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Sissy Emma is turnedSissy Emma is turnedI had been a crossdresser all my life but completely in the closet and hidden from all my friends and family. To ease my tensions, I often chatted with people on line, at first with females and other crossdressers but as I got braver with men as well. I loved to chat with them and their strong demeanour made me feel even more feminine.I had been chatting with John for a couple of weeks, about my fantasies. And let me get this straight, that’s all they were fantasies. I mean I talked of having implants, of being tattooed, hair permanently removed etc but did I really want that? I also talked of humiliation, being exposed etc, but really that was the last thing I wanted. It just turned me on.At some point, John started pushing for a meet, but I wasn’t ready I told him. ‘We’ll see about that he said’The following day, I was walking towards home when a car pulled up asking for directions. The man got out to show me his map and as he did so he pressed a cloth over my mouth. The last thing I remember was falling into the back of his car and it all going dark.I awoke sometime later in a big white room on a bed of white linen and I could feel I was naked. I tried to move and immediately realised I was tied to the bed. I screamed out ‘help”There’s no one here to hear you’ It was the man from the car.’What do you want?’ I asked.’You have been teasing men for far to long and now it’s time to get what you really want. You will do exactly as I say or these photos you kindly sent of you dressed as Emma will be going to all these contacts in you phone’ he said.I realised the man must be John and he knew a lot about me. I knew I was screwed, if any of my friends saw those photos, especially my vindictive ex-wife, I was ruined.’What do you want of me?’ I asked’You will become Emma and perform for me tonight and if you do so I will let you go!’ he said. ‘Now get dressed in the items I’ve left out in the bathroom. You have an hour’He left the room and locked it solidly. I was torn, I didn’t want this but I was also incredibly turned on. I also didn’t want any of my photos getting out. I went to the bathroom and found a pile of clothing, it was a maids uniform, white stockings, black patent skysc****r heels and on the shelf was a full set of makeup and wig, jewellery etc.I made my mind up, I could have a bit of fun, get back the photos and be home in an hour or two.First I stepped into the shower, where of course I found a pink razor. I shaved and used the feminine scented body wash. I actually started to enjoy myself not realising the seriousness of the situation I would later find myself in. Once out of the shower, I patted myself dry and put on the underwear, a black lacy all in one in which I put the 38D breastforms also left out for me. I went to work on my face, plenty of foundation, blush. There were false eyelashes which I always enjoy putting on and pink eyeshadow. My lips I realised were going to be red……how appropriate and with a touch of gloss. I finished of by rolling up the stockings, putting on the shoes and the maids dress with matching garter and apron. Finally with the wig on I teetered in front of the mirror on the ridiculously high heels feeling every bit the simpering sissy I looked. It was time to go downstairs.Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door which released itself and I was able to leave the room and make my way downstairs. I tottered down the stairs afraid of falling and of the fait that awaited me.’mmmmmm oooo yes what a fantastic sissy you make’ said John.’Come over here and let me look at you’I walked over and stood in front of him not quite knowing where to look.’Walk for me’ he said.I did, but it wasn’t good enough. ‘Get it right or there’ll be trouble’ he said and demanded that I walk with a swing in my hips. He made me walk with my wrists limp and told me to talk in a sissy voice.’Can’t we just get this over with then I can go home?’ I said.’Do it’ he said or with a press of this button all your pphotos will be going out to your contacts. I did as he asked feeling ridiculous.’Ask me if you can suck my cock’ he said.I just looked at him incredulously. His finger twitched over the button.’Please can I suck your cock?”That’s not good enough. You will refer to yourself as sissy and to me as Master at all times. Your voice will be higher and you will sound like it’s the thing you want more than anything in the world’ he said.’You will also tell me why you want to, how you are such a sissy and all you want to do is please men’It wasn’t what I wanted but I knew he had me and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.’Please Master let this little sissy have the pleasure of sucking your cock, I am such a little slut and all I can think of is sucking your cock”Again on your knees’I knelt down in front of him aware of the proximity of his bulge in his boxer shorts. He made me beg again in ever more desperate terms.’Ok sissy but do it properly and no rushing. If you don’t do it right, you’ll be here all night’.I moved myself up between his legs and gently pulled aside his boxers so that he sprang free and erect in front of me. He was average which was going to make things easier but he was powerfully erect. I bent forward, and kissed his balls and gently licked my way up the shaft teasing and lapping. I was in a terrible state of horniness despite the situation but also terribly humiliated.Eventually I put him in my moist mouth and he had me look up to him in the eyes. This lasted for several minutes before he came in my mouth. some dripped out of the corner and dripped down onto my chest.’Ooooo sissy look at you’ I realised there was a big mirror and I looked to see myself on my knees in front of this man and covered in his cum but despite my humiliation I was also rock hard.’Want to relieve yourself sissy?”Yes please”Pardon”Yes Master’he told me to beg for it which I then did such was my desperation. He made me masturbate in front of him all the while telling him what a naughty sissy I was.I came like never before but having done so just couldn’t wait to get out of there.’You will come back next week for the next stage of your training’ he said.’No way’ I said, ‘we had a deal, I’ve done as you asked.At this point, he pointed out the little red flashing light in the corner. He had videod the whole thing, I was trapped and I knew I’d have to find some way out but somehow I knew I’d be backSissy Emma is Turned chapter 2At that point I was allowed to go back upstairs and remove everything and go home. As I was walking out towards the door, John said he would see me the next week. Not if I can help it I thought.Once I got home, I quickly got into the shower and washed away the thoughts of what had happened to me and was soon in bed and fast asleep.Over the next few days, I began to forget of my ordeal and resolved to keep away from any of the chat rooms. I hoped I had learned my lesson.That was before I received an email from him. Attached was the video of me, but it had been edited. None of the parts where he had forced me were there. All you could see was me dressing myself and then begging to suck his cock, begging to play with myself and it really looked like I was enjoying it. Also attached was a list of all the contacts from my phone including numbers and email addresses.The email read;Emma,I hope you have recovered from our little meeting the other day, but as promised, it’s time for you to think about your next visit. As you can see from the attachments, I have all your contacts and a lovely little video showing what a little sissy