Soldier Boy chapter 4Sarah ran up the stairs furious with her brothers and their whole attitude to her life. Who the fuck did they think they were, she thought. Throwing herself down onto the bed she lay looking up at the ceiling mad with everyone. What she needed was a plan, something that would piss them all off and hopefully get Shaun’s attention once and for all.Lying on her back she grabbed her phone and dialled Paula’s number.“Paula it’s only me, is there any chance I can pop round. I really need to get away from the house all this testosterone is beginning to piss me off and I need somewhere to crash for the night. Yes I know it’s early but I don’t want to spend any more time here than I have to.”Half an hour later she was sitting in Paula’s bedroom hugging a pillow on her lap.“Honest you should have seen him anyone would think I was one of his squaddies, don’t do this don’t do that. What am I? Thirteen or something, It’s a different matter when they screw someone loud enough the whole household can hear them.”“So what do you plan on doing about it?”“I have no idea, all I do know is its got to be good. I want them to know they cannot run my life. I want them to understand that I choose who I fuck and when.”The two girls sat looking at each other wondering what on earth they could do.“Have you any idea as to what their plans are why they are home?” Paula asked.“Well if they are true to form then it’s the pub, the club, football and screwing.”“Well the pub we know about but what club do they go to?”“It’s the one on the edge of town. I’m not old enough to go there though the entry is over twenty ones only.” Sarah shrugged.“Are you on about the one by the old church by the roundabout?”“Yes that’s the one.”Paula started to laugh.“In that case I think we have a plan my girl. But first I need to make a phone call and then we need to go shopping for you.”“Aren’t you going to let me in on it?”“Not just yet. If the person I call says no then we are back to square one.” As she spoke Paula reached over for her phone and began to dial a number. Taking the phone into the bathroom she locked the door leaving Sarah to wonder what the hell she was up to. As she lay back on the bed she wondered if wanting revenge on her brothers was just a bit petty and c***dish or if it would be worth it. She knew that her behaviour had been a bit wild but it wasn’t half as bad as her brothers at that age. Phil and Mike wanted to keep her a chaste virgin whereas Shaun was happy for her to explore her more base side. But sometimes-even Shaun annoyed her, why he didn’t stick up for her she didn’t know.Sarah smiled as she remembered the look on Shaun’s face as he had walked up the stairs behind her the day before. He wanted her so badly and she wanted him but she knew if anything happened between them and they got caught the shit would hit the fan. Blonde she maybe but stupid she wasn’t. But as the saying goes, there are more ways to skin a cat, and boy was she going to try them all. Stretching out her legs she wondered what devious scheme Paula was hatching in the bathroom.Bored she got up and went to the bathroom door to try and listen in just as Paula opened it.“All sorted, now all we need to do is buy you some suitable clothes. Get your stuff together we are going shopping girl and this time I’m buying.” Seeing the look on Sarah’s face she laughed.“Don’t worry you will love it.”Staring at the girl in the mirror Sarah smiled. Turning sideways she tried to see the back of the outfit but couldn’t quite do it. Left and right she looked as Paula grinned from the doorway.“Are you sure this is the one?”“Trust me,” Paula replied, “This is the one. No man with a pulse could resist you in this outfit, believe me its hot.”“But you said that about the last ten.” Sarah laughed as she turned to face her friend.“And I meant it about every single one. Sarah you have a body to die for and no matter what you wear you look good. Your waist is tiny, you tits are amazing and what you lack in height you make up for in curves. God if I had a cock I would be fucking you right now against that mirror.”Shocked Sarah just stared at Paula blushing furiously. It was the first time Paula had come close to admitting what she actually thought about her and although flattered Sarah knew it would never happen. Unlike Paula she preferred men whereas Paula liked both.Watching Paula disappear from the changing room she went back to looking at her own reflection and the outfit she was wearing. Even she had to admit the black contrasted nicely with her skin and the cinched waist pushed her already ample tempobet yeni giriş breasts higher until the pink of her areoles showed above the material. Stroking the pale skin above them she eased first one nipple then the other out until they were resting like ripe cherries on the velvet. Licking her lips she wondered if this was the look Paula was hoping to achieve for whatever plan she had hatched. But then again she had said the same about all the other outfits she had tempted her with; even Sarah admitted they were sexy. The tiny skirt that went with it barely covered her pert bottom, Turning to the side and bending over she could see that anyone standing behind would have a good view of her ass and her pussy lips. Was this really what Paula wanted her to wear for whatever it was she had planned?By the time the two girls had finished their shopping it was time to head back home. Sarah thought she knew how to shop but Paula had out shopped her and she dared not think about how much it had all cost.In the taxi on her way to the club Sarah could feel the nerves kicking in. Clothes next to her she fiddled with the carry straps trying to decide if this was indeed the best thing to be doing. Eyes closed she lent back against the seat the cold leather soothing to her hot skin. As her body relaxed she stretched out her legs and arched her back trying to release the tension that threatened to snap within her. All day she could feel it building within her and she knew if she was to carry out her plan she could not afford to relax one bit. She loved them all dearly but she also knew she had to make