sleeping Over At Friends HouseWhen I was younger one of my friends and I started to get really close. Hanging out all the time after school and sleepovers on the weekends. One Friday night I was over at his house watching a movie. Twenty minutes into the movie he got up and grabbed clothes out of his closet to change. I thought he was going to go to the washroom to change. But to my surprise he began unbuckle his pants in front of me. I guess it was ok really we were two guys and we did hangout all the time but I was still quite shocked. Playing it cool I said nothing acting like I was watching the movie while trying not to get caught staring at him. With his back to me he bent over and slid his pants and underwear off revealing he bare ass. I was quickly flushed with excitement gazing at his ass, it was all so sudden and unexpected. As he began putting on his shirt an explosion went of on screen, he turned towards me. “Ok that was pretty sick”My eyes had shot down to his cock but as he turned I quickly look up to answer him. “Huh… oh ye that was a huge explosion”As he look back at the movie I was shacking my head in amazement, he was standing there with his dick hanging out right in front of me. I couldn’t help myself from getting flushed as I felt my cock slowly start to stiffen. Watching him pull on his pajama pants I noticed he didn’t put on underwear. He turned his head and I quickly got the feeling he knew I was staring, embarrassed and not knowing what to say I blurted out.“You don’t wear underwear?” “Not to go to bed it makes it easier you know what I mean?”Makes it easier? I didn’t understand until I saw the little smirk on his face and I quickly clued into what he meant. As he walked back over to sit on the bed I quickly slid the blanket over me fearing he might see my boner. As I did he smirked and I began to panic wondering if he saw or was he just watching the movie. For the next couple minutes I was completely out of it think completely about his cock and what just happened. Until out of the corner of my eye he gets back up sliding his pajamas down and begins to crawl onto my lap.“What are you… uhh ahh?” I stuttered in shock.“We can’t… uhh I don’t know… ahhh I’m not… ahhh.” But I quickly lost my train of thought as he began to grind his bare ass all over my lap. I opened my mouth to protest but as I did he grinded his ass hard onto my cock causing me to go speechless with my jaw hanging. “What was that didn’t quite get that last part? You sure we can’t? Feels like you might’ve changed you mind.” He whispered sliding up and down my lap.“I… I ahh… ahh.” I moaned.“I know doesn’t that feel great uhh… “ He began to say as he slid my pants off.I shifted to stop him, but as I did I stop in amazement as he let my pant go around my knees. He then cupped his ass cheeks in each hand and being completely fixated I watched as he spread his ass cheeks apart. I looked up to see him smiling and as I looked back down he slowly fell onto lap placing my cock right sakarya rus escort between his cheeks. I moaned out as he went deeper into my lab pressing his cheeks hard against my shaft. “Feels good eh?” he said as be started grinding up and down.I sill couldn’t process what was happening but I was so pent up I couldn’t think straight. My mind was fixated solely on the feeling of his ass cheeks pressed against my boxers squeezing down on my cock as he grinded on me. I couldn’t say anything as I watched his cock sliding up and down my stomach. I was overwhelmed with both fear and lust, not knowing if this was right for me. It was all so sudden, I could not deny I was in total ecstasy but I didn’t know I could look at another guy like that let alone my friend. Trying to think within the moment tho became quickly futile and all I could think out was the feeling of his ass.After a couple more minutes he stopped and suddenly slid off my lap onto his knees between my legs. He hunched over slowly sliding his fingers under my boxers. I lurched back hesitantly as his fingers grasped my thick uncircumcised dick. To my surprise he smirked and had appeared to have a whole routine planed. First he deep throated me like 15 times then took it down and stared swirling his tongue repeatedly around my shaft. After a couple seconds he slid his tongue up around the tip before sliding in under my foreskin. My eye started to water and I twitch erratically as he swirled his tongue around my sensitive head. He could see I loved it so he continued for the next 10 minutes as he rubbed and pinched my nipples. I grabbed his hair and he immediately knew I was gunna cum so he started sucking my dick hard like a slurpy straw and literarily sucked the cum out of my cock. I had never experienced this insane feeling before and I was truly speechless. I fell back on the bed, closed my eyes feeling flushed and very dizzy. And after 3 minutes or so I could feel something rubbing against the drying cum on my foreskin. I thought it was his tongue and he was giving me another blowjob so I kept my eyes closed and smiled. But it didn’t feel hot and moist like his tongue so I open my eyes to see him trying to stick the head of his dick in my foreskin. At first I was surprised and I guess he could see the concern on my face and stopped. I looked up at him and smiled giving him permission he spat in his hand lubed up my dick pinched the sides of my foreskin and stretched. Then started to stick his dick inside, I moaned as he slowly slid my foreskin over his head. It was a little tight but he constantly kept rubbing spit on my foreskin to keep it moist. When his head was firmly in he and I knelt on the bed started to gently hump back and forth. I could feel pressure as his head pushed up against mine causing hot precum to spurt all over his head. He grabbed my ass before sliding his wet finger quickly into my ass. My eyes widened I grabbed his arm and he smiled sakarya rus escort bayan and said.