Savagely Assaulted….I had been chased by the six thugs that call them selves the third street gang. They had sent me a not saying if “I knew what was good for me I would let them have some of my sissy ass. If I not they would catch me and fuck me silly.” I stayed away from their so call territory.This morning I was headed for the library when I saw one of there members peeping around the next corner. As soon as he ducked his head back, I broke and ran back the way I came and down the street. I could hear them running after me so I didn’t look back. I ran for almost a mile turning and climbing over fences and sprinting across the football field.I was running through the woods at the end of the football field when ran head long into three of the neighborhood drunks. They were passing a bottle from one to the other when I collided with them. The bottle went flying and I and the drunk I ran into tumbled into a pile over a falling tree.As I was trying to get up I could hear my pursuers coming through the bushes. The drunks were cursing and swearing to “kick his stupid ass”, one of the drunks called out ‘don’t let that bastard get away.’ The drunk I was entwined with had me by a foot as his cohorts reached us and seized my arms. I tried to explain and break their grip, by this time my pursuers had caught up to me.As my luck would have it the six members of the third street gang knew the three drunks. One of them was one of the gang members uncle, ‘uncle Joe what happen, did this bitch hurt you’, he inquired. ‘Naw, he didn’t hurt me but he spilled our bottle of feel good. And we ain’t got no more money to buy another one. Why y’all boys casing him anyway Paul.’Paul answered him ‘let us buy y’all another bottle for catching this ass hole for us.’ Paul’s uncle Joe looked at him and smiled smiling said ‘you didn’t say why y’all chasing that there boy?’ Paul answered and said ‘you wouldn’t want to know uncle, he’s just another piece of ass that’s all.’ Uncle Joe smiled a wicked smile and hiltonbet giriş told Paul ‘let George and Ham go get another bottle, I think I’ll wait here and watch the fun.’Two of the gang members had me securely about the upper arms and one had my wrist pushed up my back my hand almost to my shoulder. I looked at Paul’s uncle and decide to plead with him for my release. ‘Mr. Joe, I’m sorry for breaking your bottle, but these gays want to do something awful to me. Pleases tell them to let me go.’Ham and George stopped and looked at Joe, Paul walked over and slapped my viciously across they face saying ‘bitch nobody cares what happens to your little sissy ass shut the fuck up.’ Ham said to George ‘you go on and get that bottle and hurry up. I’m gonna stay here with Joe.’George went ambling down the path not even looking back. Paul and his uncle was standing some distance away whispering to each other. Ham joined them and the conversation turned jubilant. Paul looked over at us and nodded his head in the affirmative.The five thugs at once started to unfasten my belt and remove my clothes. I tired to fight them off and in so during I only incurred their wrath. Two of them shook me violently and the other two took turns slamming their fist into my midsection.I was hanging between the two holding my arms, the fifth one was removing my tennis, my underwear and pants. I could barely breath and stay conscious they pain was so intense that each breath was agony.My two captures pulled me across the opening and stretched me across the fallen tree. Some took vines and tied my wrist to my ankles and then they pulled my ankles apart and fastened them, with more vines to opposite ends of the same tree.Sobbing from the pain, I cried out as some one pushed a couple of fingers into my butt hole. Paul and Ham was standing to one side laughing menacingly, I thought that I saw Ham stoking his penis through his pants. I dropped my had and saw a pair of feet standing between hiltonbet yeni giriş my legs, who ever it was spit into the my butt crack and was spreading it across my butthole with his rock hard sex organ.Paul said to ‘we asked you to bring that pussy to us now we gonna take all we want and even let our friends here have a go at it too.’ I raised my head and saw Ham and Paul, Ham had pulled his old cock out and was stroking it openly. The thug between my feet pushed his penile head into my anus slowly and deliberately.’ I gritted my teeth as tight as I could as he mercilessly pressed against my resisting outer anal muscle ring.He would push so hard and stop pull back and press hard against my bung hole again. He kept during this for more times than I can remember until my anal muscle ring surrendered and his cock head popped into my rectum. I cried out and hear Ham exclaim ‘yeah, he’s in that ass now.’Savagely the young thug plowed deeper and deeper into my anus, my cries for mercy fell on uncaring ears. It took The bastard about twenty to thirty minutes before he flooded my butt hole with his semen. As he pulled his cock out of my butt I could see two more feet replace his and another cock enter my up turned anal cavity. He too, ruthlessly, plowed my butt viciously and savagely, causing me great pain and agony.This went on till the last of my five captures had filled my butt with their baby making juices. They mingled and mixed in my rectum as they worked their wicked cocks in and around my rectum. Their co-mingled sperm oozed from my anal opening and stream thickly down my thighs and legs. As I looked between my aching legs I could see the thick white substance slowly making its way down and some seem to drop from above my view like huge drops of white rain.I vaguely heard Paul say to Ham and Joe ‘which one of you will go next.’ Ham quickly dropped his pants and stepped out of them saying ‘Joe, let me go ahead of you, I’ll show these boys how hiltonbet güvenilirmi to really fuck a good piece of young ass.’ Paul and Joe laughed, Joe said out loud ‘yeah, go ahead. That’s the only way you fuck, when the pussy is tied up and it has only one hole.’Ham paid no mind to them and move swiftly to my unprotected butt hole and poised his old hard cock against my anal opening. With one powerful push Ham’s big old man penis head plowed deep into my anus. Painfully I cried out in agony as Ham bragged ‘after the five of them done fucked this ass it’s still tight and gripping my dick like it had fingers inside it.’My stomach was being rubbed raw from the friction of being battered back and forth in such a position. Ham, with his old ass, held my hips in his hands and plowed up into my butt with wild lustful abandonment. Ham punished my butt for nearly fort-five minute before he loosed a torrent of his sperm like it had been held for just such an occasion. As his huge ancient cock throbbed in my butt, Ham grind his hips pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my bowels.Finally Ham extracted his withering cock from my gaping butt, Paul and his uncle Joe walked behind me. Joe said to Ham as he stood there ‘you old goat, you really opened that ass wide didn’t you.’Suddenly Joe lashed out with his belt wiping me across my buttocks as I cried out in excruciating pain. Joe struck my buttocks with such strength and vigor, Ham and Paul stepped back begging him to stop. But neither of them nor no one else came to my aide.Joe finally dropped his belt by laying it gently across my shoulders, Joe poised his cock against my trembling butt hole and pushed slowly but steadily till his cock head slipped into my anal opening. The pain was unbearable, I struggled against my restraints as Joe slid his cock back and forth in my rectum, moaning, groaning and gasping for air I whimpered and whined.Joe worked my butt for maybe fifteen minutes before letting loose a stream of his semen deep in my butt. Joe pulled from my butt and I watched as his feet moved out of sight. Paul looked into my butt crack and said to his gang ‘I can’t fuck this shit. Cut him loose, fuck him again if you want, then let him go. Next time we invite him to come fuck us I bet he won’ say no…Savagely Assaulted.