My wife has worked in law enforcement for the local police department for three years now, worked the dispatch for six months, then made it to DARE officer, then finally street patrol. When she got promoted to a patrol car beat, she was assigned to work with a male partner. They have been together for near a year now and he has been the source of my nearly constant anxiety for months. He’s married, the hunkiest guy in the department, having big-time marital problems, and spends more private time with my wife than I ever have. I know the cliche’ is that male and female partners will end up in bed, but I have fought that mental fight for months, and lost. I am totally convinced, without real evidence, that they have been having sex for half a year, or at least since they were transferred to the late shift. Don’t ask me how I knew, I’m not even sure myself, but it was just a feeling I had that convinced me they were more than just partners in the police car.

The possibility that she was bonking her workmate gave me fits, night and day, for more time than I had to waste on jealous insecurity. I was jealous of everything he did, every bit of praise she paid him, which was often because he is so damned competent at everything. His marriage was in trouble, so I heard all the things his wife did wrong and how difficult that would be for a “sensitive person like Craig.” She was evil, he a saint. She was disinterested in sex, and–of course–Craig had normal sexual needs and desires.

I think that was the conversation that finally convinced me that Craig was getting his needs filled by someone, most likely his partner, before, during, and probably after work. It killed me to hear and I slept little for months. Finally, I began fantasizing about those needs-filling sessions between Officer Claire and Patrolman Craig. It startled me when it first happened, imagining the visual details of the trysts between my wife and her squad-car colleague.

I stared into the black at the ceiling, then glanced over toward the empty spot in the bed where my wife would be if she hadn’t been working the eleven to seven am shift. What are they doing right now? I thought. Like being told not to think of pink elephants, the image of them fucking in the front seat of the squad car jumped instantly into my head. I saw him pull her panties off, imagined his night-stick hard police cock sliding into her comforting pussy, pictured her lips sliding down his neglected erection.

I sat up in bed, horrified by the thoughts, disgusted by the possibilities. However, I found myself breathing hard from arousal and looked down in horror at the erection that tented the covers. The very thing I feared the most was giving me one hell of a hard-on.

I didn’t wonder if he would be fucking her, I knew it. It was not whether she’d be comforting him for not getting any at home, it was how often and when did they manage it? How long would it take him to whine about his marital situation until she took it as her duty to her partner to ease his pain?

He shared everything with Claire, and it was only natural that they’d turn the corner to physical intimacy. I figured that within six months, probably a whole lot sooner, they’d be partners in every sense.

When I asked Claire what they talk about during those long hours alone in the patrol car at night, all that privacy, all that opportunity, she simply dismissed the topic with a “nothing really.”

I understand enough about wife-speak to know that “nothing really” simply means I don’t want to tell you because you’d get all insecure. I knew Craig would fuck Claire, even figured he was already, and was as close to certain as I could be. I was also pretty sure it would be on a regular basis.

When they started working so many extra hours after the second month, I knew things had begun moving into the physical realm. I even hinted that it wouldn’t be the worse thing, but she turned it around on me, saying that it hurt her to think I didn’t trust her. The old guilt trip, the “you don’t trust me” ploy is a dead give-away, and when she played that card I knew I was right, but by that time I was regularly fantasizing about their squad-car lovemaking. Even enjoying it on that regular basis. After a while I started looking forward to those fantasies.

Their shift at first was until eleven so she got home around midnight. After a week of her getting home close to one, I knew their “friendship” had gone to the next level. I questioned her about it, but she just said “paper work” was the cause or “we had to work late”, nothing specific but not hard to check.

Actually, I began not to care, really, but I wanted to know if she was really having sex with Craig or if it was simply my tortured imagination. If she said, “Craig and I fucked last night after work,” ankara eryaman escort I wanted to say what I had practiced numerous times: Was it good? I kept on fantasizing about him fucking her in the front seat of the car, imagining what they were doing, where they were doing it, and how many times. She didn’t seem to be disinterested in sex, so I figured her affair with Craig was either stimulating her horniness or making her feel too guilty to refuse me. Either way, I began not to care. I actually began to be thankful to Craig for igniting a spark in her that had been out for more time than I cared to think about.

After two months of continuous late hours, I got in the car and drove around at about twelve, looking to see if I could see them somewhere, parked on a dark street with the lights off and the windows steamed up. That probably would be the last thing they’d do, because it was so obvious, but you never know what people will do when they’re horny enough.

In about thirty minutes I remembered that Craig’s brother worked for the force and had a place across town. He worked the eleven to seven shift and on a hunch I drove by his house. There was a squad car in the driveway and one light on in one window of the house.

I parked down the street and walked back to the dimly lighted window. It had full drapes that were closed, but I could see between the curtains near the window sill. There on the floor was my wife on her hands and knees, leaning on her elbows, her ass in the air, her head turned back toward Craig, who knelt behind her with his erection deeply planted in my wife’s pussy.

He was moving his cock in and out very slowly, fucking her casually while they talked. I leaned my ear close to the window. “She doesn’t ever let you have any?” my wife was saying.

“We haven’t had sex for about a year,” he said as he deliberately pushed in and pulled out of my wife’s splayed pussy.

