Sharing my sisterpart oneThis story relates to events that began in April 1981.I was 13 at the time and my eldest sister was 15, 2 weeks off her 16th birthday, I was a very shy and naive young teenager with no experience of the female species at all when this started, although I had a group of 5/6 close male friends who had been having group masturbation sessions for around 7/8 months, these started off with just masturbating in front of each other, to actually pairing off and masturbating each other. On the last session I had actually received oral sex off one of them.Anyway on to my sister, as I said she was 15, had long dyed black hair, green eyes, 5’7″ and a size 12(UK). On the day in question it was a Saturday morning, both parents were out at work, my youngest sister was at a sleepover with one of her friends, so it was just me and Sharon (not her real name) in the house. I sat on the sofa eating toast and drinking tea, whilst reading the morning newspaper, dressed only in a T shirt and pyjama bottoms.When my sister walked into the room, dressed in a long night shirt, nothing unusual in this at all, she then proceeded to sit on the floor with her back against the bottom of a chair and her knees slightly bent, it was then that I noticed that she had no underwear on and in that position I had a perfect view of her open pussy on view. I tried to not make it too obvious by positioning the newspaper so I could just peer over the top while pretending to read it.M y Cock started to stir immediately before becoming a raging hard on and making a small but obvious tent in my pyjama bottoms. This only went on for a few minutes but seemed like a life time, eventually she asked how long I was going to be with the paper, so I knew I had to try and make an exit strategy without making my hard on too obvious. I put the newspaper down on the sofa by my side and shuffled about to hide the tent.Sharon then stood up and made the couple of steps towards me and as she leaned over, as if to grab the paper her hand changed direction and in what seemed like slow motion slowly made its way onto my cock on the outside of my clothes, after rubbing her hand up and down it a couple of times, she looked me straight in the eye and seductively said (well for a 13 year old anyway) “so glad you enjoyed the view”. Sharon then momentarily let go of my cock and moved her hand inside the ümraniye escort elastic of the pyjama bottoms, and took hold of my cock in the flesh, pushing her arm back so my cock was exposed, she moved her head so she was directly staring at my cock whilst holding it in her one hand, then said “nice, very nice”. she then licked her lips, asked me to stand up, to which I did, while she remained standing, all the while rubbing my cock with her one hand , whilst pulling my pyjama bottoms down with her other hand,. She then momentarily let go of me, and in one smooth move took hold of the hem of her night shirt with both hands and smoothly pulled it over her head and let it fall to the floor, standing before me in all her naked glories (a vision that still sticks in my mind to this day), I took the opportunity to linger my eyes all over her body and saviour every inch of it, especially her full 34 c cup boobs. Making my cock twitch a couple of times.She then moved her left hand back to my cock and resumed rubbing it, by this stage I wanted her to stop doing this as I knew I would soon cum, so I was desperate to make the situation last, so didn’t want to ask her to stop in case it put an end to the events. So was trying to telepathically get her stop, but she raised her right hand and gently pushed me back so I was sitting on the sofa again, she moved forward and got on to the sofa straddling me, still rubbing my cock with her left hand, slowly lowered herself so just the tip of my cock was brushing just the entrance to her lips. I remember the stray pubic hair tickling my cock, before she moved her right hand down in-between our bodies and opened up her lips before slowly impaling herself on my cock, she let out a low gasp as it entered her, I still remember the wonderful feeling of warmth and wetness as it entered her , she started to move up and down on it, dictating the rhythm, as said before I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing so just followed her lead and let instincts take over , her right hand came up and cupped the back of my neck pulling my head towards hers and slowly our lips locked and started mashing together with teeth clashing a couple of times before settling on an angle that suited each other and started trading tongues, her left hand went over my right shoulder on to the top of the sofa to steady herself. I moved my right hand up kadıköy escort to her left breast and started squeezing and rubbing loving the feel of her rock hard nipples in my palm, she had to break off from kissing me to tell me to be more gentle. A s I was close to coming before I entered her I knew I wouldn’t last long , and only a couple of dozen thrusts later I let out a low moan and exploded 3 long squirts of cum inside her. All this was only in a time span of around 15 mins after her entering the room.As my cock started to shrink she never moved and stayed in the same position with our lips locked while just the tip of my shrunken cock parted the entrance to her lips, I started to feel cold liquid trickle down my cock realising it was some of my cum . After a couple of minutes of snogging she moved her right hand down to my left nipple and started to mover her thumb back and forth across it this had the desired effect and because of my youth, my cock started to rise again, as she felt this, she waited till it was fully hard , before getting off me standing up, taking me by the hand and lying down on the carpet, as I stood up gazing down at her beautiful naked body she smiled up at me beckoning me on to her, and said “ time for round 2, my turn to cum this time.”. I knelt down in between her legs before lowering myself on top of her, she moved her hand in between our bodies and gripped my cock before guiding it to her wet lips, this time it felt quite different still warm and tight but a lot more wetter, only months later did I realize it was because of sloppy seconds and my cum was still inside her. Also this time I had to make the rhythm but didn’t know what to do so again let my instincts take over, my face directly above hers I loved the look of pure lust in her face as my cock went very slowly in and out of her fantastic pussy. This time instead of kissing her I moved my head down and firmly clamped my mouth around her left boob and proceeded to kiss, suck, lick her nipple etc, she grabbed the back of my hand with her left hand firmly pulling my head harder on to her boob, as I increased my thrust rate, she started to make grunting noises and telling me to go, harder, faster harder etc. this only increased my arousement and very soon I felt the inside of her pussy having a ripple effect on my cock and for the second time that morning tuzla escort I found myself emptying my balls inside her, as I did this I collapsed on top of her exhausted, after a few moments she pushed me off her and I rolled on to my side next to her. Looking into each other’s eyes, she propped herself up on to her elbow, leaned across my face and said “thank you, that was wonderful for a first time, so glad it was you”.This didn’t register at the time, as she locked our lips together for a final time that day, before getting up walking over to where her night shirt rested on the floor, before picking it up and disappearing out the room, I heard her on the phone a few seconds later speaking to her best friend, and could only hear parts of the conversation, and quickly realized it was to Tina her best friend. I heard her tell her the events of the morning but not in too much detail, but quite loudly and obviously for my benefit telling her how wonderful and fantastic I had been, and that she would be doing it again with me very soon, this put a warm glow and a massive smile on my face. The call ended abruptly and Sharon disappeared upstairs, after a few moments I followed her up stairs, gingerly knocked on her door, as I wanted to find out what had brought on this morning’s events. She told me to enter, she was sitting on her bed in just a pair of white cotton panties with yellow roses on them, and she made no effort to cover up. I asked her what had brought on this morning’s events , to which she replied, that Tina had lost her virginity the previous Christmas, and had dared Sharon that she didn’t have the nerve to do the same before her 16th birthday, she had accepted the dare but didn’t really know who to do it with, as she wanted her first time with someone special, eventually deciding on me, she said that she had been trying to entice me for a couple of months but I had failed to take the bait, it finally dawned on me as she said this, that for the previous couple of months, she had been flaunting herself at every opportunity, ( leaving her bedroom door open when getting changed before/after school, coming out of the bathroom as I was passing in a towel/bathrobe and letting it fall open) she said that if only I had said a single word during any of these events she would of pounced on me. But I was too naive to realize it. She also said that as wonderful as it was it would never happen again and never to utter a word about it to any one, despite what she had said to Tina.She didn’t keep her word as there are a lot more episodes to tell including Tina and some of my friends getting involved.