Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXXVIChapter XXXVI – Bisexual Girl Wants Sex II/Meddling with my Cousin (based on Secret Hearts No. 36 cover, DC, October-November 1956)Allie is my cousin from the ‘big city’, as we call here. Since her parents are close to mine, we were ‘raised’ together and she would come to the farm I live very often. Since both of us were single daughters, we kinda grew up like sisters, or almost. We did all sort of things together since we were c***dren and a big bond grew between us in the meantime, but as much as this bond grew, other feelings surfaces. You know, that sort of stuff people say cousins don’t do to each other, especially if both are from same gender.This is what brings me to the subject of this story: Allie was my first girlfriend, even if mostly hidden for everyone else, and was she the one who I learned the joys of sex. Well, we aren’t lesbians, we do like guys too, but it had to be this way for us to know how we could meet pleasure and orgasm.Ally and I always found a breach to go somewhere at the barn so we could do it. It was the best of fun until her visits diminished because she went to college at the city, and I had to stay here taking care of the farm because my parents got ill and I was the one in charge of the place.I could say I was in some sort of peace of mind until she came with Pierce, her college boyfriend, for a visit. I was shocked from the very first minute I saw her with a guy. I felt I got stabbed by behind, but I couldn’t realize why seeing my cousin with her date brought me to that state.“Pierce, this is my cousin Jessie. Jessie, this my boyfriend, Pierce”“Er… hi, nice to meet you, Pierce…”“Nice to meet you too, Jessie. Allie said lot of stuff about you, and I must say you are prettier than I thought…”I felt flattered by what he said, but still his presence right at first caused me certain unease, especially around Allie. I felt he was stealing her from me, the cousin, the one who was raised with her, BFFs, lovers, that sort of stuff… and he the guy from out of nowhere that was about to take her away from my presence, not let her even come visit me…That’s when I realized I might be jealous of her, or maybe I was giving myself too much to bad thoughts. But I couldn’t stand that that Pierce guy tuzla escort near her. I felt he was capable to taking her away from me and not letting her being near me again!As I said, maybe I was giving myself too much into jealousy or maybe I was thinking something that could be true. Nevertheless, I was bound to do something about it, even if I didn’t knew what.“Tell me, Allie… is your relationship with Pierce promising or else?”“I don’t know, Jessie… we are seeing each other for six months, and we are just in the early stages. I don’t want to make predictions, just enjoy the days as they go by”“Well, not being a jinx to your relationship, but I kinda miss our moments. There is no day that I don’t think about us doing each other in the barn”“I do think about that too, and I miss you a lot. But now I am with Pierce and he is the one right now that is making me happy”Happy? And what about me? The girl that gave you pleasure since we were teens! What the fuck you are thinking about, bitch? That left me even more internally pissed and I felt Pierce even more as a ‘threat’ than anything else, but I had to treat him well since, despite it all, he was my cousin’s boyfriend.I didn’t know what I should do about, but I was keen to do something to avoid losing Allie to anyone else. And the chance appeared at a night where the three of us were alone talking about our c***dhoods… but the outcome wasn’t the one I was hoping to expect.“Allie always told me you did lot of things together, Jessie…’“Yeah, it’s right. I and she were inseparable while we grew up. She came almost every weekend here and she spent the vacations at the farm, so…”“Jessie and I are the best friends! We were very close!”“And we still are, right Allie?”“Well, I don’t drop by as often but when I come, I am the same girl you knew since we were k**s, Jess”“Yes, sort of…”“Hearing the stories she told about us, I couldn’t even believe there was such friendship like yours. You two seem pretty much like sisters…”“What can I tell? Jessie it’s like my sister, it looks like that we grew at the same house!”“Believe me, Jessie. When she told me the c***dhood stories, I had trouble picturing all the scenes, specially the spicy ones…”When he told it, I almost spat all the beer I was drinking! What he said!?“Excuse maltepe escort me, but what did you mean, Pierce?”