Roommates MomI was home one day and horny as always. I think I was about 19 at the time. I had moved into a new apartment and had a roomie for the first time. This was a nice place with a pool and lots of women that lived in the building. My roomie was a friend that I had worked with and he had a Mom that defined MILF. We had moved in just before summer and we got comfortable in the new digs and made fast friends with the neighbors. Little did I know that my roomies Mom came over to the apt to use the pool with her younger son at times when I wasnt home.I was home from work one Saturday, my roomie was gone, and I was hornier than most days. I had been watching the girls from the building splashing around in the pool and it looked like a great opportunity. If you have read my other stories you know me to be a total pervert. Well I went down to the pool and took a dip. With the shorts I had on I knew this would be easy. While walking to the side steps of the pool I made the pantleg of my shorts come up over my cock. I was hanging out and I knew it. I had my sunglasses on so they couldnt see my eyes. As I got out of the pool and began to walk to my towel hanging on the chair I knew that all the girls were able to see my cock hanging out. I saw them looking at my cock and smiling, looking at each other and at me. I pretended to be oblivious. I made my way to my towel and accidentally discovered marsbahis güvenilirmi that I was exposed. The girls at the pool all had a good chuckle and I went back up to my place with a fire in my balls that I had to take care of immediately. I had the master bath of the apt. I was stripping my shorts off as soon as I walked into my place as I was there alone. I went into my room and pulled out my mag collection and put a porn on the TV. I jumped up on my bed and began to pleasure my cock. I was jerking for about 10 minutes and really getting into it when I heard my front door open. I was kinda confused because I knew my roomie wasnt scheduled to be home for several more hours. I slowed my stroke to ascertain who was in my place. I heard my roommates mother telling her younger son to change in his brothers room. I thought my rommies Mom, Liz, was going to use the other bathroom to change when I heard my bedroom door open slowly. I began to jack my cock hard. The door to the bath room was just after entering the door to my room. I had no idea this was going to happen, but I was certainly not going to stop it. As she came into the room, she realized that I was home. She was entering the bathroom, paused, and looked around the corner to see me sitting there cock in hand, mags spread out all over the bed and porn on the tube. I was really stroking hard and had my marsbahis yeni giriş eyes closed in fantasy land. Nah, I was really hoping that she would catch me jacking off. I opened my eyes to see her standing in front of me looking at the mags I had spread out on my bed. She smiled and I knew that it was going to be a hot few minutes. As she stood in front of me stroking my cock, she said to me in a quiet voice I came in here to change into my bathing suit. Before I could utter a word she began unbuttoning her shorts. She placed a finger to her lips to imply, shhhhh.I didnt need to be told twice. I sat back and stroked my cock as she undressed in front of me. She dropped her shorts to revel lace panties. She lifted her blouse showing her silken bra. She bared her gorgeous probably C cup tits with tight perky nips. She smiled widely as she could see that I was enjoying the playful striptease be the speed of my stroke. She pulled her panties down to expose a bald pussy. She stood up placed two finger over the hood of her clit and pulled back to expose her clit. She licked her other finger with some saliva and moved it to her clit and made small circular motions. Whimpering quitely. She pulled one hand away from her pussy to squeeze her ample tits. She lifted one of her tits and bent her head down to suck her own nipple, first one then the other. I placed a hand over marsbahis giriş my mouth and bit down on my finger to stop from making a sound. She was talking to me but I had to lip read cause she didnt want her other son to hear what was going on. I whispered to her that I was pretty close to cumming. She motioned for me to stand up off my bed. I am lucky I didnt cum right at that moment. As I stood, she knelt. She cupped both her tits around my hard cock. I leaned over and kissed her, as she jacked my cock with her tits. Because of my closeness to her I told her I was close to cumming. She said “on my tits.” I pulled away from her love pillows and grasped my cock, stroking hard and fast to blow my wad. I was right at that moment just before I was going to blow, I guess she could tell from the look on my face. She took my cock into her hand and stroked to my pace as I began to cum. To my surprise just as I began to cum she to me into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head as I busted my my load. She slapped me on the ass as I moaned loadly as a reminder to keep quiet. She took my entire load into her mouth with out spilling a drop. I immediately went down and kissed her and swapping the cum around our mouths before swallowing my cum together. She stood gave me a few more kisses and pulled her bikini from her bag. She pulled her bottoms on and I helped her tie up her top. She kissed me again, and left my room.Almost every time she came over to my apt to use the pool she was sure to call to see if I was going to be there. We had more fun that summer than my roomie will ever know. More of that in my next story. Check out the rest of my stories on my blog. Enjoy.