a stand and show them she was no longer a c***d. Knowing what was going to happen later she had to keep that fire burning otherwise she would loose momentum and her plan would falter. But the thought of it was also making her feel incredibly hot. Her nipples were so hard even with her bra on she could see them poking through her top. Glancing to see if the driver could see anything Sarah undid a few of the buttons and slipped her hand inside, easing first one and then the other nipple out of her bra she gave them a tweak feeling the wetness drip in to her panties. With her body humming in anticipation Sarah knew she needed some form of release. If she didn’t do something she felt like her whole body would tear apart. The skirt she was wearing felt suddenly restrictive so quietly she undid a few of the buttons and let the material fall either side of her thighs. Parting her legs she felt the cool air caress her inner thighs and she sighed as she leant back in the seat once more. Letting her hands wander Sarah stroked her skin, her light touch causing goose bumps to appear. The already hard nipples grew even harder as her hand slid back inside her blouse softly stroking the well -rounded mounds of flesh. Frustrated at the restriction of the material Sarah hurriedly undid the last few buttons and pushed the blouse to one side. As the cool air touched her hot skin she felt her nipple harden and she let out a tiny moan. The driver couldn’t believe his eyes as the blonde in the back undid the buttons on her top. When she had got in to his taxi the first thing he had noticed were her large tits, the gentle bounce as she got in mesmerised him and he had traced the outline of her bra with his eyes. His cock had twitched at the thought of her naked body spread eagled over the bonnet of his taxi. As she had settled in the back he had adjusted the mirror so that he could get a better view of her. Disappointed that he could not see both her tits and her pussy with the angle of the mirror he had waited for her to tell him where she was going. The address she had given him made him raise his eyebrows and mentally he planned a more extended route so he could look at her body for longer.With furtive glances he watched as she leant back in the seat and closed her eyes. That’s it darling, he thought, just one more button. When she had undone them all and pushed the blouse aside he was left with an unrestricted view of her bountiful tits and his cock grew in his jeans. Her bra barely covered them, the half cup holding them ready to be worshipped by his eyes. Cherry red nipples hard as the cherries they reminded him of sat resting on the lace, waiting to be licked and nibbled on.He could see how hard she had made them and his mouth salivated at the thought of tasting them. Watching her open her skirt and part her legs he thanked whatever god was watching and gently easing down the zipper on his jeans he let his hard cock free. Bountiful and ripe tempobet giriş he longed to put his cock between them and fuck them. Her hands kneaded the creamy flesh making the already hard nipple even harder and he could clearly make out the puckered skin surrounding them. As she toyed with them she arched her head back and lifted her hips from the seat a delicate moan escaping her lips. His cock could not have been any harder and he knew that he would cum soon if she carried on. She was ever guy’s wet dream and porn star rolled into one. If he hadn’t been driving he would have been between her legs making her moan loudly with his tongue. He could almost taste the moisture that was soaking her panties. Barely covering her pussy they looked to small for her tiny body. Just when he thought it could not get any better she slid her hand inside and from her movements he could tell she was stroking her clit.Oh god, he thought, take them off. Let me see you fingering that pussy. Let me see your fingers sliding in and out. Go on fuck yourself.His silent prayers filled the taxi and he licked his lips as he watched her. Some one must have been listening because as he watched she removed her hand and quickly slipped her panties over her hips and around her ankle, the material almost at breaking point. From where he sat he could smell her arousal and he knew that she could not fail to know he was looking at her. How could she not know what she was doing to him? His cock was dripping precum and he could barely keep his eyes on the road. Nearly all his attention was on the woman in the back of his taxi whose fingers were now inside her very wet pussy. One hand tweaked her nipples and the other tweaked her clit. Soft moans now escaped her lips and her open mouth needed a cock inside it. Driven to distraction he pulled the taxi over not caring that she knew he was openly ogling her. His cock in hand he groaned as he started to stroke it. That’s it baby fuck that pussy, ram those fingers inside, he thought, open those legs wider. That’s it, wider; let me see you fuck that pussy. The words in his head tumbled through his mind and he willed her to do what he asked.Her free hand pulled hard on her ripe nipples and as he watched she released them from the confines of the bra with one deft movement, the catch concealed behind the bow he had noticed between her tits. How he had noticed it he did not know when all he could think about was those well -rounded globes of flesh that cried out to be manhandled.His hand stroked his cock faster as he saw first hand what he would normally only see in a porn film. Yes baby that’s better, pull those nipples for me. Open those legs and shove your fingers deeper.Her eyes opened and he gulped hard. Blue eyes stared at him and he realised he had spoken out loud. But instead of stopping she did what he asked. Opening her legs she moved slightly so he could see better and licking her lips she pulled hard on her already distended nipple a loud groan escaping her.Smiling encouragement he eagerly watched as she pushed her fingers further inside herself.“Now take your fingers out and lick them, suck each one till they are clean,” his words sounded loud in the silence of the cab causing him to blush.Slowly and deliberately she did what he asked and he sat mesmerised as she sucked them clean. Glancing down he could see her juices glistening as they dripped from her. She was soaking wet and the smell of it filled the air.“You’re a horny little one aren’t you?”Her nod was barely that but the blush that showed on her face told him she had heard. Bolder now he tried to decide what he wanted her to do next.“Open those legs wider I want to look at your pussy. Your soaking the seat with that juice of yours, do you know that?”She again blushed and nodded. Sarah sat with her legs wide open and stared at the driver. His eyes were fixed between her legs and she knew he was wanking as he looked. Her nipples were so hard they hurt and her pussy was as wet as he said it was. Even with the soldiers she had not been this turned on. Knowing he was stroking his hard cock as he looked at her made her feel so powerful. His voice was smooth with a hint of an accent but it was not threatening in anyway. Glancing out of the window she noticed that they were parked on some industrial estate. Still light out she knew that if anyone walked past they would see she was nearly naked. Just the thought made her bite her lip and the silence dragged as she sat there. “Fondle those nice tits for me baby.”Putting both hands over her breasts Sarah began tempobet güvenilirmi to knead them. The ample flesh spilled between her fingers and her nipples felt so sensitive against the palm of her hand. Between her legs she felt her clit respond to what she was doing and she felt her juices leak out. Tweaking and pulling on her nipples she could hear the driver wanking in the front seat. The harder she pulled the more her clit throbbed and the wetter she got.“Oh baby your tits are so good. Those babies need to be eaten. I want to bite those nipples and suck on them. I want to put my hard cock between those tits and see my cum on them.”She could hear him talking and it was turning her on even more. She pushed her hips forward opening her legs as far as they would go, showing her wet pussy to him. Desperate for release she groaned loudly wishing she had her vibrator with her. Exposed and on show Sarah knew this was the furthest she had gone. Her body hummed with the need for release and as she played with her breasts she could feel the start of her orgasm. Never had she cum without touching her pussy but the more she pulled and tweaked her nipples, pinching them hard and gasping the more it was building inside her.“That’s it baby pinch those nipples, play with them, oh fuck you make me wanna cum all over them. I wanna ram my cock in that pussy of yours and make you scream. Fuck I can see your juices flowing.”She could hear him talking dirty to her and she loved it. Moaning loudly she arched her back. Sarah pulled harder on her nipples and kneaded the large creamy mounds and she felt her orgasm building fast. Wishing for something hard inside her she remembered how it felt to feel that squaddies cock ramming into her and she screamed in release, her whole body quaking as it flowed over her. Shocked and stunned she let her orgasm consume her. From far away she heard the driver cum his grunts making her smile. Spent she lay back quivering but knowing that what she had to do would be easier now. With shaking hands she dressed herself and tried to tidy her self up as best she could, with a smile she picked her sodden panties up and handed them to the driver whose answering grin eased the tension.Feeling the car slow down and come to a halt she opened her eyes and sat up looking out at the building she would soon enter. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly Sarah rubbed her suddenly sweaty palms on her jeans and let herself calm down, the butterflies clambering to get out and fly away into the night air. “No charge for the ride miss these are payment enough.” Said the driver as he held her panties up.The building in front off her looked imposing with two large wooden doors dominating the façade. Grabbing her bags Sarah got out of the taxi and made her way towards the doors but found them locked. Knocking loudly she stood and waited for someone to answer. “Can I help you?” a voice asked her through the door.“My names Sarah I think your expecting me tonight, I’m a friend of Paula’s.”“Hold on a second, we aren’t open yet.”The doors opened and Sarah came face to face with the large chest of the guy behind it. Looking up at him Sarah’s eyes widened and she took a step back. The guy was huge, making even her brothers seem small, and she thought her legs would give way as her thoughts became lustful and dirty. In the pit of her stomach she felt the uncoiling of her arousal. With extreme control she kept her voice as steady as possible when she next spoke.“Hi are you Chris?”“No, I’m Dean, Chris is out front in the bar, I assume you’re the new girl he was on about earlier. Look a bit young to me but hey I’m just the doorman. Leave your bags here and one of the other guys will take them to the changing room for you. “Turning on his heel he didn’t even wait for Sarah to catch her breath his long strides making it hard for Sarah to keep up. The bar was huge with its curves sweeping around the room on the two smallest sides. Booths and tables mixed with each other each with a view of the stage that dominated the centre of the room. Cleaners and bar staff ignored her as she was introduced to Chris. “So your Sarah, was expecting someone older but hey you have a good figure and knockout tits so I can over look that. Turn round and let me get a good look at you. Yes tiny but good and that ass is amazing by the way. Seems like our Paula wants a huge favour from me and seeing as I owe her one she is calling it in. I owe you nothing and I intend to keep it that way. What you plan on doing is dangerous and if it kicks off I could be in serious trouble with the law. Not to mention your brothers and his friends.”Shocked by his bluntness Sarah could only smile and nod.“Don’t look so shocked, now follow me and we will go into my office and discuss what’s going to happen. And by the way I think I’m going to fuck you later.”