Sam’s SecretSam & Cat: Sam’s Secret[A little background for this, Sam was born with male genitalia, which is one of the reasons why she doesn’t like the word panties, something she can’t technically wear because of her ‘extra’ friend. The only four people who know about Sam having male genitalia are her doctor, her mom, her s*ster, and Carly. Carly found out because the two secretly dated for a while and lost their virginities to each other prior the finale of ‘iCarly’, and after Sam broke up with Freddie. When she was younger, i.e. before ‘iCarly’ premiered, she was made fun of for having male genitalia, which is one of the reasons she started acting like a tough tomboy.](This one takes place during ‘#SecretSafe’, when they’re in the safe before Goomer opens the door and lets them out.)”Sam?” Cat asked with a whine, the two now stuck in the safe in their closet for almost two hours, doing the little k*d ‘potty dance’, her knees together, hands on her thighs, wiggling side to side.”What?” Sam asked, eating from the large can of fruit found in the back of the safe.”I have to wazz.” Cat said with her famous pout and whine.”Then wazz.” Sam said, not quite sure why Cat’s telling her this.”Where am I supposed to wazz? There’s no bathroom in here.” Cat whined, slight whimpers escaping her mouth.”Here.” Sam said, pushing the now empty can of fruit over to her.”Don’t look.” Cat said nervously when she goes to undo her jeans, looking away when she noticed Sam still facing her.”Fine.” Sam said, amused by the ch*ld-like movements that Cat was doing.A couple minutes later, Sam heard Cat zipper her pants back up and the can slide a bit. “Thank you.” Cat said, bouncing over to Sam and hugging her from behind.”Not a hugger.” Sam informed her, body tensing from the hug.”But you like my hugs.” Cat said with her pout, her hands resting on Sam’s waist.”Whatever. I’m still hungry.” Sam said, digging her phone out of her pocket. “Damnit. No reception.” She said, frustrated, putting her phone back in her pocket.”Hello?” Both girls heard from the other side of the safe door.”Goomer?” Both girls yelled, rushing to the entrance.”Sam? Cat?” Goomer asked, walking around the room. “Are you dead?” He asked, worried, when he can’t see any sign of them but still hears them clearly.”No! We’re in the safe!” Sam yelled, pounding on the floor of the pathway connecting the secret room and the door to the safe.”What safe?” Goomer asked, looking around.After giving Goomer directions to the safe, which took far longer than it should, and the combination, the door finally opened, revealing the confused face of Goomer to Sam and Cat, and the thankful looks from Sam and Cat to Goomer.”Where’s the chicken pucks?” Sam asked, remembering her telling Goomer to pick her up a tub of chicken pucks before they investigated the safe.”Right here.” Goomer said, holding up the tub before closing the safe door.”Goomer!” Both girls yell, Sam irritated and Cat confused, when there’s no response from Goomer.”He left us here.” Sam said, punching the wall.”Sam?” Cat asked, staring at Sam.”Yeah?” Sam said with a sigh.”I’m hungry.” Cat said, pouting.After a half hour of waiting, Sam walked over to the corner where Cat pushed the can now used as the bathroom. “Turn around. I have to wazz.” Sam said, going to undo her jeans, but stopping when Cat is facing her.”Kay kay.” Cat said simply, turning around.Pulling the zipper down, Sam held her jeans apart at the waist, pulled her boxers down, and started to go. The reason why she wanted Cat to turn around was because the small redhead still didn’t know about Sam’s biggest secret. After she was done Sam grabbed a couple of napkins, why they’re here she didn’t know and didn’t care, to clean herself up and toss them in the can.”Sam?” Cat asked, confusement clear in her voice.”What?” Sam asked, worried that Cat saw her standing when she went, instead of crouched over it like she assumed Cat did.”Why were you standing when you wazzed?” Cat asked, Sam fear confirmed.”No reason.” Sam said, quickly hiding her ‘friend’.”Did you put something in your pants?” Cat asked when Sam turned around, pointing at the slight bulge in from of Sam’s pants that wasn’t there when they got stuck in the safe.”What are you talking about?” Sam asked, looking down. “Shit.” She said, turning around and trying to fix herself.”Let me help.” Cat said with a smile, bouncing over to Sam.”I got it.” Sam said, undoing the button and zipper to mover things around.”But I want to…” Cat said, jumping in front of Sam, stopping when she saw something sticking out of the hole in her boxers. “What’s that?” She asked, poking the pink tip she sees before Sam pushed it in.”Nothing.” Sam said with a slight grunt when Cat pushed with too much f*rce, pushing Cat’s inquisitive hand away.”But it’s so fleshy.” Cat said, eagerly gaziantep rus