slut you are. I’m sure you will follow all of my instructions to save that going out to all of your contacts.So between now and Saturday this is what you will do;1. Go to the tanning salon and tan your self for 9 minutes in a skimpy bikini.2. You will wear panties, holdups and your little butt plug at all times. I may text you at any time and demand a photo to prove you are doing so. Failure to comply will have consequences3. You will visit a salon and have both of your ears pierced.On Saturday at 10.00, you will present yourself at my front door naked and Beg Master to let you in for your next training session. Once inside, you will act as a complete sissy, begging me to train you to become an even more simpering sissy. Remember, any failures will result in the video being released. Do not try and attack me or bring in the authorities, the email is set to time release and can only be stopped by me.Looking forward to seeing you,Master John.I stared at the email in disbelief. This really could not be happening to me. There must be some way I can get out of it. I thought of going to the Police, but I thought about what would happen if that email got out, especially to my ex-wife. I’d never see my k**s again. A dark realisation came over me. I’d have to play along. At least for the time being.I sat in a state of bemusement for a good couple of hours until eventually my phone beeped. It was a text message.Here is your first stockings/panties/plug check. Send a photo back within 2 minutes or there will be consequences.Oh my god, I’d forgotten. I rushed upstairs and grabbed the suitcase I kept my stuff in. I quickly found some stockings, panties and plug but a minute had gone. I had no lube for the plug. I put on the stockings and just pushed at the plug, I hurt so much but there was no time. I pulled up the panties and took a photo and sent it back by text. I hoped he would not realise the plug was not in.A minute later, I got a reply. As the plug could not be seen, I would be punished at the weekend, but he was not going to release the video for just that. I realised just how serious this was getting.The next day, I left home complete with panties, stockings and plug and made my way to the tanning salon. I had a bikini in a bag and changed once in. I tanned for 9 minutes and faint lines were starting to appear.I also went and had my ears pierced. This was also a little embarrassing having to ask for both ears to be pierced whilst sat in front of a young girl, in panties, stockings and a plug.Finally Saturday came around and I knew I had to drive over to Master John’s house. I did this with a large amount of trepidation, still trying to think of ways out of this but coming up with no solution. I pulled up in front of the house and walked up to the door, realising just how exposed it was.And now I was going to have to strip to my panties and stockings and knock on his door. I glanced around in disbelief at what was expected, but again could think of no way out. I decided to do it as quickly as possible and get inside. So I stripped and banged on the door hoping for a quick reply.’What do you want’ came from behind the door.’Let me in’ I squealed.’Tut tut tut’ was all I heard and nothing more.I could hear a car engine approaching and talking coming from the house next door. I had no choice but to degrade myself to prevent public exposure. Between a rock and a hard place.’Master John, please let this sissy in to continue his training’ I said’Louder sissy and let me know exactly why you want to come in’Footsteps were approaching, it was now or never.’Please Master John, this little cock-sucking sissy presents herself at your mercy in the hope you will use and abuse her and teach her how to be a better slut’I heard the key turn and with some relief I fell onto the hall floor.The relief was short lived as I opened my eyes and saw what was before me.Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3There in front of me stood my ex wife.This was the woman I had fought for years to get away from due to her vindictive and bullying ways. After years of trying I had finally left her and moved away, but things had deteriorated as we fought over my rights to see my c***dren. She had used any means possible to ensure I would not be granted access.She was a big girl and now she stood in front of me looking like a vision of a bdsm fantasy. Her hair was tied back tightly in a pony tail and she had very heavy makeup on. She had a black PVC basque on which was pushing her ample breasts up to form a giant cleavage. Her legs were encased in sheer barely black nylons which made her big shapely thighs look good and lead down into severe looking black patent heels.Even after all that had gone before, she would have looked very good but for the desperate situation I realised I was in.Master John spoke.’I see you recognise your ex-wife sissy’I started to babble something about being forced to do this and it not being something I wanted to do.’You will shut up and behave now sissy or the video you made will be presented before the courts showing them what kind of father you are’I bowed my head knowing I was beaten.’You know how I expect you to behave sissy and I expect that from now on. Do not fail me, do not try and bargain, do not stray from acting like the complete and utter simpering sissy you know I expect’I looked towards my ex-wife and could see the smirk on her face. She was going to enjoy this and I knew right then that I was not.’You will refer to your ex as Mistress from now on and act and treat her exactly as you would me’ said Master John. ‘Now tell Mistress exactly what you are and what you are doing here’My eyes fell and I knew I was beaten. This was going to be incredibly difficult and humiliating. Here I was sat on the hall floor of this man who held so much power over me dressed only in panties and stockings and with a butt plug buried deep in my ‘sissy pussy’ as he had me call it. What could I do to get away with this as light as possible.’Tell her now sissy. Your misbehaviour is starting to annoy me. From now on every time you disobey me you will receive a forfeit in your mid-week email which will instruct you to do something to enhance your femininity. These things will start off small and be less noticeable leading up to things that are more permanent and will be noticeable in your real life. You have already earned one for not having your plug in. NOW TELL HER’ he shouted that last part leaving me no option.I sat and shook my head not quite believing what was happening to me. I looked up at Mistresses smirking face and she raised her eyebrows in anticipation.’Please Mistress, I’m nothing but a cock-sucking sissy, who wants nothing more than to increase my femininity so that I can be a better sissy and please men and become their little living sex doll’ I said.She snorted and burst into laughter. ‘Oh my god, you are so pathetic, I can’t believe what you will do”No mistress’ I said’Right time to get sissified little Emma. Get upstairs and put on everything I have left out for you, then you will come down and serve Mistress and I’I got up and scampered upstairs at a run glad to be out of their glares.’That’s another demerit sissy, you will walk like a lady at all times’Shit I’d forgot.I went into the bedroom to find what was laid out for me. I was quite surprised to find that it wasn’t the dreaded maid outfit that I had expected. It was more like normal clothing although there were some bright colours. The heels at the foot of the bed were massive platforms with clear see through bottoms, the type you see strippers wearing. The only difference in these was that hey had little