“She is missing something good,” my wife said. “Honey, I’d never refuse your cock. How could she be so dumb?”

I watched them fuck for about an hour, watched her suck his hard on, then rearranged the erection that had grown in my pants. I watched him eat her pussy from behind and I thought I was going to come from seeing it. She put her forehead on the floor as he ate her, groaned loud enough for me to hear as he sucked on her clit and swabbed her pussy lips with his tongue.

I left while Craig was still eating her. I wanted to be gone before they came out. When she got home I pretended to be asleep, waking slowly, feigning grogginess. “Paper work?” I said rubbing my eyes.

“Tons of it,” she said stripping off her uniform and getting into her nightgown. I thought I could smell semen, but it could have been my imagination, but I knew her pussy would be pink and rosy, all throughly fucked and eaten.

“How do you guys do it?” I said raising up on one elbow.

She turned like she’d been caught cutting a hole in the prison fence. “What?”

“How do you guys manage these late hours?”

“It’s the job.”

“How do you spend so much time together without getting, you know, really close?”

“It’s the job,” she said. “We’re just friends.

“He is an attractive guy,” I said. “Ever get, you know, tempted?”

“I need to sleep,” she said, working to end any conversation. Turning to the wall, she said, “Good night.”

Craig and Claire didn’t work late for the next few days, but a week later, when she wasn’t home by twelve and got in the car and drove to his brother’s place. Once again the squad car was parked in the drive, and this time I saw no lights on. Going around to the backyard, I found a dim light on in the back bedroom. There were no curtains on the window, since it looked out on the patio, and I could see Claire on her stomach at the end of the bed, her legs spread along the end of the mattress. Craig leaned in from between her legs and had his hands on her hips. He would pull her back towards him, his cock pushing into her each time she moved back, then he would push her away and his dick would pull out of her.

They repeated that for nearly twenty minutes until she turned around on the bed on her stomach and took his wet cock in her hand, licking her own juices from his shaft as well as his spent semen. After some passionate kissing, she turned to her back and reached out to him. He crawled up on the bed, positioned himself between her outstretched legs and guided him to her pussy. His cock had shriveled, but her oral attention had worked him back to a nearly full erection and eventually he was hard enough to slid in again.

Craig was fucking my wife more than I was, and the saving grace was that I was at least able to see him doing it. Her partner had truly become an intimate friend and I became escort sınırsız çankaya addicted to seeing them fuck.

Three weeks later, on the way to his brother’s place, I spotted the police car parked next to the park with the lights off but a streetlight let me see into the car. Claire and Craig were talking, but regularly would turn and kiss, making out like teenagers. I got out of my car and move around behind a tree that was close enough to let me see in. He belt was undone and his fly unzipped and Craig’s hand was down her pants. Obviously, he was working her pussy with a finger, casually as they talked. She closed her eyes as he brought her close to orgasm, then sighed when he finished. “Thank God for all this paperwork,” she said.

“Do you think he suspects?”

“He thinks we’re really strong to resist temptation,” she said.

“What if he finds out?” he asked.

“Do like the criminals do. Never admit anything,” she said with a grin.

I had caught my wife fucking her policeman partner, watched them have passionate sex and heard things from her that stunned me, but the most amazing thing about it all was that it aroused me more than pissed me off. The cliche’ had come true. Their being together so much five days a week had brought them to an intimacy that was predictable, maybe even inevitable.

She listened to him complain about a wife who didn’t give him the affection and understanding that he needed it, and God knows what she shared with him about us. However, whatever it was it brought them together. She provided what he needed and he fills needs she had. I was angry at her, but I understood and even spent a good deal of time imagining their lovemaking.

One morning it all came to a head when she came in at 6 in the morning. I had left the patio window at his brother’s house at 1 am, watching as usual as they fucked and sucked and made out like newlyweds on the unmade bed, so unless they were called back to fight crime after that time they had not left the bed.

“Hard night?”

“Lots going on tonight,” she said as she stepped out of her uniform. It did not escape my noticing that she had no panties on and I watched her fold her pants and place them on a hanger.

“Any of it happen at 237 Dillard?” I asked. She straightened up and turned, dropping the pants on the floor. She started to deny she knew the address, but she had spent many nights there over the past few months, fucked her partner in his brother’s bed at that address, and knew I had to know everything. “Is this where you just don’t admit anything?” I said, “or can we get passed that shit and decide what we want to do?”

She literally collapsed into the chair near the closet and her eyes began to tear up. “Here’s the thing,” I said, “we’re all adults and if you really like fucking your partner, then we need to come to some decisions. You could keep on without telling Sally and see if we can make it work. We can break up and let you two have all the time together you need, or we can let his wife know and see what happens when the department finds out you two have been fucking on the time clock.”

“We never… ” she said, then stopped, realizing it would not help to deny it. On the clock or not, at least it was certain they had fucked and often. “Sorry. We just… “

“I don’t care why,” I broke in. “Don’t even care that your partner has fucked my wife more than I have for the last few months. Many told me men and women can’t be partners because they would be fucking eventually, and I don’t even care that they were right. What I do care about is that I still love you and I want our marriage to continue unless you don’t. If you don’t, I’ll give you the divorce you want and you can fuck him day and night, whenever you want. If that happens, you won’t be partners, and the department will not like to news to get out that two of Seattle’s finest were fucking while the city went to hell.

