Pregnant and Burning
She was alone with her deepest desires in the softly lighted up bedroom. Everything had changed in her body and now she was gently touching her enlarged breasts. She had the oddest feeling they were growing bigger every day. The nipples became more sensitive and the areolas got darker. Twenty-three old Melanie Harper was pregnant for the first time in her life and her being was surprising her with different moods and desires tens sometimes hundreds of times per day. Now, as she was reading a bit of a naughty novel, her body became aroused and was flooded by powerful waves of sexual appetite. She left the book to one side and pulled up her white top while giving a gentle caress to her rounded belly. Her dark hard nipples were already poking through the white cotton fabric. Melanie pinched the left nipple making a soft moaning sound then she pulled up the top more allowing her firm breasts to pop out of it.
The young woman cupped her big breasts with hands and reached the hard nipples with fingers. As soon as she started to clench them her body reacted with strong impulses. Hot waves spread across her skin. She lightly opened her legs feeling the warm wetness spreading between them. How very sensitive her nipples were! Melanie always had sensitive nipples but now she had the feeling that she could reach an orgasm by only playing with them. She bit her lip suppressing a louder moaning when she pinched her right nipple a bit stronger. Then the left one. Her pregnant body was squirming in an attempt to press her wet pussy against something thicker than the air. Melanie slid hands through the soft skin of her belly admiring its rounded forms. She was in the eightieth month of the pregnancy and she had quite a big belly that added a strange charm to her perfectly shaped body. She kept her left hand there while continued with the right one further down until she finally reached the wet spot between her legs. The fabric of the black bikinis was soaking with wetness. The young woman pressed a middle finger firmly against her clit and started to rub it. First slowly but in just a few seconds she lost control and her movements became fierce. She was so aroused! Since she was pregnant Melanie had bigger desire for sex and in addition she was almost usually aroused. At first she felt odd about all those feelings but then she realized that there was no point at fighting with her own body instead she used every moment she had to please herself. Besides Todd, her husband, was more than happy with her big sexual hunger.
Melanie slid her shaking fingers inside the bikinis. She felt her hairy pussy; she felt the worm wetness spread all over this sensual zone. Her fingers quickly buried deep in the soft bush of hair. They found the clit and pressed firmly against it making the young woman moan with louder sounds. She closed her eyes and surrendered her body to the strong waves of sexual arousal. She put a finger inside. The spot was burning and was really wet. A second finger made its way to the tight insides of her pussy. Melanie pressed thumb on her clit and without wasting more valuable time she started to fuck herself with fingers. Few moves later she took off her bikinis with shaking hands. Now nothing was obstructing her legs to open as wide as they could and this way exposing her wet pussy. The pregnant girl touched her clit, applied pressure on it, and started to rub it. Deep and loud moans filled the dark room. Her pussy juices were literally pouring out and dripping on the sheets. Melanie slid a middle finger in her vagina. She closed her eyes and moaned even louder! Couple of moves later a second finger joined the first one. Her pussy was so slippery so ready for something bigger and maybe harder.
The pregnant girl looked around her. “Damn it!” she thought “I left my toy in the wardrobe. Fuck!” She increased the speed of her two fingers and closed eyes again. There was no way she could get up from the bed right now in this level of sexual arousal and rush searching for her big pink vibrator. Her left hand returned at the breasts and found the nipples harder and bigger. They were so sensitive! A slightest touch or gentlest pinch and Melanie’s body reacted with a shudder. She pinched the left nipple. Pulled it up until her body shivered then she moved to the right one making the same movements again. And again she shivered moaning. Meanwhile Melanie’s thumb was found her clit and was pressing it with force helping this way the other two fingers in their mission to make the pregnant girl orgasm. And by this moment she was actually very very close.
Her body clenched! She grabbed her big belly the moment she started to have rhythmic spasms. Her pussy poured out more juices and orgasmed with some sweet convulsions.

Melanie took out her fingers passing over the still pulsating clitoris then climbing the big hill of her pregnant belly and between the big breasts they reached her mouth. The girl licked her own fingers tasting the juices from her pussy. She was tasting good, definitely good! Her husband was one really lucky son of a bitch every time he went down on her to eat her pussy. And she was happy from the fact that he was doing it quite often. Melanie smiled. Time for some more play!
She grabbed her smartphone from the cabinet and opened the short messages app. ‘I am burning! Come to put out my fire!’ Then she tapped on send button. Melanie dropped the device next to her and closed eyes. Her fireman would be home soon…

Todd was looking lazy at the slowly closing garage door behind his SUV. Today was a busy day at the fire station. It was the annual inspection and cleaning of the trucks. Suddenly he felt a buzzing in his pocket. Message had come on his phone. He pulled out the device and read the text. Two minutes later Todd was in front their bedroom. He entered the room quietly. The lights were still dimmed but the man saw her clearly enough. His pregnant young wife was still lying on the comfortable double bed. She was naked with spread legs. He approached the bed with silent steps. His shoes were downstairs so he was moving soundless wearing nothing but bare feet.
Todd climbed on bed making Melanie to jump in surprise.
‘Jesus you scared me!’ she said touching her big belly.
‘Sorry I didn’t mean to. How is my little fire man today?’ Todd asked while kissing her belly.
‘Your fire girl is on fire!’ Melanie replied and opened her legs wider.
‘Is she?’
The man went down and buried his face in the soft hair between her legs. The pregnant girl moan in pleasure. Her pussy reacted in a flash and started to ooze juices again. Soon there was wet and worm, and Todd penetrated her with his naughty tongue. She moaned again, this time louder, and buried her shaking fingers in man’s short hair. He was devilish good so soon the pregnant girl was right on the edge of an orgasm. In this moment Todd pulled his tongue out. The man began to take off his uniform and said with hoarseness in his voice:
‘Turn around.’
Melanie obeyed and turned on the double bed taking a position on her four. This was her ideal position for sex since her pregnant belly became really big. She felt his tongue again tasting her from behind; his mouth sucking her labia. The pregnant girl was dripping and burning from sexual arousal. Todd knelt behind his young wife and slid his hard throbbing cock inside her with one powerful move. Melanie screamed!
‘Should I…’
‘No!’ she yelled her response, ‘Fuck me; just fuck me!’
‘But I don’t want to…’
‘Damn it! Fuck my pussy now!’
Melanie pushed her body against his making his cock to enter deeper. Todd grabbed her ass and began with his rhythmic moves. He was too aroused so it didn’t take long before his cock clenched and started to shoot streams of warm semen. He came directly inside her vagina. Feeling his strong pulsations and sperm jets Melanie could hold back her second intense orgasm for the day.

Melanie and Todd remained hugged in the comfort of their double bed until the night felt down. It was a prefect end of a hard day for him spent in cleaning at the fire station and a relaxing evening after some strong burning sexual desires for her. They both closed eyes and felt… happy!