padlocks on the buckles. Once gaziantep escort they were on they were not going to be coming off without the key. The stockings were barely black with a seem and there was a bright pink suspender belt. the bra and knickers were black and the 38d breast forms were waiting to go inside. The skirt was white, almost see through and I realised it would show through my panties and suspensder. It was barely long enough to cover the stocking tops. There was a choice of tops, a white blouse with frills and lace all over or a pink t-shirt with writing on it, which said ‘spank me’. There was no way I was wearing that so the blouse it would be. Again I realised it would show my bra through.I went over to the makeup table and there was a photograph of a heavily madeup woman and an arrow drawn on and the words ‘like this’.I decided to start with the makeup and did as good a job as I could in replicating the look on the photograph.I went back to the clothing and started to dress realising what a slut I was going to look. There was jewellery to put on. An ankle chain, several jangly bangles, big hooped earrings and a necklace with the word ‘slut’ on it.Strangely, I looked around and there was no wig. I looked in the mirror and realised how ridiculous I looked. From the ground up, I looked very feminine and like a slut, going up to my heavily made up face. But the lack of a wig combined with my short boyish hair cut left you in no doubt that I was a male. A simpering feminised sissy male. I knew I had to go downstairs and face the ridicule.I decided to play along as well as possible, to earn no further demerits and to get out of there as soon as possible and try and think of some way to get out of this mess.So walking with a wiggle in my hips as sexily as possible and with my wrists limp, I made my way downstairs and into the living room.Again Mistress burst into laughter. ‘Oh my god, how pathetic are you? I can’t really believe that my lovely manly ex-husband could fall so low’I turned my eyes to the floor but was immediately admonished.’Sissy, remember you are proud of what you are, giggle and smile and tell us why you love it. That’s another demerit, you’d better watch out or you’ll have implants by next week’ Master bellowed.I realised that he was serious and decided again I had no choice but to comply.I looked up and smiled and in a girlie voice I said ‘please Mistress, I was never really a man I just pretended whole we were married, while all along I wanted to be turned into a little sissy doll only ready to please men and be the girl they want’Again she burst out laughing and at this point I noticed the little red light flashing in the corner. This was being recorded again to further boost the hold they had over me.’Don’t forget that as a sissy, you are not just not a man any more, you are not a woman either, Sissies rank below women who have real pussies and so you will submit and please women too. You will act for Mistress just as you do for me’ Master said.Master asked Mistress was there anything she would like to see and she said she had some ideas she wanted to discuss with him. They sent me to the kitchen to pour them a glass of wine each.When I came back and served them, Mistress told me I should walk up and down for them. I did so acting as girlie as possible. when I came back she was holding something black and plastic. It was a cb6000. ‘come here sissy’ she said.I went over and she applied some lubrication to my little sissy clitty as they told me to call my cock. ‘I can’t believe you ever thought you could satisfy me with this little thing sissy. You are right, you should never have been a man, this route is much better suited for you’She put on a ring around my balls and slid on the cage part and pushed them together. The padlock followed and my fait was sealed, if it wasn’t already.’Now you always said when we were married that you could never be gay, but your master here tells me you beg to suck his cock! I want to see that’This was getting bad, could I really debase myself in front of her? What choice did I have when there was all this evidence on tape and also the fact that I was locked in my heels and my clitty was locked away.Master frowned and just whispered ‘properly sissy’I took a deep breath and smiled.’Pleased master this little sissy would love to suck your manly cock, to put it deep in her sissy mouth and swallow your cum. I’m nothing but a little cock sucking sissy who loves nothing more than to please her master’I felt terrible. I knew all that would now also be on tape and that with every move I was giving them more evidence to use against me. Getting out of this was seeming less and less possible.’Crawl over to me and do your best sissy. Any failures will result in a demerit’I crawled over on hands and knees feeling her eyes burning into me. I still don’t think she believed I would do it.I reached the couch and positioned myself between his legs, I ran my hands up and down his legs a few times, before moving my hands to brush his bulge which I could already feel growing. I slowly pulled down his zip and undid his belt. I could see his outline inside his boxers. I pulled down his pants and boxers and his erection sprung free.’Oh how devine’ I heard Mistress say. I turned to see her recording me on her iphone, more evidence. ‘Wait until I show this to all your old friends’ I realised that without a wig you could clearly recognise me. At this point she started to rub herself between her legs. My debasement was turning her on.Master made a little false cough and I realised I had stopped. I turned back and kissed him on the tip, ran my tongue up and down his length before popping the whole thing into my mouth. As instructed I looked up into his eyes and made noises like I was enjoying it which of course I wasn’t (well maybe a bit) how could I blackmailed and dressed like a slut, sucking cock in front of my ex wife while she laughed and got off on my debasement.My speed increased and he grabbed the back of my head, properly face fucking me. I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer and hoped like the last time it would mean I could go home. Again he came deep into my mouth and again some ran down from the corner of my mouth and onto my chest. As I withdrew he told me not to wipe away any of his cum. He made me swallow what was in my mouth.I turned to look at mistress who was laughing whilst vigorously fingering herself. ‘oh how devine that was to see my high and mighty husband reduced to a cock sucking sissy. Now get over here and put your tongue to good use. It was always the only way you could get me off’.I licked her sat between her mighty legs to two orgasms while she made a POV video. I finally sat back tired. Both were relieved but I wasn’t and my clitty was straining against my cage. I could do nothing to gain relief.’Go get us some more wine sissy’I went to the fridge hoping they would then let me go. The fridge was empty.I went back and told Master.’Oh dear, you’d better go to the shop and get some more’ Master said’Like this?’ I said.’Of course sissy, that is your attire for the weekend’.I had thought that this nightmare was almost over. I now realised it had only just begun and over the next days I was going to suffer more humiliations.Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 4I couldn’t go outside dressed like that could I?Here I was forced to dress like a slut in locked on heels, barely black stockings, mini skirt, frilly white blouse with which could clearly see my black bra and 38d breastforms and heavily made up face. I would have looked like a reasonable vision of a woman, albeit a very slutty woman other than the fact that my new Master and my ex-wife had failed to give me a wig. So to anyone seeing me it would be clear that I was in fact a feminised male. This was going to be humiliating.But I couldn’t think of a way out. At the least it was going to earn me a demerit. I had been told that any demerits would mean me doing something to feminise myself. These I was told were going to start of easy and not be visible leading up to more visible and permanent changes. I’d already earned three in the short time I’d been there. God only knew what that was going to lead to. And worse than that threat was the bigger threat of sending out the tapes they had made of me to all my contacts and to the courts who were dealing with my right to contact with my c***dren. I just couldn’t risk it. Humiliating or not I was going to the shop dressed like this.’You can go to the local Asda’ Master said, ‘that way you won’t need to drive the car in those heels’Great that would mean further ridicule walking down the street not to mention having to manage these heels.’we’re going to give you a shopping list’ he said, ‘go and touch up your lipstick while we get it ready’I did as I was told and I stood upstairs in front of the mirror thinking about what had happened in the last week or so. I put on the lipstick and automatically topped it off with gloss. I was changing, I was folding to their wishes. I needed to think of some way out before it became too late.Back downstairs, they gave me a list sealed in an envelope.’Your shopping list is in here, do not open it until you are in the shop, get everything on the list exactly right and pay at a manned checkout not the self service one. We will check on the receipt when you get back. Any failures will result in a demerit’ my Master said.He pushed me towards the front door and I opened it and looked out. suddenly the world looked a scary place. As I tottered down the drive, I could hear them laughing hysterically.As I got on the main road, several cars started beeping their horns at my and I realised what a sight I was. I was ashamed but for some strange reason my ‘sissy clitty’ started to strain against my cage.Shortly after, my worse fears came true as I could see up ahead a gang of young teenage men shouting and laughing and heading my way. I put my head down trying to avoid eye contact and trying to walk as girlie as possible in the hope of getting away with it.’Hey what have we got here?’ one of them shouted.’Show us your tits love’ said another.I glanced up to assess the situation but that was my downfall.’Oh my god, it’s a man dressed up”Yeah look at the fucking fag, what the fuck would posses you to do that?”I’ve been forced’ I said thinking it would be the easiest way. ‘Someone is blackmailing me”Yeah right’ one said ‘are you sure you don’t just want to get down and suck my cock?”No I don’t, now please excuse me’ I said.I pushed on past ignoring their shouts and wolf whistles. Eventually I reached the superstore and went inside, getting some stares from other shoppers.The men I saw looked at first at my legs and boobs initially excited but on realising I was male, and turning their noses up in disgust. The women were worse, laughing and giggling amongst themselves.I decided to open the list. It read as follows;1 White wine2 Packet of extra small condoms3 cucumber4 tube of ky jelly5 packet of tampons6 bright pink lipstick7 pair of bright pink pantiesThis really couldn’t get any worse. I was going to be so embarrassed at the till. I quickly wet round the shop and soon had all items in my basket other than the condoms that I now realised were kept behind the cashier.I went and joined the queue and eventually reached the cashier.’Please can I have a box of extra small condoms?’The woman behind me erupted into laughter whilst the girl behind the till tried her best to keep her face straight.’Sorry’ she said ‘we only do normal ones’I paid and bagged my goods and went to make my way home.As I was leaving the store a man approached and said ‘how dare you come here dressed like that you fucking pervert, get the fuck out of here and take your cock sucking face down to the red light area where it belongs’I was going to explain but decided it was best to just leave and get back to Masters house. I thought at that point I was better inside rather than exposed in public but I was not aware what was to follow.I got back to Master’s house and was let inside. I was told to stand in the middle of the living room. All the items were checked off and the receipt.’Anything else to tell us sissy?”No Master”Are you sure?’ he said.’Yes’ I said.’Tell me sissy, how are you meant to behave when in the presence of real men?’ said Master.That smug look had returned to my ex’s face and I fealt I was in for something but how could they know.’Like a simpering sissy who wants to dress as a girl and pleasure men’ I said meekly.’And did you act like that sissy?”Yes Master’ I said.At this point Master withdrew a remote from behind him and turned up the sound system so that I could hear a hissing noise.’Speak for us sissy, tell us what a cock sucking whore you are”Please Master I’m ……..’I stopped. My voice was amplified all around the room. I was wired. They could hear everything.’You see sissy, you necklace also doubles as a microphone, isn’t that great?’I had a sudden sinking feeling. this was not going to be good.’So sissy, did you act like a simpering cock loving whore while out on your errand?”No Master”You disobeyed me sissy?”Yes Master”Oh dear, I think that earns you an extra demerit and as an extra punishment, you are going to lose your virginity sissy’Oh no, I suspected we would get to this point sometime but I thought maybe I could have got away that weekend and found someway out of this predicament and leave myself intact.Get up to the bedroom. All this time my ex was smirking away like the cat that had the cream.Once in the bedroom master decided that my ex also deserved some pleasure and he asked her to lay on the bed. She spread her legs in front of me exposing her well used pussy between those shapely thighs.’Put your tongue to good use sissy, but first beg your Mistress to let you’ he said.This was embarrassing. I had fought for years to get away from this woman and here I was having to debase myself again.’Please Mistress, let this sissy pleasure you, I am worthless and am only good for pleasuring you with my tongue’She was in hysterics. ‘oh get on with it you pathetic loser’I leant forward and I could smell her scent. She grabbed my head and pulled me in and I got to work.Being in this position left me bent over the bed and soon I felt my skirt being pulled up and my panties being pulled down.Soon after my plug was removed and I suddenly felt empty. However it was soon replaced by a lubricated finger which started to squirm and play. Despite my situation it started to turn me on.’Ask me properly to put another in’ said Master.’ Please Master this sissy wants you to put another finger in please fill me up like the slut I am’Embarrassed as ever and aware that yet again this was being filmed I felt another finger going in. I was getting turned on, my body was betraying me.’Ask for another sissy’I did and soon felt another join the action. At this point I was getting very aroused despite my ‘sissy clitty’ being locked away.’Tell me what you want sissy’I knew what he wanted to hear, what they both wanted to hear, what my body wanted to hear. only my brain was in outrage but I knew what I had to do.’Fuck me master, stick you big hard cock inside my ass pussy, make me your little whore, your escort bayan slut, your bitch.And he did I felt his cock head against my sphincter, probing and pushing and slowly he made his way in. The initial pain turned to a feeling of pleasure as he hit the spot and I just wanted to be fucked.’Fuck me Master, give it to me hard’He did gradually building up rhythm, each stroke forcing my face deeper into my ex-wife’s pussy. This was intense and a feeling of calm came over me. I was desperate to have my ‘sissy clitty’ released but it wasn’t to be. However the intense feelings both physical and the humiliation of what was happening to me, I came despite being soft. Master followed, blowing his seed straight up into my insides and lastly followed by my ex-wife so turned on at the thought of my debasement.We all fell silent coming down from our individual highs. Master pulled away from me and I Stood up. I had cum dripping down from my ass pussy and my own release dripped down from my cage.’Oh my god the slut came as well, how pathetic that you love being fucked so much’ said Mistress.In that moment I realise she was right.Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 5After that they let me go home.Everything had been removed other than the cage which they said should remain on throughout the week to ensure my mind was attuned to being a sissy. Once home I showered myself completely and fell into a deep exhausted sleep.The following day I went to work and tried to act as normal as I could despite the fact that I was wearing stockings and panties underneath as instructed, not to mention having a butt plug stuffed up me and my ‘sissy clitty’ in a cage. All day the sensations reminded me they were there, the silkiness of the stockings against my hairless legs, the frilliness of the panties, and the plug constantly teasing meaning that my clitty was straining against my cage.That evening came the usual dreaded email from my Master.Dear Slut (I was obviously no longer Emma!)I hoped you had as much fun as I did over the weekend although I expect that maybe it was better for me than it was you. I must say you have a delicious fuck-hole and my cock likes it very much. I’m sure they will be well acquainted in the future. I have attached the videos we made this weekend, remember to follow your instructions to stop them being emailed out to your friends.I want you to continue as you did last week and you will wear stockings, panties and you plug at all times. There may be a check at some point and this may be in one or many forms.I wondered about that. What did he mean by many forms? Last week I had had to send a photograph within 2 minutes of receiving a text from him. I guessed I would find out.I also want you to go to the tanning salon again, although you will go twice this week. Again you are to wear the bikini.I had done this last week but there was nothing definite to be seen. I realised that if I continued to do this I would end up with very defined tan lines that would stop me being able to go swimming for instance.And finally sissy, the email said. We need to discuss your demerits.I had been told that any failures on my part would result in a demerit and a demerit would mean me having to have something done that would feminise me. I was told these would start off as something private and non-permanent and eventually would lead to being more obvious and permanent. I also thought I had received three demerits, but Master reminded me of my failure to act as a sissy on the way to the shops in front of the young men.Sissy, you will call the salon called ‘Femme Fatale’ and ask for Alan. Alan has been instructed on what is expected and you will act exactly as you know I expect for Alan. You will make an appointment for the following;1 Your toes are to be manicured and painted red2 You are to have your belly button pierced3 You will have your eyebrows shaped4 You will have a tattoo above your sissy clitty that says ‘sissy slut’I nearly fell off my chair while reading this. If this was just the start and the demerit punishments were going to get worse, I had to avoid them at all costs. I thought about what he wanted and whether I could go through with it. Painting my toe nails was bad but it would come off, it just meant I couldn’t go bear foot for a while. Having my belly button pierced was a bit more permanent but I would be able to take it out and let it heal. The tattoo was something else but I reasoned that I could at least let my pubic hair grow over it once I was free from this mess. But finally the eyebrows. Although they would grow back, people at work were bound to notice.I wondered if I could go through with it and thought about the consequences. What could I do? I supposed I could go to the Police, but that would mean the videos would be released, ruining my reputation and making sure I would never see my k**s again. I could run away, but that would lead to the same conclusion. There was no choice, I had to keep going while I tried to find some other way out. I resolved though to earn no more demerits, I couldn’t afford to.So I picked up the phone and asked for Alan. A distinctly gay sounded guy came on the line and asked if he could help and I introduced myself as Emma.’oh so you’re Master John’s new sissy are you?”Yes’ I replied.’Oh good, you and I are going to have so much fun’ he said ‘I been told what to expect of you and your behaviour and have to report any mistakes you may make’.I suspected that he was going to have more fun than I was. I made an appointment for the following day after work.All the next day I was anxious about what was going to happen. I knew that Alan knew Master and had to report how I behaved. I also knew what kind of behaviour I was going to have to display. It was going to be humiliating for me. I hoped the salon was quiet.I drove to where I knew the salon to be and parked on the car-park. I made my way around the front and pushed the door open. It was a typical ladies salon that did hair, nails and other beauty treatments. There were a few ladies sat around having various treatments and a young girl behind the counter.’Hi, I have an appointment with Alan’ I said as softly as possible.’Oh what name is it?’ she said.I realised at this point that they only knew me as Emma.’Emma’ I said and she gave me a very strange look.A minute later an obviously gay male came out from the back of the salon. I realised this must be Alan and I just stood looking at him. He raised his eyebrows, urging me to speak.’Errrr I have an appointment’He frowned and tutted. I’d heard that tut before and I knew I’d have to do better or earn a demerit. I looked around at the ladies sat around the salon and at the young girl behind the counter. Again I was going to have to humiliate myself in public.’Please Alan, I am Master John’s Simpering sissy and I am here to have some work done to make me as girlie as I can be for him’ I said.Immediately I could here sniggering around the room as faces looked up to see who would be pathetic enough to ridicule themselves in such a way.’And what is it you’d like done sweety?’ he said.Another deep breath.’Well I want my toes painting all red and girlie to look better for my man, I want my belly button piercing to look more sissified, and I want my eyebrows shaped to look more feminine for my man’I went quiet, hating the next bit.’Anything else sweety’ said Alan.’I’d like you to tattoo ‘sissy slut’ above my sissy clitty to remind me and everyone else just what I am’The room erupted in laughter as I was led into the back room and I immediately relaxed being away from laughing eyes.It was short lived as Alan shouted ‘now strip’I did as I was told despite the fact that I had stockings and panties on underneath. He said that I looked sweet. But soon they were off too.I was sat in a salon chair and Alan began to work on my eyebrows while the young girl worked on my toes. Alan was cooing and telling me how good I was going to look for my man.Once this was done, I was stood up and they began to pierce my belly button. Was this like any normal piercing I hear you ask? Of course not, this was a ring with a word that hung from it saying ‘slut’. Then the ring was soldered shut. It wasn’t going to be easily removed.Finally, Alan got out his tattoo kit and begun work above my ‘sissy clitty’. I had never had a tattoo before believing that they would just look silly when your are 65. This one was definitely going to look silly. It hurt like hell and all Alan could say was you get used to it when you’ve had a few more tattoos. I thought there was no way I would be having anymore…….little did I know.’Now’ he said, ‘Master John said you would take care of me as payment’ So again I found myself on my knees in front of a man. His cock was not as big as Master’s but when eventually he came I had more than a mouthful.Once he was finished, he told me to put on my stockings and panties and then made me go out into the main salon area and show the remaining ladies their work.I was so humiliated, standing there in stockings and panties, my red toe nails clearly visible, mt degrading belly button piercing and it was at that point I saw my eye brows in the mirror. Oh my god they totally changed my face, giving me that wide doe eyed look. Work was going to be hell. I was made to pull down my panties and show my tattoo and also letting them see I was caged. Ii could hear their laughing all the way home. Alan said he was looking forward to seeing me again. I hoped I never would.That night I lay on my bed and took stock of the situation. Things were bad and I had a feeling they were about to get worse. Worse than that was that I was incredibly horny but this damned cage stopped me from getting any kind of relief.The next day at work, people begun to notice my eye brows and I could hear whispering wherever I went. I just decided to brave it out.Some time after ten o’clock, the receptionist called and said ‘your wife is here to see you she’s sat in reception’I thought about reminding her that she was not my wife any more but decided against it.’What does she want?’ I said.’Something about you having your plug checked’ she said, does she mean your electricals?’I knew exactly what she meant and I nervously made my way to reception.This was going to be a long day.Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 6I went through into reception to see my ex-wife sitting there. She was a big lady, maybe one some people would call a BBW. Today the was dressed a little more conservatively than the last time I had seen her, but only just. She wore a very tight low cut top which exposed her massive cleavage, a short skirt and when she crossed her legs, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.’Ah sissy’ she said, ‘I’m here to check up on you’I hurried outside with her as quickly as possible, hoping nobody had heard what she called me. We walked down the steps from the building and around the corner out of sight.’Right Sissy, it’s time we checked what you are wearing. Get your pants off’ she said.I started to protest, but she quickly cut me off reminding me of the consequences of not complying.I quickly pulled my trousers to me knees thinking that would be enough to show I had panties and stockings on and that my plug was in. But that wasn’t good enough.’No get them right the way off Sissy and take your shoes off”But I’m at work’ I said.’No buts Sissy, DO IT! And for that I will have Master John give you a demerit’Shit, that was the last thing I needed knowing that the demerit would mean I would have to do something to feminise myself. Following last weeks demerits, I had been made to go into a salon and have my belly button pierced, a tattoo above my ‘clitty’ saying ‘Sissy Slut’ and to have my eyebrows shaped. Already people were starting to whisper behind my back at work.So I stepped out of my shoes and took off my trousers feeling absolutely ridiculous.’Put these on’She handed me a pair of heels and a curly blonde wig. If I had felt ridiculous before, this was something else.’Show me your piercing and your tattoo’ she said.I pulled up my shirt and pulled down my panties.Again she burst into laughter.’I can’t believe you actually did it, you are such a pussy’I bowed my head in shame.’What are you?’ she said.’I’m a pussy’ I said.She handed me a long coat from a bag that had also held the shoes and told me to put it on.’Right, you need to come over to my car, I’ve some things to give you’.Moving away from the cover of the wall was going to mean I was visible from the office windows. I just hoped nobody was looking.I followed her across the car-park noticing now that the clack of my heels matched hers. I tried to walk as femininely as possible so that nobody would realise but feeling a gust of wind knowing my stocking tops were probably exposed.Once we were at the car she got in and handed me a box.’In here you will find a supply of tablets. You are to take one every morning before work. They are vitamins to ensure you maintain your girlie vigour. You will also find an ipad. You are to watch the videos that are stored on it every night before you go to sleep. Spot checks may be made on both of these requests so don’t even dare to ignore me. Now thank me’I stared at her but realised I had to do it. How had I fallen so far in such a short period of time. I had been so happy to have finally been rid of this woman from my life and yet now here I was dressed as some stupid blonde slut, agreeing to god knows what.’Now go’ she said, and I tottered back over the car-park making sure I kept my head down all the way. I quickly recovered my trousers and shoes and shoved the heels, coat and wig into the bag before heading back into work.I made my way furtively back to my desk and tried to keep my head down.Sometime that afternoon, I received an email from the Head of Security, Steve Brown. It advised me that there were important matters that he needed to discuss urgently.I made my way to his office and knocked on the door.’Come in’ I heard and opened the door.’Sit down’ he said ‘I’ve got something I wanted to show you.By the side of his desk was a small monitor and he pressed a remote and the monitor sprung to life. There was a clear view of the car-park. After a few seconds, what appeared to be two ladies walked out and across before one was handed something from a car before one walked back on her own. I was in no doubt as to what I was seeing.’Isn’t that your ex-wife?’ he said.I agreed that it was.’What was she doing here?’ he said.’She came to discuss some electricals in the house’ I lied.’So who is this woman that comes out with her?’I just sat and shrugged my shoulders.’Well it looks to me like some kind of deal just went on there’ he said. ‘I’m wondering whether there has been some kind of theft from the property’Again I just looked at him dumb-foundedly.’I’m afraid that I’m going to have to perform a strip search on you’ he said.Realising the implications of that I tried to argue my way out, stating that it was against my civil liberties etc, but Steve pointed out that I had signed a contract that allowed them to do so in cases of suspected theft.’Please don’t make me strip for you Steve’ I begged.’Well it’s either that or the Police’ he said.This hole I had got myself into was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. While my home and work life had been relatively unaffected, events were changing meaning that this was getting bigger and bigger.I