SAILING SURPRISEaI Am Turned On By Wife Sharing Sailing SupriseI’m at the helm of a 60 foot racing sailboat on a bright sunny day with a gentle southwest breeze blowing across the deck and filling the sails. I have always dreamed about doing this and now here I am steering this vessel while the ships crew and captain are in the cabin having lunch. I really need to start from the beginning so you will understand the SURPRISE.Karen (wife) and I were living in PNCLA while I was in school training for a job with the NAVY. I worked part time at a retail store and Karen worked as a waitress at the O club. Karen is in her early 20’s long blond hair, blue, eyes, and a very tight slim little body. She is only 5’5″ tall and has fine looking little ass. She brightens up the whole room when she smiles and laughs. She gets alot of attention from men and loves flirting with them. She has never done more than flirt with us being married less than a year and very much in love. We were each others first and only sexual experience. A couple of guys she was waiting on and flirting with a the O club ask her if she would like to cum sailing on Sunday. They where part of a 6 man crew for the racing sailboat SINFULL. She told them that her husband had always wanted to learn to sail so if he was invited she would be there. The guys said no problem they could always use an extra pair of deckhands and they were actually looking to fill a vacant slot on the crew. She hugged them both and told them we would be looking forward to Sunday.Karen came home with a big smile on her face and told me about the trip on Sunday. The sailing adventure sounded like a dream cum true. We didn’t have much money at the time and the little one room love nest was getting very small and confining. Sun and fun sailing sounded just what the doctor ordered. Karen bought her a new red bikini that made her tight little body very sexy. I teased her about showing so much skin she might get lucky with the crew. I got a playful slap and one of her expert blow jobs for that remark. Sunday morning we at the Marina standing by the SINFULL when Tom (capt and owner) and his wife Pam showed up and welcomed us aboard. Tom said he was glad to see us that he had got a phone call telling him to expect a couple of possible new crew members. Tom was in his late 40’s fit and tanned. Pam was a very sexy hot redhead with green eyes, large full breast, nice round soft ass, who stood about 5′ 6″. Pam took Karen down to the cabin to show her around, Tom and I spent some time showing me all the moving parts, what they where used for, and the names. The crew showed up about 20 minutes later. All five of them were fit and tanned and had on matching speedo’s with SINFULL across the ass. Tom told them make ready to sail and we left the Marina. I was doing what ever I was told by anyone who told me the best I could. This was great going to be a very good Sunday.We had the sails set when the girls came up from the cabin bringing ice drinks and snacks. Karen looked amazing in her red bikini with her long blond hair blowing in the breeze. Her big thick nipples poke out hard against the thin material. You could see her nice camel toe and the bünyan escort cloth had ridden up between her ass cheeks when she came up the ladder. The two guys from the O club whistled while the other guys gave her enough compliments to make her blush. Karen smiled and laughed as she told them she be serving them lunch in the cabin after practice. Pam came up the ladder behind Karen; she was wearing a lime green string bikini that barely covered her big breast with her large hard thick nipples showing thru the thin material. Her pussy was shaved bare and you could see most of it, but when she turn around and bent over in front of me to serve a drink my dick went rock hard and I choke on my drink. She looked over her shoulder with a little grin and ask if I was all right. Sure I said and she continued serving the drinks. The Lady’s finished serving and everyone sat around and talked for awhile then Tom called for a clean and ready deck to begin a 3 hour practice session.I was worried everyone would see the tent my dick was causing when Tom told be to take the helm and steer a straight course because he wanted work with the crew some. Aye Aye Capt this was great standing behind the helm hide my raging hard on and it felt great to be steering the boat. The girls sat behind me and watched all the fit, hot, sweaty, bodies go though the drills and maneuvers need to race a sailboat. I could hear Pam remarking to Karen how the good the speedo’s looked on the guys. Karen agreed and laughed when Pam began guessing how big each cock was. I glanced at Karen she was red in the face and smiling telling Pam what a good time she was having. Pam told her it was time they returned to the cabin to get lunch ready for a very hungry crew. Karen gave me kiss as she passed said she loved me.The practice session was over and the sails were set and trimmed up for easy cruising I still had the helm. Tom ask me to remain topside while the crew had lunch then he would take over and I could eat. Sounded great I really liked being at the helm as the boat slipped through the light chop of PNCLA bay. Karen came up the ladder gave me a deep tongue kiss and squeeze my cock said she couldn’t wait to fuck me. She said Pam had lite up some good smoke and they had smoked the whole thing and she was super horney. She said as soon as the crew is done come down in the cabin and I will give a special lunch. Karen turned and yelled at the very hungry crew to cum and get it. I could see Karen’s tight little ass leading the way down the ladder with crew of 6 close behind. I was enjoying the warm breeze topside as I piloted the SINFULL on her lazy way. I could hear Karen laughing as she served the crew and they exchanged playful banter. Pam came up the ladder with a cold drink for me and spread a towel out on the deck in front of the helm. She sat down cross legged in front of me ask if it would offend me if she took her suit off so it wouldn’t get ruined from the oil and she like an all over tan. Far be it from me to tell the lady no, so I watched her strip off the little cloth that had barely covered her anyway. Pam’s large thick nipples were perfect for the large breast. Her cunt was completely bare of hair and her hard clit was peeking out from the beautiful