“Well, sorry Allie, but I think I can’t be that quiet anymore about it… Jessie, Allie told me all about you and her”“Allie! How could you?”“Jessie, I am so sorry, but we promised to not say anything to our families or anyone at the farm. But since Pierce is none of them, I felt comfortable to tell all the stories about our little teenage affair…”“You should’t tell him! It was our secret! The best kept one”“In Allie’s defense, there is nothing for you to worry about, Jessie. What Allie said wasn’t anything shameful of you. What she told me was something of pure love between two girls that are up to learn about themselves…”“Still, Allie shouldn’t tell you about us! Nobody else knew about our relationship…”“There is nothing wrong on two girls experimenting when young. You two did what you had to do. You two were lucky to find each other to learn about sexual pleasure…”“What do you know about it? You are a man!”“Exactly, but I also know that, even if Allie did wrong in your opinion to tell me about you and her, it’s not something you have to be ashamed off. It wasn’t non-consensual, it wasn’t **** or abuse, it was pure love… pure lust…”“Pierce, honey, what are you talking about?”“I don’t know, Allie, but I hope to make Jessie to not hate me because of what I know about you two.”“It’s great. The guy who came to steal my cousin away from me is trying to give a lesson. Won’t work, bucko!”“Jessie!?”“Allie, I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you to this bastard, which only came to make you and me apart! I don’t want to lose you, Allie!”“And who said you will lose me, Jessie?”“Well, you appear with him and you never went for me after you started dating with him and…”Yes, the situation was out of control in my mind…“Jessie, darling, you will not lose me. I am still your cousin and best friend, and I still remember of our nights of pleasure, but now I am with Pierce, and you gotta deal with it. We are still friends, don’t worry about that, and any problem I’ll always be there”“But I want you there with me, in my bed!”“Jessie, if you don’t mind about it, I can make your dream come true…”“Ah?”It was when Allie came over me and gave me kartal escort a full kiss, like the old times. I don’t know how Pierce reacted about it, but all I knew was a trip to the past, and how it as…“Allie?”“Pierce, my cousin wants me to have sex with her like the old times and I shall do it, but I wish also, if she allows it, that my boyfriend can join as well…”Even if I still felt a bit ‘threatened’ by him, I couldn’t refuse a request from the girl I loved. I said to Pierce and Allie to remove their clothes as I did with mine and I gave them some good, hot and passionate kisses.First, Pierce allowed me to have what I want with Allie so he only watched me and her kissing each other, as we went for me each other’s pussies into a 69, munching ourselves like the good ol’times, feeling her tongue on me as I darted my tongue around her slit.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah, Allie!”“I love you so much, Jessie! Lick me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”Pierce watched it patiently and masturbated himself as we saw us doing the lesbian sex. I don’t know if he did understood the meaning of what we were doing, but inside myself, I started to feel that his presence around wasn’t to be a bad thing.“Please, Jessie, now is time for you to know Pierce well”Allie guided me to lay as she took her boyfriend’s cock and slid into my pussy. It’s been a while I hadn’t sex with guys and, after we started to fuck, with my cousin’s aid, I finally understood why she picked him. Girl, how he fucks good! And how lousy I am to be angry at him in the first place! He was awesome and made me pleasure as no man did it do me. I felt really like an idiot for not trusting on him first.After, it was time for me to watch how to couple did it. Seeing the face of joy in Allie while Piece put his dick inside her lovepot was amazing. I never saw her doing that other than me, and even jealous of the attention, I knew she was doing what it was right for her and I wouldn’t be the one who stopped their love.I have to say that we spent the night getting very jiggy with each other, as we tried a few threesome combinations before we went to suck him dry and taste all of his cum. After the sex, I apologized with Allie and Pierce, but they said they understood it and gave me a big kiss and a licking to mend the things up.Allie keep coming here when the college frees up to her, but now she always brings Pierce with her and now I know that, sometimes, things happen for a reason. And, in this case, the reason was bringing me again together with Allie.