took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I saw Steve notice my completely hairless body, before he spotted that I had a belly button ring.’Does that say Slut?’ he asked me.I turned bright red and nodded but knowing worse was to come.I unbuttoned my trousers and took them down exposing my panties and stockings.’Oh my god, are you some kind of fag?’ he said.’You don’t understand’ I said, ‘I’m being blackmailed into all of this’I felt better having got this off my chest finally. He made me tell him the rest of the story and he made me show him my tattoo and the fact I was plugged.’Right’ he said, ‘Give me this man’s email address and I will go and see what I can sort out. Stay here for now and I will be back in a few minutes’I sat there feeling so much better, feeling that I at last had found a friend that would help me from this terrible predicament. This time tomorrow I would be back to normal and maybe I could look forward to seeing Master and that sadistic ex-wife behind bars.Steve stepped back into the room.’Right I’ve spoken to your Master’ I thought this was a strange term to use now.’And he says that you are in serious trouble. You have earned 3 serious demerits, one for telling me about him, one for not acting girlie in front of a man and finally for not begging to service me in only the way you know best.Oh my god, I could not believe it. Just as I saw a way out, it had been cruelly stolen away from me again.’I suggest you get back into character very quickly Sissy Slut. He emptied my bag out and made me put on the heels and the blonde wig.’Now beg Sissy. PROPERLY”Please Sir let this little simpering Sissy service your magnificent cock and allow you to cum all over her”Yes very good Sissy, but get in there’He pointed under his desk where he had placed a large dog cage. He made me get inside. Once I was inside he sat at his desk and presented his cock through the bars.’Now you can sit there Sissy with my cock in your mouth to remind you what you are until your Master and Mistress come and pick you up’Oh no, this was going to be really bad and I dreaded to think what was going to happen when they got hold of me.Half an hour later just as my mouth was getting sore from having a cock shoved inside it for so long there was a knock at the door.I heard rather than saw my Master and Mistress enter the room.’Ah I see you have found good use for her’ I heard Master say. ‘Feel free to cum on or in her now’Steve put his hand down and started to stroke himself off furiously.’So who’s been a bad Sissy?’ said Master.’Sissy Slut has’ I said.Oh dear and what does that mean Sissy?”Demerits Master’ I could only imagine what they would be and was disturbed by Steve cumming all over my face.’Turn around Sissy’And finally I got my wish of seeing Master and Mistress behind bars. Only now it wasn’t how I had expected it!To be [email protected] Emma is Turned Chapter 7Steve unlocked me from the cage and handed me over to Master. I went to wipe Steve’s cum from off my face but was told to leave it.’So Sissy that’s 3 serious demerits you’ve earned for that little escape attempt. I warned you not to mess with me but you just couldn’t help yourself could you?’No Master’ I said sheepishly.’Right well get yourself home and learn to follow orders’ he said. ‘I want you to have an early night and watch the videos I have given you on your ipad. And don’t forget to take your pill first. Finally, Steve here has agreed to keep an eye on you at work and ensure you are following all of my orders. Obey him like you would me or there will be trouble’.Oh great, now work was going to be as bad as weekends. My only escape was at home, and even then I had certain things that I had to maintain and other reminders of what I was going through.They sent me out to my car half undressed and still covered in Steve’s cum. I hoped that everyone had left the office as it was now getting late. I reached my car and drove home as fast as I could. Fortunately I had a coat in my car which half covered me for my dash back to the front door. I slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief. It felt so good to finally be on my own.I headed for the shower and cleaned myself of the days grime which seemed to permeate my body. I was shamefully aware of my belly button piercing and my ‘Sissy Slut’ tattoo.I made some tea and settled down in front of the television. A short time later there was a text. It was from Master John;’Sissy. Take your first pill now and go straight to bed. Watch the videos that are on your ipad and then go straight to sleep. Do this every night for the rest of the week and I will see you at my house at 10.00 sharp on Saturday morning where again you will beg me to continue your training. Master John.I decided that I had better do as I was told. I had never before taken any kind of pill before that I did not know what it was and I worried what exactly I was taking. I figured whatever it was would soon wear off once I found a way out of this predicament. Little did I know, but the pill was a mix of a mildly hypnotic d**g and of the female hormone oestrogen. The hypnotic was to make my mind open to suggestion whilst the female hormone was for reasons that speak for themselves.I took the pill and headed for my bedroom. I lay on the bed and started to feel relaxed. I open the ipad and sure enough there were some videos labelled for me. There were eight files and all I could see them labelled as were the numbers 1 to 8. Later I would learn that the files were as follows.1 Submission2 Conditioning3 Yearning4 Orientation5 Feminisation6 Fashion7 Mannerisms8 BehaviourI decided I had better start with video number 1.I put on the headphones that had been supplied with the ipad and pressed play. What followed was what looked to me like any everyday pop video with accompanying background track. I was relieved as I thought this was fairly tame opposed to what I was expecting. In my relaxed state, I didn’t notice the picture flickering or indeed a voice that accompanied the soundtrack. I was being subjected to a bombardment of my subconscious.Hidden behind video 1 was a message about submission. In my d**g induce haze, I was open to the suggestions it made. I was subconsciously being told to obey my Master, to want to please him at every moment, to feel humiliation, but be overcome with arousal at the need to do as he pleased.Hidden behind video 2 were messages made to condition me to want to be as Sissy. I reminded me of the position a sissy held in society, being neither male or female, the sissy was the lowest of the low and only good to serve real males primarily or real females secondary.Video 3 went on to create a yearning for my Master and for all the things he could deliver for me. It made me yearn humiliation at the hands of my Master and it made me want him in a sexual way so that I would feel the need to pleasure him at all times. If I wasn’t being humiliated, I would want his cock either in my mouth or in my ass pussy.Video 4 dealt with orientation. I had always been strictly heterosexual, having only played online with men for a bit of fun. This video was to make me predominantly gay, having eyes for the male form and anatomy. Females would still be attractive to me as I would still be required to service females at times, however I would also look at females and want to be them more than be with them.Video 5 was called feminisation. This would give me a strong desire to alter or change myself in any way possible to become as feminine as possible. The flashing images I was receiving were not just of normal everyday women, but of overtly feminine over the top females. The