She Hulk HerculesShe Hulk meets HerculesBy lilguy [email protected] Hulk meets the drunken godNote- This was a commission I did the middle of New York City, Hercules was fighting his brother Ares as Osborn and his crew fought after failing an invasion on Mount Olympus. There were several super heroes and super villains fighting in the back round. The heroes were gaining ground pushing back the villains. But the Villain weren’t going down without a fight“Give it up brother” Ares SaidHercules was on the ground with his shirt ripped bleeding. The sword glistens in the moon light. They had been fighting for hours, slamming through the city, while the other heroes fought the other villains. The sword was about to slammed down on him. Suddenly someone grabbed Ares by the shoulder. Ares was tossed into the building. She Hulk was standing there with tight green leather, pants showing off her long legs that could come from being 7.2 feet tall. She gave a beautiful smiled, waving her hands through her long beautiful hair. She had on her big green boots, and no shirt. She hulk was gorgeous. She had torn her shirt and bra off early, when they were rope. He could see her huge tits, that were bigger the over inflated basketballs. Her nipples stood there rock hard. Her muscles ripped dripping with sweat. She stood there, with six pack abs and an air of confidence.“Need a little help” She said in a salty voice“Watch out” Hercules SaidAres came behind him holding an ax; she grabbed him and flipped him over. She Hulk grabbed his ax and slammed it down on his chest drawing some blood. Ares was getting up only to have Hercules get on top of him and knocking him out with a couple of punches.“Pretty Good…fighting” Hercules Said “And like your….outfit”“Oh I can see that” She Hulk said looking at his erection“Oh that that’s, me soft” Hercules“Oh really” She Hulk said looking behind her “We took care of the invasion pretty much. I gave Osborn a sound spanking literally. Shield is rounding up the stray. So we could stop and have some fun. Do you want to go to my place…for some fun?”“Sure” Hercules Said “I could use a real battle”She Hulk press something against her ear.“Hello SHILED…yes…someone pick up a piece a trash I left outside by the name of Ares, and take them to the brig…will you”She Hulk grabbed him in his arms and leaped in the air. She was leaping from building to building as she leaped through the clouds. She landed on her penthouse apartment and walked in pouring them a drink. She slowly pulled her pants down showing her thick ass and wet pussy.“Like a girl who can get…”down to business” He Said taking off his clothesShe Hulk was shocked to see how he looks. He was tall, with ripping muscles. His cock stood to attention at least 16 inches. It was rock hard and vieny. She licked her lips and gave him a glass. “Going to need something strong to take that” She Hulk SaidShe took a swig of her liquor straight from the bottle. She took in too it hit empty. She tossed the bottle across the room hitting in the garbage can. They started kissing, grabbing each other ass.“Always wanted to fuck you” Hercules“Did you now”There was a heart shape bed in the room. There was a glass window in the background, that was black on the outside, but they could see it perfectly. The bed was made show it would break, using unstable molecules. She pushed him down“All right baby lets rock” She Hulk SaidShe Hulk took his gigantic shaft in her hand, stroking it up and down. She spit on the head of the cock and let her spit dripped down his shaft making it glisten. She had the tight gripped running her fingers up and down his cock playing it like a flute“See Thor not the only one with a hammer” She Hulk said slowly licking the side of his cock“I please many a wench with this” Hercules SaidShe Hulk grabbed his cock and slobbering it, licking up and down the shaft faster and faster. She took his cock between her biceps squeezing them, letting her biceps massage his cock as she flexed back and forth. She Hulk was teasing his cock head, slurping all around the top. Hercules moans putting his head back. Normally her muscles could crush a normal man, but Hercules could taste, giving him the best hand job he had in the long time. Her tongue flicked theShe squeezed his balls as she did it, massaging his cock like clay. Her tongue teased his balls and she began to suck up and down. She took both balls in her mouth rolling around in her cheeks as she sucked them off. She enjoyed the salty taste, stretching his balls out for a little bit. Her tongue tickled his balls. She was fisting him faster and faster. Her eyes widen as she was taking the lengthy of it, watching the veins on his cock“Fuck Yessss”She grabbed his cock and started sucking him. His cock slid down her tongue as the cock was pushing against her cheeks. She was moving up and down, pushing the cock deep into her mouth. She slobbering on his cock, making the spit dripped down his shaft“Fuck (mmmm slurp) this taste (sllluuuurp) Good as hell”“Take it you nasty b**st” Hercules Said8 inch of the cock was going deep into to her mouth. She could feel it going down tempobet giriş her throat as she sucked it for a bit at that lengthy, letting it stay in her mouth. Gobs of pre cum were dripping down her tongue.