escortlar pushing Sam’s hands aside and putting her right hand in the hole, grabbing Sam’s member.”Oh, fuck.” Sam moaned when Cat started to squeeze it.”What is it?” Cat asked, her hand squeezing the flesh, her hand slowly starting to move up and down the shaft in the small room she has.”Cat. Stop.” Sam moaned, already feeling close to making a mess, not having the chance to get off because of Cat and the babysitting service, and her crush on Cat making it so much worse than that.”Why?” Cat asked innocently, looking down. “It’s so warm.” She noted when she felt it. “How come it was soft before, but now it feels hard?” She asked as she massaged Sam’s member.”I’m close.” Sam warned, not elaborating.”Close to what?” Cat asked, entranced by the heat and firmness in her hand.”Fuck.” Sam grunted, cumming in her boxers and onto Cat’s hand. “Oh, shit.” She said, letting four big spurts out, and a few small ones after.”What’s this stuff?” Cat asked, pulling her hand out of the hole when Sam was no longer hard, staring intently at the thick white cum on her wrist and hand.”It’s my cum.” Sam admitted with a blush, breathing heavily from finally getting off after months of not having the time.”I thought only guys did that?” Cat asked, playing with the strand between her index and middle fingers.”Well, some girls can too.” Sam said, her breathing finally slowing down. “Don’t tell anyone I did that.” She said with a half-hearted glare, redoing her button and zipper, making sure there was no bulge.”Why not?” Cat asked, curiosity getting the best of her when she held her arm up to her face and cautiously licked the cum on her hand. “Ooh, I like it.” She said, using the same tone she did when she first had Bibble.”It’s a secret.” Sam said, watching as Cat licked the cum off her hand like it was melted ice cream. “Shit, that’s hot.” She said, feeling herself slowly get hard again, watching her cum go from Cat’s wrist, to her tongue, and Cat swallowing it.”What’s hot? And why is it a secret?” Cat asked, looking innocent while licking cum off her hand.”You are.” Sam admitted, grabbing Cat’s wrist after Cat swallowed all the cum and started licking her hand for remnants, wanting more. “Have you ever had sex? Given a blowjob, hand job, anything?” Sam asked, feeling braver than she had since Cat noticed the bulge.”What’s a blowjob and hand job?” Cat asked, wiping her saliva off her hand with her shirt.”A blowjob is where you put a penis, or anything shaped like on, in your mouth and suck it as you move your head back and forth until either it’s pulled out of your mouth, for a variety of reasons.” Sam said, slowly undoing the button on her pants. “And a hand job is where you use your hand to get someone to cum or get hard.” She said, keeping the responses, hopefully, easier for Cat to understand.”Ooh, I gave Robbie the hand one during Sikowitz’s yes challenge. Rex made him ask me.” Cat said with a giggle.”Remind me to kill that stupid puppet.” Sam said with a groan, remembering when she beat Rex at that rap battle at Kenan’s party. “Was that the only time, other than when you just gave me one?” She asked, pulling her zipper down and pulling her jeans down her legs, her hardening member starting to stick out of the hole in her boxers.”Uh-huh. His stuff didn’t taste as good as yours though.” Cat said, eyes on Sam’s penis. “Have you?” She asked, staring up as Sam started to take off her shirt, showing her purple striped sports bra.”Not exactly.” Sam admitted, taking her shoes and jeans off, leaving her in her boxers and sports bra. “Have you ever heard of eating pussy or finger fucking?” She asked, pulling her sports bra off, showing her C cup chest.”Oh, yeah. Jade told me that she did those things to Tori a few months ago. I don’t know what it means though.” Cat said, smiling and bouncing before slipping to a pout at the end.”Well, eating pussy is the same as a blowjob, but done to a girl. Finger fucking is basically the same, but a hand job.” Sam said, finally pulling her boxers off, her penis on full display, no hair in sight. “Strip.” She demanded, slowly jerking herself off to keep her hard.”Why?” Cat asked, taking her shoes off.”I want to show you what eating pussy and finger fucking are like, and I want to teach you to give hand jobs and blowjobs.” Sam said, her left hand heading to play with her nipples as her right jerked her off.”Oh. Kay, kay.” Cat said, not minding, as she pulls her jeans down, showing her bright pink panties.Watching as Cat striped to her panties and matching bra, Sam continued to jerk herself off and pinch her nipple, loving the sight of Cat stripping for her. “Wait.” The blonde said when Cat was about to undo her bra.”Whattie?” gaziantep rus escort bayanlar Cat asked, confused.”Let me.” Sam said, removing her hands from herself and moving them to undo Cat’s