Short one for the girlsFast asleep. So deep. Resting. Peaceful.Completely dazed.There’s only one problem…you are in the middle of a terrible dream…. and it won’t end. Every bad scenerio from your week, your fears, your anxieties are playing out in your head. And it keeps getting worse, the further you slip into you it.You’re so tired you aren’t waking from it. You want to wake up, in your dream thoughts, you think “get up!” but you’re too exhausted.I had kept you up sooo long last night. Making you eat the dinner I prepared for you. In the candle light with me. Listening to soft music, we drank smooth wine until we were dizzy. Spending an hour kissing your delicate lips. I then had to give my very, very long oil massage on our bed, until you drifted off…. but I had to wake you so I could clean you in a warm bath. you were annoyed but I couldn’t let you sleep all oily like that. After I had scrubbed you down from head to toe in the tub, and you were squeky clean again, I carried you off back to bed. fethiye escort Placing your head down gently on the pillows. I removed the old bedding and put down fresh sheets and a thick dovet over you. Making sure you were warm and snug, nestled in properly. Pulling the covers up around you. Kissing you on the forehead, I layed down next to you. -Good night Lovely- Holding you tight against my body. You fall soundly asleep in my arms.That’s the moment the sun began to rise. Everything was going crazy in your dream and you were just trying to get back home. driving. running. it seemed so out of reach. feeling scared.-You feel someone take you hand and lead you down your street to home all of a sudden. There is no face, and you cant see them when you try to look.every thing is rushing and time is impossible.You are safe when you find your home and get inside the door. -Starting to warm, you feel yourself yawn.Moving slightly around in the covers.I have your hand gently in mine now.I’m lapping on your clit. escort fethiye making slow circles. sucking your flesh into my mouth. nawing lightly on your button. You taste sweeter than honey-Running my tongue up and down your lips, you stir. I stick my tongue into your body. tight and moist englufing my tongue. Soft.I stroke in, out. In, out. sucking your lips with mine carefully.Your pussy dampens on my mouth, your moisture spurs me on. I lick you steadily trying to coax your love. Caressing your tiny hand soft but not enough to wake you.-I dont want that to be your alarm clock today.Gathering your wetness into my mouth, I lick you, probe your pussy, lick and suck.Lick and suck.Your labia is swollen and bright pink now.Your gummy button on fire. Furthering my ministrastions, you begin you move. You are still asleep and I dont want you to rise – yet. you havent Come yet.Your inner muscles are clenching down against me as I tongue fuck your pussy. Sticking myself as far as I’ll go inside, I figit my fethiye escort bayan tongue back and forth.Up and down. Trying to make circles in your love but your beginning to spasm slowly and it becomes too difficult.Holding your naked hip with my left hand, I kick it up a notch. Furiously sucking, licking and kissing your juicy pussy.As fast as possibly I devour you. I dont stop.Im lapping my pussy with passion. I’m gently squeezing your hand.You’re moving you’re hips now. You start to raise yourself unconciously up to me.I bury my tongue once more into you and wiggle it wildy…- Thats when you come in my mouth-Your pussy clenching, throbbing. pulsating against on me.I drink down your pearl. Gulping as fast as you give it to me. You taste beyond amazing.You gasp.Sucking in a sharp breath, you shake.Your legs move around my head and I hold your hand firmly and dont let it go.I pull you closer to me.your juicy thighs tight to my face.Almost choking me for a brief moment, then you let go.You begin to relax from your cum.I squeeze your hand in mine.Raising my face to look at you, I see you open your perfect eyes slowly.Your cheeks are flushed. Your eyes wide and smiling down on me. you look so beautiful. “I love you,””Good morning baby.”