School Mom 2
I finally saw the school mom again the following week. She asked if I wanted to get coffee before work. I agreed. We made small talk for a bit until she finally asked “did you find the present I left for you”. “Yes I did” I told her. “I had lots of fun with those pantyhose in private and with company”. I was reluctant to tell her much about it at first but the more I told her the more she seemed to like it and seemed to get turned on by it. I wound up telling her what my wife and I had done with those used pantyhose and even told her I was imagining her that night. “You’re such a pantyhose freak” she said.

I told her. “You left those pantyhose for me so you might not be that far behind. So what did you think your first time wearing pantyhose”? She said “the pantyhose felt nice on my legs. Especially when I crossed my legs. I could feel the slippery texture of the material as my thighs rubbed together. The guy doing the interview that day seemed to glance at my legs several times. I tried to give him a nice view. I guess he must have liked it too. I can see why you like them”.

The best part is she went on to tell me what happened when she got home after her interview. She said her boyfriend was very surprised to see her in pantyhose. She said he was looking at her legs like I had looked at them earlier that day. She asked him if by chance he had some kind of fetish for pantyhose. He replied that he did but never mentioned it before out of embarrassment. She liked the attention her legs had gotten all day and it had turned her on and now she was ready for some fun so she told him this was his opportunity to live his fetish. He wasted no time in taking advantage of it.

They went to the bedroom and he started by rubbing her feet. She said he got an immediate bulge in his pants just by rubbing her pantyhose covered feet. He moved up to her lower legs and calves and eventually up to her thighs. She started to get a tingle in her pussy. He eventually started to massage her pussy with his face as he continued to rub her legs. She told him to be carful with the pantyhose and outfit since they were not hers but my wife’s, she said he seemed to get even more aroused by this. Apparently he often mentioned that my wife was very pretty. It must have turned him on that these pantyhose had been on my wife’s legs and and pussy. He played like this for a while and her thong started to get soaked to the point even the pantyhose started to get wet. This is what I had smelled when I got the used pantyhose several days later.

Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore. She got up and removed the pantyhose and her thong. He was disappointed the pantyhose came off but she told him she would leave the outfit on and he could fuck her in it which he didn’t object to. She said he bent her over the edge of the bed and lifted up her skirt. He slid his dick inside her very wet pussy. He fucked her deep and hard making a clapping sound as his hips made contact with her ass. She really likes this sound and feeling. She said he hadn’t performed like this in a while. He was usually very vanilla. She figured it was because he was imagining fucking my wife and not her in that outfit. She didn’t mind, she actually liked it she said. She didn’t last very long from the excitement of the whole day and now being pounded like this. She came pretty quickly and It didn’t take too much longer for her to cum a second time. She wanted to return the two favors so she got down on her knees and took his dick in her mouth. She said it was really slippery wet from her juices, she didn’t know she could get this wet. She sucked him off for a short while until he exploded in her mouth. She said this was the first time he came in her mouth. He had never wanted to do that to his girlfriend before. I guess he didn’t mind doing that imagining he exploded into my wife’s mouth. She was so turned on that she swallowed all his cum, something she had never done either. She was so tuned on that It seems she would have done anything that day. She said for the next few days the fucked often and hard, but still not as good as when wearing my wife’s pantyhose and outfit.

“I love pantyhose play now” she told me. “We went online the next day and bought some pantyhose for us to play with. What’s your favorite so I can buy some”? “Wolford Neon 40’s” was my answer. “ I’ll look for some and put them on so you can see them on me”

I was so turned on by all of this. But I had to get going to work. We agreed to share more stories and items to spice things up for the both of us. Last thing she said was “it seems my boyfriend wants to fuck your wife, and you want to fuck me. Maybe if we approach this right we can have a private party and give everyone what they want.” Needless to say I couldn’t get that though out of my head for a long time.