament. She then told me he sounded drunk but that he had promised to tell my wife, so I did not bother calling. Instead, I grabbed up my jacket and invited Mallory to join me to see what we could get to eat at the hole-in-the wall bar just a ways up the street and she laughed and agreed.The sandwiches were good, the beer cold and the music loud, so we wound up sitting close together at a corner table. Soon Mallory was more drunk than she realized and she was laughing and hanging on me and rubbing her body against mine and…. I was not that drunk. I knew what was happening to us both. And to put it bluntly, I steered it that direction at every opportunity!Around midnight, I paid the bill and we made our way back to the motel. I locked the door and turned around just as she undid her skirt and it dropped to the floor revealing her long slim legs, nice firm ass, black g-string and a garter belt holding up the stockings. I just stood there staring and she turned and looked at me and burst out laughing “I did not bring anything to sleep in, because I sleep naked!” she laughed. I looked around the room and there was no way I was sleeping in the chair. The floor was covered in carpet that was barely softer than the concrete beneath it. Before I could point out that we were going to be sleeping together in the bed, Mallory stopped laughing, reached up to the top button of her blouse and began undoing the buttons as she walked slowly toward me. “I also have to orgasm at least once before I can fall asleep at night. That’s why I was so horny and bad in the car. Do you want to watch?” She stopped just inches from me, completely unbuttoned. Her eyes locked onto mine like burning embers glowing with heat and passion that had my own blood boiling. “Or do you want to help?”Without breaking eye contact, she took my hands in hers and placed them on her hips so I could feel the warm curve of her flesh as it turned in to her slim taut waist. The light starched fabric of her shirt brushed over the back of my hands making me aware that I was now touching her inside the privacy of her clothing. I was touching flesh that was normally hidden from lustful eyes and lecherous evaluation.Her fingernails slowly traced lines up my forearms, up to the short sleeved shirt and over my shoulders to the back of my head. I physically could have resisted her still at this point and in truth there was some small voice screaming deep within my mind that whispered this was wrong, but I silenced it as I felt her fingers at the back of my head and neck pulling me down to her. My heart was pounding loudly and my breathing was becoming tight.I felt her breathe, hot and intoxicating on my lips and then the silky soft touch of her lips on mine for only a moment. She pulled back a little and her eyes fluttered open. Then, while staring into the depths of my soul she closed the gap between us ever so slowly. Her lips were parted and then tightened ever so slightly as if to gently pull my lower lip into her. Then they parted. Her warm soft lips and her soft moist tongue tentatively ran across the lips. My mouth yielded to her and I opened my mouth just a fraction of an inch. It was all her tongue needed to slide in and begin dancing with my own tongue.My hands had moved and the one on the small of her back was pulling her to me as the other hand encountered the tight white lower band of her bra. My mind allowed my lips and tongue to do as they wanted as it drank in every sensation. The tips of my fingers slowly and deliberately moved over the swell and rise of the feminine padded fabric separating my exploring fingers from her small firm breasts. My fingers crossed the seamed edge and onto the warm, soft flesh of the top of her breast and I realized I was touching the very skin I had hours before fantasized of caressing. I shivered as I drank in every decadent tingle and realization.Her tongue was assaulting my mouth and attempting to take captive my own tongue! In return, I found my hand now squeezing firmly upon the foam of her bra covered breast. She gasped and I went on the offensive, kissing her chin and working back her jaw line toward her earI grabbed Mallory by the shoulder and held her away from me. “You are drunk and I am not much better.” I said as I shook her probably a little more severely than I intended. She blinked and stared at me for a moment before just bursting into tears. Now I have always been a sucker for tears. So within seconds I had relaxed my grip and pulled her up against my chest. She wept there against my chest and I found myself stroking her hair and comforting her.She smelled so good. It was more than the scent of her shampoo and conditioner and more than her perfume. She smelled of sexual arousal and being this close to her I was very aware of it almost immediately. I looked down and could see her breast and the red outline of where my fingers had left marks above her bra. As she took a long ragged breath, the soft flesh on her chest jiggled and I found that despite my protests, my body was still aroused by her.