“Ahhh Yess Faster”She was moving faster, letting her hair cover him. His cock was pulsating in her mouth. The find long cock flesh digging deeper into her throat“Ohhhh Yess baby give it to me all” She Hulk GaggedHer green lipstick pushed down“Shit you manage to get 10 inches” He Said“That nothing can get deeper than that” She Hulk Said taking the entire 16 inches in her“Ohhhh fuck”She slowly pulled out of her mouth, so he could see every inch before sucking in back and in. More spit was added as she was sucking faster and faster. She grabbed his ass, bobbing up and down. She took his ass cheeks and started massaging his ass cheeks.“Fuck” Hercules screamed””You like that baby” She Said stroking his cock and giving him a long shaft“Don’t stop…I almost there” He Said“Come on baby, want you first shot of cum to last a bit” She Said“Oh fuck yess…That it….gag on my thick cock She Hulk” Hercules Said“Shiiit…want it all…give me your cock meat…come on give it to me….give it to me now. Make my cock sore with that big fat cock of yours” She Hulk Said“By the Goooooodssss….no one handle my immortal snake like this” He SaidHer pulled out and gave her cheeks a few slaps with his cock. She Hulk loved the feeling the heaviness of it. She gave the base of his shaft a long lick feeling the heavy weight against her.“Ready to try something nasty” She said with an evil smirk“Sure” He SaidShe sucked her finger and slowly started fingering his ass. She pushed it deep as she sucked him off, and pushed against his prostate. She was moving her finger in and out sucking him faster and faster. She liked the way a bit of pre cum dripped from her emerald lips. He saw her thick green ass shaking in the air as she sucked him off. Soon she was adding 3 fingers, teasing his prostate. She squeezed the area between his ass and balls. Her tongue teased it as he she pulled his cock out. She felt that he was about to blow on any second“Come on give it to me all” He SaidShe swallowed his cock till the balls hit her chin. His body started to shake as gobs of cum dripped went down her throat. It was still pulsating as she was sucking faster and faster. Cum was dripping down her chin. She smiled, letting a bit of cum dripped down her face. Big gobs of cum was still in her mouth. She gargled his cum. She Hulk then swallowed it. She had his cock in his hand and started licking wanting to get it to cum hard again.“Mmmmm” He Said “I haven’t met that many people who like cum that much”“How many times can you cum, and keep this hard” She Said“I don’t known…I never hit my limits”“Let see if we can reach it” She SaidShe grabbed his cock and mashed her big green tits into it. She was stroking him up and down with her big tits, watching his cock disappear in those big globes was fantastic“Bet many men love to fuck these things” Hercules Said putting his hand behind her back.Her tits squeezed around them as half his cock was pushed into her mouth. She was sucking him up and down. She sucked on the head of his cock, knowing it was the most sensitive spot. She held his legs and gave his cockhead a nibbled on them. Her tit flesh was soft fucking him faster and faster.“Come on baby” I want these tits to glisten…with white cream”He started to cum. Gobs and gobs of cum splashed on her tits. The waterfall of cum was dripping down her tits, coating it making it look like two snowballs. She rubbed it into her tits, making her giant tits glisten with cum”Lie down, I want to power fuck those tits,” Hercules commanded.She did as told as Hercules shoved his big cock deep into her tits. She had lubed her tits to make it glide through. She pushed them together and started sucking the head of his cock as it just peaked out of the tunnel between her immense breasts. Ben pulled and kneaded her stiff pink nipples making her moan in pleasure. She was getting into his cock, and the way he was playing with her big nipples.”Ohhhhh yes…mmmmmm I can taste the pre-cum all ready,” she saidShe was surprised at how big his cock was getting. It still didn’t fit through her massive tits, but if it kept swelling it would. He loved watching her big green globes slapped against her tits. He was shoving it deep in her mouth she sucked on his cock head giving it a little nibble.”Ahhh shit,” Hercules moaned loudly then a big shot of jizz filled her throat coating her mouth. He pulled out and sprayed cum on her tits. Ben just kept spurting and spurting long streams of cum on her big tits and nipples. She had never seen so much cum. She was drenched in stick white jizz as she took the still shooting cock and swallowed a rest of his load into her now overflowing mouth.His cock was still hard, and it was getting bigger as she watched. Hercules was ready to fuck again and he moved his jerking, thick cock back to her mouth so she could suck the cum dripping from his cock.”Mmmmmmmm you’re cum tastes good,” she said.”And still hard honey” Hercules said his swollen cock tempobet yeni giriş ready to fuck her again, and he wasn’t going to settle for her big tits.She Hulk smiled and started