only thing it would allow me to keep was my ‘Sissy Clitty’ as my penis was now called, but this was to remind me of what I once was.Video 6 dealt with fashion. Again it was not your everyday fashion, in fact some of the items were distinctly retro. I would always want to wear heels, wear stockings, vintage lingerie, always skirts and never trousers, my nails would be painted, make up as often and as thick as possible.Video 7 dealt with mannerisms. This included walking with a feminine sway, how to sit, bend pick things up, cross ones legs etc It also made you walk with limp wrists.Video 8 was all about behaviour. Although similar in some respects to many of the other videos, this was a summing up of the behaviour required to be displayed by a sissy.I watched all of the videos which were set up to play in a loop one after the other. Sometime during the second loop I fell asleep.In the morning, I woke in a cold sweat and realised I had been having an erotic dream. I also realised I had cum despite having my cage on. I recalled the dream;I was in some kind of hospital ward and I could see two rows of four beds down either side of the ward. It was a men’s ward and it reminded me of one of the old fashioned wards you see on an old carry on film. There were windows down both sides letting plenty of light in. The men all seemed to be dressed in those old fashioned stripy pyjamas. There were bowls of fruit on the bedside tables.All of a sudden one man shouted ‘Nurse’.I turned to look behind me wondering where the nurse was, when at that point I looked down, and noticed a massive chest sticking out from me. I was the nurse!But not just any old nurse. I was a nurse straight out of a porno video. On my feet were a pair of ridiculously high white stilettos. My shapely legs were clad in tan fully fashioned stockings and attached to a six string suspender belt. The dress would not be seen on any real ward. I was white PVC wit red piping and short enough to show my stocking tops. My chest was massive at least DD if not bigger. And on my head was a cute nurses hat. My face was heavily made up and I was wearing glasses.’Nurse’ that shout came again.’Come and give me a bed bath’ said the voice.In my mind I didn’t want to but somehow I felt compelled to obey. I walked over to where he was lying in his bed and I prepared a wash cloth. I started to wash him , his face his arms and his chest.’I’ve something else down here sweetheart that wants washing’ he said.I desperately did not want to see what he had down there, but something within me was craving it. I tried to fight to ignore it but I just couldn’t help myself. I pushed down his blanket and I could see his pyjama trousers with an unmistakable bulge in it.I could literally feel my mouth watering as I looked at it. What was wrong with me, my body seemed to be taking over. I reached down and stroked his pyjamas where the bulge was before pulling aside his bottoms and exposing his very hard cock.I took my wash cloth and started to wash it and it rose to meet my attention. Soon I dropped the wash cloth and just started stroking it with my hands. I don’t know why but all I could think about was putting it in my mouth. I tried not to but I just couldn’t help myself. I just bent down and put it straight in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was the best tasting lollipop in the world, I was delirious.The man was obviously enjoying it and was starting to buck and moan. I knew he was going to cum and I knew I wanted it so badly. Somewhere inside me a little voice was telling me it was wrong, but I wasn’t going to argue with reason. Before long he was cumming in my mouth and I greedily gobbled it all up.But still I wasn’t satisfied.’Nurse, nurse’ another man shouted, ‘I want a bed bath like that’.Soon I was over at another bed and the same process was repeated. Only this time, I was encouraged to get up on the bed. I still had a cock in my mouth but then I could feel someone pulling down my very skimpy panties. I felt something cold being rubbed on my hole and before long I felt a pressure there and before long, he entered me and I was being fucked from both ends.I was insatiable, a slut like a dog on heat. In my peripheral vision I could see a man approach from either side and I reached out and started wanking one in each hand. Two more were wanking themselves and as the first two came, one in my mouth and one in my pussy, they were immediately replaced by two more.We were all working up into a frenzy and I knew they were all going to cum shortly. All of a sudden I felt one go off in my hand and it seemed to trigger all the others to do the same. This literally tipped me over the top and I came very heavily myself in time with all the men around me.I awoke in a sticky mess.I tried to reason with what had happened in my dream but I decided it was due to all the trauma I had been through. I didn’t really think anything fundamental had changed because of that dream.I went through the same routine for the rest of the evenings that week and soon Saturday came around. I knew the routine that was expected and I shaved very carefully and prepared myself as I knew would be required.I drove to Master John’s house prepared for the worst. Parking my car and taking a glance around I stripped in the car and quickly approached the front door. I knocked.’Please Master John, can this little sissy slut come into your lovely home to continue her training to be a sissy cock loving slut’I hoped that would be enough and soon after the door opened and I gladly went inside away from prying eyes.But as I looked up at Master, I knew something had changed.Just like in the dream, I could not keep my eyes off Master’s bulge in his trousers. Just like in the dream, my mouth started watering and just like in the dream I wanted nothing else but that cock quickly in my mouth. I tried to shake it out of my mind because somewhere reason was telling me this was all wrong, but no matter what, all I could do was to stare at that outline of his cock. I was squirming on the spot.’Is something wrong Sissy?’ he said.’No Master’ I lied.He stood a purposefully rubbed his erection with the palm of his hand. I couldn’t fail to notice it grow substantially.’Tell me Sissy’ he said ‘do you want something?’I couldn’t believe this. Last week I had come here and been blackmailed into doing something I didn’t want to do. This week, for some reason I felt like I wanted to beg to do exactly the same thing. My inner reasoning was telling me it was wrong and that I should just stop. But I couldn’t. The conditioning I had received from the videos on the ipad had changed me. I didn’t know that though and the humiliation of having to ask for it was killing me but also making my ‘Sissy Clitty ‘ twitch violently in its cage.’Please Sir’ I said.Then I dropped my head.’What is it Sissy?’I was torn, I wanted it so much but I didn’t, but in that state of arousal there was only ever going to be one winner.’Please Sir let me suck your cock’There I had said it.’Well I’m not sure Sissy’ he said tormenting me, ‘If I let you do that there has to be something in return”What is it?’ I asked.’If I let you suck my cock, you first have to beg me to let you have another tattoo’Oh no, what could I do.’Where and what do you want me to have?’ I said.’I want you to have ‘Please fuck me’ on your ass cheek’ he said.Oh my, I didn’t want that but I was torn, I needed his cock so badly.’Please Sir let me have a tattoo, and let me suck your cock’ I said.’Very well Sissy, if you insist’ and he pulled down his trousers to reveal his erection.I couldn’t believe what I had agreed to, but at that moment I didn’t care.