“You are right. I am such a slut. I’m sorry.” She blubbered and I shushed her as I held her to me. I looked over her head at the bed and was again confronted by the fact that there was only the one small bed in the room. My cock twitched as her stocking encased thigh brushed across the front of my pants and she moved to step back a little so she could look up at me.Her hair was matted to her now reddened face as she sniffled and said, “You must think I am such a whore, and I am. I love sex… I NEED sex. And I have always hoped that as Jacob ages to look like you because I thought you looked so hot and…..” She dissolved into tears again as she realized what she had just saidStanding there looking down into her face, Mallory looked so vulnerable, so innocent… and my eyes strayed past her trembling lips to the smooth skin that rose into small breast mounds and then continued, flat and taught down to the top of her garter belt. The sight caused my balls to tighten a little more. “You are not a whore and I don’t think you are a slut. You are a beautiful young woman and you flatter me greatly!” Her wet eyes looked up into mine and she seemed to be searching to see if I meant what I said, so I gave her a smile and pulled her into me.Too late I realized that by giving her a hug, my stiff cock poked her in the belly. She raised her chin and smiled at me and said, “I guess I am not the only one needing relief tonight.” I closed my eyes and shook my head as I smiled. I had been busted. I started to admit my guilt when I felt her lips brush mine. They touched so lightly I thought at first I had imagined them, dreamed them… because I wanted to taste them again so badly. Then they were there again and they lingered this time. Instead of words a low groan escaped over my lips. My resistance melted as the warmth of her breath on my lips caused the flames of my desire to leap back and scorch what was left of my scorched conscious. All that I wanted now was more. I wanted more of her lips, more of her beautiful eyes. I wanted to feel more of her breasts and more of her thighs. I wanted to feel and experience every curve, every flat and every puckered place on her body. I wanted to feel the warm and cool parts of her body, the soft and firm flesh, the wet and dry places. There ankara escort bayan was nothing else. There was no morality, no relationships there was only need, desire, fulfillment and lust. There was only that moment and I was fully in it!Before I knew what was happening she was sinking through my arms to the floor. Her brown eyes looked up at me with an odd blend of innocence and knowledge that fanned my need into a blaze. Then she was opening the front of my pants and pulling them down to my knees. Her fingers pulled the waistband of my underwear down and then my cock was free and greedily pointing at the one who had set it free.She did not waste time. It was almost as if she did not want to take the chance of being stopped again. Wrapping her left arm around my right thigh, her right hand aimed the red, engorged head of my cock at her lips and she pursed her lips around the bulbous head as she moved herself forward to receive me in her mouth.I am no porn star and while I have sometimes wished for a longer cock, I have never had a complaint about the size of my mushroom head! It filled her mouth to the point where her cheeks barely drew in as sh sucked on me and I felt it touching teeth deep in her head! God, it felt so good!! She popped me out, her mouth and put a strangle hold on the root of my package as she looked up at me and said, “That thing is a lethal weapon! You could kill a woman with that!!”I laughed and reached down behind her and unsnapped the back of her bra. “The French call an orgasm, ‘la petite muerte’ or the little death. So in a way, I have indeed killed many women with it already!” She shrugged her shoulders and the bra fell off of her and to the floor a moment later as she then looked up at me and simply said, “Kill me then. Let me die happy!” With that she pushed her mouth over the head of my cock and tried her best to take my girth down into her throat!!I have not had a lot of women in my life that enjoyed giving head and even fewer that knew what they were doing. Mallory knew what she was doing!! I can remember thinking that Jacob was one lucky bastard as she alternately sucked, licked and attempted to throat my glans! The girl was not only talented, she was indeed unrelenting and it was not long at all before I felt the point of no return quickly approaching. The fact of the matter was though, I did not want to cum yet. Not in her mouth. Not before I got the opportunity to truly fuck her! So in those last seconds before it was too late, I pulled back from her and she looked up at me hurt and confused.“Jacob may be able to repeat performances still time and again, but you already have me where I have not been for a long time. I want to take you places you have never been before this night is over!” She smiled up at me and I almost lost my resolve. But instead, I lifted her to her feet and taking her by the hand, led her into the bathroom. I turned the water on in the shower and then allowed Mallory to take off the rest of our clothes between kisses, caresses and exploration on both our parts.I grabbed the bar of soap and stepped into the warm water and helped the slightly inebriated wife of my son into the shower. She giggled and wrapped herself around me.. We were soon soaping each other up and sliding our bodies together. I did not think she noticed the loss of firmness from my cock but I did. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying every moment of our play, as my soapy hands slid between her ass cheeks and over her pubic mound. The warm water was just what an older man needed to back away from the edge and provided me the very opportunity to prepare young Mallory for what was to come!!By the time we stumbled out of the shower, we were both laughing and kissing and squeezing and playing. I wrapped her body in a towel and she preceded to towel dry my body. Her own towel fell to the ground a couple of times and finally she just threw it over my head and said, “It’s just easier to hide your eyes than it is to hide my body!!” I was not about to argue as this made it much more fun for my fingers to roam and explore my young nymphomaniac as she wiped me down. Then I took my towel and dried off her body as she took a clean towel and wrapped her now dark hair in a turban.I led her out to the bed and had her lie face down and then I began a secret talent of mine. I have always been very good at giving massages and a few years ago I actually took a couple classes at a trade school in medical massage. Within seconds my hands had her mewing and moaning in delight. Then she was relaxing and I had the green light to do whatever I wanted.And what I wanted was to just look at her for a while. She had no tan lines. She had a nice golden tan, but not a hint of a tan line anywhere which had my small soldier stirring. Her shoulders were square and solid and her small breasts were barely hinted at from behind as I looked down upon the graceful taper of her back down to her waist. My hands easily made it two thirds of the way around her slender waist before they flared out to accommodate her very feminine hips and the twin globes of her rounded ass mounds. She was beautiful and as my hands slid over her body my appreciation for the seductive nature of a young woman’s body only grew…as did my cock!Down from her shoulder to her ass, I worked out every kink in her muscles (while increasing a few kinks in my own mind!). Then beginning with her feet, I worked up her long, perfectly tapered legs that were stronger than I had ever stopped to notice. By the time I had worked my way up to the top or her thighs I did not even need to apply any pressure to get her legs to part. She moved them with the slightest of pressure from me and I was surprised to see the rather impressive wet spot on the duvet beneath her sex! “I see you have enjoyed your backrub.´ I said with a somewhat evil chuckle. She did not even turn her head but simply said, “I have, but there is still one part of my back you have neglected.” Before I could say a thing, she spread her legs wide and flexed her muscles in such a way that the rosebud sphincter of her lovely asshole came fully into view! My cock jumped so hard it nearly slapped up against my belly!I’m not certain what she was expecting, but when I leaned down and snaked my tongue down into the cleft of her ass, Mallory gave a little yelp and for a few seconds, clinched her ass closed. I stood up and slapped her bottom twice, once on each cheek and she yelped and whipped around to look at me. “You need what I have and you have enjoyed everything I have done so far. Don’t ruin it now. Trust me.” I told her. She glared at me a moment more before relaxing and lying back down on her belly. This time I spread her ass open with my own hands and bent to the task of licking her ass!It was not long before her reluctant surrender of her ass to my tongue became a willing offering of her anus and then a growing submission to my every ministration! Long ago, a woman friend of mine explained that the secret to great anal sex with a woman was to never stop stimulating her clit! So with one hand slid under her hip, I slowly teased and stroked her sensitive pearl while my other hand kept her twin ass cheeks spread open so that I could rim and munch on her incredible back door. The dark passage only yielded to the tip of my middle finger after I had already spent quite some time licking the starfish like entrance. She shuddered as a clitoral orgasm overtook her and as she slowly came down and relaxed, the tip of the long finger slid into the tight orifice up to the first knuckle. She shook again almost immediately as escort ankara the waves of pleasure and sensation overtook her once again.I did not spend long like that. Destroying her virgin ass was not my goal for the night. Ihstead, I scooted her over and she rolled onto her side as I slid onto the bed on my back. “Your turn to give me what I want. I said with a huge smile. She reached for my cock and started to give it a couple of strokes when I informed her that while that felt good, what I really wanted was to get a drink from her wet pussy. Within seconds of the words leaving my lips, she had her shins over my upper arms and her cunt was hovering just above my face as her hands gripped the headboard.Her pussy was so beautiful. Only the faintest edges of her labia major were moistly apparent as she straddled my face. A small “landing strip” of less than an inch square pubic hair was perfectly manicured just above the top of her pussy. Slowly she sank down so that her incredible sex was then resting upon my lips and chin and my nose nuzzled her sexy clit!!!One of my biggest delights is to eat the clean pussy of a young woman. Fingers can be too firm, too invasive. A cock is so invasive that sometimes it fails to incite all of a woman to the point where she experiences the most incredible of sensual experiences. But the tongue accomplished the best of each and I have found this position especially wonderful for taking a woman to heights of joy they had never dreamed to find!Mallory was not the least bit shy now and she reached down between her thighs and opened her sex to reveal to me an unbelievably perfect pussy, with just enough labia, a nice hooded clit that was plainly excited! The thing that really got me though was just how thoroughly wet she was! Drops of her dew fell onto my face and tongue as I heard her say, “Eat my pussy, Bryan! Take this slut and make me yours!” I needed no more encouragement!My hands cupped her lovely ass and guided her motions both up and down and back and forth across my tongue, chin and nose! I nibbled on fleshy lips, sucked on her clitoral hood and tongued her little clit to shuddering orgasm after orgasm. My thumbs each