finger her pussy, she wanted to get it real wet so she could handle that thing. She had stuffed some big dildos in her cunt before but never anything that big. She wanted to know how much she could force in. She considered herself a good cock rider”Are you ready for my big meat babe” She Hulk Said”I am always ready for that” She Hulk said.”Come and get it” He saidShe Hulk pushed him down and slid on top of his cock. She got a couple of inches in. She started kissing him and rubbing his chest. She grabbed her, taking his strong hand and squeezed his ass. She squeezed hard enough to add finger prints feeling the sweat from her asshole. Her breast was pushed against his strong muscles chest. She ran her hands down his chest, his muscles felt strong and smooth like marble. He started thrusting it up. Jen was moaning with ecstasy as it was shoved deep in her. She was matching his beat screaming. Her pussy got wetter and wetter. It dripped all over his cock. The wetter she got the more cock he was able to ram in her tight pussy. She was riding him up and down, making her huge tits bounce“Ohhh FUCK…it feels so good”She grabbed her ass thrusting into her. She was pressing her fingers into her asshole. She was her tits sway back and forth as she gave his ass a long lick. She nibbled his neck.“OHHH FUCK yesss”Hercules grabbed her tits. She was massaging her tits back and forth. She was smashing her tits together. She smiled taking her hand and sucking her fingers.“Mmmmmmm…. You like this body” She Hulk said flexingHer felt her arms pressing his hand against her biceps“Hell yea…you like this muscle” He said thrustingShe was grinding him tighter and tighter. She felt his balls slapping against his ass. She was running her hands through her hair.“Ahhhh Yessss” She HulkShe was moving faster and faster, squeezing her strong legs against him. He grabbed her slamming her into the wall. She wrapped her legs around them holding her tightly. She wrapped her arms around him as she was fucking him harder and harder. She pushed her tits against him.“Ahhh fuck me…fuck me” She SaidHe sucked her tits grinding against him.“Harder…HARDER” She SaidHe felt her hard nipples against him.“Yea…..that it…feel it…your balls leaving an imprint in my ass” She SaidHer nibbled in his ear grinding against him. She slammed him back on the bed part her legs. Pressing her legs against him. She was slamming his full cock into her, feeling like she was being harpooned against him.“Yesss…deep…DEEPER” She SaidShe let out a scream and started to cum. Her pussy juices were soaking his cock as he was fucking her faster and faster. Her body was shaking as she causing a multiple climax through her body. Her sweat was dripping down her body. He grunted as he started to cum.“Yessss” Hercules said making the room shakeHe came deep into her pussy. She pulled out letting some of his cum hit her chest and face. He was stroking it, letting streams of cum everywhere.“My asshole getting lonely” She SaidHe laid her on her stomach and starting pushing his cock into her asshole. She parted her asshole, putting it deep.“Sure you can take it” Hercules Said“Just shut up and pushed it in” She Said gritting her teeth.He was pushing it deeper, as her ass cheeks was squeezing his dick. She sucked his asshole deeper and deeper. Her thrust making her let out and moans.“Ohhh Gooood yess”He was slamming tightly…as half his cock was in her ass, stretching her ass cheeks. Her grabbed his shoulders and thrusted the rest of his cock into her“Ahhh fuck yesss…pushed it…Fucked my tight shit hole faster. I want it be completely filled with cum. Then I want you to fuck my Jolly green pussy hard. I don’t want to hear anything but your balls slapping my ass.”He grabbed her tits behind pressing her back against his check. She kissed him as was squeezing his balls. Her muscles were massaging his ass. He was tweaking her nipples. Hercules sucked her neck, loving how his cock was massaging her ass. She was thrusting up and down on him like her ass cheeks were massaging her cock like puddy.“Ahhh fuck yes” Hercules SaidHe pushed her on her knees and started grabbing her hair fucking her.“Ohhh shit …right there…right there…harder…I am completely filled up” She Said starting to cum He came deep into her ass hole. She pushed him against the wall pulling on his cock. She grabbed him hand grinding against them“This is how it feels to fuck an Amazon…baby nice and rough”“Ohhh fuck that feels amazing”“Can make your cock cum a 1000 times, can make you cum for days, and I want it all in every hole…let me seeing your fingers (pushing his hand between her legs) feel how wet your getting me just by fucking my tight asshole”She Hulk was taller them him and bent over smile back at him pushing him against the wall, making dent into the marble wall. Hercules slammed his fist into the wall, making huge dents as he started to cum. His jazzed dripped out of his ass. Shockingly she kept him hard, making his tempobet güvenilirmi cock bigger, by grabbed in and massaging it with her ass cheeks.