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Sex With a Complete StrangerThe following is from my new book. This is a true storyWhen I got on the beach I took my suit off and started walking down the beach along the water. There was no one around, probably because it was Tuesday. After about 10 or 15 minutes I decided to sit for awhile and enjoy the moment with the sound of the seagulls and the pounding surf.I wished I had brought my surfboard. There were almost 2 metre glass waves breaking left about 40 metres from the shore. I love left breaking waves. I surf with my right foot forward. They used to call this “Goofy foot” because most people surf with their left foot forward. Maybe it’s because I am left handed or I just learned to surf that way. Making a bottom turn into the curl is easier when the wave breaks to the left the way I surf and right breaking waves are best for people türbanlı ısparta escort that surf with their left foot forward.Oh, by the way I enjoy surfing naked. Anyway, I was sitting their dreaming about surfing, and decided to lie down and feel the wet sand on my backside and put my feet in the edge of the water so I could feel the motion of the ocean. Wow, that rhymes.I was extremely relaxed and enjoying myself and I had my eyes closed. I then sensed that someone was standing next to me. Maybe it was because he was blocking the sun.I opened my eyes and there stood a sort of handsome man about 45 years old with greying temples, wearing a white tee shirt and khaki shorts and no shoes. “This is my beach and you have to leave,” he said with a nasty voice.“Who died and made you türbanlı ısparta escort bayan the bloody King?” I replied sarcastically.The man was standing at my feet and was looking up at my crotch. “You’ve never seen one before?” I said.“That’s my house and this is my beach,” he barked.“You don’t own the beach,” I replied.“And you are naked outside the boundary. There’s a sign by the car park over there,” He said.“I was walking along the water and didn’t see your bloody sign. You don’t like to look at naked girls? Are you gay?” I replied.I looked around and there was no one else on the beach. Out of the four beach houses, this bloke’s was the only unshuttered one.I noticed a huge bulge in his pants.“There’s no one around and evidently you aren’t gay. Why don’t you free that monster?” türbanlı escort ısparta I said and he noticed me staring at his shorts.“Take you clothes off and join me,” as I said that, I opened my legs to tease him.He looked up and down the beach and when he was satisfied no one around he took his clothes off. “I hope my wife doesn’t come home.”He then sat next to me with a huge erection. Without saying a word I pushed him down and rolled on top of him. I thought I might have fractured his penis. I really don’t know if they can fracture. After putting it where we both wanted it, I rode him right there on the beach like a bucking bronco. This was going to be a day he would never forget and I never forgot it either.After we both accomplished our objective I put my head on his chest and we both laid there with me on top of him for about 20 minutes. Then we both stood up and he collected his clothes and I found my suit and we walked away in opposite directions without saying a word. We never told each other our names and I never saw him again.That was the first time I had sex with a complete stranger. I still get turned on thinking about it.Copyright © 2014 by Matilda ScullyAll Rights Reserved