Slave Rules 2Slave Rules 21. Slave should always remove clothing as soon as she/he gets home unless Master/ Mistress has laid out clothing for the slave or submissive to wear.2. Slave should fold clothes neatly or place them in the laundry whenever he/ she gets undressed.3. The slave or submissive is to kneel in present posture whenever the Master/ Mistress is due to arrive and wait quietly.4. Whenever the Master/ Mistress is present in a room, the slave must ask permission to enter in the following fashion: “Would it please you if your slave entered the room.”5. The slave will kneel in the room until the Master/ Mistress gives permission that he or she may move or proceed with cleaning.6. The slave or submissive will wear and gratefully accept any toys the Master/ Mistress chooses to insert or adorn her or him with while cleaning or in any other circumstance.7. The slave will not speak unless spoken to and may request an opportunity to speak if there is something pressing to discuss during those periods of time when the Master/ Mistress commands silence.8. The slave or submissive may request an opportunity to serve the Dominant in the following way: “Would it please you to have your slave serve you?”9. The slave celtabet giriş does not sleep with the Master/ Mistress unless it is the express wish of the owner and then this must be seen as a privilege. It can be taken away as a form of punishment.10. The slave or submissive will always thank the Master/ Mistress for an opportunity to serve whether it was doing a chore or being flogged.11. The slave will keep their eyes averted unless it is the wish of the Master/ Mistress to have their slave look them in the eyes.12. The slave will address the Master/ Mistress not by their first name, but by the title preferred by that dominant.In public/ At home with others present:1. A slave will receive visitors at the door with whatever clothing the Master or Mistress commanded.2. A slave will greet visitors in whatever way the Master/ Mistress commands – this may include just taking coats and putting them away, kissing the hand of the guest or kneeling in front of them.3. A slave will not refer to anyone using his or her first name. A slave will use the title Sir or Ma’am combined with their name to differentiate and to make sure that he or she remembers her or his place.4. A slave will serve every person celtabet yeni giriş with food and drinks as requested, kneeling to each as the food or drinks are presented.5. A slave will not use furniture and will kneel on the floor until her or his services are required.6. A slave will not speak unless spoken to.7. A slave will remain attentive to make sure that no one has to ask for additional food or drink. A slave should be ready before the command is issued.8. A slave must use high protocol when commanded to do so. This means that the slave will not use first person language when referring to him or herself and will address everyone present with the honorific given to those free.Bathroom training:1. A slave must always ask permission before using the bathroom or taking a shower.2. The bathroom door may never be closed in private, as a slave has no right to privacy.3. The slave must accept it calmly when the owner decides that a bathroom break will not be allowed at that very moment.Punishment/ Discipline:1. Punishment and or discipline take precedence over any other command.2. A slave must show gratitude for punishment and or discipline.3. A slave must take correction gracefully and celtabet güvenilirmi maintain a grateful presence around the house after the fact.4. A slave must confess to disobedience and take responsibility even when the dominant is not present and beg for punishment and or discipline.5. A slave must always maintain the punishment position in these cases.Sexual Service: a Dominant’s Guide1. The slave must be available for sexual service whenever the dominant or his guests require it.2. The slave must always be ready for any form of sexual service, which would mean that her or his body must be prepared in order to make it easy for the dominant or guests to use him or her.3. The slave will not be allowed to have an orgasm without permission.4. The slave will shave any body hair and maintain this at all times. Failure to do so will result in punishment.5. The slave will be clean and pleasant to all the senses at all times.6. The slave is not allowed to touch her or his owner’s property without permission in any sexual way.These are but a few of the requirements that some slaves live by. The list is extensive and could be lengthened quite easily. It is always a good idea to have requirements regarding online privileges and privacy, interaction with others not in the lifestyle, which would include hand signals etc. In the end it is the decision of the dominant what this list would include. My dominant makes me read my list of requirements daily to ensure that I do not fail in my service to him.