“your ok, your ok”I was shocked but after a sec my dick was getting harder so with his other hand he spat grabbed our heads tight and thrusted hard into me. After 5 minutes of this sweating and moaning he spasmed hard. All I felt was this incredible feeling as his hot cum filled the gaps between our heads until it spurted out between his fingers. Once he let go his head slid out of my foreskin covered in his cum. I stood up off the bed and looked down. My foreskin was loose and I could see his cum swirling inside around my head. It was amazing I looked at him a daze of ecstasy.“I was docking the shit out of you. I knew you would like it.’“ Docking is that what it’s called? You’ve done that before obviously?”“Yeah when I was younger my cousin who was uncut had seen it online and we mastered it pretty quick. Wasn’t sure if you’d get mad but once I saw your cock, I guess it was déjà vu or something but my head got flushed and I didn’t care what happened next.”“Well it was a little wired but it felt so good I… I wouldn’t have been able to stop.”“Was that your first time?”“Yeah.” “Sorry b*o I totally forced that on you.”“It’s ok I’ll admit it wasn’t what I wanted but you didn’t **** me, I was in ecstasy and needed it. So horny that I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.” I let go of my dick and his cum slowly drooled out of my foreskin like syrup from a tap. I looked down to see him fixated on it until he bent down and slowly let it go into his mouth as I jerked it out. After he felt he got enough of his cum off my cock he grabbed the back of my thigh tight with one hand. While with the other he licked his finger and gently slid them up my leg until he got to my ass. I could see a huge smile on his face as he slowly pushed his wet fingers past my cheeks and around my tight asshole. He put a finger inside and I let out a whimper as he slid it in till the knuckle. As he continued my back and legs were straight stiff and I was gritting my teeth especially when he stuck another finger inside. But after a few minutes my head was on fire and before I knew what I was doing I noticed I was starting to squat down onto his fingers. “Your really starting to like this aren’t you?”I could only moan for a response and he knew I was in lala land so he let go of my thigh grabbed my dick and started rubbing his finger in under my foreskin. At the same time he lifted his head as I squatted and started licking my gouch. I started to moan and he suddenly began to hook his fingers in my ass. As he did my moan became louder and louder until my back arched upright, his fingers slid out of my ass and the cum started spewing out onto him as he rubbed his finger around my cock. When I stopped my legs got wobbly and my head was so hot that I was in a total daze. Noticing I was still out of it he went behind me, put his arms under mine and backed up towards rus sakarya escort the bed. As he slowly fell back onto the bed with me on top of him he rested my head on his chest. All I could feel was his throbbing hot dick between my legs as he wiped the sweat from my forehead. He then raised his hand to my mouth. “Your really flushed huh hun. Spit for me”I did then I could feel as he lathered his dick and lightly spread my ass cheeks apart. As the head of his dick pushed up against my ass hole I stiffened up, but he quickly push my head back onto his chest and continued to caress my forehead while he said. “I’ll take it slow bud and your gunna like it, I’m taking care of you just lay back.”I moaned ok as he pushed inside of me. My head went blank and all I could feel was his head inching higher inside of me. My back arched as he held my head and I open my mouth as if to scream but I could only gasp for air. “Oh fuck your tight, ok just relax that’s it.”“Move” I barely whimpered as he whipped more spit around my asshole. “Nah I’m stretching you out. It’ll kill if I don’t d… oh god… I’m sorry it’ll feel good soon. ” He lightly grunted.I moaned feeling his throbbing cock stretching me. My head cleared suddenly and I was fully in the moment. It was here that I finally grasped what we were doing, what I was now. I moved to get up but suddenly he started trusting in to me raising my hips into the air. My head quickly went blank again and suddenly I couldn’t keep a though as I moaned out.“Fuck! You’re in my stoma… of god… of g… ahhh… ah… a.. hhh… hh.. hhh.. h.”My body went limp against him and I was out. My vision was slightly blurry, my hearing muffled. “Are you ok? You look hilarious with your eyes half open and that smile. You’re so horny and…” is all I heard as I began to zone out as he thrusted in and out of me. All I could feel was my ass sucking on his dick every time he would pull out. I started hear him again grunting out. “hu.. hu.. huhh.. hh… fuck… fuck… hu.. oh yeah… fuck.. fu.. oh yeah… take it… take it.. take… ta.. ta… yeah… yeah… ya.. ya.”He hooked his arms under mine as he grabbed my shoulders, getting every inch inside of me. He lustly drilling into me over and over to no end losing himself. As I regained my senses I shifted on top of him calling out.“Wai… wa… wai.. a… ah… wai…. t…wait.”“huh? Ah…ah.. it’s ok… ah… I.. got you.. I got you… ah… ah… oh yes… uh.. uh.. take it… oh fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck.”I screamed out raising myself off his dick but as I did he thrusted upward. My legs gave out and I fell back on him.“Where you going bud?”“I need a sec… ah.. ah.. I won’t be able to walk.. ah.. You’re breaking me ahh!”“Hu… haha… I’m not that big am I? Uh… uh… shit you feel so good… just… just.. uhhh…“He grabbed my forehead while placing his other hand above my dick. I screamed out again as he dug his fingers into skin and pushed my hips down, jamming his dick deep into my raw ass. Then suddenly to my utter shock I hear.“Are you boys ok in here?”The door sung open and terror shot through me causing my ass to clinch down hard on his dick. I was still so flushed sweating like crazy, but the terror running through m cleared my head. I froze in utter terror as look up at his mom. To be continued…Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes and thanks for reading stay tuned for part 2!