Rochester cherry popWhen I was 16 got up the nerve to buy a gay adult fiction novel . After reading it from cover to cover I started writing to a few guy from the ads in the back. A couple of men in prison and one humble accountant from Rochester. In our correspondence the whole story of my married uncle being my first and snatching my cherry hole to fuck both got him all hot and pissed off at the same time.Determined to show me first hand that the experience was so poorly executed he would be my first in a way that actully counted. So on or just after my 18th birthday i was to be his.As that day grew near he grew more impatient . The problem being I hadn’t turned 18 yet. I had grow so accustom to padding my age in NY to cruise porn theaters that it was out of my mouth before I knew it and I was scared to take it back for fear of what might happen or not happen as the case may beHe would call me a couple a times a week from his office mid day dick in hand and with the phone in the other instruct me on fingering my hole open while he listened. First finger to the first knuckle now turn it, okay boy wet it again and then to the second knuckle.Getting very cross if I delayed in any way. So as 17 was still at least four month away .Just the thought of his secretary off for her lunch break as he took me all kinds of amazing places every other day over the phone. tempobet giriş Finally I just couldn’t wait any longer I had to experience it in real time.I made up a story about sleeping at a friends house for a long weekend. So off i went hopped a cheap plane and followed that authoritative voice on the phone all the way to Rochester one Friday afternoon. I had just hit a major growth spurt.although very skinny I was already quite tall so nothing prepared me for the mountain of white man that strolled up shocked to see a white man his height and size suddenly my situation truly started to sink in.. First thing he did was relieve me of my carry on bag and return ticket as he explained that his boys were home pending summer camp so we would be set up and a motel across the street. I was the led to his truck for a very short trip as he further explained as a divorced father of two boys my adventure would begin in the airport ramada inn. I was already nervous as hell but these additional element took the fear up a notch or four. As we got into the room the door hardly had time to shut as he ordered me to strip and stuffed my clothes into my carry on bag and stored it away in the closet. Changing into a pair of those shorts that gym teachers wear. 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Next he stood up his pole at full mass and order me face down in the bed ass up, my pleas for any other position fell on deaf ears as he explained that was the only position he was comfortable fucking in. As I climbed onto the bed and assumed the position I felt the tip of his cock touch my pink boy hole and a lot of man weight followed it. I scrambled to get away and he allowed it as he followed me up the bed till my head hit the headboard tempobet güvenilirmi and then the chase was over I had nowhere left to wiggle in my pointless attempt at escape and he knew it. I was all his. A position he was fully prepared to work to his advantage Wasting no more time he drove almost half of his big white cock into my quivering hole as he pinned me to the mattress. and a intense penetration began immediately. I squealed and squirmed but he drove on his massive legs to spread me open even further.With his massive body he chased me all the way into the head board with that prime daddy meat . Satisfied with that for the moment he rocked it inch by inch a bit more each time. Just as I was getting the hang of it his legs started to shake he was almost half way in. Suddenly he drove ball deep up my ass as his hand covered my mouth and his meat spasm and flooded my hole as he caught his breath he explained in my ear he was about to shoot and he had no plans to waste a drop of cum out side my boy pussy that weekend, in fact he planned to pump as many loads of his seed into my belly as it took to get a baby in there. Another son I could give him and how beautiful our k** would be. Needless to say my head was spinning.Switching gears he flipped onto his back and put me between his tree trunk legs being very verbal while gripping my ears forcing me to rim my first man hole for hours only once he was ready to breed me again did he loosen that grip.I had done and heard so many new things in the short time I was in that motel room and it was just the first few hour of the first day of a three day weekend. To be continued