bra, sliding it off her body as she started to massage Cat’s small A cup chest once the bra was out of the way.”Ooh, that feels good, Sammie.” Cat moaned, her hands going to play with Sam’s member.”Here. Place your hands like this.” Sam said, grabbing Cat’s right hand and placing it around her penis with a firm grip, slowly starting to stroke it up and down until Cat got the hang of it, and placing Cat’s left hand on her right breast, making Cat squeeze the larger breast. “Oh, that’s good.” She said when Cat started to moan, both from Sam’s hands on her chest and her hands on Sam’s body.”How do I make that white stuff again?” Cat asked as Sam’s hands move down to Cat’s waist, starting to pull the panties down.”You’ll see in a bit.” Sam said, taking Cat’s hands off of her, causing Cat to let out a whine. “Patience, Kitten.” She said, pulling Cat’s panties down, making Cat step out. “You’re good at giving hand jobs.” She said, giving Cat a gentle kiss on the lips.”Are you going to teach me about blowjobs now?” Cat asked, eager to learn, as she starts to bounce on the spot, her A cup tits bouncing with her.”Yeah. Then I’ll show you pussy eating and finger fucking.” Sam promises, guiding Cat to the wall. “Are you a virgin?” She asked, pushing Cat against the wall and pushing the redhead’s shoulders down until Cat was on her knees, the girl’s mouth directing in front of Sam’s hard member.”No. Jade wanted to ‘pop our cherries’ at a sleepover when we were sixteen.” Cat said, using air quotes for ‘pop our cherries’, whispering the three words she air quoted. “That’s all we did. We used one of my hair brushes. It hurt.” She said, remembering that night a couple of years ago, only a few nights before Tori joined Hollywood Arts.”So you’ve never actually had anything thrusting in and out of your pussy?” Sam asked, her nipples and cock hardening at the thought of being Cat’s first.”No. Just the hairbrush handle, and only until the pain passed. Why?” Cat asked, eyes on the cock a few inches in front of her face.”After I teach you to suck me off and I show you how good I can finger and eat that yummy little pussy of yours, want to have this inside you?” Sam asked, feeling confidant with how easily Cat’s going along with this, as she slowly jerked herself off, teasing Cat.”Uh-huh.” Cat said, like she was in a trance, as she watched the penis in front of her.”Good. Now, open your mouth for me.” Sam said gently, not wanting to push too hard and make Cat stop.Doing as she was told Cat opened her mouth for Sam, watching as the blonde puts her cock in the redhead’s mouth, stopping when only an inch of its seven were in her mouth.”Slowly close your lips, keeping your teeth from biting my cock head, letting them barely scrap* me as you fuck my cock with your mouth.” She said, using words she doesn’t think Cat would understand, but was pleasantly surprised when Cat did as she was told, letting out a moan at the hint of Sam’s cum still on her cock from when Cat accidentally jerked her off a moment ago.Keeping her head’s motion going back and forth, taking three of Sam’s seven inches in her mouth, as much as she could handle right then, Cat let out moan as she sucked off Sam, Sam letting out moans of her own as Cat sucked her, both of Sam’s hands playing with her nipples.”Stop.” Sam said, felling close to cumming already. “You’re a natural.” She praised, pulling her cock out of Cat’s mouth. “Stand up and spread your legs apart.” She said, jerking herself.”Why?” Cat asked, standing up, as she licked her lips, wanting to get more of Sam’s taste.”To save time, I’m gonna finger and eat you at the same time. I want you to know what it feels like before I fuck that nice little pussy of yours.” Sam said, kneeling between Cat’s thighs once Cat spread her legs apart. “Damn, you smell good.” She said, pushing Cat’s thighs farther apart, leaning forward.When Sam’s lips meet Cat’s clit, Sam started to moan at the taste as Cat moaned at the feeling. After running her tongue up and down Cat’s slit, Sam kept her focus on Cat’s clit as she slid her right index finger into Cat’s pussy, keeping a slow pace as she gently bit the redhead’s erect clit, both girls letting out their moans.”Sammie, that feels so good.” Cat said, her hands on Sam’s head, holding her there.”You taste amazing, Kitty Cat.” Sam whispered, now with two fingers slowly loosening up Cat, both fingers going to the knuckle as Cat let out moans each time Sam’s fingers enter her.”Now I see why Tori and Jade do this all the time.” Cat moaned, letting out a loud moan when Sam sucked rus gaziantep escort on Cat’s clit, using her tongue to flick the nub. “Oh, Sammie!” Cat moaned, her pussy tightening around Sam’s fingers as she came, her fluid dripping around Sam’s fingers and mouth.”Damn.” Sam said when Cat calmed down. “What did you mean ‘Tori and Jade do