lips. She sat down and crossed her legs in yoga fashion while she oiled up and made small talk, couldn’t tell ya what she said. Karen came up the ladder minus the apron to see if I needed anything, Pam ask her is she would rub some oil on her backside to keep her from burning and Karen agreed. I watched my wife rub oil all over Pam’s sexy body. My dick was so hard it hurt. Karen finished came over to me to rub some oil on my back and legs of course she took the opportunity to slide an oily hand up my suit to my raging hard on and began stroking. Just as my balls tighten up a loud voice was heard from the cabin wanting know where the serving wench had gone. Karen stopped stoking my cock and wiped her hand on her chest and belly said she had to go duty called. She ask Pam if she would put some oil on my shoulders and chest so I wouldn’t sunburn because she had big plans for me later. Karen the hollered keep your shorts on the serving wench is on her way..I heard a voice say what makes ya think we have our shorts on, Karen laughed and descended the ladder into the cabin where I heard her say OMG and everyone laughed. I heard her moan then Pam was there nude rubbing oil on my shoulders, neck, ears, face, and chest. I forgot about Karen when Pam began covering me in oil, she got on her knees and oiled the back of my legs again running her hands under my suit rubbing the oil into my buttocks and inner thighs. My cock was painfully rock hard as it had be for the best part of an hour. Pam was oiling the front of my legs when she slide her hand into my suit and grab my cock. She said that is a really hard angry cock, bet it hurts, huh? Pam pulled my suit down to my ankles stood up and slid in between me and the ship’s wheel facing me before I knew what was happening. Pam stroked my cock very slowly telling me she could take care of my little friend. She turn around and faced the bow reached back and placed the head of my hard hot cock against her tight little asshole. I had never had anal sex before but I guess there’s a first time for everything. She started rotating her ass in small circles while putting enough pressure for the head of my cock to slide slowly in. It felt great, the muscular ring tighten as my cock head slide passed she stopped pushing back but continued to rotate that tight little ass. I heard Karen moan and gasp very loudly and that brought me out of my erotic trance long enough to her my sexy young wife say “O GOD IT FEELS SO BIG, FUCK ME HARD, DEEPER, OOOOHHHHH!!!!” Pam pushed back hard on my cock until I could feel my balls pressing against her tight little bare pussy. She took my hands from the ship’s wheel place one on her beautiful tits and the other on her very hard hot clit. She took control of the ship’s wheel and instructed me just to stand still and don’t move until she tells me too. I could hear Karen getting the fucking of her young life as she was the center of a very hot gang bang in the cabin. I could smell the oil on Pam’s long slender neck, her oily back pressing against my hairy hard chest, and that tight little ass continually making small circle with my rock hard cock balls deep in her hot bowels. I began making circle motions with my finger on her clit, then would stop and stoke it between two fingers like a very small cock, then back to the circular motion. I squeezed her large firm breast and rolled her thick nipple between my finger. I could still hear my wife moaning and the guys groaning as they shove their hard cocks into her sexy little cunt. I was on sensory overload, between the hot ass squeezing and rotating on my hard cock, the breast in my hands, a very wet hot clit between my fingers, Pam was moaning softly with her head lying on my shoulder I began to slowly long stoke that hot ass, she was chanting yes yes yes while pushing back hard and still rotating her sexy little ass. I could not hold back any longer I began pounding her ass with all I had as I listen to my sweet little wife Karen telling one of the hard cock crew members who was fucking her to cum in her to fill her up with his hot sticky cum. I shoved my cock hard into Pam’s tight little hot rotating as shooting a very large load of cum into her bowels. Pam pushed back hard to get every inch I had into her hot ass. As the last spurt of hot cum was entering her ass she reached under my balls slide a long oily finger up my ass and massaged my prostate to make sure she got every bit of cum out of my balls.The pleasure was so intense I just closed my eyes enjoying the moment, I heard Tom say he was ready to take the wheel. Told be to go below and get something to eat.When I got below Karen was just finishing one of her expert blow jobs on the crew member she met at the O club. The rest where putting on their suits and going topside. Karen being true to her word after the last crew member climbed the ladder, gave me a great big deep tongue kiss, smiled bent over the table, got a handful of hot cum from her fucked out cunt, massaged it into her hot little ass and told me she had saved her ass cherry for me, because she loved me so much. My cock stood up rock hard as I started working it up Karen’s virgin asshole. She began telling me about what had happen in the cabin while I was topside. The more she talked about the hard cocks fucking her the hard I fucked her until we both had a huge cum together and fell asleep with my cock still buried deep in her ass.Pam came down to wake us up when the SINFULL was tied up to the prier. She was still naked and had cum running down her thighs. Her breast were red and her nipples looked very swollen. Tom had told the crew about me fucking her ass and of course they had have that sexy little ass too. Tom came down the ladder and told us the good news. We are going to be the new crew members for the SINFULL and we have another training session next weekend. We love sailing and have gotten our own boat and crew even though we sail with Tom and Pam sometimes interchanging the crews. The girls have recruited another girl Candy she has raven black hair, large full breast, nice full ass built for comfort not speed and she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose…she also likes to make love to girls. She is cumming sailing with all of us on the SINFULL for another easy going Sunday Sail. Fair Winds and Following Seas Shipmates… I really really love sailing… Original by Joe223AL