found homes, my right one circling the outer muscles of her vaginal canal while the other slowly penetrated her anus, one knuckle at a time.All the while she just kept pumping out more and more pussy juice and I did my very best to not let a single rivulet of it escape my greedy mouth and tongue!! She was so fresh, so sensuous, so damn sexy I could feel my cock proudly sticking up above my own belly in a way that it had not done for years!!Then one last time I felt her thighs weaken and spread and she dropped her full weight down on my face. I could hear her begging me to both stop and never stop! She was heaving as the tidal waves of orgasmic bliss crashed down on her and threatened to take her mind into oblivion.At just the moment when I thought I was going to have to lift her up to get a breath, she suddenly collapsed and rolled to the side and nearly off of the bed. I caught her in my arm and pulled her down onto my chest. That was when I realized I had pushed her perhaps further than I should have. Her bronzed skin glistened brightly with sweat and I could see her heart pounding nearly out of her chest as she breathed like an Olympic marathoner who had just broken a world record!!I held her to me and soon her vitals were returning to normal, though she continued babbling. “Oh God, … Oh my God! That was just… Oh shit I can’t begin to describe it. Oh my…!” and on and on she went. I smiled with gratitude knowing that I still had the ability to blow a young woman’s mind. Her hands went down to my still rigid cock and she looked up at me and said matter of factly. “That was great, but I still don’t plan on going to sleep until I have fucked you!” She then smiled at the startled look on my face. I started to ask her what she was waiting on when she pushed herself up and straddled my belly, facing my feet. Then she slid that sopping wet pussy of her down my torso until she was over my hips. She looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “I am going to use every muscle in my cunt to drain your balls and get them to shoot clear up behind my navel!”With that, she raised herself up on her knees, aimed my cock at her pussy and without any further fanfare, impaled herself on my penis! She was so wet and ready, she sank easily all of the way down my shaft and I felt her hungry lower lips press against my root. Then the most incredible sensation I have ever had hit me as she looked over her shoulder at me, smiled and then her pussy walls began clamping down all around my cock like a vice! I was not the only one surprised, by the look on her face!! “God your cock feels so big pressed up in me like that!!” She said. Then she turned around and fell forward toward my feet onto her hands.Somehow, more of me slid up into her at that moment and she shook as the tip of my cock bumped into what must have been her cervix! It was an incredible sensation! Her vagina was rippling up and down in ways that no words can ever express. In turn it made my cock jump and twitch like bacon jumping in a hot frying pan!! I knew I was not going to last long and what was more, I did not care!!I felt her fingers rubbing her clit as my balls tightened. She was now fucking my hips for all she was worth and I looked down to see my hands spreading her ass cheeks apart. I could see the gleaming shaft of my cock appear and disappear into her snatch as my thumb once again began to push its way deeper into her ass!Then all hell broke loose at once. I do not think it was me shooting first, but rather an orgasm of her making that caused her cunt to seize on me as if it was preparing to rip off my manhood as a trophy! It really does not matter which happened first because nearly at the same time I felt the jizz that had been building in my nuts rush up through the length of my cock and paint the inside of her womb with frothy jet after jet of cum! With each spasm of hers I twitched and with each twitch of mine she spasmed! In all of my 50+ years of living, I have never had an orgasm that so completely swept me away!! Every time I thought it might be abating, one of us would move in a slightly different way and the volleys would once again be fired back and forth through our loins and assaulting every nerve in our bodies!Finally in a desperate attempt at self-preservation, Mallory lurched off of me and onto her side before rolling off onto the floor in a giggling ecstatic puddle! I rolled over and looked down at her, just to make certain she was laughing and not crying. My eyes immediately locked in on the flood of cum and pussy juice that washed out of her red and stretch privates. The contrast of it all was mesmerizing as I watched her reach down with a giggle and scoop up a finger load of the evidence of our intercourse and she brought it up to her lips and sucked her finger clean! I moaned and she looked up at me with a shit eating grin and said, “I think I am going to need another shower!”I laughed and sat up on the edge of the bed. My glistening cock was limp, satisfied and dripping. “I will go start the shower.” I then stood up and somewhat stumbled toward the bathroom. As I got to the door I heard her say, “Make it a bath. I want to soak for a while with you!”Who was I to argue with my son’s wife?!?!?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have ideas for what happens next, as well as what is going on at the rehearsal dinner. But I figure I have written enough.Now the question is, while I know what happens next, do you want to know? Do you want to know badly enough to vote and comment? If not… I guess I will have some evenings free. But if you do vote… I guess I might have to spend those hours writing! So what do YOU want?