this all the time’?” She asked, curious about what Cat let out pre-orgasm.”They go into the janitor’s closet a lot at lunch and we don’t see them again until class. That and Tori told me that she and Jade stay the night at each other’s house and tire themselves out by eating each other.” Cat admitted, staring at Sam as the blonde stood up. “I asked her what she meant, but she didn’t tell me. I saw them walk out of the janitor’s closet one day, and Jade was fixing her skirt and both of them were fixing their shirts and hair. None of them said anything to me when they saw me. Jade just smirked and walked away, and Tori just blushed and quickly follow Jade.””Damn. Knew there was something between them.” Sam said to herself. “Turn around. Place your hands against the wall, and spread your legs again.” Sam added, using the hand she was using to finger Cat to jerk herself off, liking the feeling of Cat’s fluids on her cock.”Is this going to hurt?” Cat asked, looking sexy when she tosses her hair over her shoulder to look at Sam.”Maybe. I don’t know. Carly and I never had sex. We just sixty-nine or masturbated each other.” Sam said, lining her cock head up with Cat’s opening.”What do those mean?” Cat asked, moaning when Sam pulled Cat’s ass cheeks apart to watch herself enter the redhead.”Sixty-nining is when both people use their mouths to get the other off. Masturbating each other is another way to say Carly have me a hand job and I finger fuck her.” Sam said, slowly pushing in, watching Cat’s face and body in case the redhead started to feel pain from her pussy being fucked the first time.”Can you teach me those later too?” Cat asked, moaning as Sam got four inches into her.”After we get out of here.” Sam said, cautiously pushing more of herself into Cat. “It’ll be a lot better on a bed than on concrete.” She said, now with five inches in.”Ooh, I feel so good, Sammie.” Cat moaned out, her right hand moving to play with her right breast and nipple.”Yeah? Wait until after we get out of here.” Sam said, moving her hands to Cat’s hips.”Why?” Cat asked with a gasp when Sam pulled out to try to get more in when she pushed back in.”This is known as standing doggy style. There’s a lot I can teach you.” Sam said, grunting when she finally got all seven inches in Cat, moaning when she was fully in Cat.”Don’t you mean kitty style?” Cat moaned out when Sam started to pull four inches out of Cat and pushed back in, keeping the gently pace going.”Yeah. Kitty style.” Sam said, amused as she fucked Cat.”Ooh, I like this.” Cat gasped out when Sam started to thrust faster.”I’m close, Cat.” Sam warned as she fucked Cat, already feeling Cat tighten up around her. “Where do you want me to cum?” She asked, starting to pull Cat back, prolonging Cat’s orgasm and helping hers catch up.”What’s a glazed titty?” Cat asked with a long moan. “Jade told me Tori glazed her titties, but she didn’t tell me what that meant.” She gasped out as she started to push herself back against Sam.”So, Tori’s got a special friend too?” Sam asked, intrigued to hear that Tori had a penis as well. “Glazed titties is basically just a girl getting cum on her chest. You want to try it?” She asked, going faster at the thought of Cat having her cum on her A cup tits and imagining what it would be like to be with Tori.”Yes.” Cat gasped out, another orgasm starting from Sam’s continuous thrusting.”Turn around and get on your knees.” Sam said, pulling out and pushing Cat’s hip to turn her. When the redhead was kneeling in front of Sam again, Sam started to jerk herself off, aiming her cock at Cat’s tits, letting her cum cover them.”Sam? Cat?” Dice yelled from their room as Cat started to lick Sam’s cum from Sam’s softening cock.”What?” Sam asked, freaked, as she grabbed her sports bra and Cat’s bra and tossed Cat her bra, telling her to get dressed.”Where are you two?” Dice called, his voice getting closer.”Open the safe.” Sam called as she and Cat got dressed, Sam smirking when she sees a wet spot on Cat’s shirt from her cum.”What’s the combo?” Dice asked, not sounding like he was at the safe.After giving him the safe’s combination, he let them out. “What’d you two do while Goomer got me, then after a long while, told me you two were in here?” Dice asked, stepping aside when the two of them climb out.”Nothing you need to know, Dice.” Sam said, cutting off Cat about to say something she didn’t want Dice to hear.After Dice left, and thankfully the tub of chicken pucks still in the kitchen from when Goomer was there, both Sam and Cat were sitting on the couch, a random movie playing.”Hey Sam?” Cat asked, looking at the blonde.”What’s up, Kitty?” Sam asked, looking at Cat, her eyes drifting to where her cum dried on Cat’s chest.”What’s anal?” Cat asked, a small pout on her face.”Oh, this will be a fun evening.” Sam said with a smirk.