“Yea, baby my ass now stopped. Feel tons and tons of muscle, squeezing your cock, milking you for all your worth”“Ohhh shit your making me cum again” Hercules Said“Don’t you pull that cock out…dont you dare pull the cock out…shoot it my asshole”Hercules let out what felt like a multiple climax, it was only after times that She Hulk pulled his cock out. Both of them were dripping with sweat. She stood in front of him showing off her ass and muscles back. She flexed her arm and gave him big smile. Hercules saw the veins in her muscles. Her saw her back muscles with sweat dripping down her back, going down to her asshole. Cum dripped from every hole and some droplets of cum was on her back. She parted her ass cheeks, letting the cum dripped out of her asshole. She licked her lips looking at his pussy juices stain cock. She dropped to her knees and tasted her ass juices. She was slurping up and down. He looked at her amazed at her lust and depravity. He took his entire cock and made it disappear in her mouth. She seems to enjoy the taste of ass juices and was fisting him as she sucked. She used both hands on his cock, sliding her hands back and fourth down his cock. Hercules smiled as he started to cum. Her tongue stuck out, showing the cum dripping down. She swallowed it.“Damm can’t get enough” She Hulk SaidShe stood up and kissed him stroking his hard shaft.“Mmmm…want more of you, fuck me by the window” She Hulk Said She pressed a button on the remote to make the windows clear to the outside world.“Want people to see” She Hulk SaidHercules grabbed her and pushed her against the glass window. Her breasts were pressed against the glass window, making them squeezed. They saw a new helicopter suddenly fly by, and people look at the window. She Hulk gave them and wink and kissed the window, leaving green lipstick on it. She loved the attention“All my holes are yours”He slipped his cock in her asshole fucking her standing up. She grabbed her by the arms, feeling her strong arms. She rubbed her hands“Ohhhh shit…right there…right there” She cried out “Faster…tears me apart with your large shaft”Her pussy juices were sliding down the window. His cum made for a nice lube as he was fucking her ass. Her gamma lace juices made his cock a 1000 times more sensitive driving him crazy. She Hulk knew this, making her ass cheeks gripped him like a vice. They were both moving like a well oiled machine, fucking back and fourth“Ohhh Gooood shiiiiit…going to cum right in your asshole again. Shit this feels amazing your taking ever inch with ease now. I never saw a girl able to take so much cock, so fast. Your asshole sucking me in like a mouth. All the wench I had, very few is all sex craze as you” Hercules Said“ Mmmmm well you have to be able to take a lot of cock when you fuck people like Mr fantastic and the Giant man. If it helps not any of them had lasted as long as you did. It took hours to wash all of Giant Man cum out of my hair. As punishment…I made him shrink down and spend some time in my pussy, using him as a dildo. That was very kinky. Mmm yea that feels good. I want to be stain with your cum, want it to seep in all more pores, so I can have your scent. I want you to taste me and soaked you up so you smell my scent every day when you get up. I want to be the best fuck you ever had baby. I want you to write songs about me. About the true Amazon that fucked you raw, that bested the mighty Hercules. Fuck it raw, fuck it till I feel it in my stomach, I want to be filled with you. Fuck the shit out of me. Takes your finger and rubbed it across my clit like this. Just fuck me from behind like an a****l. I need all your cum. A strong girl like me needs tons of sex and she needs it quick.”Ohhh god…can feel it like a hose, don’t stop, and don’t stop” Her Hulk screamed with a climaxShe pulled out. She spun around pressing him into the wall. She grabbed his cock. He moan now at the slightest touch“Don’t tell me you ready to rest” She Said“Mmmmmmmf never…just got your pussy juices soaked it…feel so sensitive”“Don’t worry baby, promise I won’t be gentle” She SaidShe pushed him down and sat on his face, she was stroking his cock. His tongue dived into her pussy eating her out wildly. She was jerking him off as she rode his face. Her sucked on her clit, using skills that only an immortal would have.“Ohhh didn’t think be just a good pussy eater”“Isn’t the old earth saying do on to others as they do onto you” He Said“Fuccckkk…shit…right there…right in the center”She squeezed her legs around his head as she started to cum. She Hulk was a gusher, covering his face. She times it so she jacked him. She quickly took him back inside him riding him to bliss, holding him down.“Better get compfortable you’re going to be here for a while” She smirkedHours LaterThey finish off, laying in each other arms. She Hulk got up and took a bottle of scotch. She looked outside at the moon light.“Damm sometimes it good to be a Super hero.” She Said“Shit feel like I been through a battle with some giants” Hercules Said warn out.“You did” She Said pointing to her breast “Two of them now come stud”“Woe…you want more”“If you need help your welcome to call someone” She Hulk SaidHercules smiled“I get my Rolodex..And you get yours” Hercules Said“Like the way you think” She Said