“When he asked you if I suspected anything, I did.” Realizing I must have been spying on them, righteous indignation began to boil up within her and her expression turned livid.

“You watched?” she gasped.

“I did. Even got turned on by seeing things you don’t even do with me. Watched a lot, actually, saw you let him come in your mouth, lick your anus, actually liked that, but ask yourself, is watching my wife fuck her partner as heinous as the infidelity I witnessed? Which is worse? I even got to see the two of you make out in the squad car once. Pretty hot, really, but I don’t expect it was the only time.

“Look, I love you”, I said. “I don’t want to lose you, even if you like fucking your partner. What I don’t want you to do is promise you’ll stop screwing Craig, because you like doing it. That has been evident. I want you to tell me çankaya eve gelen escort bayan if you still want to be married to me.” She nodded, woefully. “I can live with you having an affair with your partner. What I can’t live with is you being forced to be married to me out of guilt.”

I went to her, lifted her chin with my upturned fingers, and kissed her softly. “I think the three of us need to talk.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as she nodded. “Will you fuck me occasionally?” She stood, put her arms around my neck, and cried.

Finally, she looked up and dried her eyes. In a moment of total honesty she said, “I love having sex with him.”

“I know.”

“We talk about almost anything,” she said softly.

“And you talk all the time. That’s what you do most of those long hours alone in the car, right?” She nodded. “He probably is a good listener.” She nodded again. “And you will continue that.

“Let me asked you one thing. Do you love me?”

She nodded and squeezed me tightly. “Yes.”

“And Craig? Do you love Craig?”

“I think so,” she said. “I think I love both of you.”

“Well, what do you want to do?” I asked.

It took her a long time to answer. Finally, she said, “I don’t want to hurt Sally. I don’t want to lose you, and I want to continue to be able to make love to Craig. He is one of my best friends.”

“Okay, then that is what we will try to do,” I said. “We must do all we can to not hurt his family, so we have to keep it from Sally and protect her. We will continue to love one another, and you and Craig will be more discreet, more careful. You’ll have to stop parking the police car in front of his brother’s house after you get off your shift. Does his brother know it’s you?” She shook her head. “Maybe you should come here.”

The surprise on her face was more intense than when I let her know I knew about Craig. “You’d do that?”

“To keep my wife, I’ll do anything.”

I kissed her and we held one another for nearly five minutes. It was a good time for us, a time that our love actually deepened.

“Lets get Craig over here and talk it out,” I said. She nodded.

Craig and Claire have been partners now for two years. After that night the three of us met and talked nearly all night. We agreed that they would still be partners, still have a sexual relationship, and that we would all protect Sally. She and Craig seem to be doing better and his brother’s house no longer gets any late-night police visits. He still makes love to my wife, his partner, but I think that has leveled off a bit as well. I’d say “cooled”, but I’m not sure that’s it, really, but I think they are no longer as sexually frantic for one another, like newlyweds, like in the beginning of any hot romance. Sometimes he fucks her in my bed, while I’m in it. We have become good friends, and he has been inside her while she and I kissed, and they’ve fucked occasionally while I read or watched TV next to them.

I was reading one night and my wife and her partner were having sex on the sofa. Craig and Claire were both nude, their uniforms folded neatly across the back of a chair, and she sat back on the couch with her legs open, his face against her pussy, his tongue wagging between her puffy labia. I looked over my book as my wife’s partner ate her pussy.

“I love you,” she whispered. I blew her a kiss. Incredibly, watching her being eaten by Craig had to be one of the sexiest moments I’ve ever had. The pleasure I got from seeing them together was incredible. Another man was kneeling in front of my wife with his mouth over her wet and rosy vagina, and I was loving it, relishing her pleasure and the sensual electricity in the room.

It is all pretty normal now, except that he is married to another woman and is love with my wife, as I am. His marriage, I am told, is still shaky but doing better. The three of us work at helping that, in whatever way we can, and we are completely at ease with our relationship as a threesome, sharing her equally. He and I are totally comfortable with the arrangement. She loves him, he and I love her, and I’m pretty sure she still is in love with me. I like watching them have sex, because there is something he does for her that I can’t. Don’t know what exactly it is, but I don’t resent it anymore and it is actually a pleasure to see. I like watching her do him orally, enjoying when she slides her lips over the end of his very ample erection.

So let me give a word of advice. If your wife is about to be assigned a partner of the opposite sex, prepare yourself. It may not happen every time, of course, but the odds are in the favor of an affair, or at least a close, intimate relationship. Just think of yourself. If you are around a person constantly, and you like them, how hard would it be to fall in lust with them?

Sally and I have become closer because of it, and I have wondered if that can lead to anything. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the wife of my wife’s sexual partner and I started pleasuring one another while our spouses were doing the same somewhere else after hours. If that happens, I’ll let you know.