Scollay SquareAs I sit at the bar alone after a long day at work I survey the room while sipping on a whisky & lemonade (a habit I accumulated while traveling through England). A few guys approach me, we make small talk, but none of them are who I am looking for, so I dismiss them and continue looking around the bar. In a dark corner I see a tiny table with a guy sitting with his back to the wall casually drinking a beer. We lock eyes for a brief second, I smile coyly and look away. I turn my attention to my phone and when I look up the guy from the corner is standing beside me with a new drink for me in hand. He doesn’t smile or say anything to me. We just toast and pay attention to whatever sports game happens to be on the TV. I turn back and he is gone. I chalk it up to his loss and I pack up to head towards Govt Center to catch my train. My phone rings and I look at it, Unknown number. So I ignore it. It rings again, still with an unknown caller. Annoyed I ignore it again. I walk a littler faster in my heels across the stupid cobblestone streets. The phone rings again and as I go to answer it my shoe gets caught and I trip. As I fall Mr. Mysterious from the bar grabs me and stares at me for a second before pushing me into the adjacent alley. I am completely queenbet güvenilirmi flustered and thrown off, but a little intrigued as to what is going to happen. He has me cornered so I smile nervously say thank you and try to leave. He wont let me pass and he still hasn’t said anything to me. I can feel my pulse quicken as I assess my options. Either I can run away screaming, or I wait and see what he wants. I choose the latter and wait as he steps closer to me. He is standing about 6 inches away from me and startles me as he pulls my bag away from my body. He finally speaks and says “Dont make a sound”. I stand there silently waiting for his next move half paralyzed by fear half turned on. He grabs me by the wrists and turns me around so now I am facing away from him. He puts my hands above my head and holds them there with one hand. I am too scared to turn around and see what he is doing so I just stand there and wait. I can hear him rustling around and finally I hear the sound of a roll of tape ripping. He quickly binds my hands above my head with the tape and he puts a piece over my mouth. Standing behind me I can feel his hot breath on me as he smells my hair and starts to kiss my neck and bite my ears. I can feel him running queenbet yeni giriş his hands all over my body. I feel him lean into me and I know his cock is hard. I am starting to panic a little, but my panties are getting wet. His hand finally reaches up my skirt and I try to squirm away from him but he restrains me. I can feel his hand on my panties as he begins to reach inside he stops and pushes up my skirt and slaps my ass, hard. I cry out, but it is muffled by the tape. he grins and slaps me again, only this time it was a lot harder and as I screamed out he rips off my panties and spins me around so I am facing him. He smells my panties, pulls the tape off of my mouth and stuffs the panties in. My skirt is pushed up around my waist and he steps back to stare at me. I can see the outline of his cock in his pants and he is rock hard. The sight of that mixed with the pain makes me drip. he walks back towards me and pushes my shirt up over my face so I cant see. This makes me panic and I struggle a little, but he grabs me tightly and throws me back against the wall. He steps forward and slaps me hard across the face. He walks up and pulls my tits out of my bra and begins to bite my nipples while slapping my ass while telling queenbet giriş me “you’re about to be punished”. The man spins me back around and pushes my face against the cold brick wall. He spreads my legs and walks up behind me and presses his body against mine. I hear him reach for his belt and then his fly and with one hard thrust I feel his hug cock rip into me. I screamed out in pain and pleasure and fear and it only made him pound me harder. He held my hands above my head as he fucked me from behind. I felt his hand reach around to my tits and pinch my nipples my cunt is dripping because it feels sooo good. He pulled out of my pussy and pushed me over the crates in the alley. He spread my legs as wide as he could and slid throbbing cock into my ass while he slid his fingers into my pussy. I screamed and moaned with every thrust but it only made him pound me even harder. He was going faster and faster his hands on my hips pounding my ass harder than anyone ever has before. I could feel that he was ready to cum and he pulled out of my ass and started fucking my cunt with his hands wrapped in my hair pulling my head back so he could watch me as he was about to cum. He yelled “look at me!!!” And when I did he shot his hot load into my waiting cunt. He pulls his cock out of me ad wipes it on my skirt. After that he fixes his pants untapes my hands and walks away like nothing happens leaving me covered in cum lying in an alley. I lay there for a minute to compose myself and then I clean up and make my way to the train headed for home.