sleepy sisterinlawPerhaps I should give you some background on my sister-in-law, Donna, before I start my story.Donna was the oldest daughter in her family and married when she was 17 and is still with the same husband to this day. Wanting to raise her c***dren “correctly” most of her time was spent being the prim and proper mother, wife, and organist at her church. Now in her late forties and 5′ 7″ tall with a trim figure and B cup breast and all her c***dren grown, another side of her makes a brief appearance at times. Of course never around her husband, who like her, is a small town person and very conservative.In as much as she dresses conservative, I have gotten a few furtive looks up her skirt and she has dynamite legs. With the few times I have rubbed her shoulders for her and taken a peek over her shoulders I could tell that she wore strapless bras as her breast needed no real support. My wife and I had met her in a large city to do some shopping for the weekend. Not knowing I would be coming, she only reserved on room at the hotel and this weekend several conventions were in town, so there were no more rooms. After shopping we stopped to eat and have a few drinks, and very few drinks as Donna was not a drinker. I had brought a couple of bottles on wine and when we got back to the room I opened them and poured a few glasses. Of course we had several glasses and then decided to turn in. As my wife and Donna have trouble sleeping, Donna offered a sleeping pill to my wife and told her they were quite strong and she always took two, but my wife should only take one. After taking the sleeping pills Donna commented that she wished I would rub her back and shoulders for her which of course I agreed to do. After the girls had gone into the bathroom and changed into their night gowns they were feeling the effects of both the sleeping pills and the wine, so each laid down on a bed and I leaned over Donna’s bed and began to massage her shoulders and neck. There was a knock at the door and room service said they had our food. I knew that I had not ordered any, so I attempted to wake both my wife and Donna. This was when I realized that both were digitalbahis yeni giriş out to the world and even bouncing them on the bed and turning them over did not wake them. I told room service that a mistake had been made and then he realized he was on the wrong floor and left. Going back over to the bed I took off my clothes and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and started to lay down next to my wife. At that point I realized how erotic this situation was. Never in the past had I taken advantage of anyone when they were incapacitated, but Donna looked really sexy over there and I knew that her husband had had high blood pressure for about four years and hadn’t been very sexual with her.Soooo… I walked over to her bed and began the massage again, but this time I dropped both her straps to her gown off her shoulders and drew them down to about her elbows. This allowed me to massage a larger portion of her back and I massaged my way down to her hips. Then I went down to her feet and massaged her left leg and as I went high I noticed her legs seem to separate a bit and I could see her pussy.I pushed her gown higher and massaging the other leg I had her gown to the bottom of her ass and could see a beautiful pussy with fairly large lips staring back at me. I Pushed her gown over her hips and massaged a gorgeous ass, opening her cheeks to get a look at her virgin little rosebud. I reached down and laid on foot on top of her other leg and rolled her over and in doing so one breast became completely exposed. As I knew it would be, it was full and beautifully shaped with a pick nipple that stuck out about 3/4 of an inch and both nipples were standing straight out! Throwing safety to the wind I took one and then the other into my mouth and gently sucked on them allowing my tongue to roll around them as I drew my teeth across them. Pulling the hem of her gown up I laid down between her legs and breathed in a clean musty smell that made my cock throb. Sliding her legs further apart I very gently ran my tongue slowly up and down her full length of her pussy. As her lips began to part I let my tongue dip into her valley digitalbahis giriş and work up to her clit. Taking her clit into my mouth, I gently suck on it and ran my tongue up and down it feeling it getting longer and longer. Her clit must have stuck out over and inch and her legs now went full open on their own! I took an ankle in each hand and pusher her feet almost to her ass and let her legs lay wide open. The nectar flowing out of her was about to flood me. I had never seen a woman so wet in my life!!! Pushing a towel under her to catch what my mouth missed, I heard a soft moan escape her lips. I continued to probe her cunt with my mouth and tongue and sucking on her clit. I then started to ease a finger into her flooded hole and found her so tight that my finger felt like I was rolling a rubber band down it! I fucked her pussy with that finger and tried in vain to push another finger into her. Unable to do this and with so much of her juices flowing down the crack of her ass I took another finger and as I fucked her pussy with one index finger and sucked her clit with my mouth, I let my next finger start to push against her little rosebud. With each push I felt her rosebud start to open and pretty soon I had my finger in up to the second knuckle… I was now fucking both her pussy and ass with my fingers and her hips were matching my fingers thrust for thrust. In no time she climaxed so hard I just knew it would wake her up, but my luck and the sleeping pills and wine held. My cock was straining so hard I thought it was going to bust. Pulling my self up I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to push. She was still so tight I thought for sure I would never get it in her. Finally the head popped in and I can’t describe the feeling of such a tight hot pussy! As I worked the full length of it into her and started to fuck in and out with full strokes I watched as she came time and time again. Her pussy was grabbing my cock and before long I knew that I would not be able to wait much longer.With a final lunge I pushed deep into her and unloaded a load of cum like I have never done before! digitalbahis güvenilirmi Realizing my cock was still hard I slowly fucked in and out of her until it was soft again. I got up and cleaned us both up and laid down next to my sleeping wife. As I tried to go to sleep, I looked at Donna and thought about what I had done and felt myself getting hard again. Moving back over to Donna I reached down to her pussy and more of my cum had run out of her and down her ass. Massaging her little rosebud I knew better, but just had to feel my dick in her virgin ass. Positioning myself I worked a finger in and out of her until she was well lubricated with pussy juices and my cum and then I pushed the head of my throbbing cock against her rosebud. I took about five minutes before I felt my cock head pop into that tight little hole. She groaned and moved a little and I stayed very still. But my cock was throbbing so I started to slowly fuck in and out and push a little more cock into her each time. I was holding her legs up by my head when I realized she was pushing down on my cock as I fucked into her ass! I looked at her pussy and it was gaping open with juices flowing out of it and her fingers moving all around it. As she was coasting down from an orgasm, I came and again could not bring myself to pull out before my cum drenched her bowels. Again I cleaned her up the best I could, but knew I was in for it the next morning. While Donna was taking a shower, my wife went down to get us some coffee and breakfast. I heard Donna call my name out and I went to the door to see what she wanted. She told me to open the door and come in. I did and tried to avert my eyes when she said she didn’t think that was necessary. She then told me that the next time I felt like doing something like that to wake her! However she did tell me that if I ever tired her backdoor again she would kill me. Later that day, she sent my wife to pick up a few things she bought the day before, feigning a headache. After my wife left she sat on the bed and told me to come over there. She said she wanted to see what I was concealing and pulled my cock out of my jogging pants. In seconds it was hard and her mouth was around it. She turned around on the bed on her hands and knees and told me to hurry before her sister got back. I guess you can guess that she has held this over my head ever since and every time she gets horny